How to make retro curls

The film "The Great Gotsby" has caused a surge of interest in hairstyles in retro style. They perfectly highlight the femininity of any girl. How to make a retro hairstyle at home? Imagine step by step instructions for creating retro hairstyles with your own hands.

Retro hairstyle can be done on the hair of any length, but look more feminine hair on long and medium hair.

Romanticism of the 20s

Complicated hairstyle of curls with an elegant hoop is created on the basis of long hair. At the first stage, you need to comb your hair, securing the upper hair with a barrette. The rear lower strands are woven into thin braids, which are tightly fastened under the nape with the help of invisible women, they create the necessary volume in the lower part of the head. From above, a basket of braids is closed by strands of hair, which are fixed with clips. The upper strands of hair are wound on the curling iron, each strand is twisted into ringlets and secured with a clothespin. At the final stage, the upper hair must be combed and laid with light waves all over the head, fastened with a hoop. Hair should be slightly disheveled so that there is no feeling of long and careful styling. This hairstyle should be worn with the appropriate dress in retro style.

40s elegance

Make a classic hairstyle in the spirit of the 40s is very easy. The first step is to create curls. To do this, the hair is wound on the curling iron and warmed slightly. Next - each strand needs to be slightly combed at the roots to create volume. Then the front strands on both sides of the forehead are twisted into tight tuft rollers, which are fixed with the help of studs and invisible. The rest of the hair is distributed in the form of curls on the shoulders.

Simplicity and elegance

A very simple retro hairstyle for long hair, suitable for every day and for publication, takes literally five minutes. The first step is to create light curls with a curling iron. All hair must be alternately turned into curls. Then the strand of the front hair is separated and twisted into a hard roller, which is laid on the side and fixed with pins. To form a roller will help long handle combs, which are wound hair. The roller should be tight and tight to the head. The rest of the hair is combed and spread over the shoulders.

Sexy 60s

Bridal Bardot styled high hairstyles with a pile. Today also relevant hairstyles in the spirit of the sexy 60s.

At the first stage you need to comb the hair along the entire length. Then strands on the back of the head strongly combed at the roots. In the next step, you need to wind all your hair with a curling iron or styler to get a light wave and small curls. The front strand or bangs hides under the rest of the hair, tight to the head. Thus, the entire volume focuses on the back of the head.

Hint of history

A retro hairstyle does not have to strictly correspond to any epoch, you can choose a model with only a small allusion to historical models. A simple hairstyle with a slight retro tint is done like this. First you need to divide the hair into strands, then each of them with a forceps or styler needs to be twisted into a tight curl, warm up for 1-2 minutes. Then, without unwinding, fix the hair rings with clips and let them cool for 4-5 minutes. After that, the hair gently comb, you should get quite strong waves at the ends of the hair. To consolidate the effect, you can use hair spray.

Making a retro hairstyle with your own hands is not at all difficult. Which option did you like the most? Leave your comments!

Hairstyle features

  1. Such a perm is quite versatile. The only restriction is a very short haircut. The most effective retro styling looks at medium length, since even the tips are involved in creating the image. Ideal when the hair is the same length. If the owner has a “ragged” haircut with asymmetrical edges, then performing such a hairstyle will be quite problematic.
  2. According to the color type, there is also no strict framework. The classic option is considered retro-curls on blonde, but this is largely a tribute to the fashion of those years. With uneven hair color, with selected individual strands, this hairstyle will only emphasize the beauty of coloring.
  3. The curls themselves can be of various sizes. To stop the choice on any one of them, it is necessary depending on the shape and shape of the face. Properly chosen styling is able to correct deficiencies and emphasize advantages. Medium curls are suitable for almost everyone. For a broad face and large features, you should choose them, but it is better to refuse small curls - they will create some kind of disharmony. On the oval face, any curls will look advantageous.
  4. Classic hairstyle and requires a certain style of clothing. Ideally, it is suitable for attending any events where a dress in the floor or midi length with a slant on the classics will look organic.

Retro curls at home

In order to create such styling, it is not necessary to visit the salon. It can be done at home. The technique is about the same for any length. The most important difference is the choice of a tool for creating curls.

Also Some general rules should be considered:

  1. Curling with hot tools can only be done on completely dry hair.
  2. It is better to dry them using brushing - a large round brush, to give additional volume.
  3. When using instruments for styling more often than 2 times a week, it is necessary to use means for thermal protection.
  4. Hair should be clean, without any residue from varnish or gels.
  5. Parting is done mostly straight or to the side.
  6. All strands separated for fixation should be approximately the same size.

To create a hairstyle you will need: brush brush, regular comb with rare teeth, hair dryer, barrettes or clips, curling iron / curler / ironing, strong hold varnish.

With curling

The quickest and most convenient way is to use curling.

  1. Curling and ironing is better to choose with a ceramic coating.
  2. The size of the styling tool should be selected depending on the desired size of curls.
  3. There are coning-shaped curling irons without clamping. On the one hand, it is easier to curl strands on them, and there are no clips left. On the other hand, it is not always convenient to do it yourself and requires some skill.
  4. There is a curling iron with three heating elements that can be used for variants of this installation.
  5. The average temperature for curling - 120-160 degrees. Pre-do the necessary parting.
  6. Select the strand and twist it into a bundle is not tight, but just for convenience. Do not separate too thick curl, as it is difficult to fully warm it.
  7. We wind it on the curling iron in the direction from the face, while not closing the presser part, and hold the tip of the hair with your fingers. This is done in order to avoid creases.
  8. We warm up for 20 seconds and gently, without dissolving the beam, release the tongs. We fix the bundle with clips so that it does not disintegrate and there are no creases left.
  9. Forceps for all actions must be kept parallel to the parting.
  10. We act in the same way with all the hair.
  11. Waiting for the curls to cool, carefully disperse them, starting with the lower layers.
  12. Comb gently perm along the entire length of the comb with large teeth.
  13. To make the resulting waves structured, fasten the clamps in places where the hair is bent and spray with varnish.
  14. After 5 minutes, remove the barrettes - hair ready.

Note, This method is most suitable for hair of medium length.

Using curlers

For such a laying need special thermo-curlers.

  1. Before curling, apply mousse or styling foam and dry the hair roots, giving them volume.
  2. All hair is divided into small strands, about 2 cm. You should not take thicker ones, since this method of curling is gentle and simply will not heat the curl completely.
  3. The cooling time of such curlers is about 10 minutes.
  4. Remove the curlers and hold on the curl rare comb.
  5. Then distribute the hair in the desired direction and fix the result with varnish.

Styling with curlers is best suited for medium and long hair.

Using ironing

Hair straightener - a modern tool that has not been used before. therefore the curls obtained with its help will differ slightly from the classic ones. Nevertheless, using it, you can achieve excellent results with a hint of the XXI century.

  1. We divide all the hair into separate equal zones - temporal, crown, upper lower occipital. Each of them should be mirrored by 2 - on the left side of the head and on the right.
  2. We fix them so as not to interfere.
  3. Dissolving one of the zones and twisting it as follows - temporal, lower occipital and crown scroll in the side of the face, and the rest - in the opposite direction.
  4. The result does not need to comb, just touch up with your fingers. Sprinkle with varnish. If necessary, some of the face curls can be fixed for a few minutes with clamps.

Using stealth

For convenience, use special hairdressing pins or clips. The most convenient way to use this method on short hair.

Styling devices are not used in this method, therefore Apply a styling foam on the hair.

  1. We divide the hair into a side parting, from the broad side of which a person has a small strand of hair and we put it in the shape of the letter S.
  2. Clamp the decorated strand with clamps so that the shape is preserved. We continue the wave right up to the back of the head, every 2–3 cm, fixing it with a hairpin.
  3. After 2–4 cm below we create the same wave, but the top of which looks in the opposite direction.
  4. All hairpins should be parallel to the parting and each other.
  5. We perform such actions up to the level of the ear. All hairpins form arcs that range from one ear to the other.
  6. Lower hair curls into rings and fix.
  7. The hairstyle is dried, then we remove the barrettes and go through the hair with a comb with rare teeth.
  8. Laying carefully sprinkle varnish.

With a harness

Another, but already “cold” way to achieve curls in retro style.

  1. Apply the styling foam on clean damp hair.
  2. We distribute hair into rather thin strands, which are twisted around its axis into flagella.
  3. Separate harnesses are collected on the head in the form of a snail and fixed with clips, after which we carefully dry the hair with a hair dryer. The mode of operation of the dryer must be set to cool air, otherwise the hair will be drained out.
  4. After drying the hair, dissolve them and correct them with your fingers. Result fix varnish.

Modern fashion brings its new and fresh ideas to classic hairstyles. Interpretation of retro styling using modern tools no longer requires careful and lengthy preparation. Add to your image notes of grace and glamor of the 30s under the force even at home.

Useful tips for curling hair:

Useful videos

Awesome way to create a wave.

Retro styling in 6 minutes.

Types of Chicago female retro hairstyles for short, medium and long hair: including children's high

The retro style of the hairstyle is distinguished by the obligatory winding of curls, the creation of tight bouquets, the abundant use of gels, and jewelry. Retro hairstyles are again held in high esteem by many famous designers and stylists. Today they are discovering new facets of classic styling and find unusual stylistic solutions for them.

Each decade of the last century is characterized by a dominant hairstyle:

  • In the 1920s, feminist aggressiveness was expressed by the popularity of short haircuts of the style “page”, “garcon”. They are easy to distinguish by styling wavy curls using oblique parting.

Important! Many people refuse to experiment in retro style in vain, as they consider that for complete authenticity it is necessary to have long curls. As you can see, retro hairstyles with their own hands are performed on short haircuts.

Among all the variety of hairstyles, each of which personifies a separate epoch of the last century, features that unite them into one class are visible:

  1. Hair color. Immediately noticeable lack of natural red or blond color. The main palette is ultra blond or deep black.
  2. Waves on the curls of any length, bouffant - an essential attribute of retro hairstyles.

How to make a fashionable hairstyle in retro style do it yourself step by step

Retro styling of short hair is a clear parting, mousses with glitter, careful combing.

A retro hairstyle is easy to do with your hands on a haircut that is long below the chin.

Important! Modern amateur virtuosos for a quick fixation of the hair in the desired position use beauty gadgets (triple curling). Safer hairpieces are considered an alternative to curling hair. Using them requires skill, and if misused to make a retro hairstyle is difficult.

A simple way to make a retro hairstyle:

  1. Laying is carried out on wet hair. Used foam, mousse.
  2. Having separated a lock with a width of 6-7 cm, it is lifted and bent by a deep wave. In the middle the bend is fixed by a clothespin.
  3. The whole strand continues to bend with a symmetrical snake with fixation with clothespins.
  4. This procedure is done with all planned curls.
  5. It remains to wait for the natural drying of the resulting structure on the head. Combing it is not worth it, you can slightly break the curls with your fingers, ensuring the distribution of their cascading waves. The resulting styling is sealed with varnish.

Retro styling "Marseilles waves" on medium hair

This hairstyle waves in retro style invented by Marcel Grato. In everyday life is performed using curling tongs, ironing, comb with a small tooth and any clamping devices. As a fixing composition, the foam is used for styling or, in the old-fashioned way, you can wet your hair with thick linen broth.

Wedding and evening dressings

Retro hairstyles for long hair due to elegance and solemnity are considered evening, so the whole arsenal of decorative accessories is surely used:

  • Wide and narrow rims or hoops of fabric.
  • Hairpins in the form of large flowers.
  • Contrasting with hair color studs under the gold.
  • Shiny decorative clips with rhinestones.
  • Motley silk ribbons.
  • Large pearl or dummy earrings, beads.
  • Setochka, veils, feathers, cap-barrettes.

Silhouette options hairstyles as much. Along with curly curls, today beams have become fashionable again. In form it can be tight and deliberately disheveled bunches. They can be located on the back of the head, on the side or they are hanging down.

No. 2: Option for long hair

On long hair, Hollywood curls look no less luxurious. To create a spectacular hairstyle need heated hair rollers, smoothing lotion and half an hour of free time. When you start laying, remember that the peculiarity of retro-curls is the absence of basal volume, it is important to take this into account.

1. Apply to the wet hair a smoothing lotion with thermal protection (for example, Total Results Iron Tamer from Matrix) and evenly distribute it over the entire length.

2. Twist the strands on the curlers in the direction of the face and secure them parallel to the floor.

3. When the curlers have cooled, free your hair and comb the finished curls with a comb with sparse teeth.

4. Next, separate the strands with your fingers from the top down.

5. Re-comb your hair with a natural bristle brush - this is how it will form a “Hollywood” wave. To unwind from its own gravity to the curls will not allow lacquer strong fixation.

The girl living a rich life, the reasons to go out in the light is not less than that of the famous actress. So why not borrow hairstyle ideas from Hollywood film stars? For example, retro styling in the spirit of Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly, Ava Gardner and other stars of the 1930s, relevant not only at the theme party in the style of the Great Gatsby, but also in everyday look. An exquisite version, repeatedly tested on catwalks and red carpet, is immaculate waves and smooth curls. How to make retro-curls at home - review.

No. 1: Option for medium hair

For girls with an oval face shape, styling with a curl at the ends of the hair is suitable. To create an image you will need a hair dryer and hair curlers boomerangs.

1. To begin with, lower your head down and in this position apply a mousse or spray on the roots (for example, “Instantaneous Volume” from Wella).

2. Then dry the hair with a hair dryer, slightly beating the hair at the roots with brushing.

3. When your hair is a little dry, use curlers for curling at the ends.

4. For quick styling, blow-dry your hair at medium temperature, twisted on curlers.

5. When the hairstyle is ready, lightly mix the hair at the ends for visual volume and fix the result with varnish.

No. 3: Option for short hair

Car owners are also available styling in retro style. In the 30s of the last century, hairstyle from neatly arranged diagonal waves, falling on one side, was especially popular. Today, these hairstyles are often decorated with the images of it-girls at fashion shows and secular parties. It is easy to repeat the wave-laid bob using ordinary curling irons.

1. First, apply a volume styling cream to damp hair, then blow-dry the hair and divide it into a side parting.

2. Next, clamping the individual strands along the entire length with forceps, but without twisting it on the curling iron, create uniform waves.

3. In order for the styling to last longer, fix the hair at the temples with invisible bends in the curves of the waves and apply a spray-shine.

This hairstyle in combination with a silk dress and a fur cape will create a full-fledged image of a languid beauty of the 30s.

2 quick ways to do classic retro styling at home

Retro hairstyles are considered an ideal of beauty and femininity; they attract the fair sex with their artistic sophistication. Retro image is a combination of external attributes: wave-like styling, aristocratic manners, refined wardrobe. Therefore, the best stylist who will create a retro image will not be the expensive hairdresser, but the woman herself.

Retro look for any occasion

How to make a haircut "wave" in retro style with your own hands

One of the most famous and sought after women's hairstyles in retro style - "Hollywood waves" - is a direct stylistic quote from the 20s of the last century. Styling on short hair with a smooth, brilliant waterfall of curls brought into fashion the first Hollywood movie stars. To create such a package, they even had to take a risk - the first styling tongs were a very traumatic tool. It was impossible to make her hair itself without the help of a hairdresser, and as the only means for styling hair with such a spectacular pattern, only a decoction of flax seeds was known.

Making a retro hairstyle like a Hollywood star is very simple today. Most organically, it looks on the hair, decorated with haircuts "square" and "bob", both short and long. Also, this styling is perfectly combined with bangs of the most different styles.

To create it, you will need a mousse or foam of strong fixation, curling iron or tongs, preferably with good thermal protection. Ordinary tongs will do an excellent job with styling, but much faster and easier it can be done with the help of triple forceps. The waves look great on very short hair as well as on curls of medium length. But on long hair “waves” are used as a stylized element of decor when creating combined styling - thus curling only the strands of the crown and temporal zone.

You can make a retro hairstyle “waves” as a hot way - using tongs, and cold. To do this, you will need a comb, curlers, hair clips - the longer the hair, the greater. Necessary will also be styling strong fixation: mousse, foam and wax. The cold way is perfect for owners of very short hair, long curls in a cold way to curl much more difficult and longer.

Hairstyles in retro style for a haircut "square" and short hair

Traditionally, such retro hairstyles are made on the cut "square" with the same parting, straight - in the presence of bangs long or short classic style. But no less stylishly such styling looks on asymmetrical haircuts with long “oblique” bangs, in this case it is necessary to make a deep side parting. Wash and dry your hair, apply styling on them, carefully comb them and, using a normal comb, separate with a part, starting it as far as possible to the back of the head.

Separate the narrow strand from the parting directly above the forehead and, placing the curlers or forceps strictly parallel to the parting, lay it down. This strand will become a control, just as it is necessary to lay all the strands along the parting, pinning each curl with a clip and giving it the shape of a regular curl.

Having laid the first “wave”, in the same way separating rather narrow strands, lay the next layer of hair. Allow the styling to "cool", remove all the clips, and gently comb it, forming even neat waves and a general styling silhouette. Fix styling with a small amount of varnish and pay special attention to the locks at the face and the ends of the strands. If necessary, additionally add them, forming soft curls. The lower section of the hairstyle in retro style for short hair should look absolutely flat and neat, this can also be achieved by additionally twisting the ends of the strands inward.

Notice how the “waves” of retro hairstyles on short hair are elegantly styled on these photos:

Women's hairstyles with retro ribbon

For short hair, such styling is sufficient, but the “wave” hairstyle in retro style on medium-length hair or long curls can be supplemented with a soft horizontal roller or tuft located very low on the back of the head. The style of such styling implies a delicate volume, so if you plan a high styling with the hair raised to the crown, then it is better to refuse the “waves”.

The styling of the 20s of the last century, and especially their evening options, was distinguished by a luxurious elegant decor. This is probably the last decade in the history of world fashion, when hairstyles were decorated so brightly and elegantly - with wide bandages and ribbons, trimmed with real jewels, rhinestones, feathers, and pendants. In today's trends, such retro hairstyles with ribbon are most in demand, and the brighter and more spectacular the tape itself looks, the better. Ordinary and faceless accessories spoil the whole impression of the image.

After styling, place the ribbon evenly in the middle of the forehead and tie it at the back of the head, hiding the ends under the hair strands. By the way, from the flight look styling with “Hollywood waves” and on medium-length hair gathered in a low bun or roller on the back of your head. The tape in this case is also just a decorative detail that turns everyday styling into an evening one.

Hairstyles with bangs in retro style for long and medium hair do it yourself

The fifties of the last century brought back the high styling again, not only as evening but also everyday choices. Such retro hairstyles for long hair do it yourself at home, using the simplest styling tools.

One of the iconic hairstyles of that fashionable decade is the French roller or horn. Simple styling, which perfectly demonstrates the beauty of hair, has an elegant and sophisticated pattern, in today's trends it is presented in both the classical and the absolutely modern avant-garde version.

Let's start with the classic. It is possible to make such a hairstyle in retro style both on absolutely straight and on hair that was previously arranged in curls. To create a French horn, you will need hairpins, a hair brush, and a regular comb. To add extra volume to the roller itself, you can use a special “sophist-twist” hairpin, which allows you to easily and vertically twist your hair into a neat roller.

Additional volume at the top of the head, if required, can be created with the help of a light basal pile or by raising the hair with the help of curlers. This styling looks great with a side parting and is combined with bangs of any style. Pre-laying bangs do not need - you should get an elegant and concise styling pattern. But to moisten hair with a mask or spray before styling is necessary - smooth and shiny curls should be obedient.

Comb all the hairs to one side, gathering them into a tail low on the back of the head, and then, biting them into a loose braid, lift them to the crown, carefully securing each turn with hairpins.

The ends of the strands in the classic version should be hidden in the styling. But the modern version of this hairstyle allows the design of the ends of the strands of curls or funny feathers - a light artistic mess with the released and slightly twisted strands on the back of the head also perfectly fit into the trend styling. It can be left absolutely smooth and neatly combed, and you can slightly beating the strands with your hands to give its silhouette carelessness. In any case, the result should be fixed with a small amount of light fixation, trying to keep the most natural silhouette of the hair.

French cockleshell is one of the best options for retro hairstyles with bangs on medium-length hair. Long and asymmetrical bangs can be inserted into the styling pattern, combed along with the main hair volume, and the traditional one can be slightly straightened, and combined with the strands released at the temples. The hairstyle allows you to beat the contrast between the curled and straightened strands, but the bangs of any style should not be curled in any way. A spectacular stylish version of such styling can be obtained by separating the bangs with a short transverse parting.

France is not in vain considered the trendsetter, another fashionable hairstyle in retro style for long hair - “babette” - comes from there. Classic Babetta can be made only on very long hair, but even women of the 50s era used hairpieces to create it, which allowed it to be created on medium-length hair. Today, hairpieces are successfully replaced by special hairdressing rollers and comfortable “bagels”, which allow you to create a volumetric and beautiful bunch on the top of your head - this is what traditional elegant “babette” looks like.

It is performed on completely smooth hair, so you do not need to curl the curls first. And the owners of fluffy or wavy hair is best to pre-smooth their ironing. Comb your hair thoroughly and divide with two partings, placing them just above the temples, into two zones. Assemble the upper zone strands in the high tail on the crown, securing it with an elastic band. If necessary, make a forehead or at the base of the tail of the base with a light basal pile and smooth it with a brush. This addition will allow you to visually "pull out" the face and make it thinner and sleeker.

Comb the strands of the lower zone with a brush high up, and slightly twisting them into a bundle - just a couple of turns - combine them with the resulting, tail. If you make a “babette” on medium-length hair, then be sure to use a “bagel” or roller, chosen exactly in the hair color. Just wrap the hair strands, smoothly or overlapping, forming a dense and rounded tuft. Long hair can be simply rolled up into a voluminous and rounded roller, or by rolling up with a bundle, to form a voluminous complex tuft pattern.

And the "French shell" and "babette" are the most prominent representatives of the style of the 50s of the last century. Today they are in demand in their classic styling options - with an impeccably neat pattern, a strict but very feminine and aristocratic silhouette. In this case, they are perfect for creating an official or solemn image. It is no coincidence that these French styles today are chosen by the most fashionable brides who create classic images for the wedding.

But they are no less relevant for everyday images. Light, but careful thoughtful carelessness of styling, loosely released strands on the temples, the back of the head, the addition in the form of bangs of any style - these features make the haircuts absolutely modern and very stylish. They are relevant and look very organically in everyday, romantic and, of course, informal business images. Especially since you can make them by going anywhere, quickly enough.

Take a look at the retro hairstyles for long hair in these photos - this is today's standard of femininity:

The seventies, disco and hippie styles, which emerged at that time, at one time fundamentally changed all the standards of femininity that existed before. Today, this decade, stylists consider iconic and willingly borrow images of the 70s, interpreting them in new ways. It was then that the girls first began to wear their hair loose, bangs became fashionable, and styling became easier to perform. The most interesting hairstyles in this vein are retro-style hair of medium length - the most sought-after and in today's fashionable women.

Such styling practically does not require the intervention of a professional hairdresser; even a novice can easily make them, especially using modern styling. But there is one nuance that you should definitely consider when you are going to do such retro hairstyles with your own hands. Ideal and truly luxurious, they look only on the hair, which is regularly and very high quality care. Such styling better than other vintage options look difficult to dyed or tinted hair - this is also a kind of sign of the 70s style.

Today, these hairstyles fit perfectly in both informal casual and business looks, many of which can be used as evening and romantic. One of the iconic styling of that era - the ponytail - with a very simple, at first glance, and elegant pattern has its own secrets.

Her creation, with the observance of all the rules will not take more than half an hour, but before you do such a retro hairstyle at home, the hair must be carefully prepared. Best of all, styling looks on absolutely straight and smooth curls - they emphasize the graphic quality and clarity of its design. Therefore, you should not do it on curly hair, and fluffy and wavy curls are best pre-straightened. With what exactly - only the type of your hair will tell you, it can be done with the help of special sprays or mousses, and with the help of an iron for hair, after taking care of thermal protection.

"Horse" ironically called such a tail for its location - at the crown or very high at the back of the head, today's stylists recommend placing it asymmetrically. Where exactly you place it depends only on the type of your appearance. To create a fashionable and up-to-date version of this styling, you will need: styling, giving flexibility and softness, hair tie, a comb with frequent teeth, a pair of hairpins and 15 minutes of time.

On a pre-washed and slightly dried hair, apply a little styling, distributing it over the entire length. Comb and, if necessary, additionally straighten the curls. Separate the two partings, placing them just above the temples, strands over his forehead.These strands will allow you to model an individual styling pattern. A light basal pile above the forehead visually “stretches” the face, and a pile at the base of the tail, that is, at the middle of the strands, will make the entire styling pattern more elegant. Choose the one that fits your appearance, but by all means smooth the comb with a brush. Then collect the hair in a ponytail and use a rubber band to fasten it where you have planned. Separate a narrow strand at the base of the tail and, wrapping it around the gum, fix the attachment point with the help of hairpins.

Similarly, the same hairstyles are created in retro style with bangs; moreover, it is enough to separate the bangs of the most diverse styles with peppered partings and straighten them further. The 70s style perfectly fits like long thick bangs, as well as asymmetrical and deeply thinned, which today's stylists will add to cascading haircuts for medium-length hair, which, by the way, also comes from that decade.

Make a spectacular version of retro hairstyles with your own hands on medium-length hair, decorated in a cascade as easy. Wash and lightly dry your hair, apply styling on them and apply with curlers or curlers. The secret of a spectacular styling is only two: curlers or curling iron should be of large diameter and curls should be curved outward, not inward. Using a small amount of gel or wax, highlight the ends of the strands, slightly sharpening them and paying particular attention to the strands of the face. For thick and docile hair, additional fixation is not required, and thin and unruly hair is better to slightly treat with varnish and light fixation. Such styling looks perfect not only in everyday looks, but also in evening ones, for good reason - they belong to the disco style.

Notice how stylish retro hairstyles on medium hair look spectacular in these photos:

Retro evening and wedding hairstyles

The versatility of retro hairstyles, the ability to use them to create a variety of images and ease of execution are truly unique. Stylists do not insist on strict quotations from a particular decade and strictly adhering to the canons, it is enough to embody the basic idea in the styling and adapt it “for themselves”.

Most of them, thanks to the simplicity of their performance, are able to transform and enhance any casual look to a new level of elegance. It is not necessary to combine a romantic dress in the style of the 50s with an elegant French horn - it will literally transform the image based on the most modest office attire. Moreover, this same French horn does not require styling for a party and a trip to the theater - it is enough to change clothes. Simple and spectacular evening hairstyle in retro style is no different from the "day." It is in itself - a bright and expressive decoration of the image, which, if desired, can be improved with the help of accessories or ornaments.

Therefore, choosing the styling for a special event or party, you can safely trust vintage ideas, choosing only those that are perfect for your appearance - success will be guaranteed.

It is no coincidence that it was such hairstyles that became hits of the wedding fashion, in which simplicity, individuality and demonstration of good taste are also welcomed today. What kind of wedding hairstyle in retro style to choose depends only on the image that the bride creates.

These styling allow you to create very spectacular "compound" images. For example, the “cascade”, laid out in the spirit of the 70s, will perfectly complement the feminine openwork dress, and the spectacular “babette” will be the best addition to the wedding dress in a classic style. No less in demand in wedding fashion and "Hollywood waves", which emphasize the elegance of simple style dresses in the spirit of fashionable minimalism. Vintage hairstyles today successfully replace the classic wedding styling, and this trend will only grow.

Vintage waves. Quick romance

You will need: curling iron, long clips, brush. For dry and unruly hair will require an additional tool-fixer.

Step 1. If necessary, we process hair fixative. Strand cheat curling. The resulting “coil” of hair is clamped at the roots with the help of a hairpin.

Step 2. Carefully remove the pins, unwinding the strands in one direction.

Step 3. Gently distribute the curls with a brush. Hairstyle is ready.

Spin Up or Victory Rolls. Classic pin-up and great hairstyle for a party in the style of the 60s

You will need: comb with a long handle, 2 hairpins, curling. For dry and unruly hair will need an additional tool-fixer.

Step 1. Divide the hair into a side parting. The smaller part and the hair at the back of the head is wound with a curling iron.

Step 2. From the most part we take a strand with a width of 2-3 fingers, intercepted from the forehead.

Step 3. We twist the strand around the handle of the comb for 1 incomplete turn.

Step 4. Curl fix the studs.

Step 5. The remaining untreated curls are wound with a curling iron and, if necessary, processed with a lock.

Babette An interesting hairstyle for a retro party.

Will need: comb, curling iron, hoop or elastic, hairpins, brush, hairspray. Optional - hair tress.

Step 1. Divide the hair into a side parting, after which we hook the central strand into 4 fingers wide. We put it forward and fix it with a hoop or rubber band.

Step 2. If you feel the need for a large amount, tress attach for our middle strand and weave. If it is decided to do without false hair, then we make a thoughtful pile from the roots to all the remaining strands.

Step 3. Now dissolve our hair, fixed in Step 1, and evenly distribute them around the sides so as not to break the parting line. The tips are placed over the combed hair. The design is fixed with studs and sprayed with varnish from the neck.

Step 4. The ends of the hair are laid in light waves with a curling.

Hairstyle in the style of the 40s. Self-sufficient and useful (why - see further)

You will need: comb, curling iron, 2 or more pins

Step 1. Distribute the hair on the side parting, form curls with the help of curling.

Step 2. From the temple we lift a strand 2 fingers thick and we make a pile from the tip to the middle.

Step 3. We wind the strand from the tip onto the finger of the left hand (if you are right handed, and the right hand if left handed), not reaching 2 cm from the root.

Step 4. Raise your finger up, gently pull it out of the "coil", fix the design with a pin (1-2 pieces).

Step 5. Repeat for the opposite side. The result should be 2 symmetrical "shell" on both sides of the crown.

Pony tail in retro style. Just a beautiful vintage hairstyle

You will need: hair curlers, hair spray, hairpins (3-6 pieces), long hairpins, brush, eraser, large bow (or other decorative element).

Step 1. We twirl hair on curlers. The resulting curls sprinkle varnish.

Step 2. We divide the hair into a straight parting (maybe slightly to the right or left). Fix the side strands with hairpins, leaving 2-3 cm on each side.

Step 3. Select the central strand of the forehead with a width of 3-4 fingers. Raise the strand to the top, as we did in haircut number 4. Pin up with pins.

Step 4. Alternately twisting the "shell" on the sides, as in haircut number 4. Fix the studs.

Step 5. The remaining hair is collected in the "horse tail" and pick up with a rubber band. Over it we attach a decorative element.

Low "waves"

You will need: comb, fixer, rubber band or large clip, long hairpins (14-16 pcs.)

Step 1. We distribute the hair into 2 parts: we brush the bulk of it forward and fix it with an elastic band or a clip, and we begin to wrap a thin back layer on the curling. Before you twist the strand on the curling iron, we treat it with fixing means.

Step 2. Move layer by layer, from bottom to top. Each curl is fastened with a long barrette. Make sure that all curls are located clearly above each other.

Step 3. When all the curls are ready, we begin to unwind them. Dissolve the bottom, with the same layers that were laid. Be sure to comb through with a thick comb.

Laying in the style of the 30s or curls curls on the fingers

You will need: thick comb, a means-fixer.

Step 1. Distribute the hair on the side parting. On the first (working) half put a latch.

Step 2. Combing the strand along the line of growth. At a distance of 5-6 cm from the root lay the index finger of his left hand. Comb placed teeth in the direction of the head at a distance of 1.5 cm from the finger. We form a wave, lifting the comb up.

Step 3. In place of the index we place the middle finger, and the index finger is moved so that it is on top of the comb. Press the strand section with your fingers (this is how the wave crest is formed). The hairbrush, meanwhile, moves another 1.5 cm down.

Step 4. The middle finger remains in place, and the index finger again fits over the comb. Between the fingers should be a recess and 2 ridge.

Step 5. Repeat the same procedure for the hair on the other side of the parting. The main feature of hairstyles in the style of the 30s is the coincidence of the pattern on both sides.

Retro hairstyles: photo

Yes, perhaps, to make such retro hairstyles, photos and detailed just needed. We hope that now, when you have all this, you can easily repeat what the actresses and other fashionistas of the last century did.

Styling Features

Distinctive features of styling in the style of style are fancy and original forms that allow you to stand out from the crowd. This lush fleeces, cocoons, tails and pipes, as well as bangs a la Presley. Ribbons, headbands or headbands, bright scarves, colored beads and barrettes are often used to decorate hairstyles.

Among the most popular hairstyles can be attributed to several options:

  • The corolla of peace
  • Babette,
  • Flying high,
  • Cock,
  • Fluffy tail
  • Hollywood curls,
  • High nape.

Such unique styling will be an excellent choice for courageous and self-confident girls who do not tolerate boredom, dullness, restraint and modesty.

How to make a hairstyle in the style of style?

Do you want to recreate this hairstyle at home? These workshops with photos allow you to quickly make a stylish styling without the help of a specialist.

Curls of Merlin Monroe

How to make a haircut that would make you look like a famous actress? Believe me, this is absolutely nothing complicated. The whole process will take you a little more than half an hour.

  1. Separate the hair near the forehead with a horizontal parting.
  2. Divide it into several thin strands.
  3. Wind each strand, carefully remove it from the curling iron and fix the ring with the hairpin.
  4. Just below the horizontal parting again, separating part of the hair.
  5. Similarly, divide it into thin strands and curl. Lock the rings.
  6. Allow hair to cool.
  7. Spin the rings in the lower zone.
  8. Gently comb the curls with a comb with wide teeth.
  9. Putting curls hands, put them in a free bundle and pin it with pins.
  10. Unwind the middle part of the head of hair, gently comb it and lay it in the same way.
  11. Comb the front area on the side parting and lay curls on both sides of the face, bending them inside.
  12. The resulting imitation of the square sprinkle with varnish.

Babette for medium length

Female styling in the style of style is unthinkable without babett. Here is one of the best and most beautiful options.

Vicory Rolls - eccentric tubes

Pipes on bangs - an essential attribute of hairstyles in the style of style. It looks very interesting, bold, bright and beautiful!

  1. Well comb hair.
  2. Semicircle separate a small part for bangs.
  3. Pin it with a clip so that it does not interfere.
  4. The rest of the hair curl curling or ironing.
  5. Divide the curls in half, making a horizontal parting.
  6. Tie each part in a tail.
  7. Release the bang from the clamp.
  8. Screw her curling.
  9. Carefully remove the curler from the hair so that the roller is preserved.
  10. Pinch roller invisible.
  11. Spray your hair with lacquer.

The following photos can easily become a continuation of the same option, and can also serve as a separate MC. It all depends on you!

12. Form a loose and fluffy bundle of twisted tails.

13. Take a beautiful handkerchief, fold it in half and tie it over your head, placing the tips at the top.

Malvinka in the style of style

You do not know how to diversify the usual Malvinka? Here is just the perfect way!

  1. Comb it all back.
  2. Curl the hair curling.
  3. Separate the hair part horizontally.
  4. Slightly rub it at the very roots.
  5. Lift the strands up, and then lower down, forming a lush fan.
  6. Pin it on the back of your head with a beautiful crab.

Bouffant on loose hair

This easy styling for long hair looks feminine and strictly, so it is suitable not only for theme parties, but also for everyday life.

Beautiful beam with decor

Such a bunch in the style of stylers is suitable for both adult girls and girls. You can easily make it yourself in just 7 minutes.

  1. Comb the hair on the side parting.
  2. Stir your hair with a round brush - the pile should start at the level of the chin.
  3. Collect strands in a high tail, combing the fringe on its side.
  4. Lift the tail up and twist it into a roller.
  5. Reaching the head, form a beautiful bun. To do this, grab the edges of the roller with both hands and stretch them to the sides. Move in a circle around the base of the gum.
  6. Pin the bundle with studs.
  7. Carefully smooth the loose hairs.
  8. Spray your hair with lacquer.
  9. Decorate it with a ribbon, barrette, flowers or a scarf.
  10. The bangs can be smoothed or twisted with the tips up and securely fixed (first, the roller is punctured with stealth, and then coated with varnish).

One of the most famous style style options! If you get such pipes, you can consider yourself a real expert!

  1. Brush well.
  2. Separate the hair at the crown and the parietal area by a horizontal line.
  3. Strand the bottom with a crab, so as not to interfere.
  4. Comb the upper section carefully with a thin scallop, throwing strands to the opposite side and lifting them at the roots to recreate the volume.
  5. Make a side parting.
  6. Depart from it by 1.5-2 cm in both directions and make two paths of stealth.
  7. Again, throw all the hair on the side of the parting, which was wider.
  8. Sprinkle the root zone with varnish.
  9. Curl curling the first part of the hair. Spin the device inside.
  10. Carefully remove the curling iron from the roller and place it in such a way that the invisible track is completely covered.
  11. Securely fix this part of the stylish bangs invisible and varnish.
  12. Repeat the process for another part of the hair. Screw it with curling iron and lay the roller on top of the second track from the stealth. Make sure the rollers fit snugly together, although this is not critical.
  13. Dissolve the strands at the bottom.
  14. At the level of the base of the neck, make another track of the invisible.
  15. The tips curl.
  16. Curls curl into light flagella and lay in a wide vertical bundle.

Attention! If you want to do styling Vicory Rolls for short hair, go without a bun. Just iron the lower part of the hair and leave the curls free.

Style styling with curls

This romantic styling hairstyle is perfect for medium length hair. The main thing is that the strands keep curls well.

1. If the hair is naturally smooth, wrap it on a curling iron or thermal curlers.

2. Separate three strands of hair from the face - one in the middle and two on the sides. The side pieces should be slightly smaller. Observe strict symmetry is not required.

3. Take the middle strand of hair by the tip and twist it into a neat ring. Lay the ring, imitating the shape of the shell. Pin it with a stud.

4. Spin the side to add extra pomp.

5. Twist it into a ring, lay with a roller and fasten.

6. Repeat the whole process with a strand on the other side.

7. Collect the rest of the hair in the tail and decorate its base with a large decorative hair clip.

Fluffy retro tail with a coca fringe

Another popular and beautiful option, which can often be seen on female style fan.

  1. Comb the hair on the side parting.
  2. Separate the part for bangs.
  3. Lift it up and add a little at the roots. The tip can be screwed.
  4. Lay a lock with a roller and fasten securely.
  5. Tie the rest of the hair on the back of the head.
  6. Wrap a thin gum wrap, hide the tip in your hair and slaughter it invisible.
  7. Twist the ends of the tail upwards.

Hairstyle with curls on bangs

This option is suitable for hair of any length - from short car to long, luxurious braids.

  1. Comb all the hair back, leaving a small portion for the bangs near the forehead.
  2. Twist the French roller from the bulk of the strands and fasten it with pins. The tips can be hidden inside or released on the forehead.
  3. Fold the scarf with a triangle and place it on the head so that the base is on the back of the head and the tips are at the top.
  4. Tie a handkerchief in a beautiful knot.
  5. Divide the ends of the shells and bangs into thin strands.
  6. Each of them curl in the form of spiral curls.
  7. Beautifully lay curls using stealth.
  8. Sprinkle bang varnish.

Haircut with a roller in the style of the 60s! (lesson number 3) Make-up and hairstyle in the style of Pin Up ♥ Pin up Tutorial ♥ Suzi Sky Festive / evening / wedding hair do-it-yourself in the style of 60s ❤ Headband hair (braids)

Retro hairstyles for short hair

With short hair you don’t overclock too much, so there are not so many options for creating retro hairstyles. But, if you have a short haircut, do not despair. We offer you to make an extraordinary and very stylish hair "Twiggy":

  1. To create a hairstyle you need to apply gel to clean dried hair, and distribute it over the entire length of hair.
  2. Then, with the help of a thin comb, make a side parting, on either side.
  3. Gently comb your hair and wait a while for the gel to dry.

Retro hairstyles for medium hair

Since Marilyn Monroe is associated in all with beauty and femininity, we will create a retro hairstyle with waves:

  1. First, wash your hair and dry it a little with a towel.
  2. Spread the hair foam and comb it.
  3. Dry a little hair with a hair dryer and wind them on large curlers.
  4. Then dry the hair completely using the hottest airflow.
  5. When the hair is dry, you can remove the hair curlers and fingers shape the hair.
  6. Hair can be brushed to the side with your fingers, or simply fold it back.
  7. When the hair is ready, fix it with hair spray.

Retro hairstyles for long hair

Owners of long hair are very lucky, because you can do anything with them and create different unique hairstyles in retro style, be it evening, romantic or casual.

If you want attention to yourself, going to some kind of event, then we suggest you to make your hair style in vintage retro style. This is a combination of curls with all kinds of rollers, cocs or tufts:

  1. Clean dry hair well comb and straighten them with a special iron to align the hair.
  2. Divide hair into 2 parts by drawing a horizontal line in the area of ​​the crown.
  3. Divide the lower hair into several large strands and twist on curlers.
  4. The upper part is also divided into two parts. Wind the first part of the hair on the arm and twist it in the form of a snail. Fix the resulting snail with several invisible beings at the base of the hair. Do the same with the other side.
  5. Remove hair curlers from the lower hair, comb the hair with a comb and fix the resulting hairstyle with lacquer.

You can also make an original retro hairstyle with bangs. Hair can be screwed on large curlers and make a light wave, or make a voluminous hairstyle using a good comb. You can tie a satin ribbon between a fleece and a fringe, which will fit into your look.

Ardent fan of retro style is singer Ketty Peri. In clips, concerts or everyday life, it wears retro hairstyles, creating an original and natural look with a scarf. In this case, a handkerchief can completely cover the head, leaving the fringe in the form of a curl, or it can serve as a simple accessory.

Watch the video: Easy Classic Old Hollywood Waves HAIR Tutorial. Rita Hayworth Inspired (March 2020).