How to choose a high-quality hair dye of red shade

The choice of red hair dye is very important not to make a mistake with the tone. This is the color of creative natures who like to experiment with color.

Not every woman can decide to dye her hair red. For this you need to have a certain amount of courage. Among the experimenters, most often, are representatives of creative professions. Bright tones allow them to emphasize their individuality. They talk about inner freedom and daring nature. When choosing colors it is very important not to make a mistake with the tone.

Who are the red shades?

Stylists have their own rules for choosing helmets. They are associated with the natural hair color of women, their skin, eyes and curly length. Blondes with sour cream-colored skin are not recommended to dye their hair a coppery shade. The best for them are paints having shade of mahogany.

Owners of dark hair before coloring will have to undergo a procedure for lightening hair.

Brunettes with peach-colored leather are best suited for bright red tones. They are in perfect harmony with green or brown eyes.

When choosing colors, the paint follows the following rules:

  • Bright saturated shades of hair combine well with dark skin. They are in harmony with hazel or green eyes.
  • Dark red tone. The color is intended for owners of curls of color of brown-haired and brunettes with slightly dark skin.
  • Flame Red Tones well suited to the face of owners of blond hair and blondes.

It is not recommended to use for shades of hair red shades with excessive yellowness of the skin and acne on it. Such tones only emphasize the lack of appearance.

The most popular shades of red

Red has a large number of shades. They make the woman's appearance more expressive and bright. Their palette includes the main tones:

  • The Red tree. Best of all color is suitable for mature ladies. He beautifully paints gray hair and has two basic colors - brown and scarlet. To obtain this color, owners of light hair need to dye them first in a red color.
  • Dark red. The color of ripe cherries. The shade is perfect for women with dark and olive skin. It goes well with brown eyes.
  • Copper red. Very beautiful, this shade looks on long curls. Designed for women with white skin, light brown eyes and a face without freckles and acne.
  • Fiery red. The color of impulsive, emotional women. Coloring in this tone requires pre-clarification.
  • Burgundy. The color is designed for women after 30. It combines chestnut, red and purple play.

Find hair dyes red can be in the collections of various manufacturers.

Wellaton 66/46 red cherry

Paint brand Wella. Color - red cherry. This means for coloring hair on an oxygen basis. The composition of the paint has an innovative formula Wellaton. It contains serum with provitamin B5 and coconut extract, which forms a protective film on the hair. The paint has the consistency of mousse. This allows you to apply it on the hair with a special dispenser.

Due to this curls get a rich bright color. Graying painted Wellaton 66/46 at 100%. The lack of paint is its ability to cause an allergic reaction.

Cream-paint Igora Vibrance 5/88

Schwarzkopf Professional products. Resistant paint with copper and red tint can be found in the Absolutes line. It is represented by 19 natural colors. The paint is intended for professional hair coloring. There is no ammonia in the creamy consistency. It contains moisturizing oils.

Before use paint mixes up with the activator lotion. This provides a sparing effect and greatly simplifies the process of dyeing hair curls along their entire length. The paint is manufactured using innovative technology. Igora Pure-Color. It provides deep hair coloring throughout the length of the curls.

The pigment is fixed in the hair structure due to Mano de Tahiti oil. It forms the basis of the dye. Apply the product to dry hair. Resistance staining 4-5 weeks.

Red (Londa)

Means of the sparing action with the minimum quantity of aggressive substances in structure. When dyeing the hair does not damage their structure. Resistance up to 8 weeks. Shades of red need to look in tones:

  • 3/5 - dark brown,
  • 5/5 - light brown,
  • 6/5 - dark blond.

Among the popular colors with a red tinge of the Londa brand are:

  • wild Cherry,
  • Dark red,
  • black cherry
  • bright red.

You can get the necessary shade of red by mixing colors with balms. The composition of paints includes ammonia. They have a creamy texture and are intended for professional coloring. The effect of staining of gray hair 100%.

Color features

Bright colors in 2018 are among the favorites of the color palette. Original solutions are especially popular. For this, one or several tones can be used.

Skin and eye color is of paramount importance when choosing a red tint. Owners of light strands and pale skin are not recommended to be painted in bright red. With a strong desire to have such a color, preference should be given to light shades, for example, light chestnut.

Dark brown hair with brown eyes stylists recommend a dark copper or bright chestnut color. With natural dark curls fit shades of plum, burgundy, ripe cherries. Red color will most harmoniously look on the brown-haired with matte skin.

Note! If the original hair color is dark, before painting in red shades it is necessary to carry out discoloration.

Those who do not want to radically change the appearance, you can resort to the procedure of coloring. This type of coloring will give the woman individuality, and her hair - the volume and brightness.

Feel free to dye hair in crimson, burgundy, bright red color, can owners of a cold skin tone. Girls with a warm tone should choose golden shades of red.

The red color of the strands is categorically not combined with a pink skin tone. In this case, women risk becoming like a pig.

For older women, stylists are advised to take a closer look at the color of mahogany, because it perfectly paints gray hair and visually smoothes wrinkles. The saturation of this shade is not striking, and with the right choice of the image, it looks strictly and restrained.

Garnier color naturals

This line contains olive, avocado and shea butter, due to which the curls acquire a healthy shine, becoming smooth and silky. This series of colors ensures color fastness even with gray hair. The Garnier Color Naturals palette includes the following shades of red:

  • 3.6 - Beaujolais,
  • 460 - flaming ruby,
  • 5.52 - mahogany.

The average cost of the product is 150 rubles.

This line contains SalonPlex professional protective technology, which provides maximum color fastness, protects curls from brittleness and other damage. The range of colors includes:

  • 8-70 - amber blond,
  • 6-77 - amber copper,
  • 5-29 - intense red.

The average cost of the product is 250 rubles.

Matrix socolor beauti (France)

When creating the line, we used the technology ColorGrip, which provides for the use of ultra-modern pigment. It provides color fastness up to 6 weeks. Gently acting on the hair, the paint does not destroy their structure.

The Matrix socolor beauti palette includes:

  • 5R - light brown red,
  • 4BR - brown brown-red,
  • 5 BR - light brown brown-red,
  • 6 br - dark blond brown-red.

The cost of the product is 480 rubles.

Schwarzkopf Color Mask

This line of hair dyes is characterized by durability - up to 4 weeks or more, the color remains in its original form, it does not tarnish and is not washed off. The consistency of the tool resembles the usual hair mask, therefore it is easily applied to the hair and evenly distributed over the entire length, even without using a brush.

An important point! However, owners of overly dried and damaged hair need to apply a series of procedures to restore curls before applying the dye. Otherwise, the dyes will dry them even more, which will lead to a negative result.

The Schwarzkopf Color Mask palette includes:

  • 368 - cherry chestnut,
  • 586 - mahogany,
  • 657 - chestnut copper.

The cost of paint is 300 rubles.

The quality of this product has long been tested by time. The paint has 3 levels of resistance, which makes it possible to choose less aggressive hair coloring. The palette includes such shades:

  • LRN5 - red chestnut,
  • R4 - chestnut,
  • RF3 - red garnet,
  • R2 - mahogany,
  • V1 - black plum.

The average cost of the product is 200 rubles.

Coloring at home

If you strictly follow the instructions, then painting the strands at home will not be difficult. To make the coloring as comfortable as possible, you need to prepare in advance:

  • old clothes
  • brush,
  • glass or plastic container for mixing paint,
  • plastic hair clips,
  • wooden or plastic comb.

Dressed in old clothes You can proceed to the staining procedure:

  1. Following the instructions, mix the oxidizer and paint to a uniform consistency.
  2. Well comb the strands, you can sprinkle some water from the sprayer on them so that the paint is better absorbed. However, it is impossible to wet the hair.
  3. Throw a cape over your shoulders.
  4. Apply to the skin along the hair line moisturizer, focus on the area of ​​the temples.
  5. Wear gloves and start painting.
  6. Hair must be divided into 4 identical zones. Each quarter grab clip.
  7. Coloring correctly start from the neck. Small strands of the occipital zone (about 1.5 cm) are stained one after the other, then they must be joined and the paint is distributed by hand once more. The parietal zone is stained with the same principle, temporal - is painted at the last moment.
  8. After all strands have been painted, they need to be joined and well read with a comb. Then put polyethylene on the head, wrap a towel over the top and leave for 20-40 minutes (as written in the instructions).
  9. Thoroughly wash off the paint with warm water.
  10. Dry curls in a natural way.

Note! If it is necessary to dye the hair roots, the dye is applied only on them, it lasts 30 minutes (according to the instructions), and then it is combed along the entire length and remains on the hair for another 5-10 minutes. So the color freshen up the entire length.

Cost of service in the cabin

The price of painting will depend on the length of the strands and the method of coloring. On average, the cost of such a procedure is 5,000 rubles.

Coloring in the cabin, of course, has several advantages. First of all, it is a guarantee of quality. When seeking help from a specialist, women automatically eliminate the risks that are possible at home.

A professional will always direct you in the right direction, help you find the most appropriate shade, dissuade you from mindless actions. In addition, beauty paints use professional paints and materials that give 100% results.

The disadvantage of salon painting is its cost.

Other staining methods

Tint balms and tonics are a great alternative to ammonia products. They do not penetrate deep into the hair and do not damage its structure.

Tonics give new shades to basic hair shades, paint curls from scratch in a different color, eliminate unwanted pigments.

Tint shampoos are applied in the same way as usual. Apply on wet curls and wash off after 2-3 minutes. For a more saturated shade, the interaction with the hair can be 5-10 minutes.

With long-term application of the tonic, the color is saturated and bright. These funds can be added to the water, which wash off hair. Thus, the method of using tonics is a purely individual thing. It all depends on the desired result.

The Russian market offers several dozens of tint tools with which you can get a red tint. The most popular of them are:

  • tonic LOreal Professional,
  • Bonacure Color Save Silver shampoos,
  • Tonic Rocolor,
  • Estel tonics and tinted shampoos,
  • tint balms Color Lux,
  • tonic Irida from the Neva.

Council For painting the strands in red color, you can use natural products that not only paint, but also help restore them, prevent loss, breakage.

The coloring components can serve:

  • red wine and henna - allow you to get a bright red reflux,
  • onion husks with karkade - dye hair in cherry color,
  • Henna in combination with Basma gives a red tint to the curls.

Also in combination with henna, you can use blackberries, beet or cranberry juice.

Care for dyed hair

Some paint manufacturers promise color fastness up to 6 weeks. Nevertheless, to achieve this result is not easy, because the red pigment tends to quickly run off. Therefore, to keep the result as long as possible, you need to properly care for the curls after painting:

  • after applying the pigment it is not recommended to wash your hair for the first 2 days,
  • shampoos and balms for dyed hair are recommended for color fastness,
  • wash your hair less often so that the pigment does not wash out as fast
  • to limit the use of electrical styling devices as much as possible, and if they are used, it is necessary to use thermal protection
  • combing strands recommended comb with rare teeth.

To maintain the red pigment, you can use tinted shampoos and balms. However, they must match the shade of the base hair color. In this case, it is recommended to buy funds of the same color and manufacturer.

Of course, the red color attracts attention and enhances female sexuality. But in order that the image does not turn out tasteless, it is necessary to carefully select the shades for the external characteristics. It is also important to properly care for the curls after staining in red, otherwise the pigment will quickly lose its saturation, and the image will turn out not too well-groomed.

Cream-paint Igora Vibrance copper (Schwarzkopf Professional)

Creamy consistency does not contain ammonia, which provides a sparing effect on the hair structure. The paint is easy to apply, painting evenly strands over the entire length, including gray hair. For use, it is enough to mix the pigment with the lotion-activator.

The cost of the bottle is 483 rubles.

Cream-paint matrix socolor beauty 5c (France)

When creating tools used a unique technology ColorGrip, involving the use of smart pigments. The dye provides uniform coloring and durability of the result up to 6 weeks. The soft impact of the components does not destroy the structure.

The cost of packing is 476 rubles.

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Original color

When choosing a red paint should take into account the original color. It represents a whole science called color painting. As an auxiliary tool you can use the circle of Oswald.First you need to eliminate the unsuccessful combination of scarlet pigment with dye on the hair (or natural color).

In the process of dyeing, they are connected, sometimes forming greens on the strands. Correct the situation will be difficult.

Usually dark curls before repainting in red tones are pre-lightened. The result is a rich, bright color.

How to choose a shade of red?

The shade of red is selected depending on the color of the skin.

So, owners of cold tones are more suitable:

  • ruby,
  • scarlet,
  • saturated pink,
  • cherry and others,

Women whose skin color has warm shades will suit the following colors:

  • the Red tree,
  • fiery red
  • honey
  • reddish chestnut and others,

The color of the hair does not match the color of the eyes, only the harmonious combination is taken into account. The best combination is the combination of red with green and blue iris.

To refuse the choice of red paint is in the case of a reddish skin tone or situational manifestations. Lady such a ratio of shades on the hair and face charm and extravagance will not give.

How to dye your hair red at home?

The procedure can be done independently at home. But you must first prepare strands. Within 7-10 days before dyeing, you need to perform activities for deep moisturizing hair. For these purposes, you can use masks, special professional tools, homemade recipes. The pigment will last longer if the hair is sufficiently moist.

Necessary means and tools:

  • bowl for dilution of the dye (ceramic, plastic or glass),
  • brush for the distribution of the working mixture
  • comb with a long handle
  • cape
  • gloves,
  • strand clamps,
  • Polyethylene kerchief / cap,
  • paint,
  • balm,
  • hair dryer


  1. Dilute the dye with an oxidizing agent in a special bowl.
  2. Clamp the hair cover into 4 zones: back of the head, 2 side parts, front.
  3. Alternately distribute the dye by the brush along the strands. Try not to fall on the scalp.
  4. Wear polyethylene scarf and wait as long as indicated in the instructions. To get a rich tone you need to select the maximum time.
  5. After dyeing, the hair is washed until the flowing water becomes transparent.
  6. To restore the structure and close the scales should be applied for 2-5 minutes balm. Then rinse your head and dry naturally. If the use of a hair dryer and other electrical appliances is envisaged, the strands are treated with a protective agent.

When coloring the roots, the paint is applied to the root zone, and 10 minutes before the end of the pigment action time, it is necessary to distribute it over the entire length of the strands.

Precautionary measures

Before use it is worth making sure that the active components of the coloring composition will not cause an allergic reaction. A quick test on the back of the palm will discard all doubts during the initial use of the product.

The diluted mixture is used immediately after combining with an oxidizing agent. Putting paint on the hair is not recommended. After a few hours, it loses its original properties and does not give the desired effect. In addition, the oxidized mixture may cause irritation on the skin.

In order to avoid staining the skin of the hands, you need to do the work in gloves made of polyethylene or rubber.

A bottle of dye should be stored in places where children and animals have limited access.

How to dye your hair red without dye?

As a component for the coloring structure can serve:

  • henna, as an independent ingredient and in combination with basmo gives shades of red,
  • onion peel combined with hibiscus will give the strands a beautiful cherry color
  • wine Cahor and henna paired up the perfect means to get a rich red tone,

Also good for a combination with henna: cranberry or beet juice, blackberries.

Different ratios of henna and basma give all sorts of shades. In combination with natural pigment, quite interesting tones are obtained.

Special crayons will be able to provide a bright tone, although the effect does not last long, the color disappears after 2 washing procedures. But you can absolutely without harm to the health of hair feel like the queen of the holiday, transformed into the image of a passionate seductress. Chalks can leave marks on clothes. To prevent this trouble, you need to sprinkle the strands with a small amount of varnish.

It should be noted that the use of natural components for coloring gives effect after several procedures. Vegetable pigment tends to accumulate on the hair surface, so after each new procedure the color will become richer.

The red pigment is quickly washed off the hair, so to maintain the effect, you need to take into account some rules for the care of colored strands:

  1. For washing use only special shampoos.that provide color fastness.
  2. After applying the pigment is not recommended to wash curls for 2 days.
  3. Limit frequent use of caring agents, they contribute to the rapid washing of the pigment from the surface of the hair.
  4. Doing the styling, it is necessary to use electric devices for leveling or curling strands less often.
  5. To create protection against an ultraviolet and other external factors will help balsam-rinse.
  6. When combing wet hair you need to use a comb with rare teeth, so as not to damage the structure.
  7. Be sure to use thermal protection. before use ironing, hair dryer or tongs.

Natalia, 24 years old

I have naturally blond hair by nature, but I always dreamed of red curls. Henna gives a yellowish tint, but I wanted to get the effect of mahogany. Once I read about the properties and methods of using dried karkade flowers. I immediately liked the first result of dyeing, and I began to rinse my hair with infusion once a week. A few weeks later, my hair acquired the desired shade and shine.

Alina, 30 years old

Before dyeing in tone burgundy made straightening strands. I liked the result, but the effect became barely noticeable after a couple of weeks. The master suggested how to prepare hair for coloring and how to follow it after the procedure. The Soviets helped increase the wearing period to 6 weeks, although the paint was used by a single manufacturer, Wella Wellaton.

Victoria, 34 years old

For several years now I have been painting strands with organic KHADI paint. Natural ingredients do not harm my hair. Regular use additionally has a caring effect, which is manifested in the strengthening of the root system, elasticity of curls and natural shine. The cost of packaging is much higher than synthetic counterparts, but for me the healthy look of the hair is more important, because the restoration will take much more money and nerves.

Useful videos

How to choose a hair dye.

How to choose the right shade for hair. Find the right color. How to choose a hair color?

How to choose a hair dye

There are a lot of them on the market, so getting confused is hard enough. There are a number of rules that have been developed by cosmetologists and stylists. They will help to use high-quality, safe paint, which gives a beautiful shade suitable to the skin color type.

Things to remember:

  • The hair color of each person is individual. Therefore, it is impossible to count on 100% similarity after dyeing with a model on the packaging or a neighbor on the porch. Be sure to carefully study the instructions for the product and find out what may affect the final result.
  • Choose a hair dye, focusing on the color type of skin. If the dermis has a cold color (porcelain, white, with greenish or lilac overflow), then you need to use a blond or burgundy with different variations. A golden color will be appropriate on the hair of the owners of warm skin tones.

  • It is always easier to make hair darker than lighter. Therefore, in case of doubt about the correctness of the choice of color, you should give preference to a lighter shade - the failure can be corrected literally the next day.
  • Dramatically change hair color is very difficult. If the decision is made to turn from a burning brunette into a blonde, then it is better to seek the help of professionals. Masters of beauty salons have in their possession all the necessary cosmetics, which will make the natural pigment less pronounced, and allow the paint to evenly spread to the curls.
  • Gray hair makes the overall coloring somewhat lighter. Therefore, with a large number of them, it is worth choosing means for 1 - 2 tones darker than was planned. But it is necessary to take into account the fact that the gray hair is longer painted over - the time of the procedure can be extended by 10 minutes.

Considering the fact that when dyeing you need to preserve the health of your hair as much as possible, preference should be given to those inks that contain no ammonia. On the other hand, professionals often use organic paints - they have ammonia, but in acceptable quantities there are no fragrances, flavors, which are synthetic substances.

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What to choose for home staining

It is not necessary for high-quality coloring to go to a beauty salon and pay a rather large amount to a master, it is quite possible to put your appearance in order, you can transform at home. And to have a positive result, you must first choose the color of the paint.

Ladies with light / white hair fit only natural shades - wheat, gold, honey, caramel. These colors will make the face visually younger and refresh the overall impression. It is necessary to take into account the skin color type:

  • blondes with “transparent”, porcelain skin will suit all cold shades of blond - ashy, champagne, platinum, ice, silver,
  • if on the background of white hair there is dark and with a pronounced blush skin, then it is necessary to give preference to a “warmer” blonde - golden and honey.
Ash hair color

On sale you can find the paint “Nordic Blonde” - it looks impressive, but it makes dark circles under the eyes more visually pronounced and adds 5 to 10 years old. Therefore, such a tone can only suit young girls, or women with perfectly healthy skin. Categorically you can not be painted blondes in a radical color - it is difficult, and almost immediately regrown roots will make the appearance untidy.

For blond hair

Fair-haired ladies are lucky because they can experiment with the color of curls in different directions. Most often paints of light shades are used, in this case it turns out to make a head of hair 1 - 2 tones lighter and fresher.

When choosing a paint for a woman with blond hair, consider the following:

  • if the skin of the face and body is light, then you can paint in copper-blond shades, but you need to choose those in which there are no red and red notes,
  • the natural blush and peach complexion will be “decorated” by dark blond curls, but they are absolutely not suitable for women who have a tan,
  • The medium blond color will suit absolutely all owners of blond curls from nature - it always looks stylish and noble.

By the way, if there is a combination of light brown hair and dark skin, then you can paint curls in the color of milk chocolate. It looks very “soft”, makes the image of a person complete and “cozy”.

For gray hair

They represent a certain complexity in staining, so experts recommend to abandon the experiment at home. But you can always solve the problem by choosing the right cosmetic product. This is what professionals recommend:

  • it is preferable to give preference to light shades - wheat, golden, and if the “original” color of the curls allows you to do this, then this choice will be optimal,

  • with a small amount of gray hair, you can toning, highlighting or coloring curls, but in this case you will need the help of a master,
  • Optimal hair dye - 1 - 2 colors lighter than natural color.

What is absolutely impossible to do - try to hide gray hair in red. As a result, all the problematic hairs will become bright red, will stand out strongly against the general background and attract the attention of others, and not from the most positive side.

Golden blond, copper, "rusty", carrot - the choice of paint for red-haired girls is really huge. Here is what is recommended by experts:

  • fair-skinned blue-eyed ladies can lighten their redheads slightly, make them a little "rusty",
  • all shades of mahogany and ripe cherries are ideal for owners of green and brown eyes in combination with a small blush and peach complexion,
  • black eyes are "universal" in combination with dark skin - any shades of red paint will do.
Balayazh on red hair

Light-skinned categorically do not suit "carrot" colors, and indeed it is better to choose a few muted shades of red.

For dark hair

Chocolate, black, purple, eggplant, brandy and dark caramel will suit the brunettes. These shades, in principle, are suitable for any color type of skin, but soft chocolate colors make the lady visually younger by 5 years.

It is believed that the blue-black curls age a person, but if such a shade of hair to make a woman with dark skin and brown eyes, adding to it a few strands of "brandy" or "milk chocolate", you can achieve a harmonious appearance.

To lighten

The lightening process is always traumatic and makes hair dry and tough. The best option for such a procedure would be an appeal to the master in a beauty salon. At home, however, you should pay attention to the choice of paint - in its composition should not be present ammonia and hydrogen peroxide in large quantities.

If lightening wants to make a brunette, then you need to choose hair color "platinum" or "cold blond." This will avoid the yellow shade.

To find out how to choose a hair shade according to the color of the face, see this video:

Home staining rules

The first thing to do is to conduct the simplest allergotest. Even if the staining is not the first time and the products of the same manufacturer are used, the reaction of the body may be inadequate. Mass should be applied to the skin from the inside of the elbow or behind the ear and wait for 20-30 minutes. The absence of itching, redness and burning indicates that the beauty procedure can be continued.

Next step: carefully study the instructions and prepare everything you need - the actual paint, brush, gloves, towel and balm for rinsing curls. It is necessary to strictly observe the time spent on the head specified by the manufacturer. Of course, if you extend it a little, you will get a more saturated color. But! This can maximally spoil the structure of the hair, make it dry, brittle and “provide” with split ends.

And then everything is simple: a brush is applied to the paint first on the roots along the central parting, then on the back of the head, moving smoothly towards the temples and crown. At the very end of the process are processed tips curls. "Beating" your hair with your hands, trying to distribute the paint as evenly as possible, cover your head with a plastic cap and wrap it in a towel.

After the end of the dyeing period specified in the instruction, rinse the curls under running warm water and apply a softening balm on it, which usually comes with hair dye.

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Hair dyeing at home is a simple and safe process, but only if the choice of cosmetic was made correctly. And to achieve this quite easily, you just need to follow the recommendations of experts.

Rules for choosing hair color red

Immediately it should be said, not every paint can be suitable for your particular case. First of all, the dye must meet all the requirements for it, namely, to be persistent, have a gentle effect and a predictable effect. The choice of shade should be carried out, relying on the tone in which the hair is painted at the moment, or on natural. You should not rely on the color shown in the picture, because the color of the curls of the model may differ significantly from yours. Most often, the depicted shade is an attraction of attention and is not the end result. In order to properly orient, and choose a suitable hair dye of red color, you should consider the table located on the back of the package and the number of shade. Ideally, entrust this business to a professional who not only selects the right tone, but also advises on the proper care of the curls. At least, at least for the first time you need to go to the stylist, and then, based on his recommendations and advice, to carry out coloring at home.

Popular red shades of hair colors

Red color can have a lot of overflows, be warm and cold, light or dark. If you choose the right shade, you can transform your appearance for the better. Of the most popular shades of this color should be highlighted:

  • red rich tone that looks great on girls who prefer the classic image. The perfect combination with a strict suit or dress will dilute the dryness and severity of the classics,
  • the red-copper shade is perfectly combined with light brown eyes and with light skin color,
  • Considering the red shades of hair dye, in particular, it is worth highlighting the red-violet tone, which is in perfect harmony with the black and brown eyes, as well as tanned and dark skin,
  • Red-brown shade helps to stand out among the total mass, while having a fairly natural appearance. Experts recommend this color of curls to aged women, because it helps to hide the presence of wrinkles.

If you want to use mahogany hair dye, then experts recommend sticking to the following rules before and during hair dye:

  • a few days before painting, you should thoroughly wash your hair with a deep cleaning shampoo. This will help the color to keep on the curls, as long as possible,
  • if you are the owner of a long head of hair, then you need to buy two packs of paint of the desired shade at once, if the length of the curls reaches the shoulders, then one pack of dye will be enough. Regarding the percentage of oxidant, it should be chosen taking into account the presence of gray hair. If it has a place, then it is worth giving preference to an oxidizing agent of 6%, if there is no gray hair, then 3%,
  • you should prepare well, put on some old clothes, so that it is not a pity to get it dirty with paint, a bowl, clips, a comb, a brush,
  • according to the recommendations specified in the instructions, it is necessary to dissolve the paint and divide the scalp conditionally into 4 parts, from the top of the head to the neck and from one auricle to the other,
  • keep hair divided into 4 parts with clips. Immediately take ¼ part and divide it into strands about 1 cm wide and process it with dye pigment, retreating from the roots by a few centimeters,

  • after all the hairs are painted in length, you can start coloring the roots,
  • the paint is left on the hair, according to the specified time interval in the instructions,
  • as soon as the specified time has elapsed, you need to wet your hair a little, lather it up, and wait another five minutes,
  • wash the paint well under running water until it is clean, soak the hair with a towel,
  • we apply a special balm on wet hair, which is the final stage in the chemical action,
  • wash off the balm and dry hair.

Do not overdo the dye on the hair, wanting to get a brighter and more saturated color. So you not only do not get the desired result, but also cause significant damage to the curls.

Watch the video: Which Shade Of Red Hair Dye Is Best For You - Professional Tips (March 2020).