Microcapsular hair extensions

It is a little that such capsular building.

This technology involves the implementation of building special artificial strands, on the basis of which the capsules are fixed. The capsules contain keratin and are attached at the roots of the client's hair. For this wizard use a special heating apparatus. Thanks to technology, this method is also called "hot keratin narashivanie."

How to care for hair extensions?

The technology of capsular hair extensions requires the subsequent thorough care of the hairdo. If you observe the basic requirements for care, then the hair will last you much longer and keep the original look.

  • Try to avoid visiting saunas and baths. It is necessary to protect hair from moisture ingress, especially wetting in rivers, lakes and other natural reservoirs.
  • Use a special comb for artificial hair. Also brush gently and smoothly.
  • Hair care products that contain alcohol, oil, acid, aggressive chemistry can damage the capsule, which, in turn, will contribute to its destruction and hair loss.
  • After shampooing, wait until the hair is completely dry. Only after that go to bed.
  • You can also put your hair in a braid before going to bed, this will help avoid tangling.
  • Every two or three months it is necessary to carry out the correction of capsular capacity. This point must be discussed with the master.
  • If you decide to remove hair extensions, use the services of a wizard. On your own, you can damage your own hair.
  • When using hair straighteners, it is necessary to move about 1 cm from the roots to avoid damage to the capsule.
  • Hairdryer is undesirable. But if there is such a need, then reduce the jet pressure and air temperature.

Advantages and disadvantages of hot keratin extensions.

  • Helps to significantly increase the length and volume of your own hair
  • Duration of building approximately two – three hours
  • Reasonable cost of the procedure

  • Capsules may be noticeable due to their size. To hide it, you can make a cascading haircut.
  • Heating can damage the hair, but this is a problem with any heating procedures.
  • The presence of restrictions and complex care
  • Hair extensions may be too large for your own hairstyle. It can damage natural hair.
  • Hot build-up should not be carried out if the natural hair in poor condition is liquid, thin, weakened.
  • Frequent corrective procedures. If you do not make timely correction, you can worsen the condition of hair extensions. And then, lose.

Microcapsular extension.

For those who want to find a luxurious hairstyle, there is also a microcapsular hot hair extension. This technology has appeared relatively recently and has several advantages over capsular capacity. From the title it is clear that the main advantage is the size of the capsules. These capsules are almost invisible to others.

As well as capsular extension, microcapsule implies the use of a heating apparatus. For the manufacture of capsules used wax and keratin. Whereas in the capsule, only keratin. Wax capsules are much more aesthetic, as they become the color of natural hair after heating.

How to care for hair extensions microcapsular?

Due to the fact that the microcapsular extension has excellent adhesion, strands firmly held on native hair, care does not imply numerous restrictions. Quite safely you can go to the baths, saunas, swim in rivers and lakes. Strands do not peel off from the hair. It also works with the procedure of combing. Capsule size will not allow you to accidentally comb them. The only thing better not to use metal or plastic combs, as well as combs with frequent teeth.

But do not forget to follow the composition of cosmetics for the hair that you use. They must not contain aggressive ingredients, alcohols and oils.

Also avoid tangling your hair and correct it on time.

Advantages and disadvantages of microcapsule technology:

First, consider the advantages:

  • First of all, it should be noted that microcapsule hair extensions are suitable even if the native hair is thin, liquid and weak.
  • The attachment point of the strand cannot be considered due to the size of the capsule.
  • Ease of care and a small amount of restrictions is undoubtedly a huge advantage.
  • For this type of extension fit any length of native hair.
  • The long-term effect of building. Correction should be carried out approximately every six months.
  • The impact of the heating apparatus is much softer, due to the size of the strands when building.
  • Strands are light. The load on the hair follicles is minimized.

The drawbacks of this build are much less than the advantages:

  • Microcapsular extension is useful only to increase the length of the hair. If you need volume, then this method will not help you. The thickness of the strands and the possible number will not provide you with a large amount.
  • The extension procedure is rather lengthy and tedious. May take about 7 hours.
  • High build cost.

Between the decision to build hair and building it is necessary, of course, to spend time choosing technology, salon, craftsman, and so on. Choose a method of extension is necessary, based on the current state of the hair and what you want to get in the end. As mentioned above, to get the volume you should choose a capsular extension. If you prefer length, then microcapsule. Carefully review the limitations, care recommendations, cautions. All this will help you choose the way that you need. Also consult a good builder for advice.

Advantages and disadvantages

As with any technique of extension, microcapsular hair extensions have their pros and cons. Among the advantages it is necessary to highlight:

  • Natural look of hair.
  • No risk of damage to native strands.
  • The use of tiny-sized capsules allows you to make attachment sites inconspicuous and not even noticeable.
  • Hair can curl, make high tails, as well as dye.
  • It is allowed to apply masks, balms and use any styling tools.
  • Long lasting effect is provided.
  • Sponged curls are not afraid of moisture, sea water.

Of the minuses worth highlighting the relatively high cost. In addition, the procedure is quite time-consuming, it requires special skills and abilities. Therefore, it can only be done in the salon under the guidance of a professional hairdresser. As a result, the hairstyle looks thick, but it will not be possible to increase the amount of hair several times.

This procedure has a number of contraindications that should be considered. These include:

  • dermatological diseases in the hair growth zone,
  • alopecia,
  • the course of chemotherapy.

Who is microcapsular extension suitable for?

This type of extension allows you to hide the lack of hair in the forehead area. This technique is suitable even for men who experience baldness at a young age. Strands can be lengthened selectively, for example, by treating only the temporal or frontal zones. It is possible to increase from 50 to 300 strand. Depending on the amount, the duration of the procedure will be from 3 to 6 hours.

This technique is the best option for owners of thin liquid hair. Microcapsules do not weight the curls, so after the procedure you will not have a feeling of discomfort. Visually, the hairstyle will be more voluminous, thick. Donor strands will be imperceptible, which is also a big plus. After such a procedure, regardless of the type of native curls, you can change the shade of the hairstyle, do the styling using styling tools.

Hot technique

This is a unique technique that is suitable for short hairstyles, as well as for thin rare strands. This technique can be used for thinning curls and for those who lack the density of hair. For hot build thin strands and microcapsules are used, which are invisible after fastening. They are much smaller in size than those used in the standard capsule method. Due to this hairstyle looks the most natural.

Such micropouches are not combed out, and therefore the hairstyle keeps an attractive and neat appearance for a long time. To fix and secure the wizard using special thin thermoplips, whose width is only 3 mm. With the usual extension, forceps are used twice as wide. Forceps Extend Magic is heated to a low temperature (90 degrees). This ensures a careful effect on the hair. Soft capsules are used for fastening, which provide an inconspicuous elastic connection.

In this way, it is possible to increase the length to 80 cm.

Cold microcapsular hair extensions

This technique is even more gentle because it does not involve exposure to high temperatures. It is also applicable for weak hair and for short strands. If the curls are damaged and weakened after debilitating hairdressing procedures, but you want to have a long "mane", choose this method. The procedure itself is performed using the same microcapsules. To extend use only natural hair Slavic or European type. Hair withstand 1-2 correction. After this, the strands will have to be replaced.

For such a procedure as cold hair extensions, microcapsules are used in large quantities. Strands that attach to native hair are very thin, but because it is quite laborious and time-consuming work. Regardless of the type chosen (cold or hot), it is very important to find an experienced master who will perform this work at the highest level.

Reviews after microcapsule hair extensions

The impressions of other girls about this procedure will help you to determine whether it is worth doing such a build-up or better to choose another technique.

Nadezhda, 27 years old

Did microcapsule capacity with correction (2 times). Bought natural hair exactly the color of their own. The master worked about 6 hours. It took 200 strands to be attached. Microconnections in the form of capsules look neat. They are not visible under the hair. You can safely make high hair. This technique is better than those I have tried before. If you want to have long hair, but do not have the strength to wait until they grow back, choose this technique - you will surely be satisfied with the result.

Maria, 28 years old

For the first time, she increased her hair with microcapsules and was shocked by the result. Unlike tape building, the procedure is longer, but the result is a hundred times better. Hair looks natural, as if it is native curls. The only negative is the high cost.

Inna, 42 years old

Microcapsules - salvation for owners of thin thinning strands. This method is even suitable for weakened hair, which I was convinced from my own experience after numerous staining and lightening of the hair. I go to the pool, so I chose a technology of extension, which allows you to wet your hair in water. Capsules it does not harm. After 1.5 months the hairstyle looks neat.


The features of microcapsule extensions are significantly different from tape or clips, and therefore they need to be considered separately. It is important to understand that this also changes the cost of the procedure.

This method is equally effective for healthy and weak hair. It can also be used to mask bald patches, thicken and lengthen the hair. The method is equally effective in all areas of the head, and therefore many men use it to hide the appearance of baldness.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of this type of extension include the following:

  1. The natural look of hair, extended curls are almost impossible to distinguish from real ones, they do not stand out, and with curls you can make any hairstyle,
  2. The procedure is equally suitable for hair of any type, it can be used even for weakened,
  3. Strands can be painted and applied to them without any harm to them,
  4. Microcapsular hair extensions, reviews and photos that confirm this is completely harmless,
  5. When removing the extension on the hair does not leave any trace, the hair does not break and does not require restoration,
  6. Salt and heat are also not able to affect the hair.

The disadvantages of this type of procedure are quite minor:

  • High duration of the procedure - at least 6 hours
  • Compared with other types of extensions, microcapsules are expensive,
  • Technology extensions classified as complex.

It is also important not to forget about the professionalism of the master, because without this capacity can not have the promised result. Just do not forget that the hair should periodically "rest" from such procedures, and that they need to be carefully looked after, even after building.

Microcapsular capacity refers to the latest technologies that have recently appeared on the market, and therefore it is just starting to win fans.

This method has high performance and minimum negative consequences for the hair, and therefore the high cost and duration of the procedure are fully justified by this. Microcapsules are also worn for at least 3 months and do not need constant correction.

We should not forget that such a build-up is equally suitable for any type of hair, and will help to hide even the resulting bald areas in men.

Features of the procedure

The technology of “hot extension by capsules” is as follows: with the help of forceps, 3 mm thick, the microcapsules are heated, melted and then attached to the hair strands. The composition of the keratin microcapsules is protein and wax, which ensures a safe and durable mount.

Do not fear that this is a hot procedure: cold capsular hair extension is impossible, because the capsules will not join the hair. This method is absolutely safe for health. Capsules allow you to make short hair 30-100 cm longer.

The whole process of hair extensions on keratin capsules lasts up to 6 hours (depending on how many capsules you need and how much the client wants to buy), and the strands are removed using a solution containing alcohol.

Naturally, the question is, how long does the hair grow? It depends on many factors, but on average, when building a capsule, it is recommended to take off after 3-4 months from the capsular extension.
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Advantages and disadvantages

Microcapsule extensions have both advantages and disadvantages. Studying them will allow you to finally decide whether to do this.

So, hot capsule buildup - advantages:

  • quickly changes length
  • perhaps zonal extension,
  • not harmful
  • it is difficult to distinguish extended hair from the,
  • after building you can do thermolakage, visit a tanning bed, swim in the sea,
  • after the procedure, you can use any hair care and paint it with any paint,
  • microcapsular extension does not make hair heavier.

That is, the technology of capsule extension leaves it possible after the procedure to treat hair the same way as before - without any restrictions.

The disadvantages of capsular capacity:

  • not suitable for thick, thick and strong hair
  • not suitable if short hair needs to be lengthened by one day,
  • not suitable if you need to increase the volume.

There are not so many disadvantages with capsular capacity and after it. Microcapsule extensions received the best reviews - a new technology that allows you to radically change short haircuts and is gentle on hair. Hot capsular extension (microcapsules) has become a landmark in the beauty industry.

Service cost

If you compare how much hot microcapsule hair extensions and cold tape costs, buy capsules are definitely more expensive. But given that after they completely relieve their owner of the hassle, the question of how much it costs is not so critical.

In addition, the technology of capsular extension involves a long delicate work of the master - only in this case, the hair will look natural.

Prices for microcapsules are different. In the salons more expensive from the individual master - cheaper. If we consider the average prices, then capsular capacity of 100 capsules with 30 cm strands will cost from 7,000 rubles, with 100 cm strands from 10,000 rubles.

“I couldn’t grow my short hair for a long time: the ends broke, they split, and I had to cut them. And long hair is my dream! The hairdresser advised to do a microcapsular extension. When I found out how much this capsular hair extension costs, I doubted: do I really need it?

Then she thought - and agreed. You only live once! The technology was absolutely painless. After her, I saw myself as I wanted! Microcapsules - my salvation. "

“I read in a magazine about hair extensions on capsules and I was excited to try. The drawbacks in the form of price and duration of the procedure did not stop me - I wanted to add bright accents to my hairstyle, and the extension technology allows me to do this without spoiling my hair.

And the reviews only pleased: that no reviews, then delight! It turned out that microcapsular building up is interesting: I don’t need to buy a new shampoo, take care of my hair from salt water, or even comb my hair more carefully! And where are those cons? Now I understand the compliments and join them. "

“At my age, walking with bangs is no longer solid - it makes my face childish. But it could not grow back - sprawled hair interfered. Inside recommended to buy capsules.

Of course, when I found out how much it costs to buy capsules only for a bang, I thought. But I realized that I need it. After building heard a lot of compliments. In the meantime, she wore capsules, and her hair grew to the desired length. ”

What is the essence of technology?

Microcapsular extension can be called a unique hot technique. This method allows you to make extensions on short strands, helps to extend the bangs, as well as to achieve hair extensions in the temporal region. In addition, a similar procedure is applied for thinning curls.

We can safely say that this option is perfect for everyone who wants to increase the density of their own hair, give them vitality and beauty.

In the course of this extension, very thin strands are used (they are much smaller in size than standard ones) and very small capsules (which are several times smaller than normal). Such strands and capsules make it possible in the end to get to such an extent imperceptible and imperceptible joints of natural hair with artificial hair, that even the owner herself (or the owner, because we noted that men can use microcapsular extension technology) such strands will not detect them. And this is confirmed by the reviews of a large number of girls.

In addition, due to the small size of the microcapsules are very light, which significantly reduces the load on the native strands. This leads to the fact that when combing your own hair is not pulled out, and artificial hair is not combed out.

Even the tools used by the master in this procedure are much smaller in size than those used in conventional building: for example, the tongs are only 3 mm wide, whereas the standard ones are twice as large.

Microcapsular extension allows hair to grow up to 80 cm in length, while time costs are about 3-6 hours. The total duration depends on how much order is used.

Advantages of the procedure and its disadvantages. Contraindications

Reviews highlight the following positive aspects of the use of microcapsule capacity:

  • First of all, this technology is good because the hair looks very natural,
  • also microcapsular extension is suitable for any type of hair,
  • Another advantage is that the extended strands will be worn for a very long time, they practically do not comb out,
  • In addition, artificial curls can be easily painted, permed, treated with various oils and balms,
  • a positive point is also the size of the capsules and their harmlessness to hair,
  • if such strands are removed, then there will be no creases on the native hair,
  • This type of extension is suitable for short hair, thin and sparse, it can be used for extension in the forehead and temples. The technology will suit both men
  • Finally, let us point out that with microcapsular extension, artificial hair subsequently turns out to be resistant to sea water and temperature extremes. Therefore, you can safely go on vacation, visit pools, saunas, baths.

At the same time, reviews indicate some disadvantages:

  • firstly, the procedure is quite long. It is explained by its considerable complexity,
  • secondly, microcapsule buildup is usually quite expensive.

Finally, let us say that it is necessary to observe the existing contraindications: the procedure should not be carried out in the presence of serious dermatological diseases, as well as during the course of chemotherapy.

In this way, The considered technology is a very convenient and safe way, combining the advantages of many other ways. As a result, girls have the opportunity to get luxurious strands, pleasing everyone around with their beauty. And if you study the reviews, you can make sure that everyone is satisfied.

Extend magic

The big leap in the industry has become Extend Magic hair extensions. Its remarkable property is that the device itself is able to control the dose of adhesive material.

As a result, the mount is more accurate and even more inconspicuous. With the appearance of this device, microcapsule magnification of curls became available to ladies with absolutely any long and thick hair.

Due to its property to build up one by one, then this technology was loved by men too. The Extend Magic micro-wrap technology is more time consuming and takes longer as very thin strands are taken.

On average, the procedure takes 4 to 6 hours. Naturally, duration depends on how many strands you need to use.

The method itself is very simple: a strand is applied to the natural curls in the root zone, which will be increased. In place of the junction impose microcapsule, which is heated by the ExtendMagic device.

After the capsule solidifies, it takes on the same color as the curls. Carefully ensure that your master uses this particular device, and not tongs!

The hairs increased by this technique keep within 4 months.

Who is the microcapsular extension suitable for?

This type of procedure is practically universal and is suitable for all those who decide to get rich thick and long hair, or just make your hair a little more voluminous. But if you are the owner of good, strong hair and you just want to add volume to them, then this process is not your method.

This procedure will not work for those who want to lengthen the hair for one day. This method of extension is ideal for ladies with damaged thin hair.

Microcapsular extension is ideal for owners of short hair. It is worth noting that after hair extensions you can also dye, curl and straighten to your taste.

Photo hair extensions microcapsules

If you are thinking of expanding the hair, attached is a hair extension microcapsules photo.


So, if you decide to get chic hair and are the owner of short, thin and weakened curls, the method of microcapsular extension is definitely your method! Do not forget to carefully examine all the pros and cons of hair extensions and get advice from a qualified master! Be beautiful!

Principle of the method

The principle of operation is extremely simple - strands of donor curls are attached to their native strands using microcapsules. This capsule method differs in the size of the capsules themselves - they are very small, almost weightless.

Also, the difference is that the tweezers for capsular reception of work are 6 mm, and for microcapsular - 3 mm. This significantly reduces the weight created by the strands, does not weigh down the hairstyle, reduces the risk of spoiling the hair.

Before starting the procedure, the master selects donor material. He appreciates not only color, but also structure. Above valued "raw" Slavic origin. It always looks more natural and breaks less. With features of the choice of natural hair extensions, pros and cons of each type of strands, check out our website.

The procedure itself is a hot build method of curls.most sparing at this stage. For microcapsules extensions using very small capsules and very thin strands of hair. The composition of the microcapsules of wax and protein, which increase strength. With this technique, the extended strands are almost impossible to distinguish from the present, both visually and by touch.

Council The technology is quite complex and painstaking. Therefore, it must perform a highly skilled master.

The method of increasing Microbellargo

Last time, he proved himself well new way to hair extension Bellargo and Microbellargo. This method does not make the hairstyle heavy; the fastening of a large number of donor strands is not required. Enough to fix about a hundred pieces. Patented Termohulzen is a polymer that is sensitive to high temperature, covered with pores over the entire surface, attaches artificial strands to the native head of hair.

With the help of these fastenings, a special microclimate is achieved in the joints and feeding of native hair. Strands are fastened very carefully with the help of a special apparatus Bellargo. Polymer sleeves securely fixed, preventing direct contact with native hairs.

When wearing this hairstyle, the liner does not break. They do not break up, and are almost imperceptible in a hairdress. This method increments from 25 to 100 pieces of donor strands. When building a hundred pieces time will take no more than one and a half hours. It will take even less time to eat during the correction - about 30 minutes.

After incrementing within two days adaptation occurs.And further, hair grows correctly, are not deformed. After removing the glued strands in their native curls will not remain wrinkles.

Prices for microcapsule capacity

The method of microcapsule extension is very popular and effective. therefore prices are very high. The price will be made up of what type of hair will be used in the work, how much will be needed. With this method, absolutely any “raw material” can be used - Eastern European or Asian, or Brazilian hair.

In different regions of the country, prices range from 25 to 100 rubles per strand. In Moscow, the cost is an average of 45 rubles. The total cost of work and "raw materials" can range from 10,000 to 25,000 rubles.

For thin and short hair

It is the microcapsular extension method that is best suited for thin and short hair. If you have always needed additional volume of hair, then this method is for you. Another great advantage is the possibility of sea bathing, visits to the bath and pool. You must wear a bathing cap.

Correction and care

With the method of microcapsular capacity correction may be needed only after six months. The fact is that during the work super-thin strands are used, which do not make the hairstyle heavier. As the hair grows, the capsules are not visible due to its small size, and the hairs are not combed out. Therefore, such hairstyles are long without correction. With this method easier combing of the hair due to the small size of the capsules.

Important! It is allowed to use styling products, styling, ironing, hair dryers, but all this with care, not overheating.

Care for extended curls is quite simple:

  • You also visit saunas, baths, swimming pools.
  • When washing, you should avoid aggressive shampoos, masks, balms. These funds should not contain alcohol, oils, acids. You should not go to bed until the curls have dried after washing.
  • Also do not let the hair get tangled. This may provoke the separation of accrued curls.

If you want to remove the artificial strands, it is very easy to do. You will need special tweezers and a solution containing alcohol. However, this should not be done independently. You should make an appointment with the master who made you microfiber. The correction procedure takes place without the use of sharp objects, such as nippers, solvents and other hazardous substances.

Advantages and disadvantages

The method of microcapsule correction has its advantages:

  • can be applied even on thin and weak hair,
  • short haircut,
  • the capsules are very small and invisible,
  • maximum natural hair
  • hair follicles are not damaged due to the small size of the capsules,
  • minimum thermal effect due to the fact that the minimum number of strands is taken for work,
  • correction once every four to six months
  • simple care, and minimal restrictions,
  • after removing the donor strands, the hair does not spoil,
  • the ability to increase the amount of hair on any part of the head.

The disadvantages of this method are much less than pluses:

  • high price,
  • long procedure. It can last about five to seven hours,
  • complex technology
  • microcapsular extension allows you to make hair thicker, but unlike other technologies, does not give a large amount of hair.

Want to grow hair? Learn more about the procedure from the following articles:

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How does the process of building

Do not be afraid that such a hot build technique will somehow damage the scalp. It is absolutely safe and effective. It is made with the help of forceps, the size of which does not exceed 3 mm. With their help, microcapsules are taken, heated, melted and firmly glued to their own curls, using high temperature. You should not worry about the composition of such a microcapsule, it consists of wax and protein, these substances are absolutely safe and will not cause any harm to the skin of the head or to their own hair.

If, for any reason, you want to abandon the accrued strands, this will also not create any problem. A specialist without any special ore will remove them with the help of special tweezers and an alcohol solution.

But that's not all. The real breakthrough in the extension procedure was the invention of a new unique extender magic method.

What is the extend magic hair spreading?

This is an ultra-modern and unique technology in which a special device itself controls the dose of adhesive material. Due to this, the process itself takes place even more accurately and accurately.

The extend magic microwatch implies the use of even thinner strands, as a result, the manipulation itself is even more laborious and takes more time, but the result is unsurpassed. The duration of the procedure itself varies from 4 to 6 hours, the exact time depends on the number of extensible strands. Curls, accrued using this technique, hold up to 4 months.

Who is this procedure for?

This technique is almost universal, and is suitable for all, without exception, the owners of thin, brittle and sparse hair, for both men and women.

It is not recommended to use this method for those who already have naturally thick and lush hair, as well as those who want to grow, or lengthen the hair for a short term (just a few days).

The advantages of this method

Microcapsular hair extensions have a number of advantages; they are:

  1. Versatility. The technique is suitable for any age and any structure of its hair, and does not depend on the length of natural strands.
  2. Security. The procedure does not harm its natural locks and skin.
  3. Extensive hair does not make natural strands, hairstyle remains the same light.
  4. Artificial hair is merged with natural at 100%.
  5. After the extension procedure, you can calmly dye your hair, curl it, do all sorts of manipulations with the hair.
  6. Artificial strands do not need correction.
  7. After removal, your hair remains the same as before, without any harmful effects.

Hair care after the extension procedure

Increased strands, like their hair, require a certain care.

  1. It is necessary to use special combs. It is better to use a comb with soft and rare teeth.
  2. Do not allow strong hair tangle. To do this, they must be combed at least 3-5 times a day. Before going to bed, you also need to comb your hair, long strands need to be braided into a braid.
  3. It is also necessary to wash the head only with mild detergents, without aggressive chemical composition.
  4. When painting, use only ammonia-free products.

Disadvantages of the procedure

The procedure for hair extensions with microcapsules is how safe it is, which has virtually no flaws and side effects.

Well, if you really find fault with much, then the only unpleasant moments can be attributed to the high cost of the procedure and duration. But after all, as it has been proven for centuries, beauty requires sacrifice, and in order to give charm and showiness to an image, we usually do not spare either money or time.

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