How to get rid of yellow hair?

Almost every girl with red or light brown hair, brunette or brown-haired woman thinks about reincarnation into a spectacular, charming blonde. But in these dreams the color should be perfect, often with pure platinum shades, and there is no unpleasant yellowing of the place. According to statistics, out of 100 “newly minted” blondes 80 comprehends this unpleasant defect. Yellow hair may occur immediately after dyeing or after some time. In this article we will reveal how to prevent its occurrence and what to do if the “warmth” in color has already appeared.

Causes of yellowness on the hair during lightening

Yellow hair after lightening - the most common "trouble" blondes. Lightening involves replacing the natural pigment, which is filled with the hair shaft, with a bright dye. For this, the chemical composition used affects the initial pigment and removes it. The resulting voids are filled with the selected dye. It would seem: everything is simple, but where does the yellow hair color come from?

Professionals identify the following causes of an unpleasant defect:

  • a weak chemical composition or poor quality paint was used for clarification. With their help, it was not possible to completely remove the natural pigment and the remnants of the natural pigment gave an excessively warm shade.
  • violation of the technology of lightening - to lighten dark curls, you must first perform the bleaching procedure. If the strands have been dyed, the last dye wash is performed,
  • lack of experience and professionalism - this includes savings on professional assistance in lightening the hair, the coloring composition or the technique of applying paint on curls, underexposed (overexposed) means and other factors, which are provided for by the manufacturer’s instructions, but were not observed during dyeing,
  • the increased resistance of the natural pigment may cause yellowing of the curls in the future,
  • the state of hair before blonding - dry, brittle and weakened curls can not be lightened, they need to be treated, filled with strength, energy and nutritional components. Otherwise, not only the yellowness will upset you, but also uneven, dull color, broken, brittle ends and hair loss. The same applies to the hair after perm, lamination, straightening,
  • improper care for clarified curls - refers to the use of natural ingredients, masks with characteristic tint properties. Some natural oils provoke the destruction of the dye inside the hair shaft, from which the color of the hair dims, the paint is washed out faster and a yellow defect appears. Water from the tap with impurities of rust and salts also contributes to the loss of the perfect blond.

The problem of yellowing of curls after clarification has been thoroughly studied by cosmetic companies, therefore, new products for coloring include components that help prevent its occurrence. All you need to do is choose the right tone and technique of clarification, follow the recommendations of professionals and manufacturers of coloring agents.

If the treacherous shade still appeared on your hair, do not despair, to cope with it is not at all difficult. We will discuss further solutions.

How to choose paint

The success of the procedure depends on the composition and quality of the lightening paint. Do not make a mistake in choosing a product for coloring strands, to prevent the appearance of yellow notes in color will help the following tips and instructions:

  • If you have minimal skills in mixing colors, use the tools from the professional line - they guarantee brightening tone to tone. But keep in mind, you will have to choose the percentage of oxidizer yourself, and finding such products will be problematic,
  • pay attention to product reviews from professionals and users, you can additionally consult with your hairdresser,
  • the more nutritious, innovative components are included in the staining agent, the less damage will be inflicted on the hair. But note that gentle dyes will not provide intensive clarification,
  • choose platinum, cold shades and colors marked “no yellow”,
  • for a significant difference between the original tone and the desired one (more than 3-4 levels), it is recommended to perform a wash, pre-coloring, frequent highlighting,
  • if the selected paint from the mass market, pay attention to the rules of its storage. Expired shelf life, violation of storage conditions are also reflected in the final result.

In the modern market of the beauty industry from the mass market, L’Oreal Preference les Blondissimes, Schwarzkopf Blonde Ultime paints, the line of clarifiers Syoss, have proven themselves. In beauty salons, Estel cream, a collection of lightening products from Goldwell Silklift and Igora Royal dye are used to achieve high light shades.

Detailed information, what paint can lighten hair without yellowness, you can also find on our website.

The main question: how to remove yellow hair

Not many people manage to prevent the appearance of “warmth” in color, and the question of how to remove yellowness from hair remains particularly relevant. There is no need to worry, there are many ways to deal with this defect. The most affordable and harmless are homemade natural masks with a whitening effect.

The main advantage of this method is the absolute naturalness and benefits of the composition. In addition to eliminating the problem, you heal your hair, make it soft and silky, fill it with nutrients.

Consider, natural formulations do not so quickly deal with the problem, one procedure is not enough. Be patient, the effect will be noticeable only after 3-5 applications. This is a disadvantage of homemade bleaching strands.

The composition of the whitening masks include kefir, natural honey, juice and lemon oil, a decoction of rhubarb root or onion peel. These masks are easy to use:

  • Mix natural ingredients according to the recipe and apply on washed hair.
  • To increase the usefulness of the components and the disclosure of their whitening properties to the full, create a sauna effect. Hide the curls under the plastic cap and wrap a warm towel.
  • Hold the mask on your head for up to 1 hour, then rinse with water. For a persistent and long lasting effect, it is recommended to use such masks every 3-4 days.

Home masks are a worthy compensation for the harm done to curls by chemical dyes and clarifiers. Take time to clarify the curls and they will thank you with smoothness, natural healthy glow and perfect shade. Read in more detail: how to remove yellowness from hair.

Re-staining of yellowed strands

Re-coloring is a great way to not only hide the unfortunate shade, but also even out the overall tone of the hair. This effective method is not suitable for everyone. You can not re-staining weak, dry curls, it can finally kill them and lead to loss.

When re-staining to apply the coloring of the need to root zone, moving to the middle part of the hair. At the ends of the chemical composition is not applied, it will prevent their final drying and brittleness. Stretch the product in length using a comb with thick teeth, so that there is no contrast border after staining.

Do not use strong oxidizing agents when re-dyeing so as not to burn the strands. It is better to choose sparing paints on an oil basis, with the maximum content of nutritional components. The perfect composition of the pros segment. How to use them correctly, what color and brand to choose, ask the master colorist.

Important! Repeated staining is carried out 10–14 days after the first procedure. During this period, to pay maximum attention to nutrition and strengthening curls.

To neutralize the yellowness of hair professionals recommend to resort to ash and platinum shades. According to users' reviews, Garnier creams-inks (Color Naturals Platinum Blonde and Nutrisse Creme), Preference L’Oreal Platinum Superblond and a professional lightening paint series from Estelle proved to be excellent.

More on "What kind of paint to remove yellowness," read here.


Quickly hide an unpleasant defect, leveling the base tone along the entire length helps the toning procedure. According to the technique of carrying out toning, it resembles coloring, only a more gentle composition is used. It does not penetrate deep into the hair shaft, but only smoothes the scales that are disheveled after bleaching and envelops it outside.

An additional plus of toning after lightening is a uniform tone without yellow overflows, minimal damage to the hair and additional protection from external influences. After toning, incredible smoothness and silkiness of the curls are noted, the hair is easily combed.

Important! Toning does not brighten and does not paint over gray hair, it will only add a light shade, uniform throughout the length of the curls. The tool is selected exclusively tone to tone.

Balsams for yellow hair

Balsams or tonics are a great way to quickly, effectively and easily eliminate unpleasant "warmth" in color. They contain a wide range of essential oils, plant extracts and vitamins, therefore, they will be useful for bleached strands. The absence of ammonia and peroxide makes the “anti-yellow” process harmless to hair. Long and numerous procedures are not required, the unpleasant yellowness after ten-minute use of the tint balm disappears.

Big minus tonics - unstable result. With each wash the effect is lost, it is unacceptable to fall under the rain or visit the pool. You need to regularly apply the tool to maintain the selected shade at a high level.

Before use, the tonic is diluted with conditioner or the usual shampoo, applied for 2-5 minutes on the wetted strands and washed off.

Important! Do not overdo it with the concentration of funds, otherwise turn into a gray-haired woman or Malvina.

Anti-yellow Blond Explosion Concept hair balm with the effect of the “Arctic Blond” effect and the Toniki series of products are proven helpers for blondes. We have prepared for you a detailed review of the balms of yellow hair.

Yellow hair shampoo

Yellow hair shampoo resembles balm. It also easily and instantly eliminates the yellow problem and is suitable for home use. But, such shampoos contain chemical components that dry the hair. Often you can not use such tools!

“Anti-yellow” shampoos are made with the mark Silver, Gray or Anti-Yellow. It is easy to distinguish them from ordinary shampoos even in color. The choice of shampoo depends on what color appeared on the head of hair (yellow or red). The purple composition is designed to eliminate the yellow shade, and the blue color neutralizes the redhead.

You can buy this shampoo at any supermarket. But most of all loved the products Estel Curex Color Intense, Professional Four Reasons Silver and Concept anti yellow. Huge selection, affordable prices and ease of use make them the most popular in the fight against yellow and red defect.

To cope with the side yellow shades after staining in blond, in several ways. Which option to choose depends on your preferences, on the availability of free time and, most importantly, the state of bleached curls. We hope our advice will help the "newly minted" blondes to achieve the perfect blonde without loss and difficulties. Be beautiful!

The most popular causes of yellow hair

Before looking for a way to help get rid of yellowness, you need to try to determine the causes of its occurrence. It is especially important to do this in the event that you dye your hair not for the first time and only now such a hair reaction has occurred. Only with this knowledge in mind, you can adjust the color and prevent it in the future.

Wrong paint

Perhaps the most common cause of yellowness is paint. For those who acquire it independently, we recommend always paying attention to the shelf life, color and price. Remember that quality materials simply can not be cheap. Therefore, in this matter it is better to trust the choice of a professional.

In case you purchased paint in the salon, then maybe you picked up is not the most suitable shade. Also, the master may not be sufficiently experienced to carry out such complex staining. Therefore, as a result of combining your natural hair color with a tone of dye, yellowness appears.

Brightening dark hair

Owners of very dark hair, such as blue-black or chestnut, will be very difficult to get the desired effect. The fact is that the natural pigment will dominate, so yellowness can occur even after three or four staining. You should not blame your master for this, since even the most experienced professional can not cope with your pigment.

If you are faced with this situation, then we recommend to think about how much you want to change the hair color. After all, even the most strong hair will be very damaged with such frequent lightening and dyeing. In addition, the growing roots will be very contrasting.

Errors in the rinsing procedure

Not all girls know that the reason for the appearance of yellowness may not be the correct rinsing. That is, after dyeing, the hair is still vulnerable, since the scales may not fit snugly. Therefore, if you rinse them with plain running water, you may not get the desired result.

The fact is that water contains various microparticles of rust and salt. Due to their impact, hair can become not only yellow, but also gray or even red. Experienced masters recommend rinsing only purified water with a filter.

Of course, in the process of identifying the cause of yellowness, the unprofessionalism of the master cannot be ruled out. During the procedure it is very important to follow the staining steps. That is, it is necessary to take into account the exposure time of the bleaching agent, which is determined only by taking into account your natural shade. Therefore, if the time is incorrectly calculated, the result may be far from the expected.

How to get rid of yellow hair?

If the result of staining does not please you or the yellowness appeared after a while, then do not be in a hurry to get upset. After all, if you wish, everything can be changed using professional tools.

If desired, you can periodically use traditional recipes to consolidate the effect. But in any case, you need to try and look for the right product for your hair.

Probably every blonde knows about the existence of silver shampoo. It is produced by many brands, so you can easily find a suitable cost tool.

A special feature of this shampoo is a purple pigment that removes yellowness. At the same time, it does not affect the hair too much and does not injure them. But at the same time it is very important to use it correctly. If you perederzhat on the hair, then as a result they can become purple, lilac or ashen. So try to apply this shampoo for just a couple of minutes.

Another tool that is also quite popular with blondes is tinted shampoo. Manufacturers offer several options, including platinum, silver, pearl, pearl and other colors.Often they have a lower cost, but this does not affect the quality.

By the way, such a shampoo can still give your hair a purple hue. But unlike the previous version, it will wash off much faster. Many girls say that the effect persists until the third hair wash.

Masks, tonics and mousses

Such tools are easier to use and do not give the desired result. But at the same time, it is worth noting that the effect of their use will not be too long. Therefore, do not be afraid to try and find a suitable tool for yourself.

Of course, many girls are quite skeptical about home-based hair care products. In vain, because they not only help to remove the yellowness of hair, but also have a positive effect on the condition of your hair. Agree, this action is important for all girls, especially blondes.

Rinse with lemon juice works best. To do this, mix the required amount of warm water and add lemon juice to it. After this rinse, you need to wait at least five minutes and then rinse the solution with filtered water. If you do this procedure regularly, you will not only get rid of yellowness, but also achieve shine of hair.

You can also try to make a whitening mask. To do this, chop the rhubarb root and pour boiling water over it. After that, gradually add a small amount of glycerin and leave to infuse and cool. Apply a mask only to the hair, but not less than two hours.

These simple tips will help you get rid of the yellowness of hair. But if it appears regularly, then we recommend to make staining with another master, or to return to the natural shade.

Why does yellowness appear on the hair?

1. Wrong staining. Not all women can afford a trip to an expensive professional beauty salon, in which specialists work, and the dye is used to be the best and safest hair. And there are representatives of the fair sex, who at home make various dyeing procedures, trying to become blonde with gorgeous hair on their own. If the paint on the hair to overdo or not to keep, you can get ugly yellowness, which can spoil the appearance of even the most beautiful girl. Therefore, you should not experiment at home or change masters often, because your appearance depends on it.

2. Washing with unfiltered running water. Not all women know that even the simple flowing water that they use influences the shade of their hair in order to take a shower and wash their hair. Lightened hair is very porous and quickly absorbs all the substances that you put on them. That is why various colors and tint balms are best placed on blond. Visually, it seems to you that the water that flows from your tap is transparent, but it also contains various pigments. It can be rust, lime and various heavy metals. All this accumulates on your hair, because of which yellowness is formed.

3. Bleaching fairly dark on nature hair. Blonde women want to become not only light blond ladies, but also burning brunettes. The master must bring the color to the maximum light, but sometimes the natural effect is so saturated that it is not so easy to get rid of it. This is especially true for women with a warm shade of hair, because red pigments are present in a sufficiently large amount. Yellow on dark hair is a real problem for many women, so sometimes you should choose a different color for yourself. With frequent dyeing, the hair becomes thinner, break down and lose its appearance.

4. Keratin Ting. Keratin itself, which is part of the hair, has a slightly yellowish tint, but with the help of a brightener you kill it. However, after some amount of time, he returns again, and you are horrified, realizing that it is necessary to somehow put in order his appearance. Some paints struggle well with the natural shade of keratin, but if the hair is very dark, it is not so easy to achieve the desired result.

How to get rid of the unpleasant yellowness of your strands?

In fact, not everything is as scary as you think. All those women who walk the streets and show their yellow hair just do not ask this question or choose the wrong cosmetic products for themselves. You can contact a hairdresser, and he will dye your hair, but you can achieve a cold shade at home, because there are a lot of good methods.

Wash your head with filtered water.. Put a special filter on the taps or simply boil the water that you are going to wash your hair with. Also pass it through a small filter, which is cheaper, and is useful to any woman. Filtered water contains significantly less rust and metals, so its shade does not affect your blond hair. Do not neglect this rule, because it is better to prevent yellowing than to fight desperately with it.

Use only professional dyes.. If you buy hair dye in the underpass - it is unlikely that you will achieve the perfect beautiful blonde. If you want to dye your hair yourself, consult a hairdresser, and then visit a store with professional cosmetics. Do not save money, because the beauty and youth of your hair will depend on it.

Include in your care tinted shampoo. Excellent cosmetic product, which in addition to leaving gives a wonderful shade. Painted blondes need to use shampoo with cold pigments, because they block the unpleasant yellowness.

Stop smoking and visit less oftenin which visitors abuse nicotine. Nicotine settles in your lungs and affects the shade of your teeth, but have you ever thought about how it affects your hair? Influences and very negative. Nicotine has a yellow tint, and the smoke is perfectly absorbed into your light porous strands. Therefore, you should not go to places where you can smoke.

Make whitening masks. They can cook them with simple foods that you have in the kitchen. This may be homemade kefir, lemon juice, honey, etc. An excellent remedy is the usual pharmacy chamomile, whose broth is necessary to wash the strands. All these ingredients can be mixed together, and can be applied separately. Excellent technique to maintain the noble outflow of hair.

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We remove the yellowness from the hair at home

Hair reacts in a very peculiar way to various interventions from cosmetic caring means, as well as to the implementation of various procedures. Incorrect staining and highlighting, the use of chemical styling products, independent home lighting and other factors can make an ugly yellowish tint to snow-white curls. The causes of this disease, as well as ways to eliminate it will be described in detail in our article.

Why hair can turn yellow?

In order to return a beautiful white color to the curls, you need to know what factors caused their yellowness. The most common causes of this phenomenon are listed below:

  • Coloring hair with low-quality coloring composition. Quite often, the hair turns yellow due to cheap or expired paint, as well as the wrong tone to the natural color of the hair. To avoid this problem in the future, buy paint in specialized stores, be sure to look at the expiration date on the packaging. At the first coloring, the choice of brand and color of paint should be entrusted to a professional master who can choose the right shade to the tone of your hair.
  • Incorrect staining steps. With a dramatic change in color to the implementation of staining should be approached with the utmost responsibility. The slightest deviation from the rules of the stages of this procedure can not only affect the color, but also spoil the curls themselves. Improper preparation of the dye, insufficient or excessive exposure time of the dye composition to the hair, prior bleaching and other nuances can affect the original color and health of the hair, and their yellowing. To avoid these problems will help staining in the cabin by a professional master.
  • Improper rinsing of dyed hair. After dyeing, many girls wash off the dye with simple tap water. This is a gross mistake, because after the procedure, the curls are practically defenseless: all the scales are exposed, the hair itself has suffered serious stress. Particles of rust in composition of water, molecules of chemical salts, chlorine and other substances easily penetrate into the hair itself, reacting with natural pigment and dyeing composition of recently applied paint. As a result, the original color turns yellow, it can get dirty clay color, because of what the whole head of hair will look greasy, unkempt and dirty. To avoid the described trouble is possible only when using purified filter or spring water. Mineral water, even without gas, is composed of various chemical elements, which can also provoke the appearance of a yellow tint on the colored strands.
  • Repainting, highlighting or discoloration of curls of dark shades in light colors. If you want to highlight / repaint / lighten black, dark brown or dark blond hair, then you should not expect a brilliant result from the first carrying out of the planned procedure. The hair pigment will constantly manifest itself, so you will not be able to achieve snow-white curls right away. If you repeat the procedures described above, you will only damage your hair, cause hair loss, loss of vitality and brittleness. In order to fulfill your plans, you need to go to a good hairdresser who can tell you whether white is possible with your natural shade or not.

After reviewing the causes of the appearance of a yellow shade on blond hair, you can avoid this phenomenon by using the acquired knowledge and skills of professional hairdressers who will dye, highlight or lighten hair without any risk to the color and health of curls.

Elimination of yellowing from the curls of store means

The problem of yellowness on dyed, melirovannyh and discolored strands has long been known, so many brand manufacturers of hair care products released their products to eliminate this phenomenon. We listed the main cosmetic products for “bleaching” hair below:

  1. Shampoo labeled “Silver Shampoo”. In these cosmetic products there is a special pigment, it has a bright purple color and eliminates the yellow shade of hair for a long time. The popular brands of “silver” shampoos include manufacturers of Schwarzkopf, ESTEL, L'Oreal, Lecher, etc. You should be careful with such shampoos - if you overdo it, your hair may become lilac, ashy or eggplant shade.
  2. Tint shampoos and balsams. Such cosmetic products act on the same principle as silver shampoos. These funds can give a shade of pearl, nacre, silver or platinum. If you apply the wrong color balms and shampoos, you risk getting a brighter and deeper color instead of the desired shade. Popular manufacturers of these products include Brelil, Kapous Life Color, Irida, BC Color Freeze, L'Oreal, Paul Mitchell, Schwarzkopf, etc.
  3. Masks to eliminate yellowness. As part of the store masks there is a lot of ingredients that allow you to rid the head of hair from the yellow shade. Such means should be used only according to the instructions. Popular brands that produce masks against the yellowness of hair include MARILIN, Schwarzkopf, BC Color Freeze, etc.

In addition to shopping, you can use the knowledge of traditional medicine, in the arsenal of which there are many different cosmetic products for the treatment and prevention of any disease and illness.

Home remedies for getting rid of hair from yellowness

With the help of active natural ingredients that are contained in natural products and raw materials, it is possible not only to rid the hair of its yellow shade, but also to nourish them with useful trace elements. When creating a composition, use only fresh ingredients, mix them until smooth. After applying the composition on your head, put on a plastic product and a warm thing (hat, scarf, scarf, towel, etc.). Keep masks need at least 40 and no more than 60 minutes. Rinse off the bleaching compounds need filtered water, to enhance the effect of the agent, you can add lemon juice or rhubarb decoction to the water.

So, recipes for masks and rinses for yellowed curls we will look below:

  1. Water and lemon mix. Pour 40-70 ml of vodka into 40-70 ml of lemon juice (the dose of the ingredient depends on the thickness and length of the strands). Use the composition according to the instructions, hold no longer than 40 minutes.
  2. Vodo-kefir mixture with shampoo, lemon juice and raw egg. 45-60 ml of warm kefir is mixed with 20 g of shampoo, 30 ml of high-quality vodka, 45 ml of lemon juice and raw homemade egg. Mix well and mix according to the instructions. Keep the mask for at least half an hour.
  3. Chamomile mask with castor oil and glycerin. We put a bag of chamomile in a ladle, pour 0.1 l of water and boil for about 15 minutes. In a warm broth, add 50 g of glycerin and 20 ml of castorca. Use the mass according to the instructions, hold for at least half an hour.
  4. Honey supermask. Pour the honey in its pure form into a deep plate (if it is sugared, then heat the container to dissolve the solid particles), divide the hair into strands (at least 15) and in turn dip each curl into the plate, honey should cover the entire hair - from root to tip . So that the substance does not stain clothes, wrap your hair in bundles made of foil. After processing the last strand, all the harnesses are removed and we warm the hair as described above. When you first hold a honey mask, you need to keep it for no longer than 1 hour, if you notice improvement and whitening of the curls, with no side effects found, then you can keep the composition for about 3 hours the next time.
  5. Glycerin mixture with rhubarb. Dried rhubarb root is ground in any convenient way. 0.15 kg of the obtained raw material is brewed with 0.2 l of boiling water, after a quarter of an hour we add 65 g of glycerin to the hot infusion, stir and wait another 15 minutes. Warm composition is used according to the instructions, maintain the mixture for about 40 minutes.
  6. Chamomile onion mix with tonic tonic. Mix 20 ml of broth from onion peel with chamomile broth and add 50 g of light-colored tonic to the mixture. Apply the mixture for 5 minutes, wash off according to the instructions.
  7. A solution for rinsing the shag of hydrogen peroxide to eliminate the bright "sun" shade. In 0.2 l of warm water pour 25 ml of peroxide. Rinse the solution with clean strands after washing.
  8. Wine conditioner with rhubarb root. 1 root of the plant is ground and filled with high-quality (ideally homemade) white wine (approximately 0.4 l). The mixture is sent to the fire and wait for boiling, then boil the contents to reduce the amount of wine by half. We take out vegetable raw materials from broth, give liquids to cool slightly, and rinse the strands after washing them.
  9. Lemon rinse. From fresh lemons extract juice - about 0.2 liters. Undiluted raw materials rinse hair after washing.
  10. Tea rinse.In 1 liter of warm water we pour out 0.2 l of freshly brewed real green tea. Rinse with hair after washing.

All of the above recipes “whitening” masks will be able to eliminate yellowness only if they are regularly held. Apply your household formulations at least 1 time in 3 days, in total you need to carry out 10-15 sessions. With proper manufacture, use and regularity of the masks, you can whiten your hair and enjoy the snow-white hair in 3-4 weeks.

There are cases when it is impossible to remove the yellowness from the hair by any means. In this case, consider the most appropriate options for a new shade and take the opportunity to find the perfect color of hair and choose a new memorable and updated image.

How to remove the yellowness from the hair and quickly wash off the "chicken effect" at home

The same paint, the same master - and the result on different girls is completely different. What is the problem? Human hair contains a unique natural pigment. It is impossible to predict what the reaction of this pigment will be to the dye. Therefore, hairdressers always warn before lightening or bleaching: “To get the desired color, you may need not one, but several staining procedures.” One coloring can get off except that natural blondes, who with the help of a salon procedure just want to correct the natural color, give it a certain shade. All others are doomed to search for effective tools and methods that remove the yellow shade from the hair.

4 reasons for yellowing

Before - in the literal and figurative sense - to plunge into the study of ways to combat the "chicken effect" on your own hair, you should deal with the causes of its occurrence. This, firstly, will allow to avoid mistakes in the future. And secondly, it will help to choose the most effective method for solving the problem. Reviews of those who faced this difficulty narrow the search to just four points.

Bad paint

Why does the coloring in the salon, as a rule, end with the appearance of the desired shade on the hair, and the clarification at home almost always ends with a shameless victory of the yellow color? Because for home coloring girls choose amateurish means and make gross mistakes:

  • Do not look at the shelf life of paint,
  • buy cheap money
  • Do not read the composition and recommendations of the manufacturer on the packaging.

Errors in the procedure

The observance of the staining algorithm, as well as the time frame of each individual step, has not been canceled. For example, the duration of staining in each case is different. It depends on what the original hair color. But homegrown masters often do not attach much importance to these requirements. The result is sad: instead of an ashen or golden brown color, the one that you want to get rid of as soon as possible appears on your head.

Improper rinsing

It is difficult to imagine, but improper rinsing can cause unsatisfactory results. Immediately after the procedure, our hair becomes defenseless. At this point, hair is stronger than ever, influenced by external factors. In the rinsing process, dust and other impurities contained in tap water can enter open hair scales. Having penetrated into the hair structure, they enter into a chemical reaction, which leads to the fact that even a correctly colored head will find an unexpected color after washing.

Native Dark Color

Most often, the problem of how to get rid of yellowness on hair after bleaching is encountered by those who were dark (or even black) before dyeing. Dark pigment has unprecedented power. It is extremely difficult to defeat him: often with even the most effective professional and folk remedies, which appear as a result of dark hair lightening.

Therefore, brunettes must consult a specialist. And if the barber gives the green light to the transformation, you need to ask in advance what kind of paint you have to remove the yellowness at the roots, when the hair after regrowth begins to grow. If you choose a tool at its discretion, the base of the hair can change shades from red to lemon.

It is important to understand that dark hair is transformed into blond hair with multiple brightening. At the same time repeated bleaching leads to damage to the hair structure:

  • hair is exhausted from the inside,
  • strands begin to fall out
  • changing the type of hair.

Therefore, in pursuit of fashion, think, is the game worth the candle?

How to remove yellow hair: 10 secrets of the people

How to remove yellowness from hair at home? Do not rush to apply new chemical shots to the hair and repaint. Natural homemade masks will help get rid of the "effect of the chicken", although not immediately, not the first time. Most of the proposed masks are not able to cause hair damage, so they are allowed to apply every two to three days.

Honey Mask

Features Honey mask - long-playing: it is applied for a period of from an hour to three. The first time to assess its effectiveness, you can hold the tool on the head for 60 minutes. If the effect is pleasant and noticeable, then after two days the procedure should be repeated, leaving the mask for about three hours, depending on the free time at your disposal.

  1. We organize a water bath.
  2. We drown a glass on it (or a bit more, depending on the length of the hair) of fresh honey.
  3. Dip each curl in warm honey.
  4. Wrap the curls with foil to hold the mask and prevent the sweet remedy from draining.

Kefir mask

Features Regular kefir is an excellent clarifier capable of whitening strands in a few procedures. To prepare a mask of kefir will need a few ingredients. They, as a rule, are in the kitchen of the modern hostess.

  1. Heat 50 ml of kefir in a wide bowl.
  2. Add four teaspoons of vodka.
  3. There we also send two teaspoons of shampoo that suits your hair and which you use all the time.
  4. Add to the mixture 50 ml of high concentration lemon juice.
  5. Mix and beat one chicken egg.
  6. After obtaining a mixture of uniform consistency, apply to the head and cover with cellophane and a warm towel.
  7. After two or three hours, the mask is washed off using filtered or mineral water.


Features A jealous mask is one of the answers to the question of how to remove yellowness from bleached hair. The tool is prepared on the basis of glycerin and powder obtained by grinding the dry rhubarb root.

  1. With the help of a blender, with a mill, dry rhubarb root to have 100-130 g of powder at your disposal.
  2. Raw materials pour a glass of boiling water.
  3. Gradually add 60 ml glycerin to the mixture.
  4. Cover dishes with a future mask with a lid and forget about it for 30 minutes.
  5. We apply on hair and, having hidden a hair under a cellophane cap.
  6. We go about two hours.

Lemon Acid Mask

Features This mask for combating yellow hair can be prepared both on the basis of a solution of citric acid, and on the basis of freshly squeezed lemon juice. The second option is the most preferred, as it is 100% natural.

  1. We take two or three lemons (if the hair is short, one will suffice).
  2. Cut the fruit into four parts for the convenience of squeezing the juice.
  3. The resulting juice is passed through a sieve to get rid of the pulp and bones.
  4. Apply to dry hair, weave curls soaked in juice in braids and wait for them to dry completely.

Tea Rinse

Features Green tea based rinse is a proven remedy for color purity. It was used in ancient Egypt, when there was no professional hair dye. You can apply this method after each wash. Hair will not only change color for the better, but will also become stronger, softer, and more silky.

  1. Brew a cup of green tea.
  2. Mix tea with one liter of boiled water.
  3. Give the rinse cool.
  4. Use at the end of the wash procedure.

Soda mask

Features Soda can and should be used to even out the color without additional staining. Sodium bicarbonate (actually soda) has a bleaching effect. And is a sure way to revitalize the hair - adds volume and pomp to the head of hair.

  1. Take half a glass of water.
  2. Pour 50 ml of shampoo into the glass.
  3. Add 14 teaspoons of table soda.
  4. Apply to hair and leave for half an hour, then rinse with clean filtered water.

Onion Husk Mask

Features Onion peel is not able to cope with a pronounced yellowness. But if an unpleasant-looking shade appeared on light rather than dark hair, the remedy can be very effective. Maximum effect can be achieved by leaving the mask on the hair all night.

  1. Cook a cool decoction of husk.
  2. Give the broth to cool.
  3. We put on the hair.

Hydrogen Peroxide Mask

Features Hydrogen peroxide is considered the cheapest and most affordable way to lighten and get rid of the yellow shade on the hair. This tool can be used as often as required: at least every day - until the moment when you finally find the result satisfactory.

  1. Dilute peroxide with pure water in a 1: 1 ratio.
  2. Pour the liquid in the spray.
  3. We spray on previously washed and slightly dried hair with a towel.
  4. The mixture of water and peroxide is not washed off for 50-60 minutes.

Mask with aspirin

Feature. Aspirin is not only a remedy for headaches and fever. It is also a faithful assistant of home “cosmetologists” and “hairdressers”. Acetylsalicylic acid will help to bring to light blond, slightly yellowed from discoloration hair. Perhaps in one session the tool will not solve the “yellow problem”. But if after the first application the effect is visually noticeable, the procedure will need to be repeated after a couple of days once or twice.

  1. Take five tablets of acetylsalicylic acid and turn them into powder.
  2. Mix the powder with a glass of boiled water.
  3. Apply the liquid to the hair, wrap the head with a towel and wait for 20 minutes.

7 professional tools

What and how to tint the hair after lightening, if folk recipes do not work for you, and you do not want to go to the salon? There are professional tonics and masks that will help to cope with the "yellow surprise" on the hair. An overview of popular tools is in the following table. Data on the cost of production is shown in fact in August 2017.

Table - Popular store remedies for eliminating yellowness and toning hair

How to get rid of yellow hair at home

Many girls, dreaming of blond hair, often after discoloration, face such a problem as yellow hair. Yellow hair seems completely unnatural, dry, sun-bleached. Worse, a strand of such hair resembles a sponge, which chased the grimy boy from the Moidodyr cartoon along the alleys. However, you can get rid of this shade, for this you first need to find out the reasons for the appearance of yellow pigment in the hair.

Causes of yellow hair

  1. Quite often, the condition of the strands at the time of dyeing becomes the cause of hair yellowing. If you have recently exposed your hair to chemical attack in the form of dyeing, highlighting, coloring, keratin straightening or perm, then you need to wait at least a couple of weeks. After all, damaged hair can give quite an unexpected shade.

Knowing the main causes of yellowness, you can avoid this annoying shade. Well, if you have already encountered such a problem, do not despair - yellow hair can be brightened with the help of natural face masks, which not only improve the color, but also strengthen the hair.

Folk remedies for getting rid of yellow hair

  1. The most useful and effective remedy is a honey mask. For application you need to choose fresh liquid honey, preferably floral. Honey should be slightly heated in a water bath, but not in an open fire - it can lose its beneficial properties due to the high temperature. Then you need to divide the strands into curls and carefully apply honey from root to tip. Usually about 200 ml of honey is spent on medium-length hair. Then you need to carefully collect the hair in a bun and secure with a rubber band or barrette. Cover your head with a bag or plastic wrap and leave your hair to soak in the healing product of beekeeping. Wash off the mask no sooner than an hour. After this procedure, the hair will become shiny, healthy and strong, and most importantly, they will lose their unpleasant yellow tint.
  2. There is another effective mask, which consists of several components. It can be applied to both dyed and unpainted hair. In the latter case, the mask will slightly brighten your own shade of hair. To make a magic remedy, you need to take three tablespoons of low-fat sour cream, add two tablespoons of alcohol, a little of your usual shampoo, juice of one lemon and an egg. Beat the mixture thoroughly in a blender and apply hair all over the cloth, soaking each centimeter. The mask is good for both oily and dry hair. It should be washed off in half an hour.
  3. For the next recipe, we need a plant like rhubarb. Or rather, its root. Rhubarb root can be bought at a phytobar or at a pharmacy. Dried root chop and pour two glasses of white wine. Cook the mixture over low heat until half the liquid boils away. Then add to the mass two tablespoons of glycerin and leave to infuse for several hours in a tightly closed jar. After a specified time, the mask must be drained and applied to the hair. Keep the mask for 40 minutes, and then rinse with hot water. This tool can be used weekly, it makes the hair incredibly smooth and sparkling. Yellowness disappears after the third application.
  4. Another useful recipe is to rinse the hair with chamomile decoction. Everyone knows that chamomile can lighten unpainted strands, but this plant also affects the artificial pigment. Chamomile removes yellowness and gives the hair a more pearly shade.
  5. Onion rinses are useful for eliminating slight yellowness. To do this, take a large handful of onion peel and boil it over low heat until the husk gives color. After each shampooing, you need to rinse the hair with this decoction so that the hair becomes light with a pleasant warm shade.

Modern ways to eliminate yellowness with bleached hair

To cope with the yellowness with the help of modern cosmetics, you need to use some tips.

  1. Use for shampooing not usual, but “silver” shampoo. This is a special series of cosmetic products, which aims to bring the yellowness from the hair. Silver shampoos will give your hair the desired whiteness, but they should be used strictly according to the instructions. If you keep the shampoo longer than expected, the curls can become ashy and even lilac.
  2. Coloring tonics. Such products are sold in any cosmetic department. Coloring tonic can be chosen relative to your hair color. It perfectly supports the shade, but it is washed off after the first washing of the head. It is better to choose a quality tonic, otherwise it can leave the color on the skin and even pastel linen.
  3. In addition to tonics and shampoos in the cosmetic range there is a paint that has just such a purpose - from the yellowness of hair.She does not have a special shade, it can be applied to any hair. However, this paint copes with artificial yellowness. After such a mask, the hair looks natural, alive and flowing.
  4. Use good water when washing your hair. It is best to filter or boil it. So on the hair will not fall salts, which, oxidized, can change the color of blond hair. By the way, tap water contains chlorine, which also contributes to the yellowing of hair.

And the last is small, but important advice. Do not dye your hair during menstruation. During this period in the body of a woman processes occur that can withstand the expected color. A chemical reaction with its natural pigment may not be as you expect.

Everyone knows that prevention is better than cure. And the process of lightening hair is the best confirmation of this. Before you decide on a bold step, talk with a hairdresser-colorist, who has extensive experience in the field of hair coloring. Think about the fact that if you drastically change your hair color, you will often have to visit your master, because the roots grow quickly, and on blond hair it becomes more noticeable several times.

If you notice the appearance of yellowness in the hair, then you need to start the fight as soon as possible. The complex effect of modern cosmetics and home masks will do the trick. Hair will become beautiful and alive without a hint of yellowness.

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