10 best wedding hairstyles for short hair

It looks very feminine, especially if you choose the right style for it.

You can make large curls, create a retro styling and stab your hair back. If desired, you can use overhead strands.

This haircut resembles a bob, but the difference is that the ends of the strands that frame the face are always rounded.

As for the wedding styling, fine curls will fit, styling with fleece, styling in the style of "cabaret".

You can also experiment with the parting: it can be straight, oblique, zigzag, wavy.

This short haircut looks very interesting. As a wedding styling, you can use retro curls.

You can also comb the hair on the forehead or crown.

Very bold option - Mohawk, but not the same as punks do, but softer, suggesting rounding of the strands towards the back of the head.

Pixie is a very short ragged haircut that has its zest.

She beautifully frames the face, focusing on his features.

This hairstyle can be smoothed or create sloppy feathers.

Various accessories will help make her more feminine.

All kinds of hairstyles with curls and curls look very good on short hair. They can be both large and rare. You can also create a retro-laying in the spirit of movie actresses of the 20s.

Well can look slightly careless and chaotic large curls.

They can be supplemented with fresh flowers and other accessories.

It is important to match the dress and hair: if it is light, flowing, it is better to choose careless curls, if it is smooth and straight, then it is better to create clear curls.

Girls who want to create a gentle and sophisticated image, can remove hair. This simple hairstyle will focus on facial features.

It is recommended to supplement it with various accessories.

This can be a classic veil, and, for example, a veil.

You can collect the hair completely, if length permits, or to stab only part of it.

If you wear a bang, it is worth considering how it will be combined with styling. Bangs can be straight, oblique, short, long, thick or sparse, profiled.

Take into account that straight bangs will not fit well with curls, and vice versa - if it curls, then the image with straight hair will not be harmonious.

If you want to create a styling in a retro style, you can twist the bangs out.

You can also comb bangs, adding volume to it. Straight bangs fit the iron.

Veil - an important and beautiful addition to the image of the bride! See interesting options for wedding hairstyles with a veil for short hair.

We thought about a hairdress, now we will think also about a make-up. In this article you will find examples of wedding makeup for blondes with blue eyes.

Best wedding hairstyles for short hair 55 photos

Here are the wedding hairstyles for short hair that you will love. There are many wedding hairstyles for short hair. In order not to bother you with a long and painful choice on the eve of the wedding.

At such a moment there is never enough time to solve various problems related to the wedding, so we chose the best wedding hairstyles for you. So, let's not talk for a long time and proceed to view the wedding haircuts for short hair.

1. Wavy hairstyle crochet short hair for a wedding

First, let's look at the wedding hairstyle for a round face. This haircut bob caret - one of the most versatile for short hair for a wedding. Length is just enough to create curls with a wavy texture, in some cases, you can make a bang. However, please note that the bang does not fit every face shape.

You can wind strands with a short haircut with a curling iron or with curlers, if your hair does not twist and curl by nature. Add a beautiful hair ornament and you will look even more feminine and majestic.

3. Simple short haircut elf for a wedding

This bride just made herself an elf haircut, without curling her hair or using any jewelry. A haircut looks great when a bride with beautiful features wears it without accessories.

She successfully emphasized her personality with a simple haircut elf. Hair accessories also look good on wedding hairstyles. Review the photo with the elf haircuts below, and you will have many ideas for your hairstyle.

4. Wedding hairstyles for short hair for blondes

This bride first made hair styling using conventional hair care products, and then added a bezel embellished with accessories that made her look natural. Wedding hairstyles for short hair for blondes look great if they are decorated with sophisticated accessories, as in the photo below:

5. Wedding hairstyles for short hair for brunettes

First, divide the hair into strands and braid them, then fix the decoration in the form of a sprig on the hair. Do not fasten anything with a braid. The second way to make this hairstyle is to curl your hair and decorate your hair with a flower accessory. Dark hair shines more when braided or brushed high back:

6. Classic wedding hairstyles for short hair for blondes

You do not know how to make a wedding hairstyle for short hair as in the photo? And to make such a wedding hairstyle without a bang is very simple.

First you need to straighten the hair so that they look smooth and divide them into parts. Take the front of the hair and fasten it on top with a fashionable wedding accessory.

See below for some other wedding hairstyle ideas for short hair for blondes.

In the photo above, a wedding hairstyle for short hair with bangs and a veil, the bride looks just great. Such an image is truly classic.

In the photo above, a wedding hairstyle for short hair with a veil and a diadem that looks just gorgeous, be sure to try to make yourself such a hairstyle. At the end of the article you can send your photo with the result, it will be very interesting for us to see what happened.

Best wedding hairstyles for short hair: 77 photos

Short hair usually looks gorgeous, easy to fit and gives a special style to its owner.

So why so often there is a panic before the wedding, girls with short hair begin to grow hair, and some (imagine it happens) are afraid to say "yes" because of their short haircut.

Is not it nonsense? The bride does not have to have long hair to be fabulously beautiful! Is short hair a part of your style? Make them work for you on your happiest day. And we will help you choose the best options!

Make a fashionable "prilis"

What could be sexier than wet hair combined with smoky makeup? Why not choose this styling for the wedding? Moreover, to make it easier than ever, and you can be sure that your head will be fine until the morning! Apply strong fixation gel to wet hair and put the hair as you wish. It is not necessary to comb them back, you can part side or release the bangs on the forehead. Decide what will better emphasize your beauty.

Glamor styling for short hair

Yes, even short haircuts are transformed with styling in the style of "The Great Gatsby"! Why not try it for you too? After all, this goes for absolutely everyone, and you can decorate the head with a beautiful accessory or leave it in the “pristine” beauty.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair: ideas

We hope that you are convinced that even with a short haircut you can be a smart bride? To finally dispel all possible doubts, we made for you a selection of photos of the most beautiful brides with short hair.

Interesting and expressive wedding hairstyles for short hair: photos of original styling with and without accessories

Wedding hairstyle for short hair is no less interesting and expressive than long curls. Correctly lay the strands, select the appropriate accessories: your image will certainly delight the groom and guests.

The original hairstyle for the wedding is easy to do yourself. A shoulder-length caret or ultra-short bean is the ideal base for a fashionable, eye-catching look.

Photo and description of stylish wedding hairstyle destroys the myth that "short hair is not suitable for the bride."

After buying a dress, think about the hair.

A few weeks before the most romantic holiday, engage closely with the choice of styling for your hair length. Take into account not only the shape of the face, but also the state of the hair.

Useful tips:

  • oval. The perfect shape fits most haircuts. Lay the bob and bob in an original way, complete with a rim with floral motifs, a bandage, a satin ribbon, a single flower. If the strands reach almost to the shoulders, create a small volume in the area of ​​the crown, slightly twist the tips up or down. Don't turn your head into a ball
  • long face. Slightly curl strands, fluff in the middle part of the hairstyle, soften the sharp features. Stylists recommend to abandon ultrashort haircuts for a narrow, thin face. If the caret, then graduated, if layered haircut, then twist the tips up to equalize the proportions,
  • square. Short strands are permissible, side parting is required or lack thereof. The length should be below or above the level of the chin, but by no means equal to it. Choose an elongated bob or asymmetrical bang. Soften the "square" will help high styling with long side strands, torn ends, soft, calm hair color,
  • a circle. High styling with volume at the crown, side parting, long side strands, perfectly smooth hair, retro waves will help stretch the round face slightly. Asymmetrical haircut - magic wand for a round, often fat face. The volume in the ear zone is contraindicated,
  • pear shape (trapezoidal) shape. Focus on the tips for the square shape, but bolder to release side strands at the cheeks to even out the proportions. Ultrashort haircuts are not your option. Laying should be perfect. Stylish, large enough accessories at the top of the haircut will distract attention from the trapezoid.

Wedding styling for short strands

Listen to the advice of stylists, take into account your preferences, look at the photo gallery. What different images of brides!

The minimum length of curls is not a hindrance to the share of creating an impressive styling. A couple of weeks before the wedding, two or three times put your hair, so that on the wedding day you quickly, without much excitement, do your hair. Fasten the accessory, check whether the flower or dressing is firmly held, and whether the lacquer fixes the hair well.

For laying short pryadok need:

  • high quality styling products
  • round brush
  • hair dryer
  • curling iron
  • frequent scallop
  • invisible hairpins, hairpins,
  • matching accessories.

Classic look

Veil is a traditional accessory that emphasizes the freshness and romance of the image. In recent years, the fair sex often refuses to delicate flowing fabric in favor of other, equally original, delicate decorations for a festive look.

Description of popular wedding hairstyles with a veil for short hair can be found on this page. Beautifully laid, healthy short strands blend harmoniously with an elegant dress, cute accessories.

Stylish hairstyles without veils

The original decor will help create a gentle romantic image. Replace the veil with a diadem, a refined hair clip, a beautiful flower, a rim, a wreath or a veil, and you will be irresistible.

Hairstyles without veils are suitable for young girls and respectable ladies. Pick an image based on the style of your outfit. Take into account fashion trends, ask what wedding accessories are relevant in this season.

Take a look at the photo. What a variety of styling! Regardless of hair color, face shape, short strands laid plus an original accessory perfectly complement each other.

If you're a fan of shocking, look at this bold image. A careless, graded four-seater with a short nape looks spectacularly against the background of an original dress with a luxurious bow.

Tip! Give the hair a rich burgundy color, add a depth of “mahogany” or “hot chocolate”.

Delicate image with flowers

The current trend of the new season. Floral motifs are not spared wedding images. Large, small, single, on a twig, delicate, cute flowers adorn the strands of the most beautiful brides.

Place an elegant bob that is shoulder-length or just below it in a low lateral tuft. If a little lacks length, attach to the tail artificial strands of a suitable shade or finished chignon.

Tip! Choose strands on high quality hairpins: they can be curled, braided, sprayed with varnish without loss of appearance.

Decorate with original colors of different shapes. Hue - depending on the style of the wedding dress.

Short strands are not a hindrance for fixing floral accessories. Elegant, delicate buds look equally well on a volumetric bundle of curls of medium length and smooth styling for short strands.

Pixie haircut or bob lay in a new way:

  • apply wax or gel,
  • pull the fringe,
  • strand smoothly lay,
  • comb your hair back,
  • sprinkle with strong varnish,
  • on the side of the invisible attach a living flower
  • This season, however, as in the past, tender orchids are popular.

Graduated square with a shortened nape smooth combs, add a small amount or twist along the entire length. Elegant styling will emphasize the freshness of the image. A small flower on dark waves looks cute and gentle.

Luxurious flowers of different sizes effectively stand out among the dark hairs. The rich color of the hair is a suitable basis for creating a “flower” image.

It is desirable for the owners of blond hair to make highlights, to emphasize the color with coloring, to refresh the hair strands with an effective blond. The fair-haired beauties will have flowers with a bright center, a border around the edges: so cute decor will be more noticeable.

Unusual ideas with a veil

The retro image again revived the slightly forgotten wedding accessory. The veil is increasingly being chosen not only by elegant ladies, but also by girls of tender age.

A short haircut plus a veil is a good tandem. A voluminous mini-veil on a hat, large flower, or “tablet” will adjust the shape of the face, balance the image.

Short square or smoothly combed non-long strands with attached veil look great with a fitted dress. Laying can be both restrained and extravagant.

A feather on the hat with or without a veil is an original accessory for creating an image in retro style.

The veil on soft light curls successfully complements the retro image

Retro hairstyle for a straight square

Brave girls will surely enjoy extraordinary styling

Perfect image for an elegant young lady

Tip! Consider the size of the face when choosing a veil. See if the head under the veil does not seem too small. Consider mounting the original accessory.

Exquisite tiara decor

Elegant decor is suitable not only for complex designs of long curls. The minimum length is not a reason to abandon fashionable jewelry.

How to act:

  • create high styling
  • comb back clean strands smeared with styling agent
  • fasten hair invisible, wear a tiara,
  • put your bangs nicely
  • Sprinkle with polish.

Volume styling for multi-layered haircut or bob

Spectacular styling looks great on melirovannyh hairs. The tiara gently shimmers among the strands of the original shade.

Step by step:

  • give the thick strands a root volume,
  • Curl the ends of the caret under the bottom,
  • emphasize the side strands gently framing the face,
  • fine hairs nasheshite at the roots, cover with smooth upper locks, slightly smooth with a soft brush,
  • Sprinkle the styling with a strong varnish, fasten the tiara.

Original ideas with hairpins

Another interesting version of the wedding decor. If you do not want to wear a veil, emphasize the solemnity of the moment with an original hairpin.

The image with the fashion accessory looks fresh, interesting. Choose a stylish decor for the wedding dress. The hairpin should be elegant, delicate, not necessarily expensive, but made with taste.

Pay attention to the photo. The hairpins on bright strands of chestnut color look spectacular, stylish. The original decor is also suitable for girls with blond hair.

Smooth styling or a cheeky hairstyle with bangs on short hair looks impressive with any type of hair. Decorate short straps rim, elegant hairpins, delicate flowers. A luxurious image will complement the tiara, veil, fashionable hat. Think of a hairstyle, practice beforehand, and you can easily manage your wedding day without the help of a stylist.

Even more options for wedding hairstyles for short hair in the following video:

Wedding hairstyles for short hair: 40 best options

If you are the owner of a stylish short haircut, this does not mean at all that you do not fit into the standard image of the bride.

Times change, and with them stereotypes change and the bride with a short haircut looks harmonious in a wedding dress.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair

Wedding hairstyles for short hair are just as varied like hairstyles for long hair, and if you still want to have long curls at your wedding, modern hairdressing technologies will help you with this.

Do not forget that some young ladies have a short haircut very much to the face, and long hair does not look very attractive, especially if they are thin, fragile, unruly and unkempt.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair, just like long hair, can be decorated with all sorts of wedding decorations - tiara, flowers, and hairpins.

Short haircut gives a lot of room for imagination, because the hair can be done both in a classic style and in youth, with its inherent extravagance and unpredictability. For example, dye your hair in bright shades.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair look even more relevant with correctly applied makeup, therefore, before the wedding, it is imperative to choose a make-up artist to perform the wedding makeup so that the image of the bride is complete and inimitable.

What are wedding hairstyles for short hair?

It all depends on the bride's imagination and her preferences in their appearance. Not the last role in the selection of hairstyles is played by the shape and length of the haircut.

If the length allows you to comb your hair and even make a hair in the shape of a flower or something else. Do not forget about the jewelry, they look great on the hair of any length.

Of course, it is advisable to experiment with wedding styling in advance so that by a significant day you already know what hairstyle you will be doing.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair can skillfully imitate long hair, For example, if you put your hair back in front with a gel, and close the back part with a veil. True, with this installation, you need a good fixing tool.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair - chignon

If you want to stay with long hair at the wedding, you can use the hair extensions or false hairpieces, that can be woven into all sorts of styling.

Just do not forget that hair extensions are a rather expensive procedure, as opposed to patch chignon, but long hair will decorate you not only at the wedding, but also during the honeymoon, and, if desired, much longer.

15 best wedding hairstyles for short hair

What could be more important for a bride than choosing a wedding dress? Only the choice of wedding hairstyle. If you have a short haircut, you will definitely find a suitable wedding image for you in our selection of the best fashionable wedding hairstyles for short hair.

15 Wedding hairstyles for short hair

The fact that you decide to tie the knot together does not mean that you need to grow hair to make a wedding hairstyle. Wedding fashion trends are changing every year, and cumbersome complex hairstyles, filled with varnish and sequins, have long gone out of fashion.

The more natural the hairstyle looks, the less styling products used on it, the more relevant and fashionable you will look in the upcoming season. If you have a classic square or stylish pixie hairstyle, this does not mean that you will not be able to fit into the classic image of the bride.

And if you are now in search of your wedding image, you will certainly come in handy with our selection of the most interesting ideas for wedding hair for short hair.

9. Bob with pigtails

Even a fairly athletic hairstyle can be interesting to beat. Stake on asymmetry: the left side of the bean wind up on the curling iron and form curls with your fingersbut on the opposite side braid a few braids. The cheeky look will complement the mini dress and high heels.

11. Mini bundle with hair

It is not necessary to have long hair to make a classic bun. If you have bob haircut or quads long to the chin, you can collect the hair from behind in a small bun and stab the strands with hairpins and stealth. Lift the front of the hair with a nail. Beautiful hairpin with pearls complement the image.

12. Greek tiara

This hairstyle was a favorite of Greek goddesses, so really you do not want to repeat it? Gather the hair in a low bun, creating the effect of hair volume. Such wedding decoration like tiara, especially advantageously looks on the hair of saturated shades, for example, mahogany, or burgundy.

15. Flower wreath

A wreath of huge fresh pastel roses - the best romantic solution for hair of any length. It looks especially good at an autumn wedding in a rustic or folk style.

As you can see, there are so many ways to make an amazing wedding hairstyle of short hair. Let your wedding be fun, photo bright, and joint years of married life happy and long.

Types of hairstyles

The range of wedding hairstyles for short hair compared to long, not so wide, but this does not prevent the owners of small length to choose among them the appropriate option. Depending on how the hair is laid, a girl with a short length can look playful, elegant, bold, touching or innocent. A variety will make hair accessories.

Girls with bangs look flirty, playful.

Wedding styling with bangs create space for creating images, since you can put the bangs on your own - make it perfectly straight, wind it up, stab it on its side, and lift it up.

Straight bangs will make a vintage babetta, asymmetric oblique will add romanticism, torn - playfulness. Small accessories - hairpins, tiaras, as well as a non-breathable short veil are well suited to bangs.

Veil - one of the main wedding accessories. It is necessary to choose her, taking into account the bridal outfit - the dress and veil should match the texture, but there are no restrictions on the length and pomp.


The hair of a small length is decorated with an elegant hairstyle-shell in retro-style or neat styling, opening the neck, the face of the bride. To do this, rinse them well, dry, apply mousse and blow-dry as you like best. Part of the hair can be stabbed to the side, decorated with a flower bud. Choose big earrings from jewelry, and you can refuse a necklace.


To create a gentle, romantic image, use all sorts of curls, curls, framing the face. It is best to wind them up with special cloths, but a curling iron or hair curlers will also work (this option is ideal for creating large volumes). A lace wedding hairstyle with curls will also add romanticism.

Previously, haircuts "like a boy" or four of them were considered unsuitable for a woman, as they destroyed all sorts of stereotypes. To this day, the view has been maintained that girls who have chosen a short haircut style are distinguished by their incomparable character. To emphasize their rebellious spirit, brides can turn to the daring styling of their hair.

To add volume to the hair in many wedding hairstyles used bouffant. This option is suitable for those who try elegant options in vintage style - bangs, if there is one, stabbed from the side or hidden back, and in the area of ​​the crown they make a comb. Additional volume will also help give a hairdryer.

Retro waves

Retro waves were in vogue back in the twenties, but this hairstyle does not lose its relevance today, reflecting a beautiful image of the past. Hairdresser styled hair with mousse or gel. The second tool helps to create a “cold wave” effect. Well fit accessories here - feathers, large stones, studs.

Stylish styling

A variety of stylish styling will help the bride look amazing. Original decisions depend on the skill of the master, the preferences of the bride herself.

Straighten hair with an iron or make an unusual parting, divide into strands, gently grease the tips with wax to give them a natural look.

Part on the side, give the hair volume at the roots - and your bob-cut hairstyle will turn into a real masterpiece. Unusually looks styling hair "feathers", when some strands straighten, while others curl.

Original waving

Stylists have learned to do curls not only long-haired ladies. Beautiful curling is easy to achieve and on small haircuts length. For example, a “flower” waving is a coiled strand that gathers at the back of the head in the form of a flower. Even the curls that are wound with a regular curling iron, an experienced master can elegantly lay.

Hairstyles for curly hair

Some girls consider disobedient curls bad luck, but nothing is more romantic than neatly laid curly locks. Try an interesting weaving or just give the curls shape, fixing varnish. If you want to make a smooth hairstyle, ask the stylist to straighten hair with a flat iron or to smooth the gel.

Wedding bandages and gum

Super-short hair or elongated four of a kind look great in tandem with bandages and elastic bands, matched to the style.

The diadem is a universal decoration for a special day. She makes the bride a real princess. Remember that on short haircuts look better tiaras, not "overloaded" with details.

DIY hairstyles

Short hair makes it easy to make beautiful hairstyles with your own hands.

How to look gentle curls for hair of small length, watch the video:

Volumetric braid for elongated car:

The owner of hair of small length should take care of the wedding hairstyle in advance. To find the perfect option, you need to decide on the style, and then make a trial version at the hairdresser.

Tell us in the comments which wedding styling you like.

Easy hairstyles for a wedding

If you do not want to split hair with your hair, then you should pay attention to the minimalism in styling, when it is not much different from the everyday style. To give her a solemn look will help accessories with flowers that are both artificial and real, as in a wedding bouquet. Simple wedding hairstyles for short haircuts fit any length: shoulder-length or higher, pixie, with bangs or without.

You should not do styling with fine curls on very short hair. It is better to use the iron or curling iron to create natural curls. The main thing in easy styling is that the bride should feel confident, and not think about how her hairstyle looks a few hours later. After all, she will not have time for adjustment. The advantage of easy installation is that you can do it yourself, without the help of professionals.

Such wedding styling for short hair will suit those who love naturalness in everything. In addition, the use of special tools is reduced to a minimum that will benefit hair that has lost its vitality, thin or dry. If your wedding is in the style of boho, hippie or just will be held in the company of only close people, then this option is suitable.

On very short hair

For girls with a very short haircut, it is generally better not to think about complicated styling. Yes, and at such a length is unlikely to make short wedding hairstyles, such as babette or beautiful waves. Just gently lay the straps with wax or another styling agent, whisk a little so that the volume is present and decorate the head with a flower, tiara or a beautiful rim. For bold brides offer different options for coloring, which will help refresh the image and make it really festive.

With curls and curls

Owners of shoulder-length hair can be fantasized with classic curls and waves, which are achieved with the help of curlers, ironing or curling. If possible, experiment with different curls. Make yourself styling options in advance, so you better understand what suits you and will not be surprised on your wedding day, if the hairstyle is not combined with your dress.

Light coloring, lightening of several strands will make styling more airy hair can fall off on the face or, on the contrary, be retracted backwards by several invisible hair. You should not give preference to careless curls - it is more suitable for long-haired. It is important that the hair lies to the hair, and the haircut looks neat and maintains this look until the end of the celebration.

With headbands

Headbands are considered one of the most beautiful styling elements, which can be found in a wide variety of special wedding salons or accessories. In addition, make an exclusive version of their own hands or order. Thanks to the rim, even the simplest styling can be easily transformed into a bright festive hairstyle.

Today it is not necessary to choose only a white bezel. Modern weddings are increasingly moving away from traditions and customs, and the bride and groom often look different than their parents. Any flashy accessories are freely allowed, which just can become a bezel adorned with flowers, feathers, rhinestones, natural stones, chains - and more than your heart desires. The main thing to think carefully about the whole image, so that this accessory does not stand out and fits the style of the wedding.

With veil and veil

Although modern brides easily refuse veils or veils, in the case of a short haircut, this wedding accessory can easily fulfill the role of a spectacular hairstyle. It is necessary to take into account that it is very difficult to fasten a veil on short-length hair, think over all the options to be sure that it will last in place until the end of the celebration. It is easier to make a beautiful wreath on which to sew a veil. If the bride gets tired, you can always take it off.

A beautiful veil will perfectly fit into a retro wedding, which are especially popular now. The veil should be from a light transparent fabric or mesh, quickly retract.In this case, the hairstyle should be done not lush, avoid small curls that fill the image with small details. Smooth curls or light waves will do. The simplest option would be a veil with a small veil, which immediately makes the whole image of the bride romantic and mysterious.

The most popular decoration for the hairstyle for weddings are flowers. They are made of these masterpieces on the hair of beautiful women, and both long and short. The choice of colors is huge, but it is worth not to deviate from the general style of the wedding and choose those that will be in the jacket of the groom or in the bride's bouquet (when it comes to fresh flowers). Today in the store you can buy hairpins with artificial flowers, which are very similar to living ones, so you should not worry that the hairstyle will not look as rich as we would like.

Depending on the time of year, you can safely experiment with flower decorations. In winter, it may be small spruce twigs, mistletoe flowers. In the summer, brides can decorate themselves with wildflowers, making the image feminine and light. In the autumn, some brides boldly decorate themselves with autumn leaves. It is important to remember that such natural jewelry is very fragile, so they need to be firmly fixed, and on the day of the celebration you will have to be extremely careful not to spoil the hairstyle.

If you want a lush hairstyle in the style of the 60s, then feel free to go to the stylist and tell about your preferences. This styling is suitable for hair up to the neck, haircuts with bangs. You can decorate it with a satin ribbon or a beautiful rim. Bouffant like girls, whose hair can not boast of density. The main drawback is the abundant use of styling products that need to be fixed in styling: so that the fleece lasts for a day, some stylists, performing complex techniques, pour over the whole bottle of lacquer.

Use of accessories

To present a wedding hairstyle without shiny, beautiful accessories is simply impossible. Moreover, their range is often so huge that it is very difficult for brides to stay on one thing. Only gum with stones, pearls, rhinestones, feathers countless. You can determine for yourself a suitable accessory in which a girl will shine, only after you have carefully thought out the image: dress, shoes, makeup and the general style of the holiday.

For short hair the range of accessories is narrowed. Popular remain clips with stones or flowers, headbands, headbands, tiaras, combs. If you are planning on a wedding look like a princess, then tiara is your option. Not wise with a haircut, even the simplest tiara makes the whole image truly royal. Today you can buy expensive vintage accessories or more simple, made of plastic, which in beauty will not be inferior to the first.

Another beautiful accessory that can be considered brides with short haircuts is hats. This will be especially relevant in the winter season, but for the summer season of weddings, manufacturers of women's jewelry offer a lot of solemn options. The most important thing is that the hat should fully match the style and echo the image of the groom, otherwise you will not look harmonious in the photo.

If you want to radically change the appearance, then try to pin the overhead strands or hairpiece - this is a tail of natural or artificial hair, which can later be turned into a wedding hairstyle. Before you dwell on this option, consult with your stylist, who will help you carefully choose the shade of hair (from the roots to the tips), so that none of the guests will suspect a trick, and you feel 100% confident.

The main recommendations on the selection of wedding hairstyles for short hair

Before embarking on the development of wedding hairstyles for short hair, it makes sense to determine the preferred image of the bride. He will be sweet and romantic or glamorous and extravagant - you decide, of course. Anyway, it is more expedient to carry out experiments with changing hair color at least 2 weeks before a significant day - so you will not leave unpleasant surprises and a small chance to darken the most memorable day in your life. If your hair suffers from brittleness and unhealthy appearance, try to eliminate these problems well in advance. Remember that even the most gorgeous hairstyle will look on the dull and lifeless hair curls unsightly and faded. Creating a wedding hairstyle for short hair is better to entrust a professional stylist. In order for the master to translate the desired composition into reality, share with him your vision of your own image and make a trial version of the chosen hairstyle. Do not hesitate to clarify what means of fixation will be used, because accuracy and durability of the hairstyle largely depend on their quality. Consideration of such details as the structure of the hair, the type of face and shape, as well as the color of the dress, makeup and jewelry is a must when choosing a wedding hairstyle.

Constantly young retro style

Apparently, the favorite style of "retro" will not go out of fashion ever. His active influence has spread to wedding hairstyles. A bride with a vintage touch in the image gives the impression of a perfect lady - feminine, sensual and elegant. If you want to be like a charming film star on your wedding day, do not hesitate and choose this style for your wedding hairstyle. The ideal basis for creating a retro-composition on the head of the bride will be a fashionable and stylish bob or its modification - bob-bob. In this case, short hair can be laid in “cold” waves or in the form of a neat shell, decorated in the hair “babette” or combed back and, if desired, supplemented with patch strands. A bright silk scarf, a feather hairpin, a small hat or a laconic veil will suit a retro-style hairstyle. With regard to accessories, it should be noted that they should not be in excess. Massive earrings and a small necklace - this is something to be limited. Also note that the retro hairstyle will be a harmonious addition only to a themed wedding. As part of the celebration of modern manners, it will seem out of place and coarse.

Traditional classic

Classical wedding hairstyle for short hair will appeal to girls with a conservative attitude. Its significant advantage is its excellent compatibility with a dress of almost any style. Classics in a wedding hairstyle are light curls, smooth waves, original weaving or mischievous flagella, appearing on the crown. If you do not have enough curls to translate your intended composition, you can easily compensate for it with several artificial strands, and their slightly different color will make your hairstyle even more expressive. Natural flowers, pearls, combs with rhinestones and large hairpins with stones will become a fitting decoration of the classic wedding hairstyle on short hair.

Naive romance

Romantic hairstyle is very gentle and elegant. In addition, he is light in terms of performance and organic in the pure and immaculate appearance of the bride. The following styling options will help impart the wedding hairstyle with romantic touches:

1. Short hair is given a voluminous, curvaceous shape, and a styling agent is applied on the tips of the strands, thanks to which they begin to “look” in different directions. In this case, the fringe laid on its side will emphasize the depth and expressiveness of the look. This hairstyle will make the bride's appearance very pretty.

2. Short curls slightly curled up and collected on the back of his head, using stealth or stiletto. Hairstyle complement pale pink or white ribbon with the decor.

3. Short hair is laid in a smooth hairstyle, after which, along the hairline, a small width is made of a pigtail and decorated with small artificial flowers.

4. On short hair, air curls of medium diameter are created, which do not stab, but leave freely flowing. The bangs are removed to the side with the help of a beautiful stealth with rhinestones or small stones.

Any romantic styling will be perfectly combined with a tiara, comb or rim with a delicate flower of pastel shades. As for the rest of the jewelry, they should not be large and focus on yourself too close attention.

Discreet minimalism

Beauty doesn't have to be flashy. Quite often, her modest, restrained mood attracts the eye much more than usual. No exception and stylish wedding hairstyles for short hair in the style of "minimalism". Such a design curls make youth, touching and tenderness the main features in the image of the bride. Moreover, her natural beauty and femininity will be revealed to the fullest extent. Having made a choice in favor of a hairstyle in the style of "minimalism", you can add a wedding dress with more solid decorations, but the decor of the hairstyle itself is best kept to a minimum - there will be enough ring with a miniature flower or not overloaded with veil details. A soft, natural color palette of makeup also remains preferable.

Attractive simplicity

Wedding hairstyle for short hair in the form of a fashionable modern haircut can not yield to its intricate spectacular design of strands in combination with the decor. The main thing is that the shade of hair should be saturated and literally illuminate those around you with its healthy shine. One option is simple, but at the same time interesting hairstyle may be the following asymmetric styling: the bulk of the hair casually outlines the contour of the face, and the remaining strands are fixed on one side by means of a large hairpin or comb. Such an uncomplicated hairstyle on short hair will be close in style to a short wedding dress.

If you are still undecided on the ideal option for your own wedding hairstyle for short hair, we suggest replenishing the supply of ideas in your head with the options presented below.

8: Pigtails on short hair

Even for short hair, you can make a beautiful wedding hairstyle of braids.

Tired of the classics and romance, then the naked and “bare” temple, which did not even have to be shot down, would surely satisfy the demands of even the most rebellious maiden soul. Obligatory element - clear eyebrows and bright eye makeup.

12: Wavy bob and pigtail

One of the most relevant hairstyles, which, moreover, is combined with almost any way. Much better than the usual castles of varnished tight curls, right?

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Wedding hairstyles for short hair: photos of wedding hairstyles - Bride.info

Short hair is a choice of bold, bright and extraordinary brides. In order to determine the styling of the bride for short hair, we advise you to view this section, which is full of photos and various options. Among them, you just pick up something to your taste.

Wedding styling for short hair

Of course, everything will depend on the length of your hair. If you are the owner of the “Hedgehog” haircut, then only creative coloring will be a possible option.

But if your hair reaches the length even to the shoulders, then the number of styling options of such length is almost equivalent to hairstyles for long hair.

In addition, thanks to the capabilities of the modern beauty industry, you can literally lengthen your hair in one evening with the help of extensions, hairpieces or overhead strands.

If short hair is an integral part of your style, then it is easy to choose a bride's hairstyle for short hair, the photos of which are widely presented in this section. Mandatory item is an entry on a test hairstyle to the selected master.

This will help you not only to determine the best option, but also to see how the styling will behave for long hours. That is why it is better to sign up for the morning or first half of the day. If you are going to style your short hair in a wedding hairstyle yourself, then you should also train in advance.

Do not forget to take on a veil, if that is in your image. After all, a wedding hairstyle for short hair with a veil will be slightly different from styling without it.

For short hair, retro styling with feathers, ribbons and other accessories will work well. Still, many brides choose different dyeing, for example, wedding hairstyles for short hair with a diadem or a comb-barrette are popular.

Since the bride is associated with something light and airy, it is ideal curls, which on short hair will look very gentle. Wedding hairstyles for short hair with bangs will differ depending on its length and shape.

If you are in search of photos of wedding hairstyles for short hair trends of 2016, in the Photo Ideas section you will find a variety of styling options. They will help you to be inspired and choose the bride's hairstyle to your taste.

Beautiful wedding hairstyles for short hair: TOP 5 best ideas

Brides with short hair are quite difficult to decide on a wedding hairstyle. Their length does not braid a high beam, braid, tail. But all these options have a worthy replacement, which we will discuss in this article.

You will learn what styling will suit girls with short hair, how to make them yourself and how to decorate.

You can choose the most suitable hairstyle for you, taking into account the most different nuances, see beautiful photos and useful videos with a step-by-step action plan.

Wedding styling with a wet effect

This is an ideal choice for very short hair, haircuts "cap" and bridal hairstyle cut. We have a separate article about who will be able to choose the last option, what styling for it can be chosen and how to create them.

To obtain a wet effect, a special gel is needed, which is applied to the strands and is evenly distributed over the head. After this, the strands can be smoothed with the palms or ruffled.

Wet Hairstyle

If you have a bang, do not grease it with gel, better comb it on one side and slaughter it with invisibility.

This hairstyle looks very unusual on small curls and curls. With straight curls, it can also be done, but you should not resort to this method for owners of thin hair. Thus visually they will be even smaller.

How does a bride put her hair in a rock style?

For a wedding in the style of "rock" (about the ways of its design is described in another article on the site), styling with a rock wave is suitable. It can be made on hair no longer than ear lobes. To create it you need only a comb and varnish. Here is the instruction in fine detail:

  1. Comb clean hair.
  2. Divide them into three parts, parting closer to the left side.
  3. Comb up the strands at the left temple and fix it with stealth.
  4. Comb back the strands near the right temple and form a “shell” behind it. Secure it with a hairpin.
  5. Hang the remaining hair up, then lay it on its side, so that the hairstyle is voluminous.
  6. Varnish the hair.

If you want to see how the process of creating rock styling looks like in practice, here’s a video:

Short haircuts with rim

Headbands with rhinestones, beads and bows deserve special attention. They look spectacular with babette, beam, tail and loose curls.

This accessory can be fixed just above the end of the forehead, on the crown, around the tail or bun. The hair is more magnificent, the hoop should be thinner and vice versa.

It can be in the form of a diadem, a small crown or a fabric bandage with an artificial flower.

Hairstyle with a rim of flowers

Hairstyles with a veil

Bride with short hair is best to fix the veil closer to the back of the head. Excellent, it looks together with a comb. Here you can read about wedding hairstyles with a comb. This article will help make them your own and properly use.

It is not necessary to attach a veil at the top, in this case, the styling will be funny. If you are going to braid a bun, fix the veil under Babette. By the way, there is a separate article on our website about wedding hairstyles with a bun. It tells who it suits, how it happens and how to make it yourself.

You see, short hair is not bad at all, for them, too, there are many options for effective hairstyles! You just need to choose the right one and follow all the instructions.