Ways to cut bangs at home

All types of bangs are not listed, there are a lot of them. Only an experienced stylist by appearance will determine the exact name. Matters the shape, length, density. Haircuts with bangs will never lose their relevance, experiment, change, try new images.

Each lady has a certain type of bang to face. But what kind is right for you? Let's try to figure it out:

  • straight. This view is ideal for ladies who have a thick head of hair. Professional stylists recommend girls with high forehead. The image becomes mysterious and impudent. The optimal length is from the crown to the eyebrows,
  • straight, short. Suitable fervent, mischievous girls. Mature ladies, using such a move, can lose a few years. Stylists recommend profiling bangs for women with small eyes,
  • graduated. The essence lies in the uneven edges, with its help, women with a triangular face shape, with big eyes will visually bring the face to the ideal, hide all irregularities,
  • slanting. It fits almost everything, is a versatile option, bangs can be easily stabbed, hidden behind the ear. It is perfect for girls with thin, sparse hairs. Stylists recommend it a little profile, give lightness, volume,
  • short, torn. Ideal with a round, oval face. But you must follow smooth edges, sharp lines, so that the image does not seem erratic,
  • straight, torn. Ideal for girls with a very long face. Due to the haircut, it will become round, will get the correct shape.

There are a lot of variations, an experienced stylist will advise you a suitable option. If you decide to cut your own hair, follow the above tips.

How to make the effect of wet hair at home? We have the answer!

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Features of choice in the form of the face

Oval face plays a huge role in choosing bangs. It is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics, eye shape, height. Puffy, combed hairstyles are not suitable for short girls, and “slick” bangs are strictly forbidden to high representatives of the fair sex.

Face shapes:

  • oval. It is considered the standard of beauty, almost all variants of haircuts and hairstyles are suitable. Professionals recommend stopping the choice on a long oblique or straight bangs. Other options are possible, but watch out for the length,
  • square. The face looks asymmetrical, it should be smoothed with a torn, graduated bangs. The more irregularities, the better. Experiment with the color scheme, so the ladies are perfect coloring,
  • triangular. It is necessary to correct too narrowed chin. To do this, cut the classic version of a straight or oblique fringe. They will well hide irregularities of the face, make the features softer.

There are no exact selection rules, you must take into account the density, length of the strands, your main haircut. The image should be harmonious, with smooth lines, feminine, romantic.

This does not apply to layered haircuts, irregularly shaped, painted in all the colors of the rainbow. Their owners of nature are creative, crave irregular shapes and lines. This is a matter of taste and style.

Useful tips

In addition to the basic rules for the selection of bangs, you can highlight several useful tips that will help you at home to choose the perfect option:

  • consider your everyday style, a new haircut should fit all sets of clothes,
  • cardinal experiments with the appearance can be carried out by young girls. In a respectable age, before changing the shape of the bang, it is worth considering and weighing everything. Up to 50 years, hair grows better, perfectly styling,
  • additional volume of hair will give bang, originating from the top, ending at the eyebrows. It is better to profile it, so it will seem airy, light, bold,
  • tall ladies should not choose straight bangs, but short they are ideal,
  • convenience. Bangs should not constantly climb into the eyes, interfere with normal visibility. Everything should be comfortable, harmonious.

You have learned many nuances of cutting the front strands, you can easily find the perfect bangs.

Required Tools

You won't get a good result without proper tools. Before the haircut is necessary to acquire the following items:

  • professional hairdresser's scissors. Pleasure is not cheap, but the result will surely please you. Ordinary stationery scissors can damage the structure of each hair, soon after shearing the tips will be cut. If you cannot buy a professional, buy sharp, high quality ordinary scissors. Use them only for the purpose of cutting, watch for their sharpness,
  • hairdressing clips / hairpins or elastic bands. You will definitely need to pin the rest of the hair so that it does not get in the way. If you do not do this, you can accidentally trim off extra strands, ruin your hair,
  • fine scallop with a sharp tip. With it, you can easily divide the hair, separate strands,
  • thick hairbrush with thick teeth it does not hurt the curls during combing, copes with tangled tufts of hair,
  • spray with water or iron for straightening. There are two types of haircuts: dry and wet hair. Both are good, your choice,
  • cape on the shoulders. With its help you protect clothes from trimmed hairs.

After preparing all the tools, sit in front of the mirror, always in a well-lit room (preferably during the day), proceed to the procedure.

Straight haircut technology

How to properly cut straight bangs? The look is the most popular, simple, universal. The width depends on the size of the forehead, and the thickness depends on the structure of your hairs. Choose for yourself the ideal option, proceed to the implementation:

  • Curls must be clean, you can moisten them a little. Remember that wet strands are always slightly longer than dry ones.
  • Divide the hair with the necessary parting, use the usual one, you shouldn’t change it drastically.
  • Pierce the excess hairs with hairpins, proceed to cutting the hair.
  • Depending on the density of the future bangs, choose a small strand in the center, it will be the control one, all others will be leveled at it.
  • Cut a straight line, for a start, you can make the curls a little longer than planned. After all, you can always shorten, but short strands will grow for a long time. Keep an eye on the control strand.
  • For the convenience of shearing, strands can not be too much to pull, so the lines are smooth, lift the strands perpendicular to the head, cut the curls. Do the manipulations with all future bangs.
  • At the end of the procedure, we look at the result, if necessary, correct the defects, dry, stack, enjoy.

Short version

The option is quite complicated, suitable for few. But if you do decide, proceed to the procedure:

  • This type is suitable only for ladies who have a short haircut, short hair on long hair looks ridiculous.
  • the process is similar to cutting a straight bang, only you shorten the length a little, be sure to cut short hairs, add asymmetry and volume to them.

At the end of the haircut correct the result, dried, laid.

Before the haircut, be sure to think over the image as a whole, take care of a clean face without pimples. Constantly use the foundation to make the face shine evenly, beauty. Then changing the image will benefit you, everyone around you will appreciate your work.

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How to achieve the effect of burnt hair? Effective methods are described in this article.

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Side Cutting Scheme

How to cut oblique bangs on the side? The procedure is quite simple, easier than the direct option. This bang is very popular, suitable for almost everyone, is able to hide minor imperfections on the face (pimples, wrinkles), give a fresh hairstyle, smooth a square, triangular oval face.

Detailed execution technique:

  • Curls should always be a little wet, clean.
  • Make a triangular parting, comb with a sharp tip is perfect.
  • It is very important to find out exactly which option you want. To do this, you can draw a sketch, pick up using a special program. Some cut out a picture from the magazine, constantly look at it, repeat the image. Choose a suitable option.
  • After all the preparations, kill the excess strands, start cutting along the oblique line, you should not hurry. In case of irregularities, there is a thinning in the arsenal.
  • Do not forget that the shortened strands must rise a little. After finishing the haircut, evaluate the result by drying your hair. You can slightly adjust the bang to achieve the desired effect.
  • Curls can be laid, fasten a small amount of varnish. Hairstyle for this style fits almost any. Enjoy the result.

Many representatives of the fair sex decided to mow the bangs at home. Why waste time and money on going to a beauty salon, if you do this procedure yourself? In some cases, the result is better than at the hairdresser. Especially after you put your hand on. Do not be afraid to experiment, beauty loves change.

Video - lesson, tips and techniques for cutting the fringe itself:

Fundamental rules

  1. Clean, dry hair should be cut. Wet hair, when dry, noticeably shortens, so the result may be disappointing. You can cut and wet hair, then you need to take into account this property, leave a little more length.
  2. Curly hair is also cut with the fact that they "jump", then leave a small margin of length, so as not to turn out too short.
  3. Engage in shortening the bangs better during the day. Take care of good lighting and a calm mood.

Oblique fringe

Haircut is a creative process, and there may be several options for oblique bangs. It is considered universal, suitable for any type of person.

  • If a person has a square, oval or round shape, then experts advise to prefer a long oblique bang. For the face with small features suitable short version. But the owners of curly hair from her better to refuse at all.
  • If you decide to change the image, it is better to contact a stylist for help or use a special computer program. And then independently only shorten the bangs. You can cut it yourself by studying the instructions.

How to cut oblique fringe

  1. Separate the hair, which will be cut from the total mass. Remove the hair back and fix the hoop, hairpins or rubber band, so as not to interfere. Hair for bangs separated in the form of a triangle or horseshoe. The base of the triangle is: from the depression on one side of the forehead along the edge of the hair to the depression on the other side (approximately between the outer edges of the eyebrows). The sides of the figure: the points of the basins are joined at an angle with the point on the part, depending on which massiveness the bang will be. Separate the hair with a sharp comb tip. If the parting is on the side, then the bang triangle will turn out to be not equilateral.
  2. Lightly moisturize hair with a spray bottle.
  3. Determine the required length bangs. Options: oblique cutout top point reaches to the tip of the nose or the middle of the length of the nose, the bottom point of the line pulls eyelashes, maybe the length is even less. It would be nice to have an illustration of the desired haircut, which can be equal.
  4. Two fingers pull off the hair, asking them the desired length and inclination of the cut, and short movements cut it.
  5. Combing and, if necessary, correcting the cut. One of the techniques, how to make the right cut: pull the hair in the direction where the short part will be, and cut it horizontally.

How to independently trim a slanting bang - video:

In order to make the bangs easier and more docile, at home you can profile them yourself.

  • To do this, twist the small strands into flagella and press with scissors in the middle of the length, then in the remaining half still in the middle and closer to the tip. Then choose another strand and milled. And so on until success is achieved.
  • Filler can be done with ordinary scissors. On the edge of the bangs, walk with scissors, holding them vertically and slightly obliquely and thin the hair. You can walk the scissors through the hair vertically from top to bottom, making a thinning. If the scissors are sharp, then, even without closing them, you can cut the hairs and thin out the volume.

Straight fringe

How to cut a bang with a straight cut? This is a simple task! All the actions described in the previous section before cutting the fringe coincide. Thinking through the line cut. Usually she goes on eyebrows.

  1. Separate the horizontal parting thin strand.
  2. Two fingers, index and middle, pull the middle of the strand perpendicular to the forehead and cut off the extra length with short movements. Scissors are held at an angle of forty-five degrees.
  3. Level the length of the bangs in the middle part in each direction.
  4. Separate another layer of hair and equate it on the first strand, but do about a millimeter longer. To do this, grab two layers with two fingers and stretch it so that the upper layer is obtained with a small overlap.
  5. The same is done with the rest of the bangs. The last layer is also made about a millimeter longer than the previous one. As a result, the hair will have a shape that tends to bend inward.

How to cut a straight bangs yourself - video:

Trim the baby

At home, you can learn to cut the baby yourself. Children feel uncomfortable at the hairdresser, so this is a useful skill. The child makes a straight bang to the eyebrows or higher.

  • They distinguish hair for bangs: with the same arcs from crown to the extreme points of the eyebrows.
  • Combing the middle part of the separated hair, middle and index fingers pull the strand down at the place of the intended cut. You should cut the strand. In the same way, pulling on two fingers, make an even cut of the left and right sides of the bangs, focusing on the already trimmed middle part. It turns out a straight line. If over the bridge of the nose to reduce extreme strands, you get a test how smooth cut.
  • There is a children's version - a ladder. To do this, the bangs are lifted, carefully combed and, holding between two fingers, about two centimeters are cut off, a thinned strand is obtained. If the hair is sparse, a ladder is undesirable for them.

We cut a man

The question of how to properly cut the bangs of a man will require attention and effort. In the male haircut bangs, as a rule, is the longest part, and the overall appearance of the haircut largely depends on it.

At home, it will turn out well to cut the bangs of a man, for this you need to consistently perform actions.

  1. From the left edge to separate a thin strand of hair with low parting at about thirty degrees to the eyebrow line.
  2. Make a cut of hair above the eyebrows parallel to the parting.
  3. Above it, separate another strand of hair with the help of a parting higher, connect with the first part and cut.
  4. The second strand is made longer by a millimeter. To do this, cut parts, letting the second strand on the first between two fingers, and pull down.
  5. The same is done from the right edge. On the forehead turned musik.
  6. The middle part of the hair is taken with a small strand and cut off a corner, softening the line of connection of the two side cutting lines.
  7. In order for the hair to lie down, slightly bending downwards, one more strand is rubbed on top of the middle strand and, holding between two fingers, it is stretched and leveled along the first strand.

This bang will look good after laying, and even just a little shaggy.

How to cut a man's bang - video:

With the help of a typewriter

You can make an even cut bangs at home with a machine.

  1. On the line of the eyebrows stick adhesive tape with a narrow horizontal strip. The upper border of the strip will serve as a guideline for determining the border of the hair.
  2. The machine should be held with two hands, elbows lean into the torso. This position will allow you to confidently make the machine an even cut.
  3. Consistently apply the machine along the line from start to finish.

Is it possible to cut a bang pregnant

There are popular beliefs that pregnant women should not get a haircut, this is supposedly harming the health of the future child. There are no medical contraindications. The mood of a woman greatly depends on how she looks. And the mood directly affects the health of the future mother and fetus. So, it is useful and necessary for a woman waiting a child to put herself in order.

Bangs can be easily maintained in excellent condition by adjusting its shape at home to all family members and myself. The procedure consists of simple techniques and rules. Over time, the ability to independently cut the bangs closer to the professional level.

Edging and length

Bangs are distinguished by the type of edging:

  • even
  • slanting
  • bent inward
  • torn
  • oval,
  • stepped,
  • triangular,
  • notched

There are options with a length - short, medium, long bangs, two-level. Models can be volumetric, rare, smooth.

Correspondence table fringing and shape bangs.

Choosing a new model, take into account the shape of the parting, its depth. There is a rectangular and triangular parting. Depth is selected from the planned density. Easy, rare option do with a parting over a forehead. Thick bangs turn out, if you make a parting from the middle of the head.

When making a choice, it should be noted that the hair should cover all the frontal protuberances. In the standard version, the width reaches the temples. Some models cover this part of the head.

Not the last role is played by how your hair is combed. For the variant with bangs on one side, one should select the form that is most advantageous for the open part of the forehead.

The front of the hair is easily adjusted. The procedure is carried out independently. It is important to do everything neat and smooth.

Bang correction

  1. Separate the strand.
  2. Combing thick brush.
  3. Clamp your index and middle fingers.
  4. Lightly stretch.
  5. Carefully trim the tips.

For this simple option, you can also use a special device for trimming bangs. With it, it is easy to correct any bang: straight, fringe on the side, slanting and even torn.

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Important! If you wet the hair before work, then after drying, the length will be shorter by 1 - 1.5 cm.

A guide in length serves nose. To trim a short bang, cut off strands over the bridge of the nose. Medium length - lower, long - to the middle of the nose.

If there is a desire to make adjustments to the image and change the image, choose a new model.

Method 1. Making a smooth bang

In order to model and smoothly cut the front part of the hair, we perform simple actions.

  1. With the sharp end of the comb do triangular parting.
  2. Separate the front strand.
  3. The rest of the hair is fastened with clips.
  4. The front hair is divided into 3 equal parts.
  5. Separate the middle, side fix.
  6. Carefully comb a thick comb.
  7. Clamp your index and middle fingers, we stretch.
  8. Cut the ends to the required length with scissors.
  9. We cut the side strands along the length of the middle one.

Important! To make the edge smooth, you should keep the scissors diagonally, at an angle of 45 °.

Method 2. Straight bangs with curved side ends

The principle of operation is the same as in the previous version up to paragraph 9. Further:

  1. The right strand is divided into 2 parts - upper and lower.
  2. Top fix the clip.
  3. Equalize the length of the bottom of the central segment.
  4. We release the top strand and make it a little longer than the bottom.
  5. The left strand is unfastened. We divide into 2 parts - upper and lower. We act in the same way as on the right. It turns out bangs with curved inward ends at the edges of the bangs.

Method 3. Straight bangs with curved edges along the entire length

Prepare hair according to the standard scheme. Once the front is separated and divided into 3 strands:

  1. Fix the side strands.
  2. We divide the central bundle of hair into 2 parts. Top anchoring.
  3. Lower cut to the desired length.
  4. We do the same with the right strand. Divide into 2 parts, fasten the top, cut the bottom to the level of central hair.
  5. Similarly for the left side. As a result, the total length of the lower strands was obtained at this stage.
  6. Unfasten the upper part of the central hair. Cut off a little longer than the bottom.
  7. Repeat the action with the right and left parts.

As a result, a bent-in model was obtained.

Method 3. Two-level bangs

It looks unusual and original. In the model it is noticeable that the front part has 2 lengths.

To beautifully cut such bangs act according to plan:

  1. Separate the front part, remove the remaining hair.
  2. With the help of 3 horizontal partings, we divide the bang into equal parts.
  3. At the lower level, choose a curl, cut off the length to the middle of the forehead. The rest strands will be oriented along this length.
  4. Consistently form the locks of the lower row and cut to the control length.
  5. Release the next row. Carefully comb, cut, focusing on the first level.
  6. We release the top level, we comb. Carefully cut off the length below the previous ones. The distance between the levels can be 5 cm.
  7. At the request of milling. Combing

Method 4. Hair and bangs of the same length

Option for wavy and sparse hair.

  1. Parting
  2. Separate the hair for bangs, fix the rest.
  3. From the free strands we separate the part with a thickness of 1 cm. Cut to the required length. This is a control sample on which all others will be leveled.
  4. Separate the next part of the hair with a thickness of 1 cm, cut along the length of the control.
  5. We do the same with all separated hair.
  6. After trimming the last part, comb the hair, adjust the length.
  7. If you wish, we can carry out filing.

The work should cut the ends on one principle. If the work began with a straight cut, then the remaining strands should be processed.

Method 5. Torn model

The popular version, popularly known by the people under another name “cut bangs” looks at ease, makes the image naughty.

  1. Parting, separating the front strand, fixing the rest of the hair.
  2. We brush the separated part.
  3. The tips of the scissors obliquely cut off small strands with teeth. To achieve a strong effect, large teeth are made, for smaller ones - small ones. Large teeth suitable for thick hair. Small - for the rare.
  4. We select the contour according to taste: smooth, oblique, wavy.
  5. We process the front of the entire length.
  6. We are milling, combing.

How to cut a torn bang

Method 6. Bangs diagonally

Oblique bangs look not only feminine and elegant. This is an option for daring and brave girls.

Important! In order not to risk, it is better to make the length a little more than planned. Then it will be easier to eliminate errors.

  1. Separate the front strand.
  2. Combing
  3. If a smooth border is designed, use scissors to cut the ends of the hair at a slight incline. (Tilted hair). Cut off in small pieces. Strands should be so small that the work resembles plucking and not cutting. We start the work from the eyebrow, over which there will be a short length.
  4. In the case of a blurred border, cut off small teeth with scissors.
  5. Combing the resulting bangs.

How to cut oblique bangs - video instruction

Method 7. Make a semicircle

Bang semicircle requires special care. This is the case when the saying goes - measure 7 times, 1 cut. The edge should be symmetrical and smooth. Ideally, it is a clear oval line. Without teeth, bends, asymmetry.

  1. Separate the front part.
  2. In the center select the control strand.
  3. Cut off at the required length.
  4. Separating the side of the small curls, cut them a little longer (for the model arch) control size. If a form is conceived in which the central part is longer, act differently. The right and left strands make a little shorter than the middle part. For a good result, you should work with small curls. In this case, the transition will be smooth and beautiful.
  5. We make sure that the length of the hair on both sides coincided.
  6. Gradually move to the side hair.
  7. After the whole length is processed, we check the symmetry. If necessary, dub.
  8. If desired, we milled hair, but in this model is not necessary.

If you make a mistake and cut off the excess - it does not matter. We advise you to read the article: How to quickly grow bangs at home

How to make a thinning

Another name for the procedure is thinning hair. Most often it is used for thick hair. Rare and thin curls such manipulation is contraindicated. Hairdressers perform surgery for all hair, as it makes hair natural.

The work is performed by thinning scissors. Some customers are limited to handling bangs. This is the most visible part of the hairstyle. The procedure is easy to do yourself with the appropriate tool:

  1. Separated from the main part of the bangs a small part.
  2. Twist it into a bundle.
  3. Make 2 small cuts. One in the center, the second at a distance of 2.5 cm.
  4. We do the same with the following strands.
  5. When the hair of the whole bang is processed, the thinning is finished.

After that you should comb the curls to remove the cut hairs.

We make filing yourself.

Cooking tools

Special recruitment is not required. It is important that the scissors are sharp. Otherwise, successfully cut the bangs will not succeed. Household scissors for paper are not suitable. Home adjustments will require:

  • ordinary scissors
  • hairbrush with thick teeth
  • mirror,
  • thinning scissors,
  • clamps
  • comb with a sharp end.

To properly cut the bangs moistened with water. Wet hair is more docile, it is easier to level and cut. This is especially important for wavy hair. Work should be done in a well-lit area. Ideal to use a mirror with the increase. In this case, make uneven bangs impossible.

How to cut a bang with a typewriter: step by step instructions

Haircut machine requires certain skills. Without special experience it is difficult to make an even hairstyle.

Important! Hairdressers cut bangs with scissors.

If you still want to work with a machine, you should first practice. Before you start work, you must protect your eyes.

  • The cut level should be limited to a clear line,
  • hold the machine with 2 hands to avoid jerks,
  • move the blade along the intended line
  • gradually moving along the entire length of the bangs.

Bangs first striking. From her condition depends on the impression that we make on others. At the same time, this element of hair style is easily changed and corrected. It is important to keep the bangs in good condition, and it is not difficult to do this. There would be a desire.

Choose your option

Oblique bangs are universal and are combined with any haircuts, both sleek classic and creative youth with “torn” strands and dyeing in different colors and shades.

Her easy to transform into other forms, changing the parting or removing the rest of the hair mass, tucked behind the ears or hooks with a beautiful hairpin. Removing bangs is also easy with a hoop, bandage or scarf.

To choose the right option, we offer to consider the photo of oblique bangs, and a huge range will help you choose the perfect one for you.

And now let's discuss in detail how to remove a beautifully grown bang, many variations await you in this article.

If you did not find the right one, then there is a separate article telling you how to put a long bang correctly, see photos and video instructions here.

How to prepare a bang for a haircut?

At the salon, hair is moistened with water while cutting. From moisture, they become more elastic and stretch more.

If you do bangs yourself on wet hair, and even strongly stretch the strands, the result will be several centimeters shorter than expected.

Preferable perform haircut on dry hair, and washed the day before.

Fresh and very clean hair “crumbles” and poorly fixed with fingers, because of this, the bangs will come out a curve or an irregular shape, it is easy to make a mistake with the length.

If the hair is still very slippery, it is worth sprinkling it slightly with a spray for fixing or hairspray. Strands will be a little tougher and work with them will become easier.

Bangs do very sharp scissors or a razor. At home, it is better to choose scissors, as it will be difficult and dangerous to cope with a razor yourself, there is a risk of serious injury.

Important steps to a haircut

The variety of options for oblique bangs makes it possible to choose it for any type of hair and various haircuts.

Oblique bangs are:

Different types of bangs are perfectly combined with each other, forming new options, for example, "Torn" bangs can be both long and multi-layered.

At home, they independently cut a long oblique bang in a straight line or with a torn edge. Complicating the relief of the bangs is easy with additional filing with special scissors or twisting the strands.

How to cut a slanting bang yourself? Let's start by defining its shape.

Determine the shape

Determine what bang you want to get as a result of a haircut. To do this, prepare a comb with fine teeth and a mirror.

Lightly moisten the bang from the sprayer with water or wet it and then lightly dry it.

Now determine the width of the bangs and its shape. To do this, use a comb to hold the comb from ear to ear and collect it in the tail or comb it back.

We also remove the side zones that you do not plan to cut.

There is a bang, now we try at once 3 options of a bang:

  • U-shaped bangs,
  • triangular parting,
  • parallel to the forehead.

Why is it so important Depending on the option chosen, your bangs will be different in shape, so experiment first.

The sequence of oblique bangs hairstyle from Artem Lyubimov:

  1. Select the area of ​​the bang, slightly moisten it and dry it.

  • Pick up and lightly give it to fit in the usual parting.
  • Separate the received part by the received line.
  • On it to separate a bang on a triangle, with top in a usual parting.

    Where there will be a large side of the triangle, the elongation goes there.

  • Carefully separate the bangs with partings and fix the side strands with clips.
  • Separate bangs stretch in the opposite direction from elongation and shearing, make sure
    so that the fringe after parting with parting makes a right angle of 90 C.
  • Video from Artem Lyubimov about errors when cutting oblique bangs:

    Haircut techniques

    There are several ways to do this work at home:

      Delay on the opposite side.

  • By turning the strands.
  • Twisting bangs in a harness.
  • Smooth gliding scissors.
  • In the salons of the master apply various techniques, but at home they perform the most simple and affordable options.

    Haircut for 6 steps independently with a delay to the opposite side

    Prepare: comb, scissors, hairdryer, round comb for styling, mirror, tucks.

    1. Moisten hair and comb.
    2. Separate the parting on the highest part of the brow and parting on it.
    3. Separate the desired bang area with a comb.
    4. Dry the bangs with a hair dryer and a large round comb for styling.
    5. Pierce the side of the curls so that they do not bother you.
    6. Comb the bangs on the opposite side of the extension.
    7. Holding with your fingers in the place of the desired cut, cut with unnecessary ends with scissors.
    8. Comb bangs and lay according to your preference.

    The video will show how to cut a slanting bang yourself in 6 steps:

    Turning strands

    Strand twisting method makes it easy to cut the bangs, which will fit from left to rightotherwise it will have to be done with the left hand, which is very difficult for the right-handed person.

    Prepare: scissors, gum, comb and mirror.

    1. To do this, with the help of a thin “tail” of the comb, a bang is allocated, its borders are clearly defined and the selected strand is carefully combed. The boundaries of the bangs are selected by the highest points of the eyebrows. Watch carefully in straight lines.
    2. The strand is clamped with fingers and turned over as if it is going to be twisted into a braid. In this case, the side on which the oblique cut will be made opens for a haircut on the right side.
    3. With sharp scissors the necessary length is carefully cut off, the bang is combed and trimmed again. The cut line is drawn in a straight line or slightly rounded, depending on the requirement of cutting.
    4. If you need a smooth edge, then the procedure is over, the hair is ready for styling. The resulting bangs are carefully combed several times; some loose hairs are clipped.

    The video shows how to cut oblique bangs at home by turning the strands:

    For relief bangs, stage-by-stage filing is carried out, separating rather narrow strands.and treating the edge with scissors. They do this with a special tool or with ordinary sharp scissors, holding them vertically and cutting off thin strands of various lengths. For youth haircuts, the edge of the bangs is made with deep asymmetrical cuts.

    Having twisted your hair in a tight braid, you will be able to cut your short or medium length fringe yourself.

    Scissors easily slide on the surface of the harness from top to bottom, making a cut. This technique requires certain skills with tools and self-reliance.


    For a haircut slip you need a steady hand.

    The strand allocated for the bang, smoothly combed and stretched between the fingers, and the scissors performs a soft sliding movement from top to bottom. Sharp scissors “shave off” strained hairs, forming a beautiful straight cut line.

    If the hand trembles, it is easy to spoil the haircut, but in this case filing will come to the rescue.

    Stream wide thick

    We will need: ordinary and thinning scissors, elastic, comb and spray.

    1. Separate hair from ear to ear. Tie a rubber band.
    2. Moisturize spray and comb. We clean for the ears extra strands.
    3. We divide the entire bangs with the part into thin parallel partings and begin to cut the desired length by directing the strand towards us and holding it between the fingers. We cut teeth by placing the scissors at an angle of 90 ° to the hair.
    4. Repeatedly try on the length of the shortest part of the bang, letting go and looking at yourself in the mirror to get a smooth descending line.
    5. Thinning the ends of the bang with thinning scissors.
    6. We lower all the bangs on the front and dub on the already cut locks.
    7. We mill the largest part of the bang with thinning scissors.
    8. If you want the face strands to be framed, then cut the strands in the temporal region from the short side.

    The video will teach how to cut thick oblique bangs at home:


    Multi-layer bangs are performed in several stages. The hair is divided into layers horizontally, the top is stabbed to the top.

    First cut a longer lower layer, then it is stabbed to the side and draw up a shorter upper. This is quite a difficult job, without the experience of haircuts, it is better to entrust it to a professional.

    There are various situations when it is necessary to grow a bang in just a few days.

    Let's discuss the option when a haircut in the salon was not the way you wanted and now you need to know how to grow bangs quickly so as not to suffer. Many ideas will help you cope with this situation and get out of it the winner.

    Accelerates growth and makes them more voluminous and shiny hair mask with honey and mustard, you can read about it in detail with the recipe here.

    Ideal for accelerating the growth of bangs for hair masks with eggs, especially for dry and brittle hair about them at this link http://ovolosah.com/maski-dlia-volos/s-yaycom.html

    What can correct?

    Properly selected oblique bangs can visually correct facial features, hiding unnecessarily high forehead, ugly hairline, wrinkles, wrinkles and pigmentation on the forehead, reducing cheeks and correcting the shape of the face.

    Thick and lush bangs distract attention from an excessively long nose, and a short one fixes the look on beautiful eyes and emphasizes a clear eyebrow line.

    Long oblique bangs along with gently sloping strands easily corrects the pentagonal shape of the face with heavy corners of the lower jaw, making the oval softer and facial features gentle.

    Beautiful and neat haircut with bangs looks modern and fashionable, suitable for women of all ages and types of face. Properly chosen form of bangs will correct facial features, hide defects and emphasize the benefits, making the appearance fresh and young.

    Now you know how to cut the side bangs of the house itself and you can do it. We wish you good luck!

    Kinds of man

    These elements of hairstyles differ in characteristics such as shape, length and style. The bangs can be short, long, thick, sparse, two-level, torn, curved in or out, fluffy or smooth, etc.

    The bang itself is a constructive detail of the hairstyle that is created after the rest of the hair is trimmed. When the haircut is over, strands for bangs need to be brushed, sent in the right direction and cut off (to make the edging).

    The edging is a contour line that borders the curls along the edge and gives the bangs a finishing look. It can be straight, oblique, oval, triangular, stepped, wavy, swallow-shaped, figured, with teeth, etc.

    • If your hair has grown back, renew your bangs yourself. To do this, you need to comb the strand and arrange it as you usually wear it, then trim it carefully. The contour line can be made any, as far as the length of the regrown strand allows.
    • As for the width, the bang should cover the bulge of the forehead, it can reach the temporal depressions. In some haircuts she can stand for whiskey. Before clipping, make a parting triangular, U-shaped or parallel to the hairline.
    • Choose thickness depending on the thickness of your hair.

    Forms fringing bangs: a - straight, b - slanting, c - concave, d - convex, d - triangular, e - fantasy

    There are models that do not depend on the haircut. This is a completely independent parts hairstyle, the remaining strands can be of any length.

    Selection rules

    To look fashionable and harmonious, you need to choose the right bangs. This should take into account the shape and facial features, hair type.

    • If you have a round face, then you are lucky: this form is universal, and therefore you can afford any model. Chubby goes even thick long bangs. A shortened version will make you more young and flirty. If you want to make the image feminine and romantic, choose the medium length option (up to the middle of the forehead). An asymmetrical haircut perfectly complements the model with oblique edging, which, moreover, visually makes the face more narrow.
    • The owners of oval-shaped faces are not so rich choice. Graduated model will make the hair more stylish and sophisticated. Uneven, torn strands add a special charm to the look. Smooth long bang makes her mistress mysterious and charming.
    • In the case of a square face, you need to somehow soften the angular features. This can be done with the help of a properly selected bang. Asymmetrical models look original, bright and spectacular. In addition, they visually pull the face, make the features more elegant. The main taboo - heavy, thick bangs.
    • Girls with a triangular face look great with a long bang (up to the eyebrow line). The strand must be thick enough.
    • Women with miniature facial features are more likely to have shortened versions (up to the middle of the forehead or slightly higher). As for the structure, it should be torn, and the tips - highly profiled.
    • If you have wide cheekbones and a narrow chin, then you can hide a similar contrast with the help of a properly selected haircut. The best option is a rare bang just below the middle of the forehead.
    • If you have thin, sparse curls that curl, but you still want a bang, get ready for daily styling with a straightener and varnish. The ideal option is a deep bang, which starts from the crown and ends above the eyes. This model will make the hair more voluminous, provided that you will pack it with a hairdryer and a round brush.

    Tooling and cutting technology

    Any beginner hairdresser can not do without direct sharp scissors and comb with rare teeth. With the help of a comb with frequent teeth and a sharp tip, you will separate thin strands. We also need special scissors for hair filing and shading, clips.

    The technology is quite simple:

    • comb your hair carefully
    • pinch it between your index and middle fingers,
    • pull the strand to the nose or up,
    • cut it off.

    If you need a shortened model, make a cut over the nose bridge, and if it is long, then just below the nose bridge.

    Smooth bangs

    If you choose a direct model, then you need to know that it requires constant updating of the form. The procedure is simple, and therefore it can be carried out independently.

    • First of all, take care of the lighting, it should be bright.
    • Make a triangular parting, fix the remaining strands with hairpins.
    • Carefully comb the bang, divide it into 3 identical strands.
    • Take the central strand, hold it between your fingers, stretch, lift and cut off the excess. To get exactly, hold the scissors obliquely (at a 45 ° angle).
    • Equate the right and left strand on the center.
    • Divide the right strand into 2 layers, trim the lower one along the central strand, and make the upper one a little longer.

    • Adjust, process the gel. Done!

    Bang and hair of the same length

    This is a model without a clear edging. It is ideal for fine hair that curls.

    1. Moisturize the strands.
    2. Part it, collect the rest of the strands in the tail.
    3. Separate the first thin curl, cut to the desired length. This will be the control curl to which you want to navigate.
    4. Separate the next curl 1 cm wide.
    5. Take 2 strands, lift perpendicular to the head, make a cut on the control.

    Smooth bangs

    To beautifully cut bangs, you do not need to be a professional.

    1. Moisten hair.
    2. Make a rectangular or triangular parting, the resulting strand - this is the future bangs.
    3. Divide it into 3 horizontal levels, fasten the upper barrettes.
    4. The first parting is the rarest (depth is 1 cm). Separate the control curl and cut to the desired length.
    5. Focusing on the control curl, continue to cut the rest.
    6. To make the line perfectly flat, cut each curl 1 mm lower than the previous one. When the hair is dry, the bang will be smooth.
    7. Dry, make styling. Done!

    Two-level bangs

    Create an interesting, original image will help bang, which consists of two levels. The top layer is slightly longer than the bottom, it looks very unusual.

    1. Make a rectangular or triangular parting, moisten the strand. The rest of the hair collect in the tail, so as not to interfere.
    2. Divide the bangs into 3 horizontal levels.
    3. Start working from the bottom.
    4. Take a thin curl and cut it so that it reaches the middle of the forehead. This will be the control strand.
    5. Cut the strands, focusing on the control.
    6. Comb the second layer of hair on your face, trim it on the first.
    7. Release the third layer, comb and begin to cut a little lower than the previous 2 layers. The difference between them is from 1 to 5 cm.
    8. Profile, dry and lay. Done!

    "Rvanka" with edging

    This model is very popular. To cut the fringe itself, follow these steps:

    1. Part in the shape of a rectangle or a triangle, collect the remaining hair in the tail. Moisten and comb the hair.
    2. Deepen the ends of the scissors in the fringe and cut it with small or large teeth. If the strand is thick, then the teeth are large, and if rare - small. Remember about the length, because the strands after drying slightly bounce.
    3. Make the teeth across the entire width. The contour may be straight, oblique, wavy, etc.
    4. Profile the hair.
    5. Comb, trim, make styling.

    "Rvanka" without edging

    1. Make a deep triangular or rectangular parting, moisten hair. The rest of the hair mass collect in the tail.
    2. Brush the strand carefully. Deepen the tips of the scissors in the fringe and cut the teeth at the desired length. Pryadki can be sheared at different levels.
    3. Cut the teeth across the entire width.
    4. Divide the bangs into vertical curls.
    5. Separate the vertical strand (1 cm thick), comb and lift at a 90 ° angle. Squeeze it with your index and middle fingers, something like a triangle of hair ends forms between them - cut it off.
    6. Repeat the procedure for all strands.
    7. Profile.
    8. Correct at your discretion.
    9. Dry, lay. Done!

    Milled fringe

    Milling is a procedure of artificial thinning hair. In this way, the gap between long and short strands is smoothed, the haircut looks more natural, and its shape is improved. To do this, use special thinning shears.

    House filing procedure:

    1. Divide the bangs across the entire width of the strands (1–2 cm thick).
    2. Take a strand, twist it into a bundle.
    3. With the help of thinning shears, make an incision in the middle of the tow, and then a little lower 2.5 cm to the end.
    4. Repeat the procedure for the remaining strands.
    5. Done!

    Can I have a haircut for pregnant?

    Many wonder whether it is possible to cut bangs during pregnancy. According to popular belief, women in the position are forbidden to cut their hair, as this is harmful to the health of the future mother and child. It all depends on you and the degree of your superstition.

    As for medicine, then, from her point of view, haircuts are not contraindicated. If a new hairstyle will lift your spirits, it will only be useful. The choice is yours!

    Watch the video: How To Cut Your Own Bangs Fringe DIY (March 2020).