70 of the most beautiful haircuts for curly hair

Every woman (girl, girl) with curly hair at least once heard in her address from the owner of straight curls something like: “Oh, you have amazing curls! I wish I were like that! ”Envious sighs and looks can be safely taken as a compliment, because actually keeping wavy hair in order is quite tiring, and it’s not easy to cause them to admire them! Therefore, if you are wondering how to care for curly hair, we offer you a comprehensive guide to creating a stylish image with healthy spiral curls.

2) Cutting frequency

Broken tips do not add beauty to anyone, so systematically cut your hair to prevent their appearance. If you want to have healthy curls that look fresh and elastic, go to a hairdresser or trim split ends at home every eight to ten weeks.

3) Develop your own curly care regimen

Try to mix 2-3 cosmetic products that meet specific needs when modeling hairstyles. Good results can be achieved with a combination of smoothing whey, mousse, coconut oil and styling gel. Such a "cocktail" allows you to get a reliable fixation, but it does not make the hair dry and crisp. Experiment - and, probably, you will think up something innovative.

4) Choosing the right comb

Use a comb with wide teeth instead of a brush. Wavy curls - this is the most fragile type of hair, in which each spiral is a potential point of rupture. Combing with a comb with wide teeth spares and does not violate the natural structure of the curls as much as a brush would.

7) Diffuser for creating perfect curls

If you still do not know what a diffuser is, then you lose a lot. So, the diffuser is one of those strange nozzles that come with a hairdryer. Drying with its help does not take much time, because thanks to the needle-like structure, the “fingers” of the diffuser evenly distribute the air between neatly disentangled hair, without injuring them. Thus, they do not turn into a total fluffy mass, as usually happens if you dry your curls naturally. Moreover, the nozzle not only preserves the integrity of the curls, but also increases their volume.

Proper use of a hair diffuser includes the following steps:

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo.
  2. Use air conditioning.
  3. Squeeze out excess moisture with a towel or microfiber cloth.
  4. Apply mousse with the function of protection against heat.
  5. Give each curl the desired shape, twisting the spiral fingers.
  6. Bend your head forward or to the side, placing the dryer with a diffuser at a right angle to yourself.
  7. Bring the hair dryer to the head so that the curls themselves wound on the needle projections of the nozzle.
  8. Turn on the hair dryer and start drying.
  9. Then again apply on strands of mousse mousse, but now selectively.
  10. Repeat the drying.

Then it remains only to lay the hair with your hands and fix the result with varnish.

So, given how difficult it is to care for curls, the above list of 7 simple tips will help ease this tedious routine process and bring it to automatism.

Options for short hair

Short haircut looks sporty and at ease. Previously, the short view was not used for curly, but today it is fashionable, stylish and youth. This hairstyle requires every day to style hair and carefully care for them. You can create a fervent and fashionable image.

Haircut for curly hair "under the boy" is provided for women of thin type, with refined features. Easily formed hairstyle, you need to beat the hair with your fingers. If in the process of drying curls pull out, you get curls of a strict form.

Fashionable looks "bob". Suitable for individuals with oval or triangular faces. Daily care is necessary, but gives a feminine and sexy features.

Non-standard option "bob asymmetrical type" or square. Such haircuts are suitable for girls with large features. With the help of this hairstyle, you can make the desired emphasis on dignity, to divert attention from the shortcomings.
Thus, you can choose the option for short hair and create the desired fashionable image. There is an opportunity to create a fervent, youth or feminine sexual style.

This length requires regular visits to the hairdresser to maintain a neat line and shape. So that the hair does not look dry, it is recommended nutrition and hydration. Proper care products can advise a specialist.

Haircuts for curly medium hair

Hairstyles with short curls create a youth image, and medium - suitable for the fairer sex of any age. Such haircuts emphasize the dignity of its owner, camouflage flaws.

Curly hair has a special structure, the hair bulb has the form of a comma, on the head there are fewer of them than of straight lines. They are dry, because the subcutaneous fat is located near the roots, at the tips is practically absent. Therefore, proper care, timely moisturizing and the correct form of a haircut are very important.

For hair that has an average length, an average four of a kind in combination with various bangs are perfect. They create an amazing feminine image, oblique view perfectly with the face having an elongated shape. A good combination gives a direct bang. For curls of medium length, you can try the version of the elongated caret.

Hairdressers use the "bean", made in an elongated version on one side. From it, you can also create an elegant hairstyle.

A great option - a multi-layered haircut. It emphasizes the natural shape of curls, fits perfectly.
Thus, curly or bob haircuts that are combined with various types of bangs or without it are suitable for curly hair. The choice depends on the shape of the face and the style of the owner of the curly hair. It is necessary to regularly visit the hairdresser to remove split ends.

Haircuts for long hair

Long curly hair looks luxurious. This hair requires competent care. Subcutaneous fat is found at the very roots, the hair follicle has the shape of a curved comma, so it does not reach the tips because of the length. They split and look dry and neglected. It is required to regularly visit a hairdresser, select the right means for moisturizing and care.

Looks great haircut in the style of "cascade", which creates an imitation of a natural waterfall of hair of different lengths on the head. It is carried out on the basis of an elongated caret, but has a gradual elongation and multi-layer. The complement of such a hairstyle with multicolor coloring looks gorgeous. This haircut is a universal option for any type of curls.

Haircut in the form of "ladder" or "graduated". In this case, many layers of hair are applied only on the front strands. It gives the hair extra volume, visually increases the length.

To create a hairstyle you need a little patience and fantasy. Curls are required to give a natural shape. You can apply the entire length of the gel, comb with a brush that has wooden teeth, hands to give the desired shape.
It is also permissible to raise the curls near the roots, to make a comb, it turns out a solemn fluffy hairstyle.
With such hair you need to experiment, look for your style, create a unique image.

Trendy haircuts

In 2015, haircuts for curly hair are fashionable options that can emphasize femininity and personality. Hairdressing with curls was especially popular at shows of hairdressing.
The most stylish option is recognized as a "cascade". With it, you can adjust the shape of the oval face.

If the face has a round type, then there is the possibility of visual lengthening. It is necessary to cover the cheeks and cheekbones, comb the hair on the crown. It is interesting to experiment with the shape and length of the bangs (oblique, straight, stepped). This solution allows for easy care, apply cleanser to clean and wet curls, give shape to the hands. Ready hairstyle for a weekday and a solemn occasion.

The easiest option - loose hair, perfectly hold the shape for a long time. Haircut "square" emphasizes the beauty and thickness of hair. Suitable for thick and thin curls, can serve as the main type of hair, allows you to create different types of hairstyles.

Depending on the height of the girl varies the length. Slight growth provides short, and high - long haircut. The image ends with a bang, which is recommended to choose depending on the type of face, height and shape. There is an opportunity to graduate, to mill the bangs or tips, so that they look neat and well-groomed.

Bob haircut

The owners of curls are constantly tormented by the question of how to tame the curls and look stylish, beautiful and fashionable.
Popular "bob". It is used for short and medium hair. Allows you to experiment with bangs.

Perfect for owners of soft wavy curls, especially beautiful on thin hair. Allows the use of various accessories, which allows you to change your everyday look, create bright, solemn hairstyles.

Haircut in the style of "bob" looks perfect for girls who have an oval or triangular face shape. If it has a square shape (or large features), then it will perfectly correct the shape of a “bob” of an asymmetrical appearance. The unusual line will emphasize the advantages and allow you to hide flaws. For hair of medium length, an elongated version is formed on one side, suitable even for a solemn hairstyle.

Haircut requires perfect lines, so you need to regularly visit the hair salon, monitor the condition of the hair. They need to feed, handle tips. Then you will look irresistible among other women.

In the fashion shows of 2015, the haircut with the name cascade received the most popularity. It is multifunctional, provides for various versions of the image, emphasizes the advantages and hides the shortcomings of its owner.

Hair of curly type delivers a lot of problems, sometimes their wild look does not fit into the style of a business office or a strict educational institution. The easiest option - classically dissolve on the shoulders. In order for such an image to look modestly and carefully applied cascading haircut. Perhaps a combination with bangs. It will have to straighten every day, but it will help to create a beautiful face design, soften its sharp features, create a feminine image.

If a girl has a narrow face, then it makes sense to choose an average length. With the use of a cascade, the image will become more harmonious. A framing of curls will appear, the image will become soft and soft. This version of the haircut facilitates the process of daily styling, perfectly keeps its shape.

Curly hair has a very capricious structure, therefore it is necessary to take care of them especially carefully. Trimming the tips is recommended at least once every six weeks; regular moisturizing is required.

Highlights will look highlighting two or three strands, for extra shine you can use professional tools designed to care for curly hair.

Thus, haircut cascade is a fashionable and convenient solution for medium or long curly hair.

Haircuts for thick curly hair

Thick hair is the pride of all the fair sex. They make the image chic, expensive and luxurious.

For short thick hair cut hairstyle. Curls that make up look neat. You can create a fervent image by simply beating the curls with your fingers and fixing them with special means. With this hairstyle you will always look stylish and young.

For medium hair, a great solution would be an elongated bob, square or cascade. The first two options create a romantic image, allow you to look fun and stylish. With the help of a cascade image you can constantly vary, correct facial features. Perfectly gives in to leaving and laying, is good for everyday life and holidays.

For long thick curly hair, a ladder and a cascade are intended. There are many options for styling, coloring and highlighting. It looks interesting painting in several colors with smooth transitions.

Thick curly hair requires very careful care, it lacks moisture, so you need to constantly nourish and moisturize the hair. The salon recommends a modern procedure - cutting with hot scissors when each hair is soldered. This protects against the appearance of split ends.

Thus, for thick hair is very important type of haircut and gentle care.

Haircuts for thin, sparse curly hair

Girls who have straight hair, envy those from whom they naturally curl. Most of the representatives of the weaker sex have a rare hair, therefore it causes a lot of torment. The main task is to choose the right haircut and the appropriate styling. Then wavy and thin curls will look stylish, neat and elegant.

A perfect solution would be a haircut cascade. It is necessary to grow the length approximately shoulder length, hair color can be any. The straightened strands look interesting, the glare they create visually increase the volume. This option is especially advantageous for those persons whose face shape has an elongated shape.

To make a haircut with such a haircut on fine hair, you just need to dry it, with your head tilted down, direct the air flow from the roots, while giving your fingers the desired shape of curls. The tips of the curls can be fixed with a gel or wax.

For long rare curls haircut ladder is suitable. Every day you need a styling, but it is very simple. For drying, a hairdryer is used that has special nozzles that allow for additional volume, then fixation with mousse is needed. Bangs for this option can be any (oblique, torn, long or short).

Owners of rare curls need to regularly visit the hairdresser, trim the split ends. Otherwise, the hairstyle will look sloppy.

Car for curly hair

One of the fashionable solutions for curls this season is cutting haircuts. Ideal for short and medium curly hair. It becomes the basis for modern styling, universal and suitable for almost all girls.

This decision emphasizes the luxury of curly hair. Depending on the structure of the curls, their ideal length and style are chosen.

If you choose the right length, you can perfectly balance facial features, make it more tender. Especially popular is the view that completely opens the neck.

Looks impressive hairstyle, made on the basis of a cascade type, consisting of curls of different lengths. Harmonious lower cut along the line of hair. Additional volume is created in the process of drying the hair dryer at an angle, directing air from the roots. Fix curls with special styling.

Finishes the image properly selected bangs. Especially popular is the short one, which slightly covers the forehead.
Thus, the square is suitable for women with curly hair, allows you to create different images. Easy to lay.

It requires regular visits to the hair salon to adjust the shape of the haircut, to remove split ends.

Options with bangs

Curly hair creates a lot of problems to its owners. You need to constantly think through possible options for haircuts, styling and fixation tools.

Bangs on curls allows you to change the image, create fashionable images. You need to know the right tricks to take care of this hairstyle.

The basic version offered by stylists is long curls in combination with straight bangs. You can straighten at home with the help of an iron or in the cabin by chemical means.

From the long curls you can braid an unusual braid around the head, from it to release a careless strand in the form of bangs. Curl of curls should be free, it gives the appearance of tenderness and femininity.

An amazing option - haircut bob elongated type with bangs. It can be straight, the length to the eyebrows is recommended, it can be slightly thinned. Suitable for dark girls.

Haircuts with bangs allow you to experiment, create a new style. Long can be stabbed, removed, tighten the tail. With the help of a short you can create a youth, naughty and sports image.

We select haircut by type of face

Many girls consider their face model to be bad and imperfect. But it can always be adjusted by selecting the appropriate type of haircut.

For the face of the oval type, symmetrical and asymmetrical haircuts are perfect, various combinations with or without bangs are possible. Long and loose hair are not recommended, they are able to age their owner.

In women with a round face type, it looks flat. The hairstyle should visually stretch it out, make it oval. Haircuts that increase the volume of cheekbones and cheeks should be avoided. Straight bangs and parting are not allowed. The perfect solution is oblique bangs, creates asymmetry, closes the cheeks and covers the front part, pulls out the form.

Lush views will do, you can comb curls upward, then a width larger than the face itself is created, it becomes narrower, a general oval silhouette is created. In general, the hairstyle should have the shape of a cone: wide top and narrow bottom.

For a square-shaped face, a graduated square looks great, which covers the lower jaw, which has wide corners. Also beautiful option in the style of "bob". Medium length wavy type hair is a good solution. Not recommended straight bangs, symmetrical hair. They make heavy, rough features.

Triangular shape. The ideal length is slightly below the chin line. Suitable square, forehead may be long or oblique. Too short bang options are not suitable, smooth side style, parting straight.

For the full type of hairdressers offer hairstyles that can visually lengthen, pull down the front part. Asymmetrical haircuts, oblique bangs are recommended.

Properly chosen type of haircut can correct the contours of the face, to make their hostess delicate and feminine. Women's magazines, stylists and hairdressers will be able to assist.

If the hair is very curly

The choice of haircut depends on the length of the hair. They are short, long or medium. You also need to take into account the shape of the face, color, structure, skin tone, height, shape and image of a girl.

If a woman has short curly hair, then a four of a kind, a bob, a garcon, a cascade or a short flight of stairs will do. An interesting option "Afro", which can be combined with ribbons, hoops and other decorations.

For medium-sized ones, a good option would be a bob or a square. Perhaps the use of bangs. Especially important is its daily straightening.

For long, particularly curly hair, hairdressers offer options for multi-layered or multi-stage haircuts (cascade or ladder). If the curls are very curly, then their same length looks careless. The multi-layered texture emphasizes luxury and thick hair.

When caring for particularly curly hair, great attention should be paid to hydration. Their hair follicle has a very bent comma, so subcutaneous fat cannot reach the tips. Requires regular removal of split ends.

An experienced hairdresser will advise means to care, the best result can be achieved by applying the products of professional lines.

How to choose a hairstyle according to the shape of the face?

When choosing a female haircut for curly hair, the shape of the face is one of the fundamental factors. For an oval-shaped face, almost any fashionable haircut is suitable, as is the length of the curls. In the case when the shape of the face is round, voluminous haircuts and medium-length hair can sharpen the focus on roundness, which is undesirable. If the owner of curly hair has a triangular face, then she should not choose short haircuts - they can attract unnecessary attention to a narrow chin.

When choosing a female haircut for curly hair is worth paying attention to the features of facial features. Ottopyrennaya form of ears involves avoiding hairstyles that can show them. The average hair length of a haircut is not suitable for those who have a short neck. If a girl has a long nose, you can disguise it with a short voluminous haircut.

In addition, when choosing a haircut for curly hair should be borne in mind and particular physique. Lush curly hairstyles on long hair make short girls even smaller, but large girls make such haircuts more proportionate. Short curly hair for large girls are not suitable - short haircuts are better for women with slender figure.

Styling features - little tricks

Curly hair is not at all easy to lay at home. Without styling, any haircuts for curly hair will have a scruffy and unappealing look. Creating hairstyles for different haircuts requires some skill, patience and time. In addition, for styling curly hair requires a variety of tools - gels, mousses, varnishes, as well as studs and barrettes. Some girls like to use straightening irons and hair dryers when styling haircuts of various lengths. There are quite a few varieties of styling haircuts for curly hair, the main of which include:

  1. Straightening. Many owners of curly hair tend to straighten strands through the ironing. This is a rather long procedure, but its result is durable and allows you to create hairstyles such as braids, bunches, tails and other haircuts on medium and long lengths. Before straightening, it is necessary to treat the hair with special thermal protective agents. After all the hair needs to be collected in a bun, from which strands are gradually selected for straightening.
  2. Laying with foam. This method is more suitable for haircuts on short curls, but can also be applied to hair of medium length. For such styling, it is recommended to dry the washed curly hair with a towel, then apply the foam on them. After that you need to create a volume at the roots with the help of massaging movements. Such laying on short and medium length haircuts does not require the use of a comb or hair dryer.
  3. Laying with curlers. This method is suitable for curly hair of medium and maximum length. It is important to correctly choose the diameter of the curler. If necessary, emphasize the texture of the hair and give a well-groomed look to the haircut, you must select hair curlers with a small diameter. In that case, if you want to give volume to the hair and straighten the strands a little, it is recommended to select large curlers.
  4. Laying curly hair in the tail. More applicable for haircuts for long hair, takes a little time, but gives the image elegance. To create the styling you need to form a low tail of the strands, fixing it with a tape or a beautiful elastic band.
  5. Hair styling with a “wet effect”. To create such a styling should be applied to the hair gel strong fixation. After that, you need to distribute the curls by hand. Do not use the dryer when drying. This method is suitable for short hair or haircuts of medium length.

A modern girl can’t do without styling. Simple tips and clear photos will help to make an interesting styling on curly hair of any length and any shape of a haircut on your own.

Haircuts for short curly hair: photo

Short haircuts for curly hair will help to create a romantic and slightly playful image. This hairstyle may not be suitable for everyone - curly hair is recommended to cut shortly for those girls who have thin and medium-sized facial features. When choosing a short haircut face shape should be rectangular or oval.

The most successful female haircut in this case is the bob. With this version of a fashionable haircut, you can either straighten your hair to create a strict hairstyle, or, with the help of a gel, emphasize their “curliness” - in the photo you can see advantageous features of this hairstyle. When creating a short haircut on curly hair, it is recommended to make the temporal locks elongated - this technique will make the face thinner, as can be seen in the photo.

Haircuts for curly hair of medium length: photo

Female haircuts for medium-length curly hair offer a wide variety of options. Medium-length hair care is not as tiring as with long curls, and such haircuts look more feminine than short ones. An excellent option for a haircut is a classic car. It is convenient to stack not only traditionally, but also with the use of various techniques.

The most popular among haircuts becomes asymmetrical form of the caret. At the same time, on one side of the face, the strands are made somewhat shorter. This will give the hairstyle of medium length some boldness. Women's haircuts for curly hair of medium length will help to choose a hairdresser according to the photo: a professional approach will allow you to create the most suitable hairstyle.

Haircuts for curly long hair: photo

Long curly hair gives the image of a girl more tenderness. At the same time haircuts for curly hair of such length allow the stylist to show maximum imagination. When choosing a haircut for long hair should pay special attention to some features. For example, a haircut cascade suitable for thin and slightly curly hair - this will increase the volume of hair. Smooth haircut for long curly hair is rational in case of sufficient density of curls - at the same time the form will hold, and the strands will not fluff.

Grading haircuts around the face is recommended for a triangular or rectangular face: curls create volume near the cheekbones and make the image more proportional, it can be noted in the photo. When choosing a haircut for long hair, you need to take into account that short bangs are something that you have to give up, because in any case it will look unnatural.

Proper care for curly (curly) hair

The main feature of curly hair is that its structure is more porous than that of regular straight hair. Because of this, curly hair quickly becomes dull, brittle, lose moisture, and haircut of any length does not retain its shape. On curly hair more pronounced effect have adverse environmental factors: ultraviolet radiation, wind, humidity. For curly hair of any length and shape of a haircut, you must select a competent care. In doing so, you should follow certain recommendations:

  1. To preserve a sufficient level of moisture, it is worth drying the hair in a natural way, without the use of hair dryers, curls, ironers.
  2. Care products - shampoo, balsam, masks - should be chosen from brands specially designed for curly hair. Such means include components necessary for restoring the hair structure.
  3. The conditioner or balm for curly hair is recommended to be applied on the tips - this does not make the hairstyle heavier and will allow to keep the shape of the haircut longer.
  4. For combing curly hair is best suited wooden comb. In the case of short hair you need to comb from the roots, medium length haircuts - from the ends, rising to the roots. A wooden comb will not electrify the hair and make the hairstyle more neat.
  5. Gel and foam should be used as styling products for curly hair. The gel is suitable for creating hairstyles with the effect of “wet hair”, and easy styling of a short haircut can be done using foam. Without laying in any case can not do, so the funds should be as suitable as possible.
  6. At increase in fragility of hair it is recommended to apply masks. The use of these products for curly hair once a week will strengthen the hair of short, medium and maximum length, make haircuts more well-groomed and attractive. You can use ready-made tools, and you can make masks yourself at home.

Stylist tips

Fashionable haircuts for curly hair of short, medium and maximum length will allow you to look perfect and create a unique image that is suitable for any occasion. When choosing a haircut, experts advise to take into account the desired length, shape features and facial features, as well as the nuances of the physique. This will allow, together with the hairdresser on the photo to choose the most suitable option for women's haircuts.

Stylists recommend to abandon short bangs - it is absolutely not suitable for any haircuts on curly hair. The most common and successful options for female haircuts for curly hair, according to stylists, are bob, square and cascade. These versatile haircuts in the capable hands of a professional hairdresser will make the image of a curly beauty even more attractive.

Photos of haircuts for curly hair will allow you to choose the best option for a particular case haircut. Of course, without styling curly hair may not look so attractive, so with any version of the hairstyle you should choose several types of styling for all occasions.

Do I need styling and what to do if the hair is naughty

When caring for curly hair is required every day to put them. They have an interesting structure, because the hair bulb is formed in the shape of a comma, which causes dryness, breakage and negligence.

Drying curls need to produce warm (not hot) air. In the process to form the desired shape of curls (you can just fingers), then fix.

Before going to the hairdresser should take into account:

  • Type of face contour.
  • Hair length
  • Colour.
  • The desired image.
  • The time limit possible for daily installation.

From the answers to these questions depends on the hairstyle model and the time spent on daily care.

Hairstyle for curly hair is done every day, they need to be shaped, to act on curls. If there is a bang, then you need to follow it: straighten, hide or comb.

Very often wavy curls naughty, curl in different directions, look careless. Therefore, it requires regular styling, the formation of curls, proper drying and strong fixation of the result.

When performing haircuts, it is advised to apply graduation, filing, hot scissors. These methods facilitate the daily styling process.

Technique haircut curly hair and step by step instructions

The cutting process consists of 7 stages.

  1. Preparatory step. You need to wash your hair to remove the remnants of dirt, care products and styling. Shampoo and conditioner should be ideal for curly hair. Cutting split ends is recommended for dry hair.
  2. Determination of the shape of the oval face and a selection of the appropriate version of the haircut.
  3. Detailed study of the technique of implementation (you need to study the information, read the tips).
  4. The division of hair into 7 main rows (crown, temples, crown and neck on the right and left side). You need to create a guide line that will clearly define the line of work. It goes from point behind the ear on the right side to the same on the left.We need another 2 points along the crown, which separate the hair located on the crown. Further combing on the top, twisting into a knot and fastening with a barrette. Similarly, you want to do with the hair behind the temples on both sides. Make 2 partings on the back of the head. After fixing all sections, you need to release 1 centimeter from each strand.
  5. To perform a haircut, you need to carefully follow the instructions (start from the neck, in front or around the perimeter of the head).
  6. Slow work performance. Errors then very difficult to fix.
  7. Drying hair. It is necessary to let dry for about 80-90 percent, comb and lay. If irregularities appeared, you will have to resort to correction.

  • Choose a type of haircut that does not require complicated daily styling.
  • This hairstyle is suitable, which can visually bring the oval of the face to the ideal.
  • Perfect haircut, made with the help of "hot scissors." This prevents moisture loss and the appearance of split ends.

Creative, asymmetry, graduation

Curly hair is very difficult to style. For long hair fit multi-layered haircuts in the form of a cascade or a ladder. For short hair is required to select creative options.

Sporting style is achieved with a very short haircut, in which the curls are placed with fingers in artistic confusion and fixed with gel or varnish.

A neat hairstyle is created if you apply strands with filleting or graduation in the process. In this case, the same length of curls is not recommended. This technique beautifully completes the haircut, prevents the appearance of split ends, facilitates the process of daily care.

Milling is the special creation of thin layers, removal of excess volume and artificial thinning. An interesting option for bangs.

Graduation is a style in which the haircut is shorter near the nape. This technique allows you to create a volumetric shape of hair.

Asymmetrical details will help to achieve a wonderful effect. Oblique bangs are able to visually extend the oval of the face, to cover the frontal part. Thinned gives seriousness to the image.

We put in order curly hair

It would be silly to look like a hairstyle from split ends sticking in different directions, right? Firstly, you should not make tragedy out of this: curly hair requires special care, but in its best form it looks simply unique. So the first thing - get rid of the "tow".

  1. Down with the excess. The rings tangled and sticking out in different directions are childishly very cute, but not at all well-groomed for an adult girl. To create a working base for creativity, hairstyle must first be shaped. It is best to do this with the master - trim the tips in the cabin and make the necessary filigree.
  2. Lush curls worth pick up basic care. Here, doctors trichologists recommend contacting professional integrated tools. For example, the line for curly hair from Cationic Hydration Interlink - shampoo and conditioner of this brand will serve as a good solution for everyday care.
  3. Curls oil will not spoil. For thick and tangled rings, Rich Oil MythicOil oil from L ’Oreal Professionel is recommended. The tool disciplines naughty tails, moisturizes and gives shine.
  4. Want to straighten slightly? You can try smoothing conditioners, such as Matrix Deep Smoothing Conditioner Biolage Smooththerapie. A perfectly flat texture will be far away, but the manufacturer promises to turn the tow into smooth and obedient bindweed.

So, let's curls in order. The curls look textural, the hair is moist and shiny. What to do next? Loose hair looks neat and does not interfere only in the case of specially designed haircuts. So try and experiment with the ideas of curly hairstyles.

Hair Style Ideas for Curly Hair: Casual and For Special Occasions

1. Curly Khan. With curly hair, this hairstyle will look very fashionable and harmonious, if you tie a "bump" at the top. Volumetric han is a very feminine solution, especially if his mistress has long hair.

2. Original low tail. So that the everyday tail was not boring and remained a relevant option for Sue Curls - it is enough to braid the ears on the head. Let them not end with braids, but simply loosely spring after the elastic. By the way, it can be hidden by a separate thin strand. This option is suitable for the low tail on the back of the head, and for the horse. The main thing is not to tighten too much - and then the face will look as if recently after a suspender.

3. Short curls can save from dandelion careless weaving. A light spikelet can be braided along the forehead or on the side, used as a “accessory” for a hairstyle or as a salvation from the hair on the eyes. For every taste, so to speak.

4. Side parting, open ear. Will save the image, if the curly wish to flit with a loose mop. "Excess" curls can be hidden invisible or "stick" to the head with hairspray. Airy bow will be complemented with stylish earrings.

5. Add a detail. Depending on the time of year, the format of the event and just the mood you can make out curly hair with the participation of accessories. These can be glasses on the forehead, bandana or solokha - they will open the face and complement the image. Must-kev any curls - double elastic band bezel.

6. Option for the brave - shaved temple. They then go out of fashion, then again come back. But this hairstyle looks very impressive with a fluffy, whipped hairstyle. In addition, at any time you can change the parting and hide the "spaces".

7. African braids and dreadlocks . This decision is most important in the summer, especially on vacation. But for lovers of boho style - why not in winter? eight. Framed face. Whatever the volume and frequency of the ringlets on the head, this method of combing will be suitable for any occasion. About 10 cm from the forehead and up to the crown - to braid in the spikelets, you can try one volume side. The back of the hairstyle should be lush. The main thing is that the world before our eyes is now so huge and clear, and the hair at the same time lies naturally and does not interfere.

The thick curly hairstyle has one big plus: any everyday hairstyle can be easily turned into a holiday with the help of small accessories or separately selected parts of the image.

How to stack very curly hair?

Means for other types of hair will not work here - they simply will not pull this unbearable burden. Give the strands the necessary shape or just put in the hair will help special tools for curls. In fact, they are not so few - you need to find your product depending on the quality of the hair and the desired result.

  • Let's start with a comb. Very tight and small demon on the head, alas, can not be either scallops or massage. These accessories either get stuck in the hair, or break at all. This "cap" has to be whipped with your fingertips with the help of special styling tools. We will describe them below. Curly girls with more obedient hair can take advantage of special massage combs and brushing. They have quite rare “teeth” that don't tear their hair. Excellent solution - ceramic combs with ionization function.
  • Moroccan oil developed a whole series for styling curly hair. Among them are a good base mousse Curl Control Mousse and a special moisturizing styling cream Hydrating Styling Cream.
  • Hair spray it is better to choose with high fixation. But in this case, you will have to wash your head very carefully, using a decent amount of balm, so as not to damage the "stuck together" hair. In no case can not comb already laid hair.

How curls help to easily conquer a man's heart

Such an approach is not entirely sensible, because in this way you hide your own dignity, which is able to completely outright and conquer even the most callous male heart. Much more effective when the hair is curled, pick up a spectacular haircut that emphasizes your gorgeous curls.

Incorrectly chosen haircut for curly hair looks sloppy, and since it visually grows slower, be extremely vigilant. Choose together with the master an option in which daily installation will require a minimum of effort and money to fix.

It is important to choose the right haircut

Styling examples for long, loose strands with bangs

It is easiest to take care of long curly locks, because under their own weight they straighten somewhat. Win-win - a cascade haircut, which looks very impressive and allows you to slightly adjust the shape of the face. For narrow-faced girls, it’s enough to add bangs that are trimmed with “feathers” and half hiding the frontal lobe to their image to get a stunning look. A slightly cascade with curls that hide the cheekbones will help to draw out a round face.

Long hair care easier

Options for medium to short natural hair

The owners of curls of medium length will go cut in a semicircle, elongated square or the same cascade. Trimmed with steps, ledges or in the form of a semicircle curls lie effectively, require minimal effort for everyday installation. French square, when the back of the hair is shorter than the front is suitable for kucheryashek different intensity - from African curls to slightly wavy curls.

Owners of medium-length hair cut in a semi-circle

Short haircuts for curly hair will suit the owners of thin curls in their structure, allowing them to create the look of lush, playful curls. There are a great many styles of haircuts for short curly hair. It can be fashionable now shortened or elongated pixie, combining short curls at the temples and a cap on the back of the head, asymmetry, bob, giving additional volume to the already lush head of hair.

Shortened pixie

Remember, the basis of any hairstyle for curly hair - well-chosen haircut, made by a skilled hairdresser, able to give advice on the features of daily styling.

Women's evening and business hairstyles

Curly hair - it is always an original hairstyle, which will take just a few minutes to create, even just dismissing the curls, you are ready to go out. But besides this, simple hairstyles for curly hair delight with its wide variety, femininity and charm.

Children's curly hairstyle

Easy styling curls for school or kindergarten: girls and boys

Everyday children's hairstyles for curly hair are created with a few hairpins or rim. Do not be zealous with curling irons, irons and fixing agents, as the curls of little princesses are softer and thinner than in adults. Even an ordinary "Malvinka" on curly children's hair looks just great. However, such hairstyles for long curly hair for hyperactive children are not suitable, as they can cause prickly heat on the neck.

Girl with curly hair

How to quickly make a sophisticated Greek hairstyle with your own hands

A simple and uncomplicated version of the Greek hairstyle for curly hair with their own hands to do is not a problem at all. It is suitable for important events as well as for everyday life. To give a casual look to sophistication and aristocracy, use all kinds of tiaras, athenes, headbands, artificial or live flowers.

Greek hairstyle with flowers

It’s not at all necessary to have a long head of hair to create such beauty on your head, Greek hairstyles for curly hair of average length are no less relevant.

Greek hairstyle with diadem

Create a beautiful beam at home: a step by step guide

Ordinary bun - a simple and optimal option for everyday hairstyles for medium curly hair, looking deliberately casually and naturally. Beauties with straight curls to achieve a similar effect have to spend a lot of time, use an arsenal of styling tools, you are given it by nature.

Ordinary beam

To pacify the disobedient, knocking out curls will help all kinds of accessories:

Waterfall - the wedding version of fluffy haircuts

The hairstyle of the waterfall jet looks great on straight hair, but on curly hair it is just gorgeous. To create a similar design on your head, braid a braid from the side strand, leaving the main part of the hair loose.

Hairstyles with curly hair in a waterfall style will suit both jeans and an airy summer dress, and for a romantic date just add a bright and stylish accessory.

Hairstyle waterfall

Braids or other hair weaving for an adult or child

Hairstyles for curly hair based on a variety of weaving techniques are varied. You can spit cuckery into a French braid, harness, or fishtail. These variations of braids on curly locks look more beautiful and more voluminous than on straight lines. Do not pursue the ideal, slight messing up will give your image extra naturalness.

Tips and rules for the care of thin strands for every day

  1. Elegant structural curls will help to form a high-quality stepped haircut,
  2. Try not to shorten dramatically your curls, because curly short hair strongly push and only a little regrown curls become more obedient.
  3. Do not mock your curls, especially in wet weather, you will not trample against nature. Pierce your tail or form an elegant and simple bunch on your head.
  4. Curly hair so prone to dryness, try not to overdry it with a hairdryer,

Do not overdry hair dryer

  • If you can not do without a hair dryer, direct jets of hot air in a straight line along the hairline,
  • When creating hairstyles for curled hair, give preference not to brushes, but combs from natural materials with sparse teeth,
  • Do not save on cosmetics. Masks, balms, conditioners - the best friends of your curls.
  • Watch the video: 100 Years of Curly Hair. Allure (March 2020).