Features of the choice of puppet eyelash extension

Virtually every girl at any age dreams of voluminous, thick and long eyelashes. Such cilia make the look more expressive and attractive. Women use various tricks to achieve this effect by any means. What just does not go into action: various mascaras with lengthening and twisting effect, curling tongs and many different tools that are able to strengthen the eyelashes and make them thicker. However, all these methods have only a temporary and subtle result. Professionals in their field came to the conclusion that only building up quickly and efficiently would help to get beautiful thick eyelashes with the effect of a puppet look.

The process of building with the effect of a puppet look

In order to make eyelashes with doll effect look beautiful, and the procedure was as safe as possible for health, you should follow the instructions:

  • First of all, you should remove all cosmetics and thoroughly clean the face, removing grease and dirt.
  • Apply protective patches or strips on the lower eyelid, because the skin in this area is very sensitive and should not be affected by the procedure.
  • The specialist selects hairs of the desired length and thickness, taking into account the type of extension of the cilia. The task of the puppet extension is to make the view as wide as possible and expressive.
  • The master must discuss with the client every little addition, whether it is the desired effect or the desired bend.
  • After that, at the doll extension, the specialist takes a bunch of hairs with tweezers and glues it to the base of the native eyelashes, which are pre-lubricated with special glue.
  • The procedure ends with the removal of protective strips, it is also desirable after that for several minutes not to open the eyes and fan the cilia with a fan so that the hairs stick tightly.

The main difference between the technique of creating a puppet effect from others is that several times more hairs are used to create an expressive look. In the photo doll eyelashes look particularly impressive.

Who is not suitable doll eyes?

Do not forget that this effect puppet eyelashes categorically not suitable for women in age. On the face of the age of such cilia will look at least ridiculous and stupid. Also, it is not recommended to carry out such a procedure for owners of round or small eyes.

Leshmakers do not recommend the effect of doll eyes to women who have an almond-shaped eye. Although this form is considered ideal, but such a “theatrical” extension of the eyes is not suitable. Also beware of puppet eyelashes is worth those who have lowered the outer corner of the eye.

Techniques and technology extensions

To date, there are a lot of techniques and types of eyelash extensions: beam, single, partial, volumetric, 2D and 3D eyelash extensions. Each school comes up with new names for their techniques: Japanese, Hollywood, European.

In fact, experts distinguish between two basic technologies of eyelash extension, one-piece and three-dimensional, all the rest are by and large just marketing.. Nevertheless, let us consider what names of techniques can be found today in this service sector and what they are:

It implies the imposition of one artificial eyelashes on one living. This technology is also called eyelash extensions. The following materials are used: mink, sable, silk.

The length of the artificial cilia depends on the desired effect. More often the longest materials are glued from the outer edge and go in descending order to the inner corner.


This technology is not much different from the Japanese. The only difference is in the materials.. It uses silicone or rubber eyelashes. Their advantage consists in moisture resistance and portability of temperature drops. With them you can safely visit the bath, swimming pools, swim in the sea.

Types of eyelash extensions

Before proceeding to the description of the phased process, let's take a closer look at what the main types of eyelash extension exist today. After all, each girl has their own individual type of person. And it is extremely important to choose for yourself what suits best and will look natural and beautiful.

Building up the corners

This type involves gluing eyelashes from the outer edge and only to the middle of the eye. If natural cilia are light, then they need to be pre-painted, because the use of mascara after building is not recommended.

Incomplete build-up

This type will suit the owners of long natural lashes. With it adds volume. Artificial material is selected in size as close as possible to natural hairs.

Eyelashes are glued at a short distance from each other. Here, as with building up the corners, it may be necessary to pre-paint to avoid sharp contrast after the procedure.

Full build

This is a full-fledged eyelash extensions - the most elegant, practical and natural look. If everything is done professionally and correctly, the correction may not be required for 2-3 months.

Building in 2 rows (theatrical or 3D effect)

This view fits for brave and bright peoplewishing to focus on the eyes. This is the same method by the eyes, only 2 artificial ones are glued to each native eyelash.

The result is a very spectacular look and a good volume. Also, this type of wizard advise girls with a small number of their eyelashes.

Types of hairs

Species vary according to thickness and density:

  1. Mink. These hairs are the lightest and thinnest. Most often they are used if the native eyelashes are in poor condition (brittle, damaged). Otherwise, other artificial materials will only aggravate the situation.
  2. Silk. They are a bit thicker and are quite fluffy. These hairs are ideal for creating a natural surround effect.
  3. Sable - the longest, fluffy, and, accordingly, rather "heavy".

By the way, the name of the hairs has nothing to do with natural materials (silk or sable fur). They are made from synthetic fibers. And this name was due to its characteristics.

They are also produced in various shapes. Depending on the bend, they are classified and labeled as:

  • B - straight hairs,
  • C - curved,
  • CC / B - strong bend,
  • L - bend falls on the edge of a hair.


This effect is the most popular and versatile. Here materials of two lengths are used (6 and 8 mm or 8 and 10 mm). Cilia of different lengths are glued alternately. As a result, the look gets expressiveness and charm.

Fox Effect - Fox Look

Foxes will require materials of three lengths. First, in the outer corner, the cilia of the two largest sizes alternate, and short hairs are gradually used.

This is a very interesting effect, for which the longest hairs are used (12-15 mm). The same cilia are glued even at the inner corner. It looks very unusual and attractive, but not quite suitable for everyday wear.

Here you can achieve a visual elevation of the outer edge of the eye. Cilia are selected in two lengths - very long and very short. First, long hairs are glued on the outer part of the eye.

In this case, it is necessary to retreat half a centimeter from the edge, about 1 cm of the eyelash growth line is processed, then short hairs are glued for the rest.

How is the procedure

The classical procedure of extension usually consists of the following steps:

  1. Eyelashes cleared of makeup wipe with a special degreasing agent,
  2. The length and material of hairs are selected, the technology and the desired effect from increasing,
  3. Separate upper and lower lashes using specially designed stickers. This is necessary to avoid sticking during the procedure,
  4. Using tweezers, the base of each synthetic cilia is dipped into glue or resin for building and placed on the native hair.

If the adhesive composition on the material is too much, then you should remove its excess. It is important to have artificial material exactly - a cilium on the cilium. And so on until the final result.

Fashion trend - doll eyelashes

On fashion shows beautiful women with long eyelashes shine. This means only one thing - a puppet view is a new trend. Makeup artists are constantly creating evening images for their clients using this element, and photos in magazines as if convince us of the correctness of this choice.

The main feature of eyelashes, like Twiggy, is deliberate artificiality. It can and should be emphasized in all ways. It is not appropriate to talk about naturalness and naturalness. Split artificial beams even specially emphasize with black eyeliner. But in such a make-up the emphasis is only on the eyes, the lips are painted in delicate tones. Bright lipstick-moviton, looks vulgar.

Advantages and disadvantages of eyelashes with a doll effect

Eyelash extensions noticeably change face and require changes in everyday makeup. But these are not all the features that you need to know before deciding on a procedure.

  • No need to use mascara.
  • Changing the shape of the eyes and their shape.
  • The look becomes expressive and deep.

  • Short-term result.
  • Excessive length of hairs can cause discomfort and interfere with blinking.
  • Eyelashes break off.
  • Makes natural cilia rare and brittle, as synthetic fibers are heavy.
  • It is forbidden to visit the bath, sauna and swimming pools.

Eyelash extension with a doll effect is better to use for special occasions and photo shoots. For everyday life, shorter hairs are recommended, which will be invisible to the owner of an artificial eye frame.

2D and 3D doll eyelash extension scheme

To achieve incredible expressiveness and fluffiness apply technology to create additional volume. Recently, more and more you can see advertising capacity with the prefix 3 and 2D.

What is 2D volume? During the procedure, the master sticks 2 artificial ones into one native eyelash, formed into a neat bundle. With 3D, the overlap scheme is similar, but already 3 fibers are used to form the beam. The result is a voluminous, thick frame, with a strong twist.

Women love building cilia for their impeccable appearance and perfect condition at any time of the day or night. They do not require regular tinting and do not need to constantly worry about leaked and crumbled mascara. But in order for the eyelashes to look beautiful and serve for a long time, the procedure should be carried out by a professional Leshmaker. Improper technique and low-quality materials can seriously harm natural hairs. It is also important to follow the recommendations of a specialist and provide the necessary care for artificial fibers. Especially it concerns the puppet effect of extension, where the maximum length of eyelashes is used.

Who chooses doll building?

Despite the really impressive results, after the procedure, few choose this type of extension, among the categories of girls who constantly wear these eyelashes can be distinguished:

  • Famous personalities who need to shine in the spotlight and have a perfect look.
  • Athletes or actresses of cinema and theater of any level (ballet dancers, gymnasts, dancers).
  • Girls who want to make a splash at a party or gala event.
  • Those with wide eyes.
  • Girls who love to experiment.

From the above photos, it is clear that this effect transforms the eyes, but it should not be chosen for girls with an almond-shaped eye cut, otherwise they will seem narrow, surrounded by such enlarged eyelashes. Also, no need to risk the beauty of the cut eyes, which lowered the outer corner. 2D extension or creation of a classic volume is quite suitable for them.

In most cases, the puppet type of extension is chosen in certain cases, few people use it for everyday wear, preferring the classic types of this procedure.

Positive and negative sides

This type of eyelash volume creation got its name due to the use of the longest artificial cilia in comparison with other extension techniques. The hairs are selected for each case individually, can reach 12 millimeters. The main feature of this technique is the use of the same length of artificial hairs throughout the eyelid.

The maximum effect of the “doll” is achieved when eyelash extensions are developed not only in the upper, but also in the lower eyelid.

Contraindications to the use of the procedure are the following factors:

  • frequent conjunctivitis,
  • during pregnancy,
  • various eye diseases
  • weak and thin own cilia, which strongly fall out,
  • psoriasis.

The term of wearing artificial hairs is significantly reduced if the girl constantly uses glasses instead of glasses.

Choosing this option of building up you need to think in advance about the future make-up, after the procedure the main focus on the face will be the eyes, a bright lip or blush will make the image flashy and defiant.

Such an eyelash extension allows you to transform facial expressions in a short time and correct visible appearance defects. But to perform the procedure yourself need to have experience. It is better to entrust such an event to a professional who chooses the appropriate thickness of cilia and their optimal length, taking into account the shape of the eyes and face. If you perform this procedure yourself at home, you can not only not get the long-awaited puppet effect, but also harm the natural hairs or cause allergies. In the salon the master will act as a guarantor of a successful procedure.

The disadvantages of this type of building include the following points:

  • Short term socks long eyelashes. They are much longer than those used in other techniques, with the habit you can simply break them off when washing or brushing the hair falling on the forehead.
  • The disadvantage of wearing glasses. Puppet cilia should not be chosen by those who constantly wear glasses, and those who cannot in the warm season without their sun-protection counterparts need to think about a break in the buildup in the summer.
  • Natural eyelashes suffer. If they are brittle, then under the weight of increased fibers can crumble faster.

After the procedure it is necessary to exclude trips to the pool, bath and sauna. Sleeping on the stomach and side at first is also not recommended.

The result of the creation of volume on the eyelashes depends on the selected material and the experience of the Leshmeker (cilia builder).

Microfiber is used as a material that is attached to natural hairs. It is of several types, which among themselves differ in the thickness of cilia, color saturation and softness. The predominance of one of the characteristics of the material gave its variety the name:

  • "Sable" has a special brilliance,
  • "Mink" has the greatest thickness
  • "Silk" fiber, which has the greatest softness and characteristic luster.

Not everyone is “puppet” effect of cilia, for those who want to get an approximate version of his master can offer similar technologies, such as fox. It uses hairs of different length, the size of which increases, starting from the middle of the eye, and the maximum length is achieved on its outer part.

When building can be used 2D and 3D effect. In the first case, a leshmaker sticks a bundle consisting of two artificial fibers onto one natural cilium. In the second case, the beam is formed from three artificial fibers, after such an option a voluminous and dense framing of the eyes is obtained, moreover, it looks like twisted.

In the following video you will be able to get acquainted with eyelash extension "puppet effect":

Algorithm of the procedure

The extension scheme in either of the two options has the same stages of volume creation:

  1. Preparation of materials. For the work you will need the following materials: tweezers, special glue, not causing allergies, lining for the lower eyelid, needle or toothpick to separate the cilia.
  2. Hand preparation. They are thoroughly washed, dried, and then they are put on latex gloves.
  3. Eye preparation. Make-up is washed off them, and eyelashes are degreased.
  4. Preparation century. The location of the paper or silicone lining under the lower eyelid. It facilitates the visibility of individual hairs and serves as a protective barrier for the skin.
  5. Preparation of artificial eyelashes. Artificial fibers need to be spread out on a light surface, so that they can be clearly seen, it will simplify the use of beams.
  6. Pasting hairs. Each individual bundle is alternately dipped into glue, and then applied to the natural cilium.
  7. Corrective work. If you are not sure that the artificial hair is well glued, you can press it with your hands, hold it for a while, and then separate it with a needle.

After carrying out all the work you need to wait a bit to glue. Usually, in order not to waste time, the master may suggest to tweeze, paint or adjust eyebrows. The exposure time can be different, it depends on the characteristics of the glue, it differs in gluing speed, texture, water resistance and color, it can be both colorless and black. The unifying feature of any brand of glue is the absence of smell.

Ideally, after the puppet extension of artificial eyelashes, the facial expression becomes pretty, if the girl after the procedure avoids all prohibitions and sleeps on her back, then her volumetric cilia will please her for at least two weeks. Without the professional participation of a leshmeker, it would be almost impossible to perform such a procedure without special skills.

What are the effects of eyelash extension (video)

What is the process of eyelash extension?

Almost every woman of fashion has used false eyelashes in the recent past. They could be bought in the store and glued on their own, it was very simple. But now the extension procedure has become available in beauty salons. It consists in gluing each individual cilia. This makes the process rather complicated and laborious. When building are used both artificial and natural eyelashes. Women with sensitive skin should prefer natural materials to avoid irritation and eye allergy.

Eyelash extension technology

At the very first stage, the master removes cosmetics from the eyes with a special agent that not only cleans but also defats the skin of the eyelids. Each eyelash is glued with tweezers. It has a curved shape for easy operation. Eyelashes fixed with glue, which includes resin. It can be both black and colorless.

With the help of black glue the effect of eyes is achieved. He makes the contour more expressive. And with the use of colorless glue eyelashes look more natural.

Despite the fact that the procedure seems simple, the master must have certain qualifications and experience in order to carry out high-quality eyelash extensions. The effects of extension, length and color, as well as the tone of the glue are selected by the master individually and at the request of the client. Bending is also discussed. It should be noted that the result of such a procedure as eyelash extension will depend on the degree of professionalism. The effects of building are selected at the request of the client.

By varying the length of the eyelid and adding the required volume, you can achieve different gaze effects. Thus, you can even dramatically change the appearance. For each woman, the master selects exactly the effect that suits her and favorably emphasizes languor or dramatic gaze, adds a touch of coquetry or recreates the eyes of an oriental beauty.

Eyelash extensions can be complete, incomplete, creative, or only at the outer corners of the eye.

Full capacity is produced around the contour of the century. It produces the effect of painted eyelashes. Incomplete extension is usually chosen if the eyelashes do not have sufficient thickness. This will help add extra volume. Creative extension makes eyelashes far from natural. It creates very bold and unusual effects. Building up at the outer corners allows you to slightly lengthen the eyes.

Eyelash extensions: natural effect

This most common method is also considered a classic version. For it is designed to give eyelashes as much as possible naturalness. The method is absolutely everything. For this method, cilia are used in length from 6 to 8 millimeters in the center, and shorter ones are glued at the inner corners of the eyes. Try classic eyelash extensions. The natural effect will pleasantly surprise you. After this procedure, you can not use further mascara.

Features puppet effect and difference from others

Feature of the effect - it is not suitable for all women.

The extension by this method makes the eyelashes long, lush, like a Barbie doll, for which the technology got its name.

It resembles classics, but in the middle they stick more elements of the same length. In the outer corner they use not four, but three lengths, which are arranged in a step over a length of 5-7 mm.

Fox and squirrel effects differ from a puppet by a smooth increase in length in the central part of the eye.

During the work the master uses mainly long hairs - from 6 to 12 mm. With the right direction of the row, the look looks neat.

For greater effect, you can make the extension of the lower eyelid.

Decorating the look in this way, you need to know about the features of make-up face. The emphasis falls on the upper third, the lips should be made soft, nude shades. Bright pink, rich red will look vulgar, tasteless.

Advantages and disadvantages of the effect and who will suit

The puppet effect of building looks impressive, visually changes the shape of the eyes, widens, opens the look.

  • the period of socks is 2-3 weeks - less than with other types of capacity,
  • long fibers with doll technique put pressure on natural hairs, this leads to brittleness, thinning, loss,
  • not suitable for women who regularly wear glasses
  • require complex care
  • tips break off when touched randomly
  • pressure on the eyelids, require habituation for several days.

Puppet look build-up created to decorate the face during special occasions, photo shoots, romantic dates, stage performances, secular outlets. The extreme length of the eyelashes is suitable for owners of eyes:

  • elongated or almond-shaped,
  • wide cut,
  • wide landing.

The option is more appropriate for young girls. Women over 40 years should not do the doll frame - the length and volume emphasize facial wrinkles, lowered eyelids.

Effect pattern

Extension technology involves the use of eyelashes of different lengths. Starting from the inner corner of the eye, the master begins to glue the fibers 5-8 mm in length, gradually increasing their size to the center of the eyelid.

The middle is worked out by elements of the same length - 12-14 mm. For a smooth finish, the length gradually decreases towards the outer edge. The bend in the doll building is maximal, more often marked C.

The more lengths used, the smaller the curl angle. The result is an open-eyed effect.

For everyday wear, it is better to choose the classic version of the doll extension, when an artificial one is attached to the cilium. For the festive look fit triple or double volume. It is impossible to wear it for a long time, they will begin to break down, natural hairs fall out.

Step-by-step instructions for building a puppet effect

To create a volume of eyelashes used such a scheme:

  1. The face is cleaned from the remnants of makeup, mascara, creams, impurities, especially the area around the eyes.
  2. Lower eyelid protect paper tape or silicone patch.
  3. Appreciate the natural color of hairs, if necessary - dye them.
  4. Degreasing agent is applied.
  5. The wizard with one forceps separates the cilium, the second captures the fiber or forms a bundle, dips into the glue.
  6. Material impose on the prepared hair, hold for a few seconds for better grip. For puppet-like procedures, professionals prefer to glue with a coupling speed of 1-3 seconds; beginners choose longer-lasting glue to correct an error in time.
  7. After the extension is completed, the lash maker removes the protective tape, patches, removes the tool, waits for 5-10 minutes for the adhesive to dry completely.
  8. At the final stage, the separation of random couplings, combing.

The duration of the procedure depends on the experience of the master and the volume chosen. It will take 1-1.5 hours to play the classics, for a double, triple puppet effect - 2-3 hours.

If a few hours or a day there is inflammation of the eyelids, eye shell, you need to be examined by an ophthalmologist or seek help from a lashmaker.

Doll building is recommended for bright parties, weddings, holidays. Daily sock is allowed, if you take care and regularly attend the wizard to correct the effect.

How to care for eyelashes after extension

The effect of lush eyelashes rivet the attention of others, should look well-groomed. For this they need care, daily care.

  • it is forbidden to sleep with your face buried in a pillow
  • avoid stress, negative emotions - tears dissolve the glue base,
  • do not rub your eyes with a towel or hands,
  • avoid visiting the steam room in the sauna or bath,
  • make a correction in time, the grown hairs experience an increased load, may fall out,
  • Do not apply mascara or use it in extreme cases.
  • brush your hair regularly with a brush to prevent it from becoming tangled and brittle.

Puppet eyelashes will last less if contact lenses are used. Daily contact with the hands will weaken the adhesive force of the artificial hairs with natural hair.

Do not get carried away by the volumetric method, in comparison with other techniques, it harms the eyes more. From prolonged wear your eyelashes may fall, the eyelid - start to hang. Use it as a holiday decoration.

The ideals of beauty in girls are laid from childhood - many dream to be like a Barbie doll. Beauty industry allows you to make the dream a reality for one visit to the master. This effect instantly transforms the face without expensive plastics, giving the appearance of playfulness, sexuality.

Who exactly will fit such cilia?

First of all, such a technology of building is chosen by truly bold and extravagant girls. Regulars of beauty salons - athletes and actresses, because for them it is important that the makeup was visible from afar. Puppet eyelashes will create the effect of wide-open eyes to those who have narrow, wide-set or elongated eyes. Also often seek such services ladies before special occasions, parties or important events. Practice shows that the effect can last up to twenty days, in some cases - a month. The term is significantly reduced if the girl wears contact lenses. The puppet effect of eyelash extensions in recent times is popular.

The disadvantages of the doll building

The disadvantages include the duration of the procedure. Depending on the desired result, creating a puppet look can take at least an hour and a half, or even all three. The procedure is carried out in several stages, which is why it takes so much time. Also, too long eyelashes can be felt on the eyes, interfere with blinking, and also cause discomfort while wearing glasses. A significant disadvantage is that under the weight of artificial hairs, their own eyelashes are much more affected than with any other extension technique.

The effect is called puppet due to the use of hairs of maximum length. Experts recommend using the length of the extended eyelashes up to 14 mm, so the effect of the puppet look is achieved at 100%.


The eyes are a sensitive part of the face, so the extension has some contraindications. The primary ones are as follows:

  • Experts do not recommend building up during pregnancy.
  • With frequent or chronic conjunctivitis.
  • With psoriasis.
  • It is forbidden to resort to the procedure when their own eyelashes are weak and brittle.
  • Glue may cause an allergic reaction; test before proceeding.
  • You should not risk a few days before, during and a few days after your period.

If you decide to increase the eyelashes with the effect of a puppet look, then, most likely, you will have to put away your favorite bright lipstick. Now the emphasis can only be done on the eyes, otherwise the makeup may turn out to be too vulgar and vulgar.

Care after building

After the procedure of puppet eyelash extension, you will have to temporarily refuse to visit the sauna, bath. Avoid stressful situations, try to cry less and do not rub your eyes. It is not recommended to sleep on the stomach, face in the pillow. You also can not do the procedure yourself, only the master can choose the best option that optimally emphasizes facial features, hide the flaws. Carrying out the procedure at home, you can cause serious harm, and the recovery will take a rather large period of time.

Main types

With the help of eyelash extensions, you can drastically change the image, the main thing is to choose the right technique. Modern technologies make it possible to create new images and experiment with makeup. Capacity can be of the following types:

  • Classic build. The essence of this technique is to maximize the repetition of the natural features of the eyes, improve the basic parameters and create the effect of natural eyelashes. Used in the technique of hairs of different lengths.
  • Foxes look created by a combination of different length hairs. The building starts from the inner corners, where the shortest eyelashes are attached, gradually increasing in length as they approach the outer edge of the eye.
  • Doll extension is designed to increase the size of the eye externally, due to which the look becomes more expressive and attractive.
  • A squirrel's gaze is achieved due to the fact that the longest hairs are attached in the middle, and in the corners of the eyes - short.
  • Volumetric build-up consists of gluing two or three hairs at once to one eyelash. Eyelashes are used in different lengths.

A puppet look is ideal for photo shoots, various shootings, special events.

How long does the process take

An experienced master on average takes from 1.5 to 2 hours to build up (a little more for beginners). If you build yourself, or at home, respectively, it will take much more time.

In order to avoid injuries and undesirable consequences, we recommend performing this procedure in specialized salons with qualified specialists.

Home Beauty Makeup, face care Eyelash extensions - types and features

Eyelashes emphasize the look of any woman, and extended eyelashes distinguish it from everyone else. But what is their feature? What do they look like and what types are they? In this article we will tell you in detail about eyelash extensions, its types, care and features.

What are the eyelashes after the extension procedure?

Before you decide on the procedure of extension, many are interested in exactly how the extended eyelashes look? What are they?

Regardless of the method of application, the eyelashes will look equally impressive. They will not create a contrast with your natural eyelashes, and make them thicker and more expressive. How much they will be thick, the client decides for himself, choosing what volume suits him.

Due to the variety of ways of building it is possible to achieve effects such as:

  • natural (eyelashes look like relatives),
  • fox (corners of eyes are highlighted),
  • puppet (long eyelashes along the century, giving the appearance of a doll),
  • squirrel (imitation squirrel brushes - long hairs along the edges),
  • sparse (alternation of long and short cilia),
  • multi-color (multi-colored eyelashes).

Of course, words cannot describe all this beauty. Classic eyelash extensions, photos of the results of which can be viewed directly in the beauty salon, better to see. In the mirror.

How long do lashes last?

So, you decide on the procedure of eyelash extensions. But a logical question arises: how long will the lashes last? Is it ever possible to admire them?

Oddly enough, the longevity of eyelashes can vary significantly. It depends on the following factors:

  • how experienced is the master (if he is not professional enough, then the eyelashes will fall off after only a couple of days),
  • whether the glue is of high quality (cheap mixtures are given during the first week),
  • extension method (beam method - not the most reliable for liquid and weak eyelashes, sprouts can fall under their own weight),
  • Do you wear contact lenses (they can significantly reduce the life of the extended eyelashes),
  • allergic reaction of the body (it will immediately repel "foreign" hairs),
  • improper care for the result.

It is difficult to talk about the standard periods of wearing eyelashes, because they can not be removed until new ones grow. But do not forget about make-up - with eyelashes mascara should be a constant companion of the girl. The longest time during which you can wear eyelashes is three to four months. But in the third week the eyelashes will noticeably change their “marketable” look, so do not forget about the correction. The make-up artist will be able to correct them and give practical advice on caring for them.

Care for extended eyelashes

Eyelash extensions, the video of which everyone who wants to learn how to watch should watch, the process is complex and far from cheap. Therefore, so that money does not fly away to the wind, you need to be able to properly care for your eyelashes.

Competent care will help not only prolong the durability of the material, but also preserve its new appearance. Handling cilia should be carefully and gently - they are fragile. This is the main rule. Here are some more tips on how to care for your eyelashes:

  • On the day of the procedure, let the glue dry well and “grab” the eyelashes. During the day they can not wet, touch and even more so try to remove.
  • Limit yourself to a visit to the solarium, sauna, bath in the first two days after building. High temperatures can damage eyelashes.
  • It is also recommended not to sleep facing the pillow. She will crush your eyelashes, and only a make-up artist can straighten them.
  • Daily morning procedure: gently and carefully comb the cilia in front of the mirror so that they look like new during the day.
  • Get rid of the habit of rubbing your eyes and touching the eyelids with your fingers - the cilia can wrinkle or even fall out.
  • Try to be always positive - tears can spoil all the beauty.
  • From the use of fatty creams and oils should be abandoned. If it is not possible to do this, then at least do not touch the eyelids.
  • Makeup should be removed only with the help of special gentle lotions.

Compliance with these rules will make your eyelashes even brighter and more beautiful!

How to remove eyelashes?

Increased eyelashes can get bored at any time, so many people have a question: how to remove the extended eyelashes at home?

First of all, you should pay attention to what you can not do:

  1. Do not pull the extended eyelashes! Since the glue is applied to the growth area, natural eyelashes can fall out along with the real ones. And they recover for a long time - at best a month.
  2. You can not use soap or other cleaning products and try to "wash" eyelashes with it. This can lead to eye irritation and even conjunctivitis.
  3. Eyes sore? Forget about removing extended eyelashes until full recovery! Otherwise, the disease can develop.
  4. It is not recommended to remove eyelashes during menstruation. Pain can be a little stronger.

Eyelash extensions, which photo process can be viewed shortly before the procedure, is painless. Withdrawal proceeds absolutely identical.

There are four ways to remove extended eyelashes:

  • using a special solution
  • with butter,
  • with fat cream,
  • with drugs.

Special liquid - remuver - is applied to the eyelids and dissolves not only glue, but also more durable resin. However, the price of the drug bites, so you can use the tools at hand.

From oils suitable olive and castor. You should apply a couple of drops on the eyelids and leave overnight. By the morning cilia already subside.

The cream will help remove the cilia as imperceptibly and painlessly as possible. The main thing is to choose a suitable consistency. The cream should be fat and thick. Only in this case, after applying the cilia will subside within a few hours.

Medication is an extreme measure. If you urgently need to get rid of excess hair, and there is nothing at hand, apply a remedy for conjunctivitis to the place of gluing three times in a row. You will feel a slight burning sensation. After a couple of minutes you can shoot hairs.

Eyelash extensions: puppet effect

Typically, this method is chosen by young girls seeking to make their face puppet, or by those ladies who are to participate in a performance. With this method, the longest eyelashes of the same length are glued along the entire contour of the eyelid, due to which the look is created like that of a doll. Not everyone likes it. However, young girls can afford such a non-standard eyelash extension. Puppet effect will make the face cute and charming. Perhaps at a party such a girl would break someone's heart.

Charming eyes

Here is another option that provides eyelash extensions. The fox effect is best suited for owners of large and round eyes. Masters do not recommend it to use girls with a narrow incision. This method will make the eyes unnatural.

To create a fox effect, the master uses eyelashes of three different lengths:

1. At the inner corner - the shortest.

2. Long - at the outer corner.

3. In the center - the average size.

Also, ladies with close-set eyes should try this eyelash extension. The fox effect will draw attention to the outer corners of the eyes. The method is the best fit for lovers of makeup in the Oriental style.

Sparse effect

With this method, the master uses eyelashes of different lengths and sticks alternately after some distance, then the long, then the short along the contour of the century. Due to this, the effect of sparse eyelashes is achieved. They look like rays. When such eyelash extensions are produced, a sparse effect gives the eye a maximum natural look.

For such extensions use very thin and light eyelashes. With this method, 2-5 artificial hairs are attached to one natural unit. This allows you not to load the eyelid and not to make the eyelashes heavy. The volume effect is ideal for owners of thin, rare and brittle eyelashes. The result is not long in coming. This procedure will make the eyelashes thicker, lush and bulky compared to the other effects.

The multi-color effect is quite original, bold and extraordinary. To achieve the effect of colored eyelashes, artificial hairs of two or more colors are used. Here the master or client can give free rein to their imagination. For example, in the center you can glue the eyelashes in black, and in the corners - any other shade. And that is not all. You can evenly grow eyelashes of other colors around the edge of the eyelid. Such a girl certainly will not go unnoticed. Colored eyelashes look gorgeous at a glamorous party, masquerade or a grand celebration.

Puppet effect

Another type of eyelash extension effect is a puppet effect. He's perfect for youth disco, party or gala event. A girl with such eyelashes will look very creative, original and effective.

The features are the eyelash extensions and use of very long artificial eyelashes. As a result of the procedure, the eyelashes come out really doll-like, so the effect bears a similar name.

puppet eyelash effect

Squirrel effect

To achieve the desired effect eyelash extensions are used eyelashes of different lengths. Some are as long as possible, others are very short..

The method of extension also has a certain sequence: first, long cilia are superimposed on the outer corners of the eye, and then, throughout the rest of the space of the eyelid, short.

Another feature is the need retreat from the edge of the eye about five millimeters.

squirrel eyelash extension

Multicolor effect

Basically, this method is becoming popular on the eve of any holiday or event, but it can also be used in everyday life.

As you have probably guessed, the effect is created using artificial cilia of different shades. Depending on the desires of the client, used one or more colors when building. You can grow and several colored cilia, then they will be perfectly combined with natural black.

Features and benefits

The puppet effect of eyelash extension is not for everyone. With this method of eyelash extensions can be made long and beautiful, like your favorite Barbie dolls since childhood.

This type of extension got its name precisely because the eyelashes created in this way resemble puppetry. For this result, long hairs are used. But a good master eyelashes look quite natural.

It is necessary to choose hairs of suitable length - depending on the wishes of the client and features of appearance. Often their length reaches twelve millimeters. In this technique, all hairs are equally long along the length of the eyelid (unlike many others). It looks spectacular and interesting.

If desired, you can use artificial hairs not only on the upper eyelid, but also on the lower. In this case, the look is the most playful.

If you choose this method of eyelash extension, you need to think in advance how you will be painted under it. With such expressive puppet eyes, you have to avoid too bright accents on the lips. After all, bright scarlet or pink lipstick is good only on real dolls. She will make the girl vulgar.

But this type of extension, of course, has its drawbacks. First, eyelashes are worn not as long as in all other cases. The fact is that for this procedure, the longest hairs are selected, which are then quite difficult to care for. Girls break off their tips during everyday procedures (washing) or simply brushing the bangs that fall on the eyes.

If you wear glasses, then such eyelashes will not suit you either. They are too long and will constantly touch the glass. This is typical for ordinary glasses, and for sun glasses. If you wear sunglasses in the summer to protect from the sun, then for this period you should choose some other type of extension.

Well, the last factor - this type of extension damages natural eyelashes. They become thinner and brittle. The fact is that long hairs are rather heavy, and under their weight natural eyelashes can fall out or crumble.

To make the look as open and playful as possible, with this method of extension, different types of materials are used. It all depends on your wishes and how you want to see the end result.

Most often, mink, colon and sable hairs are used for this type of extension. Natural eyelashes may well cause allergies, so many girls often opt for synthetics.

Artificial hairs for extension in this case should be of very high quality.

Who is suitable?

Eyelashes made in this way provide a very interesting effect. Puppet eyelashes make the look open and seductive. But this type of building is not for everyone. Many should opt for a classic look, without especially long eyelashes. It is worth considering who you can still experiment with beautiful long hairs, and who better to look at other options.

Beautiful doll eyelashes with a playful bend are definitely suitable for very young girls. If you want to charm a young man and look at the same time as attractive as possible, then just such an effect of a puppet look will come to your aid.

This type of building is well suited for parties and special events when you want to look as impressive and bright as possible. Puppet eyelashes look no less feminine than long "cat".

Many people decide to increase these eyelashes before the release, so that during the rest not to spend time constantly on makeup.

Open puppet look is often found in celebrities who are often in public. Actresses, dancers and other popular personalities who should always look perfect, such long eyelashes will fit perfectly. This is especially true if you are performing or dancing on stage, and classic colored eyelashes from a distance are simply invisible.

If we talk about the features of appearance, then these eyelashes are best suited for girls who have wide eyes. They help to make the look more “correct” and classically beautiful.

Inappropriate this effect will be on bulging or too small eyes. In the first case, such eyelashes will only make the eyes bigger, while in the second everything will look as unnatural as possible.

The procedure for building up in all cases is almost the same. If you want to get volume, beautiful eyelashes that frame your eyes and make the look as cute and open as possible, you should focus on certain recommendations.

The very first stage is the preparation of the necessary materials. For this procedure, you need an adhesive that will not cause you allergies, special lining, tweezers and a needle, which helps to separate the hairs.Of course, you need a tool to disinfect all devices and eyelash degreasing.

The master must certainly prepare himself. Hands before the procedure should be disinfected and dried. It is also advisable to wear latex gloves - for safety and personal comfort. Eyes also need to prepare. If the client is made up - makeup should be washed off. After that, you need to degrease the eyelashes.

What is the principle of puppet effect

The puppet effect of eyelash extension got its name due to the use of the longest synthetic hairs. Cilia are selected individually for each client and can reach lengths up to 12 mm. A distinctive feature of this technique is the use of hairs of almost the same length along the whole eyelid, excluding the inner corner. The most realistic puppet effect is created by building up artificial hairs on both eyelids - upper and lower.

Who would be suitable doll building

Despite the amazing results, few girls decide to repeat the procedure, preferring the less catchy options. However, there is a certain category of women who prefer to wear such eyelashes often enough. These include:

  • actresses, socialites and other celebrities who must look perfect at any time of the day,
  • those who wish to make a vivid impression at a party or other celebration,
  • lovers of experiments,
  • owners of wide-set eyes.

Most often, eyelash extensions with a puppet effect are chosen by young and self-confident girls, while ladies with experience and life experience give their preference to natural technique.

Despite the fact that this type of extension strikingly transforms the view, it should be abandoned to owners of elongated, almond-shaped eyes, since their eyes will be lost in the frame of densely grown artificial hairs, and will seem narrow. Owners of eyes with lowered external corners should do the same. In a more appropriate way to choose the capacity with the effect of 2D.

Advantages and disadvantages of the effect

The advantages of the procedure include instant results. In one short session, you can drastically change the facial expression, correct imperfections and visually enlarge the eyes without any makeup.

The main disadvantages of doll building techniques include:

  • short period of wearing eyelashes, correction should be done every 3 weeks,
  • too long artificial hairs can easily break with careless washing,
  • natural eyelashes fall out faster and become more fragile under the weight of the extended.

It should also be borne in mind that when wearing lenses durability of extended cilia is reduced by about 2 times. And when wearing glasses too long eyelashes can cling glass. In addition, you need to think in advance about the new make-up, as long puppet eyelashes change the appearance so that, coupled with too bright lipstick and rouge, make the face unnecessarily defiant.

Features puppet extensions

For the manufacture of synthetic hairs used in eyelash extensions, different types of fibers are used, which differ in thickness, softness, weight and color. Depending on the characteristics distinguish:

  • sables - possess especially strong gloss,
  • mink - the thickest and longest,
  • silk - the softest, have a special glossy shine.

For the types of materials described above, the production of hairs does not use mink, sable, or silk thread. These are only conditional names that are needed for ease of distinguishing the characteristics of eyelashes.

Puppet effect is not every girl, so before building it is better to consult with the master and ask for professional advice. In some cases, the specialist may recommend a more restrained option, for example, fox or squirrel.

It is important to understand that the final result of the procedure directly depends on the skill and experience of the builder.

To obtain a puppet effect eyelash extensions can be used the effect of 2D or 3D. In the first case, not one but two cilia are glued to one native eyelash, in the second case three at once. In both cases, the eyelashes look thicker and more voluminous, however, such a technique is recommended only when one's own eyelashes are strong and strong enough.

Sticking process

Eyelash extension session with a puppet effect consists of several stages. First of all, the master conducts a preliminary consultation and selects the most appropriate materials. This is followed by the preparation of tools: tweezers, glue, lining on the eyelids, a separator of hairs. After that, the master carefully washes his hands and puts on sterile latex gloves, washes the makeup from the client's eyes, and degreases the eyelashes. Under the lower eyelid there is a paper, film or other lining to provide better visibility and to protect the mucous membranes from accidental ingress of glue. Then the master calculates the approximate number of hairs, takes them out of the case and spreads them on a white surface.

After the raw materials are prepared, the builder proceeds to the procedure: the synthetic hair is smeared with glue and glued to the natural eyelash with tweezers. So that the fibers do not stick together, they are taken apart with a needle or a thin wooden stick.

When the hairs are glued, it is necessary to wait for the glue to dry completely. In order not to waste time in vain, during this period other cosmetic procedures can be carried out, for example, manicure, pedicure, correction or painting of eyebrows. The drying time of glue from different manufacturers may vary significantly, so it is better to clarify this point with the master in advance.

After completion of the procedure, there may be a slight reddening of the eyes, which disappears in 1-2 hours, so that when such a symptom occurs, there is no reason to worry. In order for cilia to serve for a long time, it is necessary to adhere to all recommendations: avoid prolonged water procedures and sleep only on the back. In this case, the correction will be required not earlier than in 3 weeks.

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