English hair extensions

Women love to change, and with what to experiment, if not with their hair? Curl, straighten, dye, mow - all this is easy and simple to do. But quickly grow hair, in just a few hours, previously it was not possible.

But, fortunately, recently it has become available hair extensions, which allows you to change your appearance quickly and painlessly. Any woman can choose the appropriate method of hair extensions, depending on the characteristics of their hair.

Who is recommended to grow hair

Artificial hair helps to increase the length and thickness of the hair.

Building up is recommended if you have:

  • Sparse and thin hair from nature. The procedure will give the missing volume
  • Change the image. If you have always dreamed of long hair, but could not grow it, the extension will help to add the length to the desired level,
  • Increased strands can be dyed so as not to harm your hair,
  • You can increase the hair to create an unusual hairstyle for any special event.


Of course, not everything is so rosy, and hair extensions have their drawbacks. The procedure has several limitations under which it is undesirable or prohibited:

  • Diseases of the scalp, psoriasis or seborrhea.
  • Allergic reaction to any materials used during the build-up.
  • It is not recommended to increase hair after hormonal failure, pregnant and lactating women. In this case, the load on the weak brittle hair can lead to their increased loss.
  • Too short hair. If the length of its own strands is less than 5 cm, then the build-up may be poor quality and short.
  • Very damaged or fragile hair.
  • Alopecia, or alopecia.
  • Infectious, fungal diseases.
  • If the scalp is damaged, then you need to wait for its healing and only then proceed to the build-up.

Types of hair used for extension

One of the most important moments in the procedure is the question - and from what material is the extension, where does the hair come from for all the manipulations?

The answer is simple: hair is purchased from girls who decide to get rid of their hair. Most often, a resident of Eastern Europe, Asia and India who live in poor families give hair. They have to carefully care for the hair, then to pass it at a higher cost.

Definitely say what type of hair is the best, difficult. Each type of strands has its own thickness, color and structure, so it is necessary to select them individually, depending on the characteristics of your own hair.

In our country most often choose Slavic hair type. To ensure the quality of the material used, you need to wash your hair - high-quality raw materials will keep the original neat appearance.

Slavic hair. The most popular and expensive, they have a smooth, smooth cuticle, so that the strands look elegant even without any treatment. They can be straight, curly or curly, perfectly tolerate styling with a hairdryer or styler.

Slavic hair is obedient, they can do any original hairstyle. Best suited for owners of Slavic appearance.

European hair. In fact, they are brought not only from European countries, but also from India and Latin America. Their quality and price are not as high as those of the Slavs.

Strands are subject to obligatory treatment with acid, then painted and filled with silicone. In this case, the hair scales are removed completely or partially. European type is suitable for girls with thick, porous, stiff and voluminous hair.

South Russian strands. They have an optimal price / quality ratio. As the name implies, hair is collected in the south of Russia and Siberia. Such strands are unpretentious and obedient, with proper care they serve for a long time. Soft and elastic, but not very thick strands will not suit girls with thick thick hair.

Asian They are shipped from Korea and China. Hair may look luxurious, but in fact usually their quality wants to leave the best. These are the cheapest strands.

Curls are treated with a special compound that helps get rid of hair flakes, then they are polished, dyed and coated with silicone. In order to preserve the beauty of such hair longer it is necessary to take care of them more carefully.

Extension technology

English hair extensions - This is a hot capsular technique, in which organic keratin resin is used for bonding natural and donor strands, and a special heating mechanism is an adhesive gun, which makes the resin liquid. The melting point of the resin is much lower than the one to which the irons and curling rods are heated, and the gun delivers it only to donor strands. It does not come into contact with natural curls, so they are not damaged.

Hair extension

Hair extensions according to the English technology is an opportunity to enjoy a new hairstyle for 2-4 months. The length of wearing of the hair depends on several factors: the type, condition and speed of growth of your own hair, the quality of the resin and, of course, the professionalism of the master. The longer the hair is not subjected to staining and the drier they are by structure, the less will need to be corrected. The more experienced the master and the more qualitative the resin he used, the stronger the artificial strands will hold. Timely correction will help prevent the combing of accrued strands, because the resin capsules are destroyed over time. The master processes the attachment points of native and donor curls with a special liquid, which softens the resin, then breaks the capsules and easily removes the overhead strands - he then fixes them and re-builds them.

Pros of English building

  1. Suitable for all hair types,
  2. Capsule size can be varied.
  3. The resin does not cause allergies and does not harm the hair,
  4. Capsules neat and inconspicuous,
  5. After building hair look very natural
  6. Donor strands are worn up to 1 year, they can be used for repeated corrections,
  7. With hair extensions, you can do the same thing as with natural ones: curl, straighten, fit into any hairstyle - there are no restrictions,
  8. Strands are formed by hand, which allows to take into account the most original wishes of the client, for example, to combine hairs of different shades in one strand.

Cons English build

  1. You can not build bangs,
  2. It is very undesirable to put masks and balms on capsules,
  3. Over time, the hair can be combed out, but with a high-quality extension, proper care and timely correction, this can be avoided,
  4. If the resin is of poor quality, the hair will stick together,
  5. After the English build-up are not welcome visits to the bath, sauna, solarium,
  6. It is forbidden to blow-dry your hair (in the “cold air” mode you can), and you need to comb them very carefully so as not to damage the capsules.

Contraindications. The English method of hair extensions is not recommended for girls suffering from dermatological diseases of the scalp, alopecia, vegetative-vascular dystonia, having very thin hair structure and regularly taking hormonal preparations.

Preparing for hair extensions

To choose the type of hair, their color and length, the technology of extension must consult with a professional.

Note! Before the procedure, it is desirable to wet the strands to check their quality.

To prepare the hair to build it is necessary to wash and dry them thoroughly. It is forbidden to use masks, conditioners and balms.

The procedure itself takes 2 - 4 hours, so be prepared for the fact that you will have to spend half a day in the hairdresser’s chair.

Capsular hair extensions

The second name of this capacity - Italian. Recently it has become increasingly popular due to its aesthetic characteristics - capsules are barely noticeable on the hair.

Accumulated strands are attached to natural hair with a molten keratin capsule. This substance is part of the structure of the hair, so that its use does not cause any harm. The build-up occurs in thin strands, which are hardly noticeable, even if you look closely. A total of 100 to 125 strands are required.

Advantages of capsular hair extensions:

  • The capsules are almost invisible, have a natural look, so you can make any hairstyle with them: straighten, curl, paint and tint the strands, twist on curlers and make a perm.
  • You can add strands on the bangs, parting and whiskey, they look natural and do not comb out.
  • Capsules do not change depending on the temperature exposure, there are no restrictions in visiting the sauna and solarium.
  • Simplicity of hair care - such hair can often be washed, blow-dried.
  • Capsule capacity provides not only length, but also the missing thickness. Capsules are attached all over the head, while they look like their own.

Capsule extension is not suitable for owners of thin, weakened hair, prone to loss. The extension procedure may aggravate the problem.

The disadvantages of capsular capacity:

  • Keratin capsules can slide from their original place.
  • Special care for hair, falling on the capsules, can destroy them.
  • Owners of oily scalp under the influence of sebum cause the destruction of keratin plates, reducing the period of wearing of donor curls.
  • Immediately after the extension, it may be inconvenient to lie, the capsules will be felt on the hair and bring unpleasant sensations.

English building technique

The same applies to hot building techniques, but here a special pistol is used to warm the keratin to the optimum temperature. In this case, the procedure is considered sparing and harmless.

The minimum length required for English hair extensions should be more than 6 cm, otherwise donor strands will be noticeable. After the procedure, you will have to say goodbye to the thermal treatments for hair and body, irons, hot curlers and curlers can melt the capsules, as well as saunas and baths.

Keratin capsules lose their strength under the influence of masks and balsams. English capacity is kept no more than 3 months.

German extension technology (Bellargo)

Bellargo - This is a kind of hot hair extensions. Strands are fastened using a special device with two thermal clamps on small sleeves. In this case, the hair is not damaged, because it does not heat up. In total, 25–100 strands are needed for extension.

The disadvantages of this method of extension is the need for special care: some types of cosmetics provoke loss of donor strands. Not all styling is suitable because sleeves can be noticeable on high hairstyles.

It is impossible to remove accrued curls on your own - there is a chance to damage your own hair.

Tape hair extensions

Refers to the cold ways of building, which eliminates thermal effects. For the procedure using a special adhesive, which is suitable even for thin, weakened hair.

This method is one of the fastest - in just 1–2 hours a professional will be able to perform high-quality hair extensions. The effect of the procedure can last up to one year, if properly care for the hair.

At the same time there are no restrictions in the actions performed with hair: you can walk to the solarium, swimming pool, saunas. Cold buildup has less negative effect on hair than hot.

Disadvantages of tape extension:

  • When creating high and complex hairstyles hair bands can be noticeable.
  • If the master doesn’t have enough experience, then the incorrectly glued donor strands can fall out, sometimes provoking the loss of their own curls.
  • A poorly performed procedure can cause the formation of tangles.
  • The adhesive composition can adversely affect the hair and scalp.

All the drawbacks of tape hair extensions relate to the violation of the procedure technology, with its correct execution such problems should not be. In total, about 80 tapes of donor hair are used.

There are only two types of tape hair extensions: Spanish and Japanese. They both belong to the cold buildup.

Spanish technology involves the use of an adhesive composition, which is composed of white or black dye, chosen to match the hair color. Such extensions are often used by girls with blond hair, because the place of extension will be barely noticeable, while you can keep the usual hair care, visit the baths and saunas without fear of being hairless, and of course, you can dye and lighten the hair with this type of extension.

The Spanish extension technique allows the wearing of strands for up to 4 months, after which it may be necessary to correct or remove the curls.

Japanese hair extensions Special metal beads, clips and clips are used. It is thanks to them that donor curls are attached to the roots of the hair. Small strands are threaded with a special hook through clamps, which are clamped with pliers. Glue is not used, clamps are chosen depending on the shade of hair.

Correction is carried out in 2-3 months, as hair regrowth. This type of extension is suitable for women with dark, hard hair. The hairdresser should be convinced of the quality of the procedure two weeks after it is carried out.

Bundling with braids

This extension technique is perfect for girls who are worried about not spoiling their hair. Unlike previous technologies, it does not use any chemicals and temperatures that can damage the hair.

The build-up on the pigtails is almost imperceptible, but at the same time donor hair is held tightly. The technology involves braiding a very thin pigtail across the back of the head, after which tresses are attached to it. Tress is a thin, worked strand that resembles a narrow strip. One strand clings to one pigtail.

Correction is carried out as hair regrowth: the pigtail is intertwined to be as close as possible to the scalp, and the tresses are re-sewn, they can be used repeatedly.

Capacity with braids can be carried out even on thin hair. The procedure is harmless, a pigtail does not bring any inconvenience, besides its implementation does not require a long time. You may need up to 200 tresses.

Brazilian build-up

It assumes the weaving of braids from donor and own hair. This is the most modern and gentle way to build. During the procedure, keratin and hair glue are not used, there is no thermal effect on their structure, and no chemical preparations are used.

For the procedure, all hair is divided into 4 approximately equal squares. Curls begin to build up from the lower back of the head. The width of the strand should not exceed 5 millimeters, for the separation of partings it is better to use a thin comb.

Donor strands can be artificial or natural, their width should match its own. Braided thin ordinary braid, which is fixed with a loop of synthetic thread.The procedure is carried out over the entire head, while weaving occurs from the bottom up.

Correction is done every 3 months. The disadvantage of this method of extension is only the duration of the procedure.

Ultrasound extension

This technology was invented in Hollywood. It is recommended to use for those whose hair has been damaged by numerous styling, staining, have dry and split ends. The keratin capsule is sealed by ultrasound, adding volume and giving the hairstyle a well-groomed and attractive look.

In total, about 120 strands are applied, which, with proper care, can be worn for about six months.

Hair on hairpins

If you do not have the opportunity to grow hair or are afraid of complex care, then hair on hairpins is a great alternative. With their help, you can change your image to no recognition.

Hair on hairpins are not afraid of cosmetics, they can be dyed, curled, blow-dried. Compared with hair extensions, this method is more affordable.

Overhead strands are fixed with hairpins and clips, so that you can do any hairstyle at home by yourself. And of course, the main advantage is absolute harmlessness. So you do not have to wonder if it will harm your hair extension.

Disadvantages of hair on hairpins:

  • Not suitable for short hair.
  • The abundance of pins brings a feeling of heaviness and causes a headache, so it is best to wear them not daily, but to use only for important events.
  • The fragility, they can come unfastened at the most inopportune moment, it is better to abandon them during trips to the gym, pool or the beach.

Hair extension - A procedure that allows you to change your image beyond recognition in just a few hours. A qualified master will not only be able to properly grow hair, but will also give recommendations on how to care for them, which must be followed in order to prolong the effect of the procedure and not to harm your own locks.

What is the English capacity

This technique is very popular all over the world, because the service is rendered at a reasonable price, fans of experiments can choose any color, length of curls.

Building on the English method is a hot way to build. With a special gun, which is filled with natural keratin resin. At the junction of the invoice strands with a natural formed a small ball.

Although the build-up occurs with the use of heat exposure, it does not harm your curls. Firstly, the temperature to which the resin is heated is significantly lower than that which affects the hair on the hair with an ironing iron or curling iron. Secondly, the molten composition is applied not on the native curl, but on the stackable one.

Procedure cost

The price of the procedure depends on the selected length, the density of curls that you want to increase. Most often, the fair sex choose a Slavic type of hair with the number of extensions of 100-120 pieces, a length of 40-50 centimeters. For a haircut with such parameters, you will be asked for 8,000–10,000 rubles.

The technology is a success to this day, although it requires a certain experience from a specialist. Resin balls are not always small, smooth, so you need to carefully select a specialist.

How is the build-up

The procedure for lengthening the hair goes through several stages:

  1. Before starting the extension, the curls are thoroughly washed with a special shampoo, which defats the hair. This will allow the resin in the best way to bond the stackable strands with the relatives.
  2. Then stand out the horizontal partings.
  3. Partings are divided into small locks, each of which is attached with curls and a keratin resin with a pistol and drops of keratin resin.

The whole process takes about three hours. Overhead strands look like natural.A huge palette of shades allows you to choose the color that best matches the natural one.

On how to grow hair at home, you will also find on our website.

Important! The result of this method of building lasts 3-4 months. After that, the hair grows a little, a correction or a new lengthening is required.

Correction features

Correction will be needed when your curls grow back, resin capsules will become noticeable. The skill of the specialist, the condition of the strands, the growth rate of the hair, the quality of materials affect the duration of the result.

The barber applies a softening compound to the resin pea, detaches the false straps. Further, the removed curls are brought in the proper form. Then reattached to natural strands at a distance of 1 centimeter from the hairline.

Features care for hair extensions

Hair, elongated by the English method almost does not require special care. To save the result, you must follow a few simple rules:

  • wash your head every 2–3 days, standing upright, not throwing curls on your face,
  • always dry the curls if you are going to bed,
  • braid for one night, two braids,
  • love, care for your hair.

How to care for hair extensions, you can learn more on our website.

Advantages and disadvantages

Talk about the benefits:

  • simple extension procedure, hairstyle correction,
  • can be used on any type of hair, even for short,
  • The resin used is natural, hypoallergenic,
  • overhead strands can be worn for a whole year, using reuse during correction,
  • You can do any hairstyle, styling,
  • the wizard forms the curls manually, so you can experiment by adding color locks.

Let's say about the shortcomings:

  • strand hairs tend to be combed out,
  • There is no possibility to lengthen the bangs. What method is suitable for building bangs, you will find on our website,
  • no oil masks, balms should be allowed on the balls,
  • if low-grade resin was used to build it, it can glue curls,
  • you can not visit the baths, saunas, solariums, as the high temperature can melt the resin,
  • can not be dried hair with a hairdryer in hot mode.

Other popular hair extension techniques, their advantages and disadvantages:

Useful videos

The procedure of English hair extensions.

Master class hair extensions.

Procedure technology

Before you do the English hair extensions, you need to thoroughly wash your hair. Only clean hair can be well attached overhead strands. Hair extension produced by glue gun and organic resin. With the help of point impact master attaches strands to the roots of natural hair. As a rule, the place where the extension and natural hair was joined was almost unnoticeable.

Although glue gun surface hot she does not contact with hair, so the hair is not damaged. The master carefully smears each strand with glue and then manually attaches it to the highlighted strand.

English hair extension procedure lasts on average 3.5 hours. Result You will enjoy 2-3 months. Hair after the extension procedure transform: becomevoluminous, lush and long.

The benefits of English technology

  1. English technology is not very expensive and quite simple,
  2. The capsule is made of a breathable and air permeable material.
  3. Hair extensions according to the English technology are made on any type of hair,
  4. The surface of the gun does not contact with hair,
  5. The size of the strands is chosen individually, the capsules are selected under the shade of the hair, so the hair after the procedure looks natural.

This method does not does not affect the health of your own hair, because temperature of organic resin carefully controlled by master.

The disadvantages of English technology

    1. A bathhouse and a sauna after the English build-up should not be visited, as the capsules soften and move away,
    2. Hair from time to time combed out of the capsules,
    3. If the master used poor quality resin, the hair will stick together,
    4. English hair extensions are performed on hair that is at least 5 cm long,
    5. The extension is carried out only on clean hair, there should be no remnants of nutritional and styling products, otherwise hair extensions will “eat”,
    6. Do not apply balm on the capsules so that they do not get damaged,
    7. It is impossible to dye hair, because the resin is destroyed,
    8. After washing the scalp, dry only in a natural way. You can not use a hair dryer,
    9. Combing hair extensions according to the English technology should be done carefully, do not touch the capsules at the roots,
    10. Bangs are not built up, as the attachment points will be visible.

Care for hair extensions

During shampooing, shampoo should be gently applied to the hair. Creams, masks, balms, etc. applied over the entire length of the hair, without affecting the roots. Then they should be thoroughly rinsed so as not to leave shampoo at the roots. Also keep in mind that when washing your hair you can not tilt your head back or forward, otherwise the curls may be confused. And in any case, do not twist the hair when wiping.

You need to comb a special comb, designed for hair extensions. Do not go to bed with wet hair. For the night, hair extensions according to the English technology should be braided or tied, do not squeeze them.

Combination with other types of procedures

Extensive hair according to the English technology cannot be discolored, dyed and permed, because the capsule is destroyed by the action of chemicals. Hair extension procedure on English technology with other procedures not combined.

Hair extension. Technology, care, advantages and disadvantages.

Thick long hair - the standard of feminine beauty for all times. However, not everyone can grow long hair, and not all nature has endowed with sufficient volume of hair. In such cases, it becomes possible to change your hair by building donor hair. The extension procedure causes a fairly large number of disputes, supporters point out the possibility of quickly correcting their own insufficient volume and length, opponents recall the possible negative effect of the extension on the growth and quality of their own hair.

Hair extension technology

Today there is a huge variety of extension systems: Italian, English, Chinese, Spanish and French technologies. After modern technologies have appeared, in which hair can last for six months, and the capsules are almost imperceptible, hair extensions become more and more popular. Strands for extension are usually made from natural hair, more rarely - from artificial.

The most commonly used are specially treated strands of natural hair. They are divided into Asian and European. Asian hair comes from China and Korea. They are thick and tough, originally pitch black. They are subjected to strong chemical (lightening) and heat treatment, in which the hair flakes are sealed. The use of Asian hair does not allow to achieve high quality extensions, therefore, natural European hair is more popular. Their structure does not differ from the structure of our hair, and the natural light brown color allows, without causing harm, to give them any shade. Strands vary in color (natural range and color for highlighting) and in thickness (medium, normal, thin and ultrathin). Thanks to this, you can pick up hair for any client. Not so long ago, an exclusive hair line appeared - selected non-dyed Slavic hair.Thanks to high-quality raw materials and unique treatment, this hair will require no more care than your own. And although the color scheme is not very rich - 10 shades, but due to the initial unpainted hair, they can be subjected to any cosmetic procedures, up to dyeing, lightening and permanent, which cannot be done with any other types of hair extensions

Artificial hair is made of synthetic fibers (monofiber). In appearance and touch they can not be distinguished from the natural. This synthetic looks like well-groomed hair. The benefits here are. The main thing is that monofiber is forty times lighter than natural hair (many people part with long hair because of gravity). Therefore, no discomfort from the sudden increase in the mass of hair after such a build-up will not. Subjective advantage - it may be unpleasant for someone to wear other people's hair on their head. There are drawbacks too - synthetics require a more careful attitude: it deforms from hot water and a hairdryer, it is impossible to use curling iron, special care products (rather expensive) and brushes for combing are recommended. In addition, every day the hair more and more tangled and dull. In addition, it is a disposable material, designed only for a single build-up (then it is no longer suitable).

European women were the first to grow hair in the late eighties. They did this by sticking extra strands on their own with hot silicone.

Widespread in its time received english technology. It uses hair on tresses (hair, sewn into a ribbon). But they are attached with a pistol loaded with resin. The master cuts off a piece of hair, drips hot resin out of the gun and twists it with a special flagellum - a round capsule is obtained (the junction of his own and additional hair). Thanks to this technology, hair extension has become a popular service.

But there are also disadvantages. A month later, the hair begins to go awry. When a person sweats, the capsules heat up and become sticky, the hair naturally sticks to it, begins to roll between them, as a result, the capsules themselves stick together, and as a result, tangles are formed. In addition, the connection of the hair with the help of resin is rather fragile, the hair is rather quickly combed out and lost, which requires frequent correction. The English build-up was very popular due to the low cost, but irretrievably outdated.

English technology refers to the hot methods of building. There are also ways to cold hair extensions, in the first place, spanish build up. In the cold mode, tressed hair is used. The strand is cut off, glue is squeezed out of the tube, a fixative activator is applied from above, a chemical reaction begins, as a result of which heat is released, a capsule is formed by hands, and then it all stiffens. Fingers strongly stick to hair. The capsule becomes hard looking glass. Sleeping on such hard capsules is very uncomfortable. The fixation is fixed, which threatens with depilation as a result of uneven hair tension during natural regrowth and a change in the hair growth cycle. Strands are removed using a solvent containing acetone, which adversely affects the structure of your own hair at the attachment points.

Obsolete and low-quality technologies include Chinese build-up on metal beads (rings). A strand of the client's own hair and extra hair is inserted into the metal ring, then the ring is clamped. In this case, the hair is injured mechanically. Extensive hair keeps bad and crawls out within two to three weeks.

Only some of the technologies have gained popularity in Russia and are truly professional. It is considered the most modern Italian hardware technology.And although the devices in building capacity have been used for many years, the Italians were able to improve their use.

Hair extension using Italian technology is one of many hot hair extension methods. When using this technology, ready-made hair strands are used, on which a thin layer of keratin is applied. Keratin is applied in the factory and he (keratin) has the form of small, flat plates.

As soon as the keratin becomes liquid, it, along with the strand, is clamped with special tweezers to obtain flat capsules. The advantages of this technology are in the capsule. It is not sticky and does not become tangled. There is a lot of hair on the capsule, and its size is small, the excess is cut off. The standard capsule of Italian technology is two times less than in English. The capsule is not visible on the hair and is not visible to the touch, as it is flat and lies on the head. Hair from artificial strands do not comb out at all and do not lose their original appearance. They can be dyed, permed, like natural hair.

Such hair is recommended to wear two or three months, although the maximum period can reach 6 months. Once a month it is worth coming for correction - to carefully comb and make a mask for hair.

Remove hair with a special gel and special forceps. The gel is applied to the capsule, the tongs soften it, and then, holding the regrown root, strand, while mechanically the hair is not damaged.

To professional also include ultrasonic building. Ultrasonic machines are considered the most expensive models, with their help keratin is melted by ultrasound discharge, and not under the influence of temperature.

And the latest technology that came to us from Europe, namely from Germany - is tape. Its main difference from other methods is the fastening is not strand, but tapes consisting of natural hair, with special glue already applied, strand width is 2-4 centimeters. The safety of this glue tested by time and hair, it really does not harm. The advantages of tape technology is that it is the fastest and safest method to reduce the procedure of building up to 40 minutes. Tape extension is almost not felt on the head to the touch compared to the capsules, but the attachment points are more visible visually. Disadvantages - frequent correction of hair with the least loss of time and loose chic curls - it is impossible to collect hair grown in this way into a high tail. Tape extension is not recommended for those who have sparse hair.

What are the disadvantages can bring hair?

Hair extensions do not adversely affect hair growth - small additional strands usually do not overload their own hair, so there is no loss of weight either. With proper professional extension, microcirculation of the scalp does not suffer.

However, there are situations where hair extensions are undesirable. You should not do hair extensions with active hair loss (for example, with intense stress loss, loss after anesthesia, after chemotherapy) - in this case, the extended strands are quickly lost along with the hair to which they are attached, and hair extension is simply inappropriate. It is not recommended to increase hair in case of scalp diseases in the exacerbation stage (seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis) - in this case, the quality of washing the scalp deteriorates, as well as its cleansing, but it is also difficult to apply medicinal preparations on the scalp.

Particular attention should be paid to the psychological moment when removing hair extensions. Every day we lose about 100 hairs. And since the capsules will hold them, then on the day of donor hair removal, we will simultaneously lose the amount that should have fallen out over three months - and the difference between real and created volume will be especially noticeable. After long wearing of hair extensions, many people forget how much hair they had before the procedure, having become accustomed to long and voluminous hair, in such situations a false feeling is created that the hair has thinned. Therefore, it is not surprising that after removing the donor hair, I immediately want to increase it again.

English hair extensions in Moscow

Do you want to grow hair? English hair extensions in Moscow are a time-tested technology that allows you to quickly become the owner of beautiful curls.

Hair growth is considered to be one of the most popular procedures among women who are dissatisfied with the length and thickness of their hair. If earlier it was necessary to wait several months for the hair to reach the desired length or to use bouffanting and special styling tools to give volume to the hairstyle, today it is enough to visit a good wizard who, with the help of extension, will give your hair the look you want. VictoryStyle masters offer their customers the best and most advanced hair extension technology.

But at the moment there are as far as types of hair extensions, but the English technology is considered classic. The British hairdressers were the first to figure out how to attach artificial strands to natural hair by developing a special glue based on resin and a warming mechanism that made the resin liquid. Of course, at that time the extension procedure could not be called gentle, but now experts have improved the resin composition and developed a special glue gun that heats the resin to temperatures that do not harm natural hair.

Description of the English technology of hair extensions

And the English build-up refers to hot technologies, since the resin, with which the artificial strands are attached, is heated in a special gun to a liquid state. Do not be afraid that the molten resin will cause harm to the hair, since the temperature at which it melts does not reach 170 ° C. For comparison: curling iron and irons are heated to 220 ° C. The junction of the donor and natural strands looks like a capsule, so the English extension is also referred to as capsule technology. European and Asian hair of the highest quality is used for extension, the variety of structures of which makes it possible to choose donor hair ideally matching the client's hair.

In the client's eyes, before building up, they are washed with a special degreasing shampoo, then they are divided into vertical partings and start building up from the back of the head. The wizard takes a thin strand and puts on a plastic protective separator. The heated resin is applied to the donor strand, which is then pressed with special forceps to the client's hair at a distance of 1 cm from the roots. Depending on what zone is being built, the master uses a gun of different sizes. At the temples and crown, a smaller diameter pistol is used, which delivers the molten resin in small portions. The resin for fixing artificial strands is available in various shades, so the junction of the strands will be almost imperceptible. Artificial strands can match the tone with the client's hair, and you can also create a highlight effect by using strands of several shades. With English extensions, you can use strands of various lengths and volumes, the only condition is that the client’s hair must be 6 cm long and thick enough to hide attachment points.

With rock socks, artificial strands depend on several factors: on the quality of the resin, on the professionalism of the craftsman, and on the type of client's hair. The more qualitative the resin and the more experienced the master, the stronger will be the stacked strands. If the client's hair is of dry type, the more time the strands will not require correction. The strands built up according to English technology are worn from an average of 2 to 3 months.

Everything you want to know about hair extensions

Long luxurious hair never went out of fashion, however, not everyone has kept such wealth since childhood, fascinated by modern stylish haircuts.From the covers of glossy magazines, gorgeous beauties with lion's manes look at us, the stars do not get tired of changing their image - today they have shoulder-length hair, the next day - belt-length braids.

Now, such experiments with the appearance do not surprise anyone: we all know very well about the hair extension procedure, but before deciding on it, we ask ourselves: “Isn’t it dangerous for our hair?”.

40 years ago, hairdresser Simon Forbes invented the procedure for hair extensions, revolutionizing the art of hairdressing. At first, the buildup was available only to the rich and famous, but the time has come, and now any girl can afford to do her dream hairstyle in the salon, and the price of the question is quite real.

Two to five hours in the salon, and you go out with thick and long shock of hair. The number of strands depends on how thick your natural hair or how lush hair you want to get. Usually they increase from 100 to 250 strands.

Donor hair can be different in length and color. It all depends on what you want to get - increase the volume, increase the length of the hair, make highlights or toning, do not dye your own natural hair, get a creative, bright hairstyle (fantasy strands are used).

It is best to contact beauty salons with a proven reputation. Trying to save money, you run the risk of not getting what you’ve dreamed of and you’ll go away in tears. If you still want to make the build-up cheaper, contact the master who works at home.

Do not look for specialists on the Internet, despite a bunch of positive reviews, let the master be advised to you by one of your friends or acquaintances who have already turned to his services and are satisfied. Remember, you risk your natural hair, with poor-quality extensions strands will crawl and break along with your natural hair.

If you have not lost the desire to build up, we will tell you about different technologies so that you can choose the most gentle method for you.

English technology - the most common. It is based on the hot method. Artificial or natural strands are attached to the roots of your natural hair with the help of a special “pistol”. Strands are combined with an organic resin (keratin). The place of gluing together in shape resembles a small rice grain.

With this method, you can not increase bangs. To use English technology, it is necessary that your hair is not shorter than 6-7 cm. You can go for 3-4 months with a hairstyle, then the strands are removed in the salon with the help of a special liquid that softens keratin capsules.

Experts claim that this method does not spoil your natural hair, because the temperature of the resin is controlled.

Spanish technology cold build allows you to wear artificial strands for 4 months. Unlike English technology, where the capsule is heated to a certain temperature, in Spanish technology the strands are glued together with special glue. The cold method is considered more benign. The length of your natural hair should be not less than 10 cm. Since the glue has a light shade, this method is better suited for girls who have blond or brown hair, on black hair the places where the strands dock can be noticeable.

The main advantage of Japanese technology - strands can be extended to very short hair, you can increase the bangs. This is the safest way to hair extensions. Hair is 4 months.

Italian technology - the newest, widespread in 2003. For hair extensions using this method, ready-made bundles of strands are bonded together with keratin. Strands are attached to native hair with the help of special forceps that heat up keratin.Hair extensions according to Italian technology are the most inconspicuous, the capsule is invisible at the place of bonding, you can feel a slight thickening only by touch.

For hair extensions using natural and artificial hair. Natural hair blond hair brought from Europe, dark - from India. Natural hair is much more expensive than artificial.

Artificial hair - “flute”, “curls”, “pony”, etc. - is made from Kanekalon. However, when using artificial hair there is a risk of getting allergies and other unpleasant side effects that can end very badly for you. Some beauties after such experiments completely lose their hair and shave their heads well. Therefore, before you increase the artificial hair, consult with your doctor and conduct tests to find out how your body perceives artificial materials.

In the cabin can be done decorative building - to increase several multi-colored strands, Swarovski crystals, strings of pearls or feathers. Fantasy strands cost from 150 rubles apiece.

Hair Care:

Do not worry, the capsules with which the strands stick together are very durable. You can do and perm, and hair coloring, swim, go to the sauna.

It is also necessary to wash extension hair, as well as your natural hair, from top to bottom. It is necessary to wet the head gradually, at the same time combing the hair until the entire head is wet, apply shampoo evenly.

It is necessary to comb hair, starting from the ends, rising up. The main enemy of hair extensions is a hot hairdryer and curling irons, they can be used no more than once a week, otherwise instead of four months, hair extensions will last you half as much. Do not sleep with wet hair. Very long hair before bedtime is better to collect in a clean braid.

By the way, if you go to the pool, be sure to wear a hat, after the pool rinse your head thoroughly, chlorinated water is bad for both natural and hair extensions. Do not use conditioners that contain alcohol, such products dry hair and scalp. That's all simple recommendations.

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Varieties of materials

For this procedure, as a rule, use several types of curls:

  • Slavic. This material is the highest quality, therefore, the most popular and expensive. These curls have a smooth cuticle that looks amazing without the use of any treatments. During the production of curls, the scaly layer of hair is completely preserved. Slavic curls can be curly, straight or curly. This material is ideal for girls of Slavic appearance. In addition, the material is easy to dry, styling and creating unusual hairstyles.
  • European. These curls are imported not only from Europe, but also from Latin America and India. Their cost is much higher than that of Asian. Before the process of building, the curls must be pre-treated with a special acid, and when painted, they are treated with silicone. In this case, the upper scaly layer is partially or completely removed. European hair is used for extension in women whose hair is distinguished by its stiffness, volume and thick structure.
  • Asian These curls are drawn from Korea and China. They are characterized as the cheapest and substandard. The production technology of such curls implies the cleaning of the upper scaly layer, grinding, dyeing and silicone coating. Outwardly, this material looks quite attractive, but it is only before the first wash. After washing, the hair begins to lose its luster, electrified and tangled with each other.

Decide on the right choice regarding the type of material, their length and color will help you master, to whom you turned.

Features of the hot technique

The essence of the extension process is in the application of a preheated adhesive, most often keratin or resin. It is applied to the curls and fixed at the very roots, using a special gun or thermal tongs. In the role of the lock serves a special capsule. Its almost impossible to notice, but it securely holds the strands of hair. Hot procedure method has many different advantages. The main one is the rapid increase in volume and length, as well as the creation of density.

Currently, professional stylists most often use capsular extension, which can improve the aesthetic characteristics of curls several times during hair extensions. The technology of this process is to attach donor strands to natural locks using a melted keratin capsule. The number of capsules depends on the desired effect and the number of clinging curls.

The main advantage of the capsule is the ability to create complex and original hairstyles. During the procedure, thin strands are used, and the fixing capsules are practically invisible to prying eyes. In this case, it is allowed to straighten the curls with an iron, twirl on curlers, tint and dye, expose to a chemical perm, make various complex hairstyles.

Hot method can be used when attaching curls on the parting, temples and bangs. In this case, artificial strands are not combed out for a long time and can be worn over a long period. In addition, you should not worry about the material when visiting the sauna, solarium. Capsules will not deteriorate even under the influence of high air temperature.

Hair that has been extended to the capsules, are quite unpretentious in the care. To maintain the natural beauty of the curls, they can often be washed, blow-dried and combed. In addition, capsular extension helps not only to increase the length of the hair, but also significantly add volume. After all, the capsules can be mounted literally all over the head in the necessary places, and not only on one line.

Despite all the above advantages, hot build method has some drawbackswhich are as follows:

  • Sometimes the capsules slip.
  • If the capsules are large, then for several days after the build-up they will cause discomfort while lying down.
  • If you have too oily scalp, then under the influence of fat capsules are slowly destroyed.
  • Balms and various hair masks can not be applied directly to the capsules themselves, as this may harm them.

It is worth noting that this method of attaching donor curls will not work for girls with thin hair, as well as for those who have plenty of them.

Features of the cold technique

The technique of this method of extension eliminates the use of thermal heating of a special adhesive composition. Strands at the same time securely fastened to natural hair and do not fall out during combing. Cold hair, can be washed using conditioners, balms and masks. Such cosmetics are absolutely harmless to hair extensions. As a rule, building up with the cold method implies a tape method of fastening curls.

Tape method of fixing hair refers to the cold build. For its implementation, a special adhesive tape and strands of donor curls are used. It is also worth noting that such an extension is the fastest way possible, since it does not need to use special thermal tools.The adhesive composition is considered absolutely safe for curls and scalp, and if necessary it can be completely and easily removed with a special solution.

The main advantage of tape building is the use of non-toxic substances, as well as the absence of high temperatures. The duration of the effect will depend on proper hair care. On average, such hair is kept on the head for about 1 year.

Hair that has been extended by the tape method does not have any restrictions in action. With them you can without any fear go to the solarium, sauna, swimming pool.

In addition, cold buildup is more benign than hot. This procedure implies minimal negative impact. Capsules, which include surgical glue, are as strong as keratin for hot build.

But this method has its drawbacks.. The main one is the conspicuous lines when creating hairstyles. Other cons are as follows:

  • If the extension was done incorrectly, the donor hair begins to fall. The same can happen with natural curls.
  • If the capsules are not positioned correctly on the head, they can constantly form mats.
  • Your hair can react negatively to the chemical effect of the glue.

However, all the above disadvantages can be attributed to the features with improper capacity. If this procedure is carried out correctly, then problems, as a rule, will not arise.

Using braids when building

In addition to the above common types of capacity, recently won the popularity of pigtails. This method was designed specifically to maximize the protection of natural hair from the negative effects of hot temperatures and chemicals.

Hair that has been extended in this way will hold on to the head quite tightly, the attachment points are almost invisible. This method involves weaving a very thin pigtail across the back of the head. When she is ready, she must attach strands in the form of tress. It represents the hair, which is processed and joined at the base in such a way that a narrow strip is created. One tress is sewn to each pigtail.

As a rule, the correction after such an increase held once in two months. During this it is necessary to remove the tress, and the pigtail is intertwined closer to the scalp. After that, the tresses are re-sewn. They can be used repeatedly.

Mounting strands with this method of hair extensions can be done regardless of the structure, color, thickness and volume. Braids that are braided at the base of the hair do not cause any inconvenience. In addition, this method is completely harmless. It does not imply any chemical and thermal effects on the hair. The procedure is faster than the above types of capacity.

If we talk about the shortcomings of this capacity, it should be noted only that the use of braids limits the use of certain types of hairstyles. Therefore, it is necessary to abandon the even partings and high pile.

Currently, hair extensions are considered quite popular procedure in the beauty industry. If this procedure is performed qualitatively, observing all the rules of hair care, then you can get a chic and stylish haircut for at least several months.

Advantages and disadvantages

Consider the positive and negative sides of the procedure:

  • Long hair per couple of hours - there is no need to wait several years until it grows to the desired length. Luxurious curls can be obtained in just 1 session.
  • Looks more natural than a wig - on condition that the master is highly qualified.
  • Painlessly - The process does not cause discomfort.
  • Rescues with sparse hair and baldness.
  • Bundles can be used several times. - high-quality natural material serves up to six months or more.

  • For hair extensions need to get used to - At first, capsules and tapes strongly interfere during sleep.
  • The build-up becomes noticeable in high hairstyles - think in advance that all your styling imply curls tuff on the back of the head.
  • As the roots grow, you will have to make a correction. - and this is an additional item of expenditure and waste of time.
  • High price - high-quality consumables and competent work of the master can not be cheap.

What is harmful build?

  • The risk of loss increases, if the follicles were weakened as a result of illness, improper care, or are due to the individual characteristics of the organism.
  • There is a chance of getting burned. - if the procedure is performed by an inexperienced or unqualified master.
  • At the attachment point strands may form creases which would entail a loss of length and density after removal.

Bad build

Consider cases where the build-up may not be too successful:

  • Barber used too large capsules - that bristle and visible even when the curls are dissolved.
  • Too few strands were added. - As a result, the haircut looks short and sloppy.
  • Beams of different lengths and unevenly distributed - which also makes the hair far from an aesthetic ideal.
  • The specialist picked up the wrong type or color because of what you get straight strands that stand out strongly on the total curly mass, or vice versa.
  • Color stackable pryadok different from natural, which sometimes strongly indicates the fact that your length is artificial.

Horror build-up

These situations are familiar to many girls who have made poor-quality build-up and in the end strongly regretted their decision:

  • Torn beams during combing –This often happens when the capsule clings to the teeth of the ridge. It is very unpleasant and painful.
  • Curls develop in the wind, showing to everyone behind people who go to the place of attachment and capsule.
  • Features donor strands that are not immediately disclosed - you may think that you have built up perfectly smooth and heavy curls, exactly until you wet them and they do not curl from moisture.
  • Capsules glowing in the light of ultraviolet. Some glue capsules are highlighted in blue in the rays of ultraviolet. This fact should be taken into account if you are not averse to relax in the club.
  • Guy's hand running into your hair - Men often admire long hair, and show tenderness to their beloved affectionate stroking the back of the head. If your partner does not know about your little secret chic hair - you run the risk of running into a puzzled look or awkward questions when he feels the capsule with his fingers at the roots.


A hair that is confused in chaotic mats is another problem that girls often face when they wear socks. In order to prevent their formation, it is necessary to make out the main reasons for their origin:

  • Your hair is dried out with multiple brightenings. and staining in blond. The scales are raised and, clinging to each other, create difficult to unravel knots. In this case, before lengthening, the curls need to be thoroughly nourished and treated.
  • You are the owner of porous and tangled hair. It is quite difficult to cope with the natural feature without care products with silicones.
  • You often go to the pool or wash your head with chlorinated water. To care for hair, give preference to clean filtered water.
  • You have increased poor quality material - strands of low-grade or artificial hairs tangle quickly and become unusable.

The most harmless build

Of course, choosing a technique, I want to choose the most harmless and safe for the hair type of procedure.At the moment, the masters call the two most harmless ways - nanoscale and ultrasound modeling.

Nano scaling - carried out by microscopic capsules and the finest beams on them. It is completely unnoticeable, even if you collect a high tail and is safe, because it does not load the bulbs at all. This method has one minus - high price.

Ultrasound modeling - negates any possibility of scalp burns or over-drying of the root zone, as the curling iron solders the capsule to the hair not with heat, but with the help of ultrasound. This method is not yet so common in Russia, but is rapidly gaining its popularity in the world.

Myths about building

Trying to find relevant and truthful information on the Internet, you must have come across various “horror stories” on the subject of extension. Let's look at the most common ones:

  • The procedure will have to spend a whole day.This is not true - the average session takes from 1 hour to 2.
  • This is a very painful process.. –The build-up can cause discomfort if the hairdresser makes mistakes - burns the skin with a curling iron or keratin drips onto the head. The rest of the procedure is as comfortable as possible.
  • After building hair fall out.The risk of a small loss of density exists, but again - it is caused either by the state of health of the client or by the low qualification of the master.

  • Looks too unnatural.- If the master uses poor-quality consumables or improperly increases - the result may look unnatural. But it is rather an exception to the rule that threatens all those who save on the cabin.

Short length

Haircuts are considered short, the length of which does not exceed 10 centimeters, however, with the development of extension techniques, the minimum length is reduced to 5 cm. Without any harm for the bulbs, hair can be extended:

  • Shoulder length - if the length of natural strands from 5 to 7 cm.
  • Up to waist - If the industry curls 10-15 cm.
  • To the belt and below - If the hair from root to tip of 20 cm and more.

Most often, for this task, specialists use the microcapsule method, Diamond Hair or Extend Magic.

Medium length

The average hair length is ideal for implementing different extension techniques - the strands are already long enough to hide the capsules and rather durable to support their weight. The difficulty lies in choosing the right type of material and structure, especially for porous and curly strands.

On long curls

Building on long curls is carried out in the case when the girl believes that the natural length or thickness is not enough. Preference is given to the local technique, when strands are added at the temples or the back of the head.

Indications and Contraindications

Let's see for whom the procedure is intended and to whom it is extremely not recommended:

Who is recommended?

  • Young ladies with slow-growing hair.
  • Owners of hair, devoid of volume.
  • Those who wish to hide small flaws, such as bald spots, bald spots, parting and so on.
  • Lovers to surprise and create new images.

For whom is contraindicated

  • Girls under 18 and women over 55 - at this age, the follicle is not able to cope with the additional load.
  • Suffering from alopecia (alopecia). Weak and brittle strands should not be additionally loaded. Be sure to show yourself to the trichologist - the problem needs to be solved with medication, not with cosmetics.
  • Pregnant and lactating women - due to hormonal changes in the body, hair can become very weak and thin. All techniques implying the use of glue and capsules are strictly prohibited.. Conventionally allowed interweaving pigtail or through the braid.
  • Owners of liquid and sparse hair. Increased strands look too noticeable and unattractive, besides - strands of this type tend to cross-section and prolapse.
  • Curls - they are not a direct contraindication, however, it is rather difficult to choose the right material for building, since it is almost impossible to achieve complete emanation of natural curls, especially if they are chaotic.

Is it possible to increase hair for volume?

Spiked locks undoubtedly add extra volume to the hairstyle. For this purpose, you can use the capacity at the temples or the back of the head.

What to do with thin hair?

An unequivocal answer, whether it is possible to increase strands on thin hair - no. It all depends on whether they are thin by nature or as a result of multiple stains (or ailments). Be sure to consult with the master and ask what he has to offer in your particular case. Do not abuse too long and heavy strands.

What is the minimum length of curls to build?

Most hairdressers prefer to work with hair that is at least 10 cm long. With the proper skill of the master, they can be extended even at 5, 3 and 1 cm length! However, there are limitations on the length and number of stackable beams.

The main methods of building

For a start, it is worth considering ways of attaching donor strands to real ones:

  • Hot build - it is the fastening of the hair to the adhesive compositions, which are previously melted with the help of a hot curling. This technology is most common in Russian beauty salons.
  • Cold build - differs from the previous method in that the attachment of the strand occurs without temperature effects.

All of the following methods apply to either the cold or the hot method of building. Keep this in mind when choosing!

Which build is better - capsular or tape?

If you want to increase the length of the hair and add volume to it for the time of an important event - use a tape extension, it is quickly implemented and easily removed.

If you like consistency, and you want to maintain the achieved result for a long time, the capsules - your choice.


Type of: cold

Hollywood, also known as "African" - is building with the help of tress (hair, sewn on a special tape). The master braids the braids on the client's head, and then sews tresses on them. Most often carried out only on the back of the head.

Correction is carried out as natural hair grows and weaving is weakened - in 1-2 months.


Type of: hotter

Keratin buildup or “Italian system” is another rather common type of artificial hair extension in beauty salons. The essence of the technique lies in the formation of an inconspicuous keratin microsphere at the attachment site.


Type of: cold

It is a build-up using tapes 8-10 cm wide, each of which is treated with special medical glue that does not harm the hair cortex. The procedure itself takes a record low amount of time - from 20 to 40 minutes.

On hairpins

Type of: cold (conditionally).

The extension on the hairpins is only conditionally called a build-up, since the strands are attached to the hair as an ornament - on special clips. Hairpins are placed in rows - from one temple to another, along the back of the head.

To build this type it is not necessary to contact a master in a beauty salon - just practice a little at home in front of a mirror.


Type of: cold

The extension is attached to the hair with the help of small rings of silicone, which are tightened in the root zone. As the length grows (once in 2-4 months), the rings can be unclenched, the strand pulled closer to the root and clamped again. For the third time, the fasteners will need to be secured with new rings.


Type of: hotter

This method of extension is considered to be a classic, since it has existed for over 15 years. Strands are engrafted with the help of special heat-sensitive sleeves made of oxygen-permeable material.At the same time, native strands remain mobile and flexible. Sleeves are of two types - classic and small. Small ones are used for building on thin hair.


Type of: hotter

This technique also originated more than 10 years ago in favor of Hollywood celebrities who were unhappy with their natural hair. Fastening is carried out using miniature keratin capsules, which are not felt when worn and do not catch the eye.

Type of: cold

Strands are attached to the hair with glue. The technique is currently somewhat outdated and is suitable only for blondes, since the glue has a white color and is not painted in shades, this makes it very noticeable.


Type of: hotter

Hair for the Italian extension in advance are covered with keratin composition, which melts from the heat of the curling, heated to 180 degrees. Under the influence of high temperatures, donor and native strands are held together by a transparent capsule, which is almost invisible to the naked eye, despite its small size, the capsule holds the material quite firmly.


Type of: cold

This method is interesting for its simplicity and security. For an African extension, the master braids perpendicular or spiral braids (pigtails) over the head of the client and sews tresses onto them. Despite the dubious description, hair extensions in this way look very natural and lively.


Type of: cold

For the French build-up, special “Rueber” adhesive is used. Initially, the composition is available in two shades - white and black, however, to obtain a shade as close as possible to the color of the hair being expanded, the masters mix them in various proportions.

Term socks - from 3 to 4 months.


Type of: hotter

The idea of ​​the development belongs to the American company “CinderellaHair”, which means “Cinderella hair”. It is the quality of human hair that makes it stand out among others.

The material passes a multistage selection, after which the strands are processed with protein-containing composition, which prevents the cross section at the tips. Curls are not made heavier by silicones, so that they retain their natural appearance even after repeated washing of the head. Otherwise, this is a standard capsular hot build.

The term of wearing is up to 6 months without correction.

Type of: cold

Fastening is carried out using a self-closing gel. "Le Cristal de Paris" - it is harmless and environmentally friendly.

Type of: hot / cold.

Appearing on the market about 10 years ago, the laser build-up quickly fell in love with the masters for safety and comfort. The keratin capsule is melted not by a curling iron, but by an aiming laser.

Building in the temporal area

Type of: hotter

This type of extension is designed more to increase the volume than length. Thin locks of hair are attached to the hair on the temples with the help of special transparent wax. For the accuracy of the dosage of the substance, the master uses the Extend Magic apparatus. Due to the point of attachment and transparency of the wax, you can not only add volume to your hair, but also increase bangs.

Type of: hotter

The method got its name due to the special composition of the adhesive with the addition of diamond microparticles. According to the manufacturer, it is not only harmless to the hair, but also useful! Dormant follicles awaken and strands begin to grow faster. Fixing capsules do not exceed 2 mm in volume, so that they are completely invisible to others.

Type of: cold

The technique was originally developed at the Trichological Institute in Spain. Masters managed to come up with a glue base that will not cause allergies, even in people with sensitive scalp.

To activate the glue used a special emulsion with healing oils of vegetable origin.

Nano scaling

Type of: cold

The size of the fixing gel capsules is approximately equal to the grain of the rice, which makes it very convenient and practical to wear. Hair can be subjected to staining, styling, drench in the pool and steam around in the bath - it does not affect the quality. Due to the microscopicity of the capsules, building up is possible even on strands of 3 cm in length.

Building colored strands

Type of: cold, less often - hotter.

Color locks are most often built up on hairpins. This is a great idea for a bright photo shoot and a way to try on a new color without harm to the health of your hair. It can be done even at home, if you pre-purchase colored strands of Kanekalon or natural, pre-dyed hair.

Type of: hotter

Implies local lengthening using classic Italian technology. You can add locks on the temples, lengthen the bangs or the back of the head, and, thus, change the image without having to cut it.

Type of: hot / cold.

Cascade is a haircut, implying shorter strands of the face, and a gradual lengthening to the back of the head. If you want to get such a result, first of all, pay attention to the portfolio and qualifications of the master, such work requires a high concentration and care from a specialist.

Type of: cold

This relatively new technology has many advantages: hairs are attached to the roots with microscopic capsules that are difficult to recognize by touch, even if you put your hand into the hair. With it, you can easily hide bald spots, so that they are often used by men.


Type of: cold / hot.

You can get the effect of extravagant dyeing with the help of extensions, often girls ask the master to create an ombre or highlighting effect on the hair. Again - it is worth paying special attention to the portfolio of a specialist. If the result is unsuccessful, you will have to go with him for a few more months.

Type of: cold

Prishivnaya, it is Hollywood or African - these are the names of the same method, implying sewing tress to pigtails braided on the head. This is a good way to get a different structure of hair, with curly hair - straight, with straight hair - curly, etc.

Care before the procedure

There is a widespread opinion that before building up it is necessary to cut hair and dye it, but there are some nuances.

  • Haircut before building only makes sense when you have noticeable asymmetry in your hair. In other cases, the master himself will carry out the filming after the procedure, equaling the native hair with the donor hair.
  • Coloring - it is forbidden to carry out coloring with a build-up in one day, since one and the second procedures are stressful for the hair. If you are used to regularly update the color - do it a week before the build-up.

Do I need to wash my hair before building up?

In order for the stacked locks to be reliably kept on the natural ones, the hair must be cleaned of all styling agents, sebum, dandruff and dust. To wash your hair right before going to the salon does not make sense - the master himself will wash your curls using all necessary professional tools.

What need shampoo?

If you plan to increase hair at home, you will have to purchase a suitable shampoo in advance, as the usual will not work. Talk to a consultant, tell us about your task and ask them to choose the right product for you for deep cleaning.

How do building - the process in stages

Consider the extension procedure in two versions - tape and capsule.


  1. Separation of hair into sections - the master separates the curls at the crown and fixes them with a clip.
  2. Branch strands for fixing tressy - while the strand should be equal to the width of the tape.
  3. Removing tape and attaching the strand to the hair the tape is fixed on the root zone.


  1. Fixing zone definition - nape, temples, or bangs and again - the division of hair into sectors.
  2. Separate strandfixing - it is very important that they are the same size.
  3. Fixing capacity with curling. The capsule is fused with natural hair, thanks to which the strand is fixed.

How long does the procedure take?

The exact time of building depends on the number of strands and the method of building. On average, this figure varies from 40 minutes to 3 hours.

How much is enough?

New long hair can be worn from 3 to 6 months, which again, depends on the method of extension. To make the result look attractive, it is advisable to regularly make corrections and periodically give your hair time to rest and restore.

Materials, tools and equipment for hair extensions

A set of tools varies somewhat, depending on the type of capacity.


  • Tongs or curling iron - instrument with thermostat for fixing the capsule. Have a flat or rounded work surface.
  • Keratin or resin - these materials serve as a kind of fixer, from which a capsule is created.
  • Forceps for removal - the tool is used at the stage of correction or complete removal of the capsules from the head.
  • Laser machine - used for laser extension techniques. Acts much faster than curling.
  • Glue gun - used for dispensing glue with English technology.
  • Ultrasound machine - used during ultrasound extension. Convenient because it does not adversely affect the epidermis.


  • Forceps - used to separate small strands or remove the build-up.
  • Regulator Tongs - used for clamping rings.
  • Hook - with this tool, small strands are passed through the ring-clamp.
  • Clip (clip) - with the help of it the donor strand is attached to the hair.
  • Tapes - for fixing the hair tape way.

How to make hair extensions at home itself

Once you have decided on the necessary tools and methods, you can try to grow your hair yourself.

  • Capsular - divide the hair into sectors, separating the occipital part from the crown. If for the first time you are doing build-up yourself - fix the strands only on the back of your head. Strengthen the capsules, retreating a few millimeters from the roots, so that the hairstyle is not bristled.
  • Tape - this method of extension is much more convenient for home non-professional use, since it does not include the stage of heat treatment. Separate the hair in a circle, along the crown, then distribute the donor strands around the circumference in 1 cm steps from each other.
  • Tress - rather time consuming and time consuming option. Before you proceed directly to fixing the strands, you will need to braid thin pigtails over the head, while avoiding the area around the face. Then you can proceed to the stage of sewing tress.
  • On hairpins - the most preferred method of domestic extension, as it does not injure the hair at all and runs extremely quickly. Just separate the hair at the top of the head and fasten the clips along the back of the head, covering it with natural hair.

Hair care after building

Immediately after leaving the salon, you feel dazzling - chic long curls develop in the wind and spring up nicely with each step you take. You can save this feeling until the next trip to the salon, if you follow the following rules of care:

  1. Replace the comb with a comb with rare teeth. Such a comb is most often used for laying curly and curly curls. The location of the teeth will reduce the trauma of the hair and the tearing of the capsules.
  2. Replace the usual shampoo for special in professional cosmetics stores you can buy specialized shampoos for hair extensions.If you don’t have those in your city, and you don’t want to order from an online store, then select a shampoo labeled “without sls” in the store.
  3. Get conditioner for the investment of combing - this will prevent tangling and tearing of attached hairs.
  4. Wash your head with warm, not hot water. - this will prevent the accretion of capsules and the formation of tangles.
  5. Always dry your hair immediately after washing! The longer they remain wet, the faster the build-up peels off.

How to remove hair extensions?

The withdrawal process largely depends on the specific method of extension, but in general terms it goes the same way. Withdrawal can be divided into professional and home.

Professional withdrawal

The master uses special forceps and a solvent (remuver) to remove the capsule to remove the extensions. After the hairdresser washes the client's head, washing out the remnants of the remuver and hair extensions. If necessary, a small correctional haircut.

Home withdrawal

It is highly undesirable to remove the capsular extension at home, as this can lead to serious damage to the hair shaft. However, according to reviews on the Internet, some girls manage to do it in a safe way using a warm oil mask. To make it, you need to slightly warm up any base oil (coconut, grape seed, burdock, etc.), rub in capsules carefully and leave for a couple of hours, after which you can simply remove the softened capsules with your hands.

Suitable haircut after hair extensions

After removing the extension, the hair may be somewhat weakened and snagged. In order to eliminate the sloppy fluff along the length, you can polish the hair, cut with hot scissors and, if desired, keratin repair. If you act in a complex, the hair will return to normal much faster.

How to choose a master of hair extensions?

Choosing a good salon and a professional is the lion’s share of a successful build-up. In order not to be mistaken when choosing a hair specialist, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Portfolio - Now the master's portfolio can be found on the website of a beauty salon or in any of the social networks. Be sure to read reviews of visitors.

  • Professional ethics - if the portfolio causes you only delight, and numerous customer reviews only confirm a good impression - do not rush to sign up for the master. To get started, get advice by phone. Ask about the methods used, materials, prices - the answers should be clear and confident. Any doubt in the voice or departure from the answer should alert you.
  • Removal and correction of capacity - check with the master how he removes the extended strands. What means does he use, does he combusts keratin residues, etc. The more thoroughly the master conducts this work, the less likely you are to encounter such a problem as tangling and tangles.

Prices for procedures in the salons of Moscow, source zoon.ru

Frequently asked Questions

Where do you get hair for extensions?- A lot of frightening and rather strange myths go about hair extensions. Starting with the fact that they are cut off in prisons from prisoners or sick psychiatric clinics, to a very unrealistic theory that they were cut off from the dead in a morgue.

In fact, everything is much more prosaic. Most hair is purchased in Asian countries. There are organizations that contract with women who have grown long curls for several years and then cut their hair short and sell them.

“Slavic” hair comes to us for sale from the former republics of the USSR - Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova. They are considered more acceptable for extension, as they initially have a light, easily repainted color and are very similar in structure to the hair of Russian women.

Itching head after building. why and what to do?- This is a typical reaction of the scalp - the follicles get a big load, plus the skin begins to come into contact with something foreign and unusual. Itching can be removed with decoction of chamomile or antipruritic ointments and shampoos. If the itch does not go away for a very long time, the skin begins to open and blister - contact the master to remove the build-up and make an appointment with a trichologist.

Can I do hair extensions after chemotherapy? - Hair after chemical therapy begins to grow less and thinner. Bald patches and bald patches appear in some places. In this case, the wizard is advised to do microcapsular building. Attractive hairstyle can raise the morale of a woman who has gone through such a serious test.

How often do you need to make a correction for hair extensions?

Terms vary depending on the extension method used:

  • tape - in 1-2 months,
  • capsular - in 2-4 months,
  • tressovoy – through 1-2 months.
  • Japanese - in 1.5-3 months.

Is it possible to do light hair extensions on dark ones? This technique is called bicolor. It is used to create the effect of ombre or highlighting.

Does hair deteriorate from the extension? -They may become more fragile and brittle under the following conditions:

  • You have done a build-up on weak and exhausted hair. an extra load on weak bulbs often leads to wrinkles and loss.
  • The master did the work poorly. As it was said earlier, very much depends on the qualifications of the master. If he formed the capsules incorrectly, he used a lot of glue - the likelihood that the strands quickly roll into tangles grows.
  • You neglected correction and wore growing longer it also leads to weakening and falling out.

What is the best hair on hairpins or extensions? Hair pins are good for photo shoots or events. They can be removed and put on by yourself. Building up is done from a longer-term perspective. When choosing a procedure, proceed from your needs.

Hair falls out after building, why and what to do? The first few hours after removal, the remnants of donor hairs can still crumble from the head. Do not be afraid of this. The main thing - to determine in time - drop their hair, or those that were part of the building. You can understand this by the presence of a spine on the tip. The loss may be due to excessive load on the follicle. In order to stop the loss, contact the trichologist for advice.

Technique extension

Hair extension in English is a hot capsular type method, where a special resinous mixture based on keratin and a professional glue device is used to attach artificial and natural strands so that the resin is liquid.

The resin undergoes a special heat treatment in order to warm up to a similar state. This temperature is significantly inferior to the temperature of the irons and curls for the hair and it is applied exclusively on the donor strand. Unlike artificial, natural hair does not have contact with this mixture, which prevents their damage.

Building on this technology occurs only on clean hair, the length of which is not less than 6 cm. The work of the master begins with washing the client's head with a special shampoo, and the whole process lasts at least 3 hours. The strand is pressed against the girl's natural hair with the help of professional forceps and glue at a distance of one cm from the roots.

In one procedure, about 150 strands are attached to the woman’s head, and the places where they are connected to natural ones are very similar to small grains, which are almost imperceptible, if you just grope them with your fingers. Bonding resin can be a different color. This factor helps to choose her under the natural shade of the girl's hair.A gun is used in the darkest areas and around the temporal area, which delivers the heated solution in miniature doses.

Correction of hair extensions in the English way

Hair extensions in this way allows their owner to show off with luxurious hair from 2 to 4 months. How much luck to have a beautiful hairstyle without a second visit to the salon depends on several factors: the pre-condition, the type and speed with which your own hair grows, the composition and quality of the resin used and, of course, how professionally the wizard works.

If the hair has not been dyed for a long time, and its structure is dry, then correction will be needed much less often than in other cases, and donor strands will hold on to natural hair more tightly if the master used a high-quality mixture and did the work conscientiously.

If you turn in time to the salon for the correction of hair, then combing hair extensions can be avoided, since the mixture with which the work was carried out, tends to break down after a certain time.

The master handles the place of bonding of two types of hair with a special liquid, which makes the resin much softer, destroys the capsule and removes the artificial strands. Then, after they are brought into the proper form, they are back attached to the native hair. But even this, at first glance, safe way to update its appearance has its own number of positive and negative qualities.

Advantages of building in English

  1. This procedure is suitable for the owner of any type of hair.
  2. You can adjust the size of the resin capsules.
  3. The resin used for the procedure does not harm natural hair and does not cause allergic reactions in its wearer.
  4. Capsule sizes are invisible to the naked eye (only by touch).
  5. Hair extensions have a very neat and natural look.
  6. Donor strands installed when you first visit the salon, can be built up anew to one year, without losing its aesthetic appearance.
  7. It is possible to do everything with donor curls, too, as they do with real ones: to lay them in the shape they like, twist, straighten, paint in the color you like, etc.
  8. The master himself forms the strand, which allows the client to choose for himself which shades and colors of donor hair can be combined with the extension.

Cons build-up in English

  1. The ability to increase the girl bang is missing.
  2. On capsules it is not recommended to apply all sorts of balms and hair masks.
  3. After the time, the donor hair begins to be combed out of the capsules, but this can be avoided if you turn to the master for correction in time, take proper care of them and do not subject them to undesirable effects.
  4. In some cases, unscrupulous masters can use low quality resin, which later leads to hair draining.
  5. A woman with an English build-up should not attend places such as a sauna, steam room or solarium. These factors may not in the best way affect the capsules.
  6. You can not use a hair dryer while drying hair, except for the function of "cold air", and you need to comb your hair as carefully as possible in order to avoid damage to the capsules.

How much is the procedure and the most popular types

Price category directly depends on the desired length of hair extensions (from 30 to 100 cm). Strands are selected individually by the master according to the wishes of the client and in the image that she wants to receive as a result. The most popular type of English extension is the extension of Slavic curls that reach 40 cm in length and carry 100 strands. This procedure lasts for 3 hours and costs about 8,000 rubles.

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