Hair dye "Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse"

Luxurious shine, pleasant sensations when dyeing, beauty and health of hair, natural, rich shades - all this is Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse. The paint palette is presented in twenty colors, among which are both chestnut, blond, black, and three types of clarifiers of varying intensity, allowing for one application quite significantly (up to three tones) to change the original color.

Thanks Soy Protein and Orchid ExtractWith which the paint is enriched, the curls retain their former softness and acquire an unprecedented brilliance and healthy radiance. Just a magical effect on the hair has a caring balm.

The undoubted advantages of the Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse are its pleasant smell, convenient equipment, economy. And the paint and balm are more than enough to dye any, even the most luxurious, hair. In addition, Perfect Mousse is very easily washed off the skin in case of accidental contact. The only thing that slightly complicates the use of paint - the mousse dries quickly, gluing the strands.

Due to the fact that the means does not contain ammonia, the color does not adorn the hair very long, gradually washing out. On the one hand, this can be attributed to deficiencies, and on the other, the regrown roots are not visible. But, despite the small drawbacks of the Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse, the feedback about it, for the most part, is very positive.

Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse - hair color mousse

Schwarzkopf & Henkel, caring for the condition of women's hair, created the Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse paint. The color palette will help you to choose a tone close to natural, a couple of shades lighter or darker. This ensures the satisfaction of the demands of women, as well as men who monitor their appearance.

Paint-mousse does not contain ammonia in the composition, while the color remains stable and saturated until the next coloring. Useful ingredients help to improve the hair during the procedure, and intensive pigments will paint gray hair and give shine.

The gentle texture of the mousse, which is similar to the foam, is smoothly distributed over the strands. This ensures uniform staining without stains or bald spots. Ammonia-free mixture covers every hair, carefully changes shade, and color protection technology keeps it up to 6 weeks. Plant extracts, proteins and amino acids restore, moisturize, give a mirror shine.

In the package you will find:

  • 35 ml of emulsion for the development of pigment in a convenient bottle with an applicator,
  • 35 ml of pigmented gel,
  • 22 ml of nutritional conditioner for the final stage of staining,
  • A pump that creates a delicate texture paint
  • Gloves to protect hands when painting.
  • Instructions for use.

Each item of the set is thought out and created to ensure ease of procedure

Paint characteristics

Schwarzkopf products are associated by knowledgeable people with good quality. Including this paint hair mousse. It deservedly occupies the first position in the ratings not only among consumers. It is highly appreciated by professionals in hairdressing salons, elite beauty salons. What we expect and hope to get using hair dye. Silky, color intensity, visual disposal of gray hair. Such a tool exists. Schwarzkopf & Henkel has developed a unique, almost unparalleled product - mousse paint, which contains no ammonia. Not without reason, these funds include the rating of the best professional hair dyes.

What is in the package

Products of this brand are not only high quality, but also have ergonomic packaging. And in 1991, Schwarzkopf designers received the award “For Innovations in Product Packaging Development.”

The box "Schwarzkopf perfect mousse" is equipped with:

  1. Detailed instructions for hair coloring.
  2. Disposable gloves.
  3. Coloring agent.
  4. The developer without ammonia.
  5. Piston.
  6. Hair care balm after dyeing.

Mousse does not incorporate ammonia, so the color does not last as long as we would like. But the hair remains healthy and not damaged. A nourishing balm that contains natural ingredients (orchid extract and soy proteins) after dyeing fixes the effect of mousse and adds shine.

Another two advantages of Schwarzkopf perfect mousse is its rather pleasant and delicate smell, as well as its economy. Packing is enough to dye hair of medium length.

Due to the fact that the product does not contain ammonia, it can be used more often than similar products.


At the end of the 19th century, namely in 1898, chemist Hans Schwarzkopf (Hans Schwarzkopf) began selling perfumes in a pharmacy. Things were going well, but a twenty-four-year-old man wanted something new. Quite by chance, he found out that bags of dry powder for washing the head were sold in England. Of course, although it was at that time a rather expensive pleasure, women began to switch to exactly this means. After all, after the soap on the hair there was a raid, and after using dry powder, the hair was washed very well.

Schwarzkopf was a good chemist and therefore quickly came up with a dry shampoo formula. In 1903, he patented his invention. The black head on the packs became the symbol of shampoos (in German from Schwarzkopf - “black head”). Since that time, began the history of the brand, which is more than a hundred years.

Schwarzkopf in the eighties of the last century refused to manufacture aerosols, which included a means of affecting the integrity of the ozone layer of the Earth.

In 1995, Schwarzkopf was taken over by the concern Henkel. At present, the production of Schwarzkopf & Henkel is based in Hamburg (Germany). Products include a variety of hair care products, facial skin, mouth, hair styling and coloring.

Manufacturers have expanded their product range. On the shelves of stores appeared mousse clarifier (1000, 1100, 1200).

Hair dyes are:

  • professional. Usually used in salons. For example, Schwarzkopf products from the Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA series, read about professional hair cosmetics here.
  • ordinary. You can dye your hair at home. These include Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse.

This paint is suitable for those who love natural colors and shades.. Choose your favorite color easily from a fairly wide range. The most popular brown shades. Hair after painting get a beautiful shine. They become smooth and silky. Shades are presented in three directions: black, blond and blonde. Find out what makes hair dye cream different from other products by reference.

The color palette of hair dye is quite diverse.. From black, chestnut and to blond. Focuses on all types of hair and age.

The producer paid more attention to chestnut shades (from black chestnut to golden).

  • Black (200)
  • Black Chestnut (300)
  • Red Chestnut (388)
  • Black Currant (419)
  • Chocolate Chestnut (465)
  • Medium Chestnut (500)
  • Redwood (586)
  • Light Chestnut (600)
  • Golden chestnut (665)
  • Hazelnut (668)
  • Light Brown (700)
  • Almond (750)
  • Medium Blonde (800)
  • Golden Blonde (950)

Cold chestnut colors occupy a special place: frosty mocha (536) and ice cappuccino (616).

For lightening hair, the company also offers mousse: soft (1000), medium (1100), intense (1200).

The final shade will still depend on the natural color.

Coloring at home

Schwarzkopf perfect mousse is quite convenient to use for dyeing hair not only at the hairdresser, but also at home. It is very easy and fairly evenly falls, does not drip on clothes and does not leave smudges. It is applied almost like a styling foam. To get the desired effect, you must first read the instructions and test for an allergic reaction. Even if the composition and there is no ammonia, it is still a paint-mousse chemical agent. Then start staining in the following sequence:

  • mix the ingredients. Turn the paint into mousse with the help of a piston. Invert the flask with the piston several times. Shake is not necessary actively
  • brush hair,
  • smear the skin in contact with the scalp with petroleum jelly,
  • wear gloves
  • start staining from the front of the head from the roots of the hair, gradually moving towards their ends,
  • do everything neatly, slowly
  • keep the paint on time according to the instructions
  • rinse hair thoroughly
  • apply balm.

It is necessary to strictly follow the instructions and correctly connect the components.

Tips for choosing colors

Paint mousse is quite easy to use. But at the same time there are some nuances when using it:

  1. In the store, carefully study the palette. Taking into account the color of your native hair, choose the most appropriate shade to them. Find out what palette of palette hair colors is here.
  2. If the hair is dark, you will not be able to drastically change the color to light shades. It is possible to pretreat the clarifier from the same series.
  3. To get a shade of natural color you need to take Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse no more than two colors different from yours..
  4. Can't make a choice, stop on the one that is lighter.
  5. On the reverse side of the package there is a palette. From it should choose.

This is with regard to shades. But women also differ in color types:

  • spring woman Honey skin tone. Perfect hair color: brown, dark red, golden blond,
  • woman autumn. Peach skin. Shades of auburn, chestnut color,
  • woman summer. Olive skin. Maybe ivory. Honey and golden tones, as well as the color of chocolate, are well suited to this color type,
  • woman winter Bright skin. It is advisable to dwell on the shades of silver blond or deep black.

If you want to drastically change the color, make the hair lighter, then first apply the mousse brightener.

Care for dyed hair

No matter how high-quality the paint is, but the regularity of dyeing about once a month and a half can lead to brittle hair and dryness. Regularly caring for dyed hair, you can maintain their healthy appearance and beauty:

  1. To neutralize the alkali, which remains after dyeing, it is necessary to process the hair with balsam-conditioner. Find out how hair conditioner is different from this article.
  2. The head should be washed no more often than once every 2-3 days. Better warm water, not hot.
  3. For deep hair care is desirable to use masks. Specialized stores have a wide variety of them for every taste and budget.
  4. Well proven masks from natural products. Here is one of them. Make a mixture of olive oil, honey, lemon juice and brandy (all in a tablespoon), add one yolk. Apply the mixture to your hair, put on a plastic cap, wrap and walk for at least an hour. Rinse. Find out also about the other moisturizing hair masks in this material.
  5. You need to comb your hair with a special comb with sparse wide teeth.

It is better not to use stylers, irons.

Every woman wants to be beautiful at any age. Hair is an ornament. Especially if they are healthy, shiny, and the color emphasizes the individuality of their owner. In the cosmetic market a lot of different hair dyes. But before buying any, make sure the manufacturer is reliable. Hair dye mousse Schwarzkopf has worked well even among professionals. Without ammonia, and its palette has about twenty shades. A balm for rinsing contains natural ingredients. After dyeing hair shiny, silky.

That's just to get the desired color, you must strictly follow the attached instructions.


100% durability, 0% ammonia and 30% more shine *

Want to dye your hair without any extra effort?

Try the easiest way! Choose one of the Perfect Mousse shades and enjoy simple and even application thanks to the rich texture of the mousse.

Perfect Mousse allows you to achieve an amazing result of dyeing and 30% more intense, lasting shine. *

With Perfect Mousse, achieving perfect color is incredibly easy!

Hair Dye

It should be noted that dyes that do not contain ammonia, do not spoil the hair. The procedure for coloring the hair is as follows: the pigments smoothly cover the hair layer, without damaging its internal structure.

In the case of paints containing ammonia, everything happens a little differently. There the coloring pigment eats into the internal structure, etching the natural color.

Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse Hair Dye

One of the innovations in hairdressing has become this non-ammonia paint. It perfectly fills gray hair, lies flat on the surface of the hair thread and does not injure the internal structure.

One of the undoubted advantages that Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse Hair Dye Mousse has is its ease of use. You no longer have to deal with spills and fear that the surrounding skin will be painted. "Schwarzkopf paint-mousse" is applied according to the principle of using styling foam. You only need to mix the ingredients correctly and evenly apply the dye to the hair.

Instructions for the preparation of coloring mixture

Like any dye, Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse Hair Dye has a manual. In addition to it, in the box you can find gloves, a bottle with a liquid dye and a flask with a developer. In addition, the dye is attached to the piston, which is necessary for the transformation of the substance into foam, and caring balm-rinse. Soaking conditioner contains soybean extract and orchid, thanks to them your hair will remain soft and shiny.

In order to properly mix all the ingredients, carefully read the instructions. You need to combine the developer and the coloring fluid in a special flask, on which you later need to put on a piston.

Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse Palette

A variety of shades will not disregard any woman. Each woman will be able to choose the one that suits her. The colors of hair colors, the photos of which you can see in this article, are in the range from rich black to light pearl. Consider in detail each shade.

Chestnut colors

These shades have a natural reddish tint, the intensity of which depends on the selected color.

Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse Hair Dye Mousse offers you the following shades of chestnut:

  • auburn (665),
  • bronze light chestnut (607),
  • light chestnut (600),
  • medium chestnut (500),
  • chocolate chestnut (465),
  • dark chestnut (400),
  • red chestnut (388).

Customer Reviews

Dye-mousse for hair reviews is positive. However, you can get the desired result only when properly applied. Be sure to test for the possibility of an allergic reaction before using the coloring matter. Otherwise, your feedback may be negative. To make a sensitivity test, apply a little paint on the elbow bend and observe the body's response for a couple of days.

Women, having tried this paint once, forever abandoned their usual means for coloring hair. This is because the product can be applied independently, which is very convenient. You only need to properly prepare the dye mixture, and then turn the cylinder with the piston several times.

Never shake the flask. Otherwise, you risk getting a burst balloon and splashing paint. When the mixture is ready to use, comb your hair.

Starting from the front of the hair, apply the paint to the hair. First, paint the roots, gradually moving to the tips.

The fair sex claim that the dye mousse is used quite economically. If before women had to prepare a double portion of paint, now they will only have one pack. This effect is due to the fact that Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse tends to foam. Therefore, lightly massaging your hair, you get a greater amount of coloring foam.

Also, reviews of women suggest that the dye does not have an unpleasant strong smell. Due to the absence of ammonia in the composition of the mousse, it smells good and does not irritate the respiratory tract.

After the dyeing is done, it is necessary to wash off the paint with a stream of warm water. When the liquid flowing from the hair becomes transparent, use the protective balm included. It will help to consolidate the result of dyeing as much as possible, will give hair softness, silkiness and shine. Also, you will not leave indifferent pleasant aroma of rinse. He will long remain in his hair.

Another advantage of Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse is the ease of rinsing from the skin. If you accidentally stain the surrounding areas of skin, the color will wash off with ordinary soap and water. Do not worry that the same thing will happen with hair. On the head of hair color lasts up to six weeks, depending on the chosen shade and frequency of washing hair.

According to customers, we can conclude that all subsequent dyeing can be done only on the hair roots. Since the ends have a rich shade for quite a long time. Repeated application of dyes is required only because of hair growth.

Opinions of experts

Despite the fact that the paint-mousse does not contain ammonia, it is quite resistant. As you know, other non-ammonia compounds are quickly washed away and do not paint over gray hair poorly. In this case, everything is wrong.

The color fits perfectly and hides gray strands. He keeps on his hair for a long time and pleases with his brilliance. The undoubted plus of this color is that it does not adversely affect the structure of the hair. Unlike other dyes that make the hair dull, lifeless and brittle. Experts agreed that this is the best tool that can be selected for coloring curls.

Price category

Another advantage of this paint is that at Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse the price is relatively low. Its range is in the range of 250 to 300 rubles. It all depends on the region in which the product is purchased and the percentage of the point of sale.

It should be borne in mind that if you purchase a product in a specialized salon together with a coloring service, the price will be much higher. That is why, if you want to save money, buy paint in ordinary cosmetic stores and self-paint. Moreover, this type of product allows you to do without outside help.

The secret to the success of Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse Hair Dye

Schwarzkopf, in its Perfect Mousse product, emphasizes the absence of ammonia in the composition, which guarantees careful coloring and no risk to damage the health of the hair. This is valuable when dyeing brittle, loose or damaged curls.

The paint is affordable, easy to use and economical, so women choose it for home use. Foaming pump helps to achieve the desired consistency of the mixture. Its texture is lightweight, does not spread and evenly covers the hair shaft.

A rich range of colors will satisfy demanding users, help you find a natural shade, brighten or darken strands, paint over gray hair. Despite the non-ammonia base, the result of staining will keep the intensity for a long time, in comparison with other representatives of this niche of the beauty industry. The color does not tarnish, does not require renewal, remains bright and saturated, ensuring an attractive appearance of hair.

In the set with paint-mousse, manufacturers put balm, which is marked by users, as a caring agent. It helps to consolidate the shade, restores the hair structure, nourishes with proteins and plant extracts. Curls look attractive, healthy and radiant.

Paint by Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse

Proper use of the composition of mousse hair dye Schwarzkopf ensures easy application and the desired shade. Each negative review of this product, containing a complaint about the result, when examined showed a violation of the procedure algorithm. Therefore, before using it is important to carefully study the instructions, which describe how to mix the components, apply the mixture, how much to withstand on the hair.

Perfect Mousse products do not include ammonia or aggressive ingredients, but the product contains chemical compounds. The test is carried out as follows: on the back of the hand, where the skin is tender, means is applied for half an hour. If after the time at the test site there is no redness or other manifestations, you can proceed to staining.

Due to the weightless mousse texture, which foams and is evenly distributed, the tool is economical, one set is enough for the treatment of long hair of medium thickness. This helps save money and time for coloring.

Allowed to conduct a session in an unventilated area. The smell of the composition is not caustic, as it does not contain ammonia. It does not cause a reaction from the mucous membrane or respiratory tract.

The procedure is carried out as follows:

  1. Thoroughly mix the components with gentle movements, put on a foaming pump and proceed with the procedure.
  2. Comb the curls, then apply the coloring mixture. Start staining from the parietal and frontal part of the head. First, the mousse is applied to the roots, then to increase the volume of the mixture, it is foamed directly on the hair and stretched with a brush to the tips. Follow the careful study of each strand, do not rush otherwise, it threatens the uneven shade.
  3. After completing the application of mousse, the exposure time is detected according to the recommendations in the instructions.
  4. Over time, the mixture is washed with running water. Rinse hair is recommended 2-3 times, until the water becomes clear.
  5. Use the nourishing balm that is in the Perfect Mousse set. It will help to fix the color, give softness, silkiness and shine. Balsam has a pleasant aroma, its train will remain on the curls for a long time.

This procedure ends, then the woman puts the strands on your own. Allowed blow-drying, ironing. In case of thermal exposure, it is recommended to additionally use thermal protective agents.

In the future, each time you wash your hair, apply nourishing balms or masks for colored hair. They help to preserve the saturation of the shade and improve the look of the hair.

Shade selection

  • For a natural effect, choose a shade that is close to your natural one. The difference is up to 2 tones.
  • For orientation on the package are natural shades, which are based on the selection.
  • If the choice is difficult, then the professionals recommend taking the color lighter than your hair. This technique will help refresh the image and will not disappoint, because blond hair is more easily obscured.

Before use

  • Careful preparation for the procedure will help to avoid inconvenience in the process. Do not forget to stock up with napkins to remove excess mousse from the skin or ears.
  • Keep a watch in sight to measure the dye exposure time.
  • Do the coloring in a special cape, so as not to spoil the clothes. At home, cover your shoulders with an unnecessary towel or cloth, put on a T-shirt that is not a pity.
  • Remove earrings, chains, necklaces. This will help to avoid the chemical reaction of the metal with oxidizing agents.
  • Protect your skin with petroleum jelly or greasy baby cream, which saves you from having to rub off the pigment.

The cost of dye-mousse for hair Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse

Schwarzkopf products, including Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse, are available for purchase at cosmetic specialty stores, supermarkets or on the Internet. Availability is the credo of the German manufacturer, so the cost of a set is up to 500 rubles.

Save on the acquisition of the dye composition will help his purchase from a hairdresser in the salon, which is planned procedure for changing hair color. Wizards buy funds in bulk, and then make a minimal markup for customers, which is beneficial for both.

Hair dye Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse - reviews

If you want a rich, lasting color without harm to the health of your hair, then Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse will suit you. Reviews prove the effectiveness of the product:

Inna, 35 years old

My dyeing experience is 12 years. During this time, hundreds of products have been tried to change the color of the hair, but the paint-mousse Schwarzkopf has won my heart. Palette helped me at every stage of my life to realize my plans. Delicate texture is easily distributed to the curls, it is easy to use at home. The smell is not pungent, but rather pleasant. The manufacturer includes a magic balm in the set, I would just use it, it makes the strands smooth and soft. With this mousse color is bright, rich, and the hair does not spoil. Love him.

Anastasia, 40 years old

A couple of years ago I noticed the first gray hairs, I realized that the time had come, it’s time to dye my hair. Before that, I took care of the health of my hair and did not resort to chemical treatment even once in my life, but gray hair made me. I did not want to spoil the curls, so I chose the tool carefully according to the following criteria: price, availability, performance and minimal negative impact. As a result, I bought Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse, I have been using it for 2 years and no complaints on my part. The product met my expectations.

Valeria, 27 years old

I learned about the Perfect Mousse paint from advertising, became interested. The manufacturer promised easy application and durable, saturated color without harm to the curls. And I just have a problem with the application - it is not distributed, it sometimes does not paint over. I wanted to check its effect, especially the time of staining. I chose a shade of 5.86 called “Mahogany” and did not regret it. Color went smoothly, interesting shade. After the procedure, added shine and softness. Therefore, I use only this mousse for the last 3 years and I am satisfied.

Color variations

Unfortunately, like all innovative products, Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse dye mousse for your hair is represented by a small palette of colors. Among others - six light shades, two caramel, and other colors are dark, from medium blond to black.

The undoubted advantage of paint is packaging efficiency and a pleasant smell. Given the fact that the paint does not contain ammonia, it qualitatively paints the gray strands, providing a gentle effect, soft gentle care. And after staining, the intensity and depth of color is maintained, thanks to a new, improved formula of mousse components.

For a more detailed acquaintance with the color palette of paint for all the hair from Schwarzkopf below is a photo with all shades. Despite the fact that the palette does not indulge with abundance, all the fashionable shades corresponding to the current trends of the current season are present.

The table below, as an example, shows the five most popular:


Learn all the colors of hair dye. Photos of some of them you can find here. Choose the shade that suits you. It should take into account your original tone of hair.

Remember that light colors will not fall on the dark. To get a tone that is much lighter than your natural hue, you need to first make a brighter. Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse will also help you with this.

Now specialty stores offer special palettes. They represent the whole range of colors, which are painted with small tufts of hair. Thanks to this, you can find out what color is obtained by using a particular shade.

Make hair coloring, following the instructions. In this case, you get the most desired effect. Be beautiful and watch the health of your hair!

Instructions for use

Using Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse is very simple. In the box there is an instruction that will help those who dye their hair for the first time. In the set there are gloves, a container with the dye itself and a developer. Here is the piston, which turns the composition into a foam, there is a nourishing balm. With this set you can not be afraid for the state of their hair and feel free to use the composition.

The schwarzkopf perfect mousse color palette is diverse. Any woman will choose what suits her more. For those who do not want to drastically change the color of hair, light brown shades will do. They look natural, while giving the strands a lively sheen.

Chestnut colors make the image brighter. This color always attracts attention. The color palette of Schwarzkopf perfect mousse has several shades of chestnut.

The black group includes only two tones: natural and black and chestnut. The latter looks unusual, but not for all women.

Some tips

  • sometimes a woman can not decide for a long time with a touch. If you want to look natural, it is better to choose one that differs from the natural one by no more than two tones. The Schwarzkopf palette helps to avoid difficulties due to the large number of shades,

  • the hairdresser will help you to choose the right color,
  • Before starting the procedure you need to prepare napkins. They will remove traces of paint from their faces,

  • it’s better to use old clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty,
  • the composition is applied to dry hair,

  • To remove stains from the skin as quickly as possible, it is recommended to apply petroleum jelly before staining.

  • need to keep track of time. No need to keep the mixture on the head longer than it should be,

  • better not to mix different shades,
  • rinse need to wash over the sink or bath. So he can not get into the eyes,

  • before the procedure is better to remove all the jewelry.

Women who have tried Schwarzkopf, note a lot of advantages. Many after one time finally go to this paint. There are many advantages. The tool is economical, so it is enough to use only one package. The mixture is easy to prepare, and thanks to the foam it is very easy to apply. The substance has no ammonia, so it smells good.

The schwarzkopf perfect mousse product is quickly and easily washed off the skin. Even a simple soap solution helps. At the same time on the hair dye lasts a long time: the shade persists up to 6 weeks. To avoid unpleasant situations, it is recommended to make a test for allergies. If individual intolerance is not found, you can safely use the paint.

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf - palette of shades:

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf 850, color "Cream biscuit"

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf 800, color "Medium blond"

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf 757, color "Gingerbread"

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf 750, color "Almond"

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf 700, color "Dark Blonde"

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf 668, color "Hazelnut"

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf 616, color "Ice cappuccino"

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf 600, color "Light chestnut"

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf 536, color "Frosty Mocha"

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf 500, color "Medium chestnut"

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf 400, color "Cold espresso"

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf 465, color "Chocolate chestnut"

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf 388, color "Red and chestnut"

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf 365, color "Dark Chocolate"

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf 300, color "Black chestnut"

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf 200, color "Black"

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf 1200, color "Ultra Blond"

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf 1000, color "Pearl blond"

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf 950, color "Golden blond"

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf 940, color "Sand Blonde"

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf 910, color "Ash Blonde"

Paint mousse Schwarzkopf 900, color "Sunny Blond"

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