Ombre paint

L'Oreal Colorista Ombre review of brightening dye kit for home ombre technique at home.

This is not the first product from Loreal for self-dyeing the hair in with the effect of graduated color - ombre. Several years ago, in the line of colors Preference, we have already seen such a product - Wild Ombres in four versions (with varying degrees of clarification). The new collection includes three sets for different highlighting techniques - ombre, balayazh and bleach. Novik Ombre Colorista is presented only in one version, and in the photo placed on the box, it is shown on the base of a cold blonde. Looking at this photo, I would rather buy this set and make a similar transformation with my hair.

In addition to the proposed option on the box, this set will help to prepare dark hair for use of other products of the Colorista line - spray, balm or lasting paint of unusual bright colors.

By purchasing a set of Loreal Colorista Ombre you get: a sachet with a powder clarifier, a bottle with an oxidizing emulsion, a tube of cream paint, a caring conditioner, disposable gloves, a brush for precise application of the dye mixture. Using this brush allows you to accurately paint on the tips or part of the length, to obtain the effect of an ombre.

Before we begin to lighten the hair, using this dye, you need to know that his lightening ability is low, and the lightening will be only by 1-2 tones, depending on the time of dyeing. This means that using L'Oreal Colorist ombre on brown hair, you will not get the ends of the blond color, it will be the ends of the light brown color, possibly with red or copper shimmer. But this will already be enough to use almost all the bright colors of Colorist's products.

Photo of the result of staining with the ombre Colorist set from the manufacturer:

Photo of the result of staining with a set of Colorist Ombre self-application:

Prepare the mixture is not difficult, all the containers in the set are numbered, and there is a detailed instruction. Do not forget to protect hands and clothes during dyeing.

The finished mixture should be applied to the brush with a thick layer, and spread over the hair from top to bottom. The standard recommendation for the application of the brightening compound when staining with ombra is to start at the height of the earlobe and to the tips. On the short car this line will start a little higher. It is more convenient to start from the back of the head, ending with zones around for the face.

The product remains on the hair from 25 to 45 minutes, depending on the desired intensity of bleaching. From time to time, you can check how light your hair is - clear a small strand of paint and see its color. If you are satisfied with the result, wash off the paint, if not, then coat the test area again and continue the process. In any case, you need to remember that the maximum time of exposure of the product to the hair should not exceed 45 minutes.

The paint is washed off using a detergent, then a grooming conditioner from the set is applied to the hair.

L ‘Oreal Paris

This manufacturer of high-quality paints has long established itself from the best side to women around the world. Special attention is given to the ombre set.

Brand L ‘Oreal Paris offer 4 sets to create an ombre of various shades. It consists of the dye itself, a brush for comfortable application, allowing you to adjust the height of the gradient, its intensity and density.

L ‘Oreal Paris offers the following solutions for those who want to create a fashionable effect on their hair:

  1. №1. For dark brown-haired women. Allows you to get a smooth transition from dark chestnut to light chestnut color.
  2. Ombre Color Copper. For brown-haired women. A smooth color transition from light chestnut to copper is formed.
  3. No. 4. For light blond. Brightens, forming a soft gradient of bright colors.
  4. Ombre Color Red. For dark brown-haired women Also, as a set number 1, designed specifically for dark hair. However, unlike the previous ones, it does not brighten the ends, but colors them with a shade of mahogany, smoothly translating the natural tone of hair into it.

How to dye your hair at home?

Given that salon hair coloring costs a lot of money, many women think about how to do this procedure at home. By following all the required instructions and using all the necessary tools, you can easily achieve a professional result without resorting to outside help.

In order to get the desired effect at home, you need:

  1. Paint. It is best to purchase an ombre kit in advance - this will minimize the risk that the border between the received and natural colors will be too noticeable or sharp. Sometimes these kits contain colors of several shades that are as harmonious as possible and which are even more convenient to use.
  2. Brushes. Most often they are sold in the already prepared set for ombre. With their help, you can evenly and properly dye your hair. Often, the kit also includes a special comb that allows you to adjust the density and intensity of application.


  1. First you need to prepare the coloring mixture. Detailed instructions on how to do this can usually be found on the packaging. For this, the ink base is mixed with a clarifier and a color developer.
  2. The hair is divided into several parts.each of which is fixed with a barrette or going with an elastic band
  3. The paint is applied to the strands with a special brush. It is important to ensure that it does not lie over the setae, but penetrates deeply between them. The border needs to be made more blurred - it will enhance the effect.
  4. Apply ombre shade is necessary, starting from the middle of the strand to the tips. It is desirable that the strokes go vertically - so they will be much less noticeable.
  5. Each colored strand is wrapped in foil. After some time they unfold and apply another small layer of paint.
  6. In about 10 minutes (more accurate time is indicated on the package) you can wash your head thoroughly with a special shampoo - this will keep the brightness of the color for a longer period.
  7. To make the effect more vivid, after the hair is dry, a little more paint can be applied to the tips.

Precautionary measures:

  1. If the curls were previously painted dark or black, you must first consult with a specialist. Lightening paint can be extremely unpredictable.
  2. Considering the fact that staining of this type extremely negatively affects the tips of the hairbefore proceeding to the procedure, they must be carefully treated
  3. Before you make a choice in favor of a particular dye, need to carefully review in the magazines or on the Internet all the reviews of those who have already tried it

  1. Planning house coloringIt is best to opt for a durable paint that can last for at least three weeks.
  2. It is advisable to have a lighter shade of paint available. for tips and toning for a smooth transition from one color to another.
  3. It is very important that the ombre shade is in harmony with the natural hair color. So, it is better to lighten black hair to light chestnut, for brown-haired women it is better to make a choice in favor of copper, caramel or gold, blond - to platinum or wheat.
  4. Deciding on an ombre at home, it is best to visit a beauty salon first or at least watch a video for how a professional does the procedure for such coloring.
  5. Those who already have some experience staining at home, may decide on more daring experiments with staining. For example, the opposite ombre, in which the tips of the hair are painted a dark shade, the roots - on the contrary, in light. Or color, suggesting staining tips in bright colors.


Ombre is a great option for those who want to complement their image with an unusual and bright accent. The bottle of paint initially seemed small, but it turned out to be quite enough. The set included a special comb.

I liked very much the fact that the border between natural hair and bleached locks was not sharp, but, on the contrary, soft and blurred. This is a definite plus, given that home experiments rarely produce worthwhile results. But now everything went well. I'm happy.



I never dyed my hair and was not sure that I could give them the desired shade at home. But, after reading the reviews, I nevertheless decided to experiment a bit with the image. Of course, in order to create the effect of a smooth color transition, you need to try.

And the curls themselves after dyeing need repairing procedures (special attention should be paid to the tips). But in general, the paint is quite sparing, the comb is comfortable. The result met all expectations. And given that the home procedure is much cheaper than salon painting, I definitely make a choice in its favor.

Loreal Ombre Colorist Paint

Ombre technique fell in love with many girls. Usually, create smooth transitions from the crown to the tips of the curls. At the same time, in the area of ​​the roots they try to leave their natural color. If your curls are dark in color, it is allowed to be picked up at the base.

The tips, in turn, are lightened and painted in:

  • caramel,
  • brandy,
  • cherry,
  • sandy
  • wheat colors.

Thus, on the head of hair, the effect of burnt strands is achieved, and the curls acquire natural beauty and dynamism.

Stretching color received a special popularity. Hair dye manufacturer L'Oreal decided to give the opportunity to transfer the procedure from a professional salon to home conditions, having developed a special paint Ombre.

You may have already heard or tried Preference Wild Ombres, suggesting a different degree of clarification. Ombre Colorist has only one option, designed for bleaching of light brown and light blond strands.

Unfortunately many girls, lightening ability of this dye is low (only 1-2 tones). Therefore, if you are the owner of brown or black hair, you will not be able to create a harmonious ombre using Loreal dye - you can only get a light brown or copper shade. Red-haired beasts were also left behind, although you can try to experiment, diluting the color with more golden strands.

An important point! The gradient paint contains ammonia, so it is not advisable to use it for pregnant women and nursing mothers. As is known, the chemical component is able to penetrate the bloodstream, which can further spoil the milk or badly affect the baby in the womb.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages are:

  • the simplicity of creating an organic ombre painting,
  • the ability to vary the color depending on the exposure time,
  • long-lasting effect up to 8 weeks, as the paint contains immediately potent dyes,
  • it is not necessary to carry out clarification pryadok, and then coloring, because the tool involves mixing the clarifier with the pigment.

The disadvantages of this dye are not so much:

  • spoils hair, like any other permanent dye,
  • difficulty in the selection (you can not guess with the color).

To date, the price of the dye is in the range of 400-450 rubles, depending on the place of purchase (Internet, cosmetics shop, supermarket shelves). Agree, the cost of professional recruitment is not very high. You can compare with similar staining in the cabin: it will cost you 4-7 thousand rubles.

In addition, you will not need to be recorded in the queue to the master and cut out a free minute. With the paint L’oreal Ombres, you will be able to carry out the staining procedure at any time convenient for you.

If you have long curls, painting is possible at home by selecting the desired transition line. If you have shoulder-length hair, there may be problems with the selection of strands at the back of the head, so we recommend using the help of a friend, mother or sister.

The main components of the set

This set will allow you to create a gradient on your curls at a professional level. In its composition appear:

  • unique comb,
  • color activator
  • powder clarifier,
  • developer cream,
  • a bottle of shampoo designed to restore curls after the procedure,
  • a pair of gloves,
  • manual with detailed illustrations.

Special respect deserves a special comb that allows you to create a stretch of color on the curls. Due to the unique placement of the teeth, the desired effect of a smooth color transition is achieved with just one movement. In addition, this tool will allow you to control the length of brightened strands.

Important! At cultivation of the painting structure it is the best of all to carry out the minimum batch in nonmetallic capacity (take a glass vessel or a ceramic plate). Remember, the resulting mixture can not be stored until the next coloring.

Staining procedure

Be sure to carefully read the instructions. You can test the dermis for allergic reactions. To do this, you need to mix a little money and apply it on the inside of the arm (in the area between the elbow and the brush). If urticaria, itching, redness or swelling are absent, you can safely carry out painting.

Those girls who plan to do their hair, it is best to have a haircut before the procedure of dyeing. If you carry out post-processing of hair, you risk not achieving a smooth transition due to cutting the length. It is recommended to choose a hairstyle, caret, cascade, ladder, because it is on such hairstyles stretching colors will look organic.

To properly knead the tool, follow these guidelines:

  1. The clarifier bag is filled into the emulsion bottle.
  2. The contents of the metal tube are placed in it.
  3. Next, some object (brush, wooden stick) are kneaded.
  4. Now carry out the closing of the bottle with a bottle and actively shake for better mixing of the components.
  5. After such simple manipulations, the pigment is ready for use. Do not be alarmed if you notice a too thick mixture - it is this consistency that is required for correct application, because a special comb will be used.

Terms of staining:

  1. To begin, comb your hair, dividing them in the middle into equal parts. This is required so that the pasmas do not become tangled during the procedure, ensuring an even distribution of the coloring composition.
  2. Cover your shoulders with a towel. If you are afraid that your ears or neck may be accidentally painted, then all areas of possible ingress of the coloring composition to protection with a thick cream or regular petroleum jelly.
  3. Mix the composition and apply a small part of it on the smallest teeth of the comb that comes in the set.
  4. Pryad selection is made from the ear line. If the hair is too long, the start of coloring should start from the hair located at the level of the chin. Coloring professional stylists always recommend starting with the occipital zone.
  5. Draw a comb from the target area, transferring the dye to a specific strand only once. If you want the transition to be soft, the comb must be held vertically. If you are going to create a contrast ombre, then always place the comb horizontally.
  6. After processing all the strands, the agent is kept for 25-45 minutes depending on the desired shade. Cover curls cellophane film and a scarf is not necessary.
  7. Take the shampoo with conditioner, which is included, and carry out a thorough rinsing curls.

To make sure of the color, after 25 minutes, take a small strand of hair and rinse it with water, quickly drying it with a hairdryer. If you are satisfied with the resulting shade, start washing all the hair. Not satisfied with the result? Then just paint over the order and wait some more.

Council Would you like to achieve a smooth gradient transition? Then in no case use wrap curls in foil. This material is designed to provide a contrast color transition.

Aftermath and care

After painting with paint, you will notice:

  • beautiful and soft color gradient
  • increase in hair in volume
  • rich shade on the tips of the hair,
  • the gentleness and obedience of your order,
  • no need to constantly tint the hair roots.

It is important to note that the manufacturer has created a texture of paint, so that it does not spread on the hair. Too thick texture allows you to create the most harmonious image of a romantic or confident woman.

Feedback from girls who have already experienced this paint on themselves, we can say that the tool is very simple to use and allows you to significantly save time on the procedure.

You do not need to bother with the foil and apply a special technique of alternate staining in length, it is enough to mix the dye and apply it with a special comb. Resistant and long lasting effect is guaranteed.

After applying an aggressive dye, you should adjust the care of your curls:

  • dry your hair in a natural way
  • take vitamins
  • use conditioners, conditioners and masks to restore the water balance lost during dyeing,
  • do not comb wet hair and minimize the use of styling products,
  • wash your head infrequently - two times a week will be quite enough
  • regularly cut the split ends,
  • eat right and take vitamins to improve your hair.

Thus, the use of paint L'Oreal Ombre Colorist provides ample opportunities for painting at home to girls who have light brown and light brown color of hair. If you strictly adhere to the instructions, you can achieve a stunning effect of the gradient, which will look the most advantageous on long curls and hair of medium length.

Choose the dye correctly and be sure to use a special comb, which is available in the kit - and then you will achieve painting, no worse than in a professional salon.

How to achieve the effect of "Ombre" at home

L'Oreal Paris presents a special ombre hair dye - its price is on average 9-10 dollars. Therefore, any woman caring for herself, can afford it.

But, for starters, rate yourself:

  • Hair color, highlighting, regrown roots (ideal - even natural hair color).
  • The length of the hair (it is easier to achieve a spectacular result at home on long hair).
  • Healthy hair (if you have dull hair, dry or oily - the effect of "Ombre" will look untidy, first prepare the hair).

Ombre hair dye (Preference, Wild Ombres, L'Oreal Paris) allows you to achieve a salon effect thanks to a professional hairbrush developed by top colorist L'Oreal Christophe Robin.

A bleaching mixture is applied to it, and starting from about the earlobe (or lower), the hair is dyed.

Just hold it vertically through the hair to the tips and hold for 25-45 minutes without covering the head. Gradient wave and lightening length - choose for yourself.

What is included in the ombre dyeing kit

  • clarifier,
  • activator,
  • brightening powder
  • professional comb,
  • conditioner balm with a caring complex,
  • gloves.

As you understood, “Ombre” (at home) is not coloring when hair is dyed in two colors. It is just a clarification of what is, starting from the middle of the head or slightly lower. Someone turns out beautifully, someone does not really, well, this is when the head is already painted in three colors and still lacks an ombre ...

Mostly reviews About Ombre hair dye is positive: a sufficient quality composition of the brightener, the brush is really comfortable and the paint falls on healthy hair like in the picture.

If you do not want to allocate too "Ombre", hold the composition on the hair for 25-30 minutes. Another important thing to choose the right shade.

Color palette

Three colors are available for coloring:

  • No. 1 - from light to dark chestnut (for dark hair),
  • No. 2 - from dark blond to chestnut,
  • No. 4 - from light blond to blond (for blondes).

Ombre dye on black hair looks particularly impressive. But it is better to put it closer to the ends, the effect of J Lo's hair is achieved. And you need to style your hair accordingly. The curls on the clarified tips are effectively emphasized by the Ombre style.

Hair dye preference Ombre (Loreal Preference OMBRE) can now be purchased at any store on the Internet, where you prefer. She has no analogs yet.

If you want to achieve the effect of “Ombre”, but your hair is colored unevenly, contact the master. Gradient coloring will emphasize only healthy hair with a smooth tone.

L'Oreal Ombre hair dye contains only a brightener, there are no two tones in it, as some people think. If you make an ombre at home, it is better to choose a tone closer to your hair shade, then the coloring will be slightly noticeable, refined.

Many examples show that home dyeing looks no worse than the salon one following all the rules, especially on long curls. And what pleases, with this coloring, the hair can grow and grow, and the ombre will look like “just that from the salon”! Very convenient for those who save time and money.

On short hair It looks spectacular, if you lighten only the very tips, or just below the middle of the head on an elongated four of a kind.

“Ombre” is a rather beautiful and fashionable version of gradient hair coloring. And it’s very good that it is now available at home.


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Tips for choosing colors and materials for coloring

There are two kinds of ombre - this:

  1. classic (curls are painted with a smooth transition, the color is close to natural),
  2. contrast (sharp color transition, bright shades - red, blue, white, yellow, purple, etc.).

Owners of dark curls and dark skin suitable warm colors: brown and chocolate, golden brown and caramel. If the skin is light, it is better to prefer cold tones - ashy, ash-blond, blond, cold chestnut.

In choosing a color for an ombre, the main thing is his overall entry into the imageso that hair does not look defiant. For office work, it is worthwhile to select more delicate shades that will be close to the original color of the strands. Well, creative individuals have a place to roam - the whole palette is available.

As for the paint for ombra, it must have oils and natural plant extracts in its composition, because these substances protect the hair shaft during the dyeing process.

The following oils are considered especially valuable.:

They not only protect the structure of each hair, but also give a stunning brilliance., and also interferes with washing away and burning out of the painting pigment. Many ladies believe that the more expensive the paint, the better it is. But in reality, this is far from the case: every day there are new manufacturers that make truly worthwhile products at an affordable price.

When choosing a paint you need to be based on its category - you can only trust professional cosmetics, often it is these products that are used in beauty salons.

Another criterion is the presence of ammonia.: it should not be in good paint (or in a minimum quantity). This chemical badly spoils hair: it breaks the hydro-lipid balance, dries and burns. If you perederzhat paint with ammonia on the curls longer than the allotted time, you can get a light fluff instead of hair, especially for bleaching inks.

Unfortunately, the colors for the ombra technique cannot do without ammonia, because clarification is provided, therefore, you need to choose the one in which its content is at a minimum.

L'Oreal Paris Colorista - Effect Ombre

This is a brightening paint, she provides the smoothest transition from natural color to bright tips. Suitable for home dyeing.

The product perfectly copes with its task: reliably paints curls, fixing the result for a long time. Included with the paint is a unique comb-brush, which is designed to evenly distribute the product over the entire surface of the strands.

The method of use is quite simple: It should be applied with a brush on the curls, having stood the necessary time before washing off, according to the instructions.

Suitable product tough, normal and fat curls, in color - no restrictions.

The only drawback is its price, the paint will cost no less than 300 rubles.

Loreal Preference - Wild Ombres

This tool It has many advantages, in particular:

  1. It is enriched with a special compound that includes nutritious lipids in a duet with an elixir for imparting shine.
  2. In addition, the paint is supplemented with a balm that enhances the color, in its composition vitamin E, which protects the curls from direct sunlight.

The products are rather laconic - there are only two colors, so it’s easy to figure out the palette.

With all its advantages, the product is not ideal: it contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation, which is a significant disadvantage.

This dye is suitable for dry, greasy, normal, dark blond, ash-brown and brown hair.

It will cost 250 p.

Syoss Oleo Intense - brightener cream

The product included many vitamins and minerals.which are able to saturate the curls with useful substances. Does not contain ammonia!

The paint provides a soft color, it is almost hypoallergenic. In addition, the tool reliably paints curls, it also gives them shine, softness and color protection from negative environmental factors. Suitable for all types of hair, except for badly damaged and dried.

Designed to lighten any color curlseven black. Cost - 200 p.

The best means for fixing the result

Sometimes, just painting is not enough, yellowness appears, the color gets an undesirable shade. In this case, you can resort to tinting tools. They will reliably fix the result of dyeing and give the hairstyle a special charm.

The best of the best are:

L'Oreal Paris Colorista Washout 1-2 Week

The palette means rich in shades - from the most modest to bright and screaming. The effect of toning is enough for 2-3 washing the head, the tool is already in finished form, does not require mixing.

It is enough to put on the curls and hold for 15 minutes, then rinse. Price - 250 p.

Dikson Maschere Nuance Ravviva Colore

Suitable not only for toning the length of curls, but also perfectly hides regrown roots. The product has a light texture, well applied, does not flow. With each washing of the head, the brightness of the tinted strands decreases and disappears completely after 3 applications.

Method of application is similar to the previous tool, but the exposure time should not exceed 10 minutes. Price - 700 p.
Can not be applied to the scalp, may cause allergic reactions!


Ombre is a popular hair coloring technique.. It always looks unique, and somehow special, depending on the source color and type of strands. But the result depends on the quality of paint. Therefore, her choice should be treated with special vigilance, because not only the appearance but also the health of the curls are at stake. It is worth paying attention to the category, composition, price and brand of the manufacturer - this is the key to the success of buying a good paint. And everything else depends on the technique of painting.

Hair coloring - a short hair care excursion

Literally 15 years ago, most girls knew only two types of staining: plain and highlighting. But now there are many more varieties, and the girls are already confused with the names of the types of hair coloring. Photos in glossy editions attract the successful results of multi-staining, and you really want to try it out for yourself. So how is balayazh different from highlighting, and shatush from ombre?

Hair coloring - a short excursion to hair care on


This is a one-tone coloring, that is, a familiar coloring to everyone. After toning all hair evenly dyed in one color. With such a technique, there are no transitions, no gradations, no mixing of shades on the hair. But the color can be mixed from several tubes with different shades to achieve the necessary.

One of the new types of hair coloring, in which the roots have a much darker color than at the ends. At its core, this technique is close to highlighting, but with it it is not the strands that are lightened, but a gradient is made along the length of the hair. The darker color at the roots to the tips is getting lighter and lighter. According to the rules, the transition should be smooth, the result should not resemble the grown dark roots of a brunette, who is painted in a blonde.

Of all types of hair coloring shatush looks the most natural. Not everyone will even guess that the hair is colored. At its core, shatush is similar to highlighting, it is also the clarification of strands and their further toning. But using shades close to the natural hair color, gentle compositions.

Perhaps the most fashionable type of hair dye - balayazh. This is a gentle and natural option ombre. Balayage is a French word and translates as “sweeping.” As with the ombre, the goal is to make a gradient from dark at the roots to light at the tips. But shades are used natural and different from the natural color of hair no more than 3 tones.


In 2016, a new trend started - colored hair. Girls, regardless of style and age, began to dye their hair in fancy colors such as blue, pink and even purple. Previously, only young fans of rock culture and cosplay were so fond of this. With proper combination with clothes, makeup and beautiful styling it looks pretty fabulous and magical. Few people want to go like that all their lives, but when to try something like this, not in the midst of a trend.


This is the classic repainting of the blonde, that is, a cardinal lightening, without any transitions. Constant blonding is not a cheap pleasure, but for some girls it just transforms. The most desirable for girls who decide to become blondes is a cold Scandinavian blonde.But it is the hardest thing to do, since most girls have red pigment in their hair, which is very difficult to etch. Therefore, for inept masters, the blonding is obtained with a yellow tinge.

10 tips on how to keep salon results as long as possible

Hair coloring - how to save salon results as long as possible - tips from

Here are some tips on how to maintain the result of new types of hair dye as long as possible:

  1. Use detergents for dyed hair, this is not an advertising move, they really wash out the paint less.
  2. Do not neglect the conditioner, it seals the pigment.
  3. Wash your hair with cool water.
  4. In order to avoid a yellow shade in the hair, after washing and before applying the balms, apply a purple shading shampoo for 10 minutes.
  5. Do not use oils in hair care, as they wash out the paint.
  6. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and tanning beds, ultraviolet will ruin the salon result.
  7. After visiting the salon, try not to wash your hair for 2 days to fix the paint.
  8. As rarely as possible, wash your hair if it quickly becomes greasy, that is, it makes sense to make friends with dry shampoos.
  9. Sauna and swimming pool harm hair color, so either avoid visiting them or protect hair with a towel and a hat.
  10. Try to visit a proven master at least once every 2-3 weeks, and then the result will always be the same. -

Ombre Hair Coloring Technique

The painting technique is presented in eight variations, this article will use a special Loreal paint series. The paint is sold in almost all cosmetic stores. This staining procedure can be done at home.

    Classical coloring in force Ombre. This style is a coloring in two colors with a smooth transition. For the procedure suitable colors of warm shades, coffee, wheat, chocolate, chestnut. In a series of paint L'Oreal, tone 01 from light blond to dark chestnut-colored hair will do . The dye is presented in the box containing the oxidizer, the dye developer, the balm for dyed hair, a professional comb, for the implementation of Ombre, instruction, gloves. All components are mixed and applied with a comb to the separated strands along the entire length. Especially good at staining the ends. The time specified in the instruction is maintained, then the hair is washed off and laid down.

Ombre hair coloring at home

Many bypass this procedure by the side, thinking that it is complicated in its execution. And in beauty salons expensive. In fact, there is nothing complicated about it. Ombre looks great on straight and curly hair. And the structure of the hair does not affect the process of work.

To dye hair in the style of Ambra at home you need:

Paint for ombre Loreal

  • hair dye special series L'oreal
  • choose a suitable color
  • plastic or ceramic stick
  • gloves
  • hairbrush
  • balm for colored hair
  • food foil
  • paint brush
  • shampoos
  • hairpins or rubber bands
  1. For painting it is necessary to moisten hair with water, but they should not be wet, but should be slightly damp.
  2. Comb the hair with a comb, divide them into four strands, each hooked with a barrette or rubber band approximately at the level of the chin.
  3. We mix the paint L'Oreal according to the instructions in the preparation of the previously prepared bowl.
  4. The paint is applied to each tail, especially to paint over the ends. Since the paint dries very quickly, you need to perform the procedure at a pace.
  5. Then each colored strand should be wrapped in foil and left for 40 minutes, the time depends on the desired color saturation.
  6. After the time expires, remove the foil and wash off the paint.
  7. Use a comb from the L'Horeal kit to apply a dyeing compound to the hair above the centimeter's gum by four, stretching the entire length of the hair. Leave on for 15 minutes, wash off after time.
  8. After the remaining paint needs to be applied to the ends in order to brighten.
  9. Wait another 20 minutes. Wash your hair with shampoo and balsam. Dry and style hair.

Tips on painting techniques

  1. before dyeing at home, it is necessary to cut or polish the hair in order to remove the split ends. Dye on damaged hair falls bad and looks ugly.
  2. uniform application of the coloring composition to avoid sharp transitions in color. The ambre implies the naturalness of the color of the hair that is burned out in the sun.
  3. Be careful when dyeing short hair. It is better to lighten most of the length.
  4. after dyeing it is better not to use a hairdryer and curling rods, lightening the hair and so stress.
  5. For those who are afraid to dye their hair at home, you can start with the tips.

You can change the image, and at home without resorting to the services of expensive beauty salons.

Watch the video: How to Paint an Ombre Canvas (March 2020).