What effect will lamination on curly, fluffy, curly hair

Today I will talk about lamination for curly and wavy hair!) You can't even imagine how many different recipes I have altered, how many masks and oils I tried so that they fit! But now I think that I still found the perfect recipe for gelatin lamination and now I’ll share it with you!) START)

First of all.

Gelatin. I buy only this, because it was he who approached me, did not dry his hair and ends, elegantly dissolved. Pour it in a dish, pour hot water, I add 5 teaspoons and leave everything. After 15 minutes, put in a water bath, pour 3 more teaspoons of water and stirring constantly with a fork bring it to a liquid state. The main thing is not to heat it to such a state that it starts to boil. Remove, let stand 5 minutes and boldly proceed to the preparation of the composition.


Now we take the mask, I use the moisturizing mask from NEXXT, (the series is somehow not very good, but the mask is fire). Add her 1 tablespoon. I also take coconut oil and linseed oil. We add them also on 1 p.

The composition should get a uniform color, without lumps.

We are going to wash my hair, I wash as usual - shampoo + balm. I wipe with a towel, soak up the excess moisture and proceed to the application.

Leaning over the bathroom, I applied the entire mixture evenly to my hair, gently, not rubbing, but simply to cover them evenly. Then gently wrap them in the "bun" on the head.

I wash off my hair without shampoo, and they don’t require it, gelatin perfectly leaves. I rinse my head with 2 liters of cool water with 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. And I wind my hair on large curlers, because I am tired of walking with very curly hair.

The hair is soft and soft. obedient, very shiny, malleable, touch them a pleasure.

It took me a lot of time to do this procedure before I realized my ideal ratio of components and what kind of masks and oils to add! Before that, it is not possible to wipe the gelatin in lumps and lumps, then the hair is heavy and slippery with oil, then in general it is terribly tangled, I sobbed and combed it along the strand. And so it came to that I have now)

And yes! If you do not wind the hair on the curlers, you get even curls obediently lying, you do not even have to use non-washables! I just got fed up with them ..)

I advise everyone! THIS IS A BOMB!

Stay beautiful and charming, everything will work out !!

Thank you, who read to the end

Why do lamination

Lamination - really popular procedure in the cabin or at home. It is much easier to repeat it from time to time and to have docile, smooth hair than to constantly spend time fighting with combing alone. Naturally curly hair from the outside looks attractive because of its uniqueness, but only their hostesses know how many difficulties they have with them.

In order to maintain their beautiful and healthy appearance, it is necessary to put a lot of effort every day. And even spend a lot of money, because due to the large amount of curly hair, smoothing and straightening agents are quickly spent. In normal everyday life should be special shampoos, rinses, masks, oils and serums. And in addition to this, it is also necessary to damage the structure of the hair by constantly pulling them out with a flat iron.

Curly locks are prone to creases and dryness, they often do not get enough nutrition along their entire length. The volume of a mop is, but it was obtained at the expense of fluffiness and rigidity. Lamination of curly hair is a way to solve the problem of appearance and health. Usually, the hairs in the curls have a damaged cuticle, which the lamination seals off. This protects the internal structure from further damage, giving them the opportunity to recover.

Note! After a certain time, even after the straightening procedure, the hair still begins to curl again, but at the same time it looks better and healthier. The procedure itself has a cumulative effect and, the more sessions are conducted, the more noticeable the result.

In addition to removing the bulding and straightening strands, the procedure also gives them shine, facilitates combing, restores weak volume.

The use of daily leveling agents can be reduced, and heat treatment with an iron can be stopped altogether. Lamination itself is a healing procedure that is recommended in many cases of damaged and weak hair. So, main indications for lamination of curls:

  • dryness,
  • fragility
  • dullness
  • complexity in laying.

Curly and curly

Certain types of hair need lamination treatments to maintain a healthy state. These include curly. The shape of curls disrupts the structure of its own hair, which often breaks, no matter how carefully treated. Nutrition is also not enough, because the real length of the strands-springs is such that the nutrients simply do not reach their tips.

Often you can see how a curly woman with long hair at the roots, they look quite good and shine, but split at the same time at the ends. Lamination helps to solve this problem.

Another important point on the curly hair procedure is not carried out in order to straighten. Lamination is a gentle method of smoothing with the use of caring means, and not a way to change the structure of the hair. For curly, its conduct is no different from what they do for direct ones:

  1. Thorough cleansing of hair and scalp.
  2. The application of the lamination composition on dry curls.
  3. Creating a thermal effect by wrapping the strands with foil.
  4. Flushing composition and drying.

Lamination does not solve the problem of furry hair per se. Due to the restoration of the structure of the curls, they are smoothed. The number of broken dry hairs is significantly reduced and the remaining ones become almost imperceptible.

It is proposed to laminate straight or curly curls that are poured in cases where their structure is severely damaged and the restoration will take a long period. Then the procedure plays the role of protection, allowing the hair to recover, and also in order not to lose even more volume during the treatment period.

It is also necessary to remember that the most different hairs are pushed depending on their condition and environment. Weakened, thinned hair, suffering from dryness, may have a fluffy volume, but it does not look attractive - tough, split hairs sticking out in all directions. Lamination here will only help as an accompanying procedure.

It also happens that the hair fluff and temporarily curl in conditions of high humidity. Therefore, in the salons are advised to do lamination before traveling to the sea or in tropical countries. This will protect the curls from the scorching sun, and help preserve their beauty visually.

What effect can be achieved

Hope the procedure is the same as keratin straightening is not worth it. Lamination is the best option for those who are satisfied with their curly hair, but want her to be healthy. Her appearance will become more luxurious, alive. Smooth and shiny curls will no longer be hard springs, while combing which part of the hair breaks and breaks out.

Tip Often, curly hair does not fit into separate strands at all and almost every hair sticks out separately in some part of itself. After lamination, they will be put in the hair with a clear division into curls.

This care before a trip to the seaside vacation - protection of the already curly hair that is prone to dryness from dehydration and finally the loss of vitality. This is very important, because ordinary everyday products like oils and serums are quickly washed away in salt water and with frequent showering. From lamination, the effect remains for a couple of weeks. So, it can be expected that extreme procedures for the restoration of hair after a rest will not be required.

Pros and cons of the procedure

As with any caring procedure, Lamination of advantages is objectively more than disadvantages. The main ones are:

  • smooth hair that doesn’t push and wrinkle into unruly tight curls,
  • additional protection of the internal structure from mechanical and chemical damage,
  • increase the volume of thin and dry hair,
  • constant noticeable shine
  • reducing the time of daily care procedures and, as a result, their cost.

It is impossible to call lamination a panacea. Firstly, it does not help everyone. It may be that the hair has become more docile and smooth, but still continue to curl as it pleases. Fluffiness at the same time may not go away, but just become a little less noticeable. Secondly, the volume of each hair after lamination increases, but at the same time it becomes heavier.

Having become accustomed to curvaceous hair, it will not be easy to accept a rather good, but visually much smaller, smoother hair. The number of them, of course, does not decrease, they will simply look different.

Useful videos

All about hair lamination, pros and cons.

Recipe for lamination hair at home.

Basic information about the procedure

The choice of type and manufacturer of serum depends on the problem with which you came to the procedure. Different formulations are used if you need to restore dry dyed curls, to save natural hair from fluffiness or to give volume to lifeless hair.

There is hot and cold botox. For them, the same serums can be used (they are all safe, since they do not contain formaldehyde), but with hot Botox, after applying the composition, the hair passes through the iron. Due to this, the effect of straightening is achieved. In more detail about what cold botox for hair is, you can find out in this material.

However, the duration of the procedure becomes much longer, since each thin strand must be ironed. The procedure for long curls can last 3 hours or more. The effect lasts from 2 to 6 months, depending on the composition used.

What are the features for different types of curls?

Botox on curly hair is sometimes called straightening.. However, this is not entirely correct. Botox does not straighten hair, it makes it harder and more obedient, so thin curly curls will be almost straight, but it will disappear carelessness and confusion curls.

To leave the curls in its original form, while getting a healthier look, you need to use a softer serum, for example, Honma Tokyo H-Brush. The manufacturer Kashmir, in its line of Botox products, Hair Botox, produces Creen Clay specifically for curly strands.

Fluffy curls after the procedure will seem straightened, lively shine and smoothness will appear. Cold botox does not harm natural curls, after washing the hair a little more wavy than immediately after visiting the hairdresser.

If you need to straighten curls, then use hot Botox.

Girls wearing natural hair often suffer from the problem of thinness and fragility. For this type of suitable less concentrated composition, always with a protein content that does not make hair greasy. Aloe and green tea extract included in many serums promotes hydration and elasticity.

If you need to get rid of fluffiness, then use hot Botox. When the serum with the active substances is applied to the hair, it is passed over the iron, with a temperature of about 180 degrees for thin strands.

Increased strands

Is it possible to do botox therapy on extended strands? Yes. However in this case pay special attention to the choice of master and composition.

It is necessary to choose such a tool and its concentration to help both your and accrued strands. In this case, Botox has a low concentration and the application of the composition is carried out very carefully.

It is better to make Botox on your curls, and then add artificial strands, since different reactions to the color and texture of different hairs are possible.

For straight hair often use cold botox without ironing, because you do not need additional hair straightening. The growth of hair is stimulated, the hair bulb is healed, the split ends disappear.

In general, the hairstyle will look neater and will deliver less hassle during styling, a lively sheen and volume will appear.

A great way to make curls obedient. It is possible to carry out cold and hot procedure options.. If you want to achieve perfect straight hair, it is better to choose hot, but if you only need to restore, then applying the composition without exposure to temperature will be enough.

As a result, the curls will become shiny, resilient, lively and more docile when styled.

Botox with a short haircut is no less effective than for long curls. Especially if the hair is curly and naughty.

The procedure will facilitate the styling process., make the color more saturated, get rid of split ends and fluffy. And also give the hair volume and density.

More information about Botox for short hair can be found here.


Dyeing or discoloration causes severely damaged hair to become porous and dry. For such a head of hair you need to choose a complex with maximum nutrition and hydration. Amino acids and elastin protein in this case are required ingredients.

For dyed hair is better to spend a few treatments.. Blondes suit Honma Tokyo H-Brush mentioned above, as it does not cause yellowness. Other complexes for damaged hair: Inoar (market leader in professional care among hairdressers), Hair Botox manufacturer Kashmir Keratin Hair System.

As a result, you get well-groomed, healthy looking hair., as well as get rid of the yellowness of color, while the color will become more saturated.

More details about Botox after hair coloring can be found here.

Below in the photo you can see how curly hair looks before and after the procedure:


Botox for hair is a completely new procedure that is actively gaining popularity. The choice of funds is already great, and the result is truly unique. Unlike many other well-known procedures, Botox is aimed specifically at deep hair restoration and nourishes not only the hair, but also the weakened hair bulb. Some even recommend using Botox for baldness.

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Radical methods would not recommend. They do not promise anything good, it is beautiful after visiting the salon, and then only harm to the hair.
She struggled with the fluffiness of her curly hair for a very long time. She wanted a heavy smooth curl, but it turned out a bastard. At 20, when she had not yet dyed her hair, the problem was solved every day by sprinkling the hair with water before going out and then curls folded into less or less curls.

Now, with age and coloration, the hair has become stiff, dry and even more urine-disobedient. The problem was solved with the help of hair oils, but here it is worth considering that not all oils help equally. For example, Elseus oil from L'Oreal as a dead poultice is too light and liquid.
At first, the hairdresser recommended professional oil Bonakur, bought the first jar for incredible money. Then, thanks to the Internet, it turned out that it was identical in all properties to Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur hair oil. absolutely identical in composition, consistency and even smell. Everything from Schwarzkopf ... is poured into different jars with different prices, and the action is the same!

Oh, got carried away!
I apply these oils on wet hair and let my hair dry on my own. Hair smooths, becomes smooth and plump, gathers in smooth curls. You shouldn’t apply naturally to the roots ...

But this salvation is also not for all seasons. It happens that the next day, after combing, the hair loses its appearance a little. for curly hair.

I also liked the effect of indola cream to create curls. The effect is similar to the action of the oil, maybe even better, the brilliant heavy curls were also organized, but I absolutely did not like the smell. The smell of some cheap men's perfume, and very strong and durable.

In general, at the moment only such a solution ... Plus, everyday sprinkling with water and gel. While I am going to work, my hair dries out completely and the styling is ready. All the same, it's dreary, but nothing better has been invented.

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