Vitamins in the form of Honey teddy hair bears to grow and strengthen hair

Beautiful fluffy hair is the dream of every woman. But with the modern way of life it is difficult to achieve this. Improper diet, stress, adverse environmental conditions lead to the fact that the hair begins to fall, split off, dandruff appears. Many try different ways to improve the condition of the hair, but no shampoos and balms will not help if the body does not have enough nutrients and vitamins. One of the most effective complexes is Honey teddy hair. Reviews of these vitamins have already left thousands of women who managed to strengthen their hair.

general characteristics

It has long been known that hair also needs vitamins. Many of them the body can not get from food, so they need additional intake. Now comes a lot of complexes containing vitamins and minerals, the right hair. One of them is the innovative drug Honey teddy hair. The reviews about him are mostly positive. People like these vitamins because of the unusual form of release, as well as due to their high efficiency.

Honey teddy hair vitamins are chewy sweets in the form of gummy bears with a pleasant taste. This is a little unusual, as the drug is intended for adults. But the release in the form of such sweets made Honey teddy hair vitamins very popular among women. Reviews of them indicate that a balanced composition really improves the condition of the hair. What are the ingredients that make this drug so effective? Here are some of them:

  • tocopherol improves blood circulation, nourishes and protects the hair follicles,
  • ascorbic acid is involved in the production of collagen,
  • cholecalciferol protects the scalp from adverse external influences, improves the condition of the strands,
  • B vitamins strengthen and protect hair, stimulate their growth,
  • folic acid activates regeneration processes, stops hair loss,
  • Zinc and iodine enhance hair growth.

Useful action

It is noticed that more than 90% of women have some problems with their hair. As a result of dyeing, using a hair dryer or ironing, the hair begins to fall out, the ends split off. Hair looks untidy, curls confused and electrified. There are also problems on the scalp: itching, dandruff may occur, the activity of the sebaceous glands increases. In addition, many women complain that the hair is not as lush and long as they would like. In most cases, the cause of such problems is a lack of vitamins and minerals.

Many women have already appreciated the benefits of the Honey teddy hair complex. Reviews say about the popularity of the drug. Many say that after taking such changes occur:

  • hair becomes softer and smoother
  • they are easier to comb,
  • dryness and itching of the scalp disappear,
  • hair stop splitting and breaking
  • hairstyle becomes more lush,
  • the head is less dirty, as the fatty balance of the skin is normalized,
  • improves the condition of nails,
  • increases immunity.

Honey teddy hair: reviews, reception course

Reviews of these vitamins indicate their high efficiency after a month of intake. Hair stops falling out, becomes smoother and stronger. They grow faster, hair becomes lush again. Such efficiency is explained by the unique balanced composition of preprat.

In addition, compared with other vitamins for hair, this tool has won many positive reviews. The course of taking H oney teddy hair returns to the hairstyle pomp and beauty. And to take the drug is very simple: you need to eat only one bear per day, preferably in the morning during the meal. A full course of treatment is three months, during which the drug completely compensates for the lack of essential vitamins and minerals.

Honey teddy hair: reviews

These vitamins are suitable for use for every woman, regardless of health status and type of hair. They have no contraindications and very rarely cause side effects. Women note that taking vitamins is easy and pleasant, they are tasty, they are easy to chew. The first results are noticeable in a month. Not only improves the condition of the hair, hairstyle becomes more luxuriant. Women especially like the fact that hair loss stops and you need to wash your head less often.

How to act

Doctors and cosmetologists in one voice declare that the hair requires vitamins, which are absorbed into the blood through the gastrointestinal tract and supply the hair follicle. But not always we consume the right amount of food with nutrients that have a positive effect on the state of our hair.

That is why it is advisable to purchase special vitamins that have a directed vector of action. The main task of the active formula is to make the curls healthy, strong and shiny.

Vitamins Honey Teddy Hair - a whole complex, the strength of which is aimed solely at improving the condition of the hair. Blue bears for hair resemble chewing candy. They are very pleasant to eat, but after a few months you will notice the tremendous strength and brilliance of your curls.

An important point! Real user feedback on a similar product is mainly in a positive way. Although the physicians themselves are skeptical of them, claiming that in a pharmacy you can buy products with a richer composition, but three times cheaper.

Experts believe that Teddy's Vitamins are simply an advertised marketing ploy that focuses on colorful packaging and an unusual shape in the form of blue bears.

Composition and benefits

The composition of these medicinal candies is quite balanced. In it you will find:

  • tocopherol, which aims to improve the microcirculation of the skin in order to improve the feeding of the follicles,
  • ascorbic acid, or differently vitamin C, designed to improve collagen production,
  • Vitamin E provides moisturizing curls, giving them a beautiful shine and elasticity,
  • B vitamins that provide protective properties and strengthen hair,
  • folic acid, which has a beneficial effect on the regeneration of the skin and prevents hair loss,
  • iodine and zinc, which will accelerate the growth of your strand by regulating the work of the sebaceous glands,
  • cholecalciferol, which protects the hair from the harmful effects of UV rays, temperature changes, too warm hair dryer, etc.


  • vitamins are made in the form of sweets, therefore they are just a godsend for those who have problems with swallowing capsules,
  • after the course of therapy, the softness of the curls, their beautiful natural play and ease of combing are noted,
  • dryness leaves, so, hair ceases to be cut,
  • the composition is safe, practically does not cause allergies and side effects,
  • a month after regular use in 100% of cases, the result will be on the face,
  • simultaneously with the reception of teddy bears, the immunity is strengthened, the nails become elastic, and the eyelashes stop falling out.

Among the shortcomings of the doctor noted the minimum composition of nutrients, unlike other multivitamin complexes sold in a pharmacy. Besides, These vitamins in the form of bears are several times more expensive.

They are more likely to suit those women who prefer an interesting process of admission, rather than a highly active composition. Agree, it is rather convenient to use these dietary supplements with such an unusual shape and a nice looking package than ordinary capsules that you have to drink with water.

In what cases are used

Vitamins for hair Teddy in the form of bears designed to eliminate the following problems:

  • alopecia (severe hair loss),
  • excessive dryness, which manifests itself in the form of split ends and strong electrification of hair,
  • thinning curls and lack of volume
  • loss of natural shine (dull color),
  • brittle nails, frequent loss of eyelashes,
  • hair quickly becomes greasy,
  • the appearance of gray hairs at an early age,
  • the presence of dandruff.


These vitamins have no contraindications. Very rarely, they can cause allergic reactions. Since they contain folic acid, they are indicated for pregnant women.

It is allowed to take the drug and lactating mothers, who in the third month after childbirth because of the strong depletion of the body (most of the useful substances are processed into breast milk) begin to climb hair.

To check for allergic reactions, simply observe the condition of the skin. In case of urticaria, itching or redness, we recommend that you do not use it.

Important fact! Blue bear cubs have been tested and awarded an international quality certificate.

The price of honey teddy hair starts from 1300 rubles per pack, which contains 30 bears. Vitamins are designed for use within 3 months, so you should buy 3 packs at once.

The drug is made at one of Murmansk pharmaceutical factories, equipped with modern technology. Thanks to innovative technology, all the useful properties of the raw materials are preserved, what provides immunity strengthening and well influences a condition of hair.

Bear vitamins are sold exclusively on the Internet (when you buy 3 packs at once, as a rule, a discount of 300 rubles is offered). You can go to the official website of the seller teddy-hair, where select the country of the recipient, fill in the address and specify the number of cans to purchase. Payment can be made on a prepaid basis or after payment by cash on delivery. Delivery time is 3-14 days.

Rules of application

Each package for the preparation we are considering has detailed instructions for use. Teddy bears need to be taken every day - one pastille, preferably after you eat. The dose specified by the manufacturer is not necessary to increase, because hypervitaminosis can occur, which will only harm the body.

Effect of use

You will notice pronounced results after a 3-week course of taking the drug. The manufacturer promises a stunning effect after 3 months of regular use of a multivitamin complex.

You should expect:

  • accelerating hair growth
  • stunning brilliance and shine, especially the curls will be beautifully shimmer in the sun,
  • cessation of hair loss
  • preservation of purity for a long time
  • the formation of the strength of each hair, so now you are not afraid of brittleness and bitterness,
  • getting long-awaited volume (you won't even need to use styling tools for styling).

After a course of treatment, the curls do not just stop falling out, but also grow by an average of 10 cm. It should be noted that similar hair growth in people who do not take Teddy bears is observed in a year, and not in 3 months.

Thus, if you want to strengthen the immune system and give your hair shine and beauty, then take special vitamins in the form of cubs. Standard packaging is enough for a third of the course. Almost all reviews of the Honey Teddy Hair vitamins are in a positive way, so you can really trust the product. But be careful, do not overdo it with nice-tasting pastilles!

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Delicious vitamins for hair Honey Teddy Hair.

Vitamins in the form of Honey teddy hair bears to grow and strengthen hair

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Sometimes the hair becomes dull, split and brittle not because of improper care and the use of aggressive dyes, but because of the lack of nutritional vitamins and microelements. Honey Teddy Hair special vitamins for hair will help you solve this problem by squeezing curls with useful substances from the inside. After a couple of weeks of taking the wellness drug, you will notice how the hair has changed for the better.

Honey Teddy Hair performance

The facility is able to provide following results:

  • hair growth is incredibly fast
  • hair structure is strengthened
  • hair gets natural shine and strength
  • the section and falling out stops,
  • your hair stays clean longer
  • hair becomes more voluminous.

In addition to strengthening the hair, the tool also feeds the nails, which become stronger, stop breaking and exfoliate.

The composition of the tool

Each Honey Teddy Hair bear contains:

Auxiliary substances are also used.

The tool is used with too slow hair growth.

Thanks to a balanced vitamin complex, shine is gained and the hair structure is strengthened. With brittleness and cross-section, the tool is able to get rid of these problems in a short time.

Feeding the hair follicle and skin, the hair becomes natural volume, without the use of styling products. Take Honey teddy hair possible at almost any age, men and women with hair loss.

Honey Teddy Hair vitamin complex for hair and nails

Each of us dreams of beautiful curls. But often stresses, bad ecology, bad habits, unhealthy diet and many other reasons have a negative impact on the health of hair. Young girls from 25 years old are faced with the problem of hair loss, split ends, dandruff or dry hair.

To the hair structure always remained normal, it is necessary to supply hair with vitamins and minerals. Most of the vitamins we get from foods that we consume. But if they are not enough, you need to replenish the vitamin reserve with additional funds. One of the most effective products for healthy hair growth is Honey Teddy Hair. These are chewing candies in the form of bears, with a pleasant appearance and taste.

Many women noted that unlike candy tablets or capsules it is more pleasant to use, there is no feeling that you are drinking medicine. A balanced complex of vitamins helps restore hair structure. The active ingredients help to improve blood circulation, nourish and protect the hair bulbs from external influence. Vitamins of group B, zinc protect and strengthen hair, promote their active growth.

The benefits of the vitamin complex noted by many women. The use of bears has a positive effect on the health of the hair.

  • The hair is softer and silky
  • Easy to comb
  • The skin is not dry, no dandruff or itching.
  • Because of normal fat balance, hair is not so often dirty.
  • Immunity increases
  • Improves nail condition

Due to the natural composition of Hani Teddy Hair, you can apply to people of any age and hair type. Vitamin complex, acting from the inside, nourishes the hair follicles of the hair, which means that the hair does not fall out.

Honey Teddy Hair bears are based on only natural ingredients:

  1. Biotin. Moisturizes the scalp, stops hair loss, optimizes the production of fatty acids
  2. Vitamin C. Promotes the production of collagen, strengthens hair follicles.
  3. Vitamin A. Prevents loss, increases blood circulation in the tissues of the scalp.
  4. Vitamin D3. Protects from UV light, gives shine and softness to hair.
  5. Vitamin E. delivers the necessary antioxidants into the body, moisturizes the scalp.
  6. Vitamin B 12. Saturates the scalp with oxygen.
  7. Folic acid. Promotes normal cell division, hair grows with a new force.
  8. Vitamin B6. Moisturizes scalp, prevents dandruff
  9. Zinc. normalizes metabolism
  10. Vitamin B8. strengthens the structure of each hair.
  11. Iodine. helps with excessive hair loss,
  12. Pantothenic acid. It promotes the development of natural keratin, nourishes the hair bulbs from the inside.
  13. Choline. Delivers essential vitamins and minerals to the hair follicles.


  • On the day of 1 candy
  • Course - 1-3 months

My hair fell out badly, apparently it is hereditary. A familiar doctor trichologist advised me Honey Teddy Hair vitamins. I started taking it and already after 2 weeks I saw the result. Hair became thicker, natural shine appeared. And after a month of use, I saw that the hair did not fall out at all. By the way, now I do not use special additional hair products.

Julia, 33 years old

Teddy Hair's vitamins from Honey Teddy Bear took a little over a month. The result pleased me. My hair does not fall out, gray hair is gone, dandruff is gone. These vitamins are recommended by my sister, and now I will advise you to buy them to your friends.

Marina, 39 years old

Buy vitamins for Honey Teddy Hair hair growth in Pharmacy Light 💊. Price - 990 rubles 💰. Delivery. Reviews Composition, use, contraindications. Order Honey Teddy Hair in a pharmacy online now! 🏬

A country: Russia

Year: 2017

Recommended Reception Rate: 1-3 months

Packaging: Bank

Shelf life: 2 years

Storage method: At temperatures up to 25 ° C, avoiding direct sunlight

Product labeling: EAC Certificate

Certified product

Delivery: from 100 rub., specify the operator

Payment: cash / card upon receipt

General description of vitamins Honey Teddy Hair

Honey Teddy Hair hair vitamins are available in blue chewy lozenges. They have a pleasant taste and contain a unique vitamin formula that has no analogues. The vitamins, amino acids, micro and macro elements included in the complex are vital for the rapid growth and health of the locks. The drug was developed on the basis of the Institute of Trichology and has proved its high therapeutic efficacy, which is confirmed by quality certificates and real customer reviews.

The composition of the vitamin complex

The composition of Honey Teddy Hair includes the following vitamins, acids and trace elements:

  • A (retinol) - 2100 M.E.
  • C (ascorbic acid) - 2- mg
  • D (calciferol) - 400 M.E.
  • E (tocopherol) - 16.5 M.E.
  • B 4 (choline) - 40 mcg
  • B6 (pyridoxine) - 2 mg
  • B 7 (biotin) - 0.15 mg
  • B8 (inositol) - 40 µg
  • B12 (cyanocobalamin) - 6 µg
  • folic acid - 260 mcg
  • Pantothenic acid - 5.2 mg
  • Zinc - 2.7 mg
  • iodine - 42 mcg

As additional components, “cubs” contain glucose syrup, gelatin, glycerin, citric acid and vitamin premix.

Properties of the components

Vitamins for Hani Teddy Hair hair contain retinol, which promotes the production of kerotin and improves the metabolic processes in the strands. The substance nourishes and nourishes with moisture every hair from the inside, giving the curls elasticity and natural shine. Also, vitamin A strengthens the hair follicles, prevents cross-section and normalizes the sebaceous glands. Its deficiency leads to fragility and dryness of the strands.

Vitamin C activates the work of blood vessels supplying hair with nutrients, thereby enhancing the local circulation. As a result, hair follicles are strengthened, and curls get all the necessary components and begin to grow rapidly. The substance can not only activate growth, but also completely restore the damaged structure of the strands. Ascorbic acid also protects hair from external negative factors such as ultraviolet, blow-drying and dyeing. Thanks to ascorbic acid, the curls look fluffy, thick and shiny.

Calciferol nourishes the hair follicles, strengthening them, moisturizes the curls, giving shine and smoothness. The substance activates the process of maturation of the follicles, normalizes blood circulation of the scalp, protects against dandruff and prevents strands from falling out. A deficiency of calciferol in the body leads to loss, dullness, brittleness, and can also trigger the balding process.

Tocopherol is a powerful natural antioxidant that protects cells from free radicals. Its use inside the required doses provides blood flow to the hair follicles, starts the synthesis of collagen, helps preserve moisture in the structure of the curls and accelerates the metabolic processes in the scalp. Tocopherol helps to restore the damaged structure, to restore healthy shine, elasticity and elasticity. Under its influence, intensive growth is also activated.

Honey Teddy Hair vitamins contain the necessary amount choline - the only substance that can repair damaged nerve cells. The component strengthens the nervous system and develops stress resistance. Lack of choline or vitamin B4 leads to psycho-emotional overstrain, which adversely affects the health of hair.

Pyridoxine responsible for hair growth and prevents hair loss. Its deficiency in the body leads to dandruff, stiffness, fragility and thinning of curls. Replenishing this vitamin helps to restore metabolic processes in the scalp, strengthens the follicles, normalizes the sebaceous glands, eliminating oily sheen.

It is known that increased sugar leads to the death and loss of hair follicles. The vitamins of Hani Teddy Hair contain biotininvolved in the normalization of glucose in the blood, which prevents the pathological process. Also, the vitamin eliminates the peeling of the skin, normalizes the sebaceous glands and prevents dandruff.

Inositol plays an important role in strengthening the hair follicles, its deficiency in the body eventually leads to alopecia areata.

Cyanocobalamin It is the main building material for curls and is responsible for their growth. This complex organic compound provides rapid cell division and renewal in the hair structure. The component also improves blood circulation in the scalp, enhances the flow of nutrients to the bulbs and restores the natural glow of the strands.

Folic acid, which additionally contains vitamin B9 increases the activity of the growth of strands, restores and strengthens their structure. The effectiveness of the vitamin is increased several times when combined with ascorbic acid, which is also part of the "bear cubs" of Hani Teddy Khair.

Pantothenic acid involved in lipid metabolism and the formation of new cells. It restores the hair structure, and strengthens every lock from the inside.

Honey Teddy Hair contains vitamins and such a vital element as zincwhich is involved in the process of retaining protein molecules in the hair shaft. It prevents baldness and eliminates dandruff, as well as itchy scalp.

Iodine normalizes the thyroid gland, aligning hormones, changes in which often lead to loss of curls. In addition, iodine prevents the appearance of gray hair prematurely.

Indications for use

Hani Teddy vitamins have the following indications:

  • dull, thin, weakened curls,
  • lack of volume of hair,
  • dandruff,
  • split ends,
  • slow growth
  • hair loss,
  • violation of the sebaceous glands of the scalp.

Vitamin complex is also recommended for foliation of nail plates, dryness and flaking of the skin.

Result after coursework

Vitamins for Hani Teddy's hair can bring back even the most weakened and dull curls, prone to loss and slow growth. Course taking the drug allows you to achieve the following results:

  • smooth, shiny, docile strands,
  • achievement of maximum volume and density,
  • eliminating dandruff and itching of the scalp,
  • normalization of sebum production.

With regular use of vitamins Honey Teddy Hair, hair stops quickly becoming dirty and acquire greasy shine. With the dry type, excessive dryness and irritation are eliminated, the curls become moisturized and elastic, and the scalp ceases to peel off.

Conducted clinical studies

For three months, Honey Teddy Hair vitamins were tested. The study involved volunteers of both sexes. During the test period, the subjects took only the vitamin complex without resorting to other means and methods designed to heal the scalp. After 3 months, the following results were obtained:

  • 99% reduction in deposition
  • Accelerated hair growth in 100% of cases
  • return of natural shine to curls —100%,
  • hair is stronger and more elastic - 100%.

Pharmaceutical analogues of the vitamin complex

Currently, the pharmaceutical market presents a huge selection of vitamin complexes to improve growth and strengthen curls. Among the most popular are Inneov, Pantovigar and Perfectil. However, in their action, they significantly lose to the innovative complex of Hani Teddy Hair. In addition, the above drugs can lead to hypervitaminosis and the occurrence of adverse reactions. Also, these complexes have a large list of contraindications.

Advantages over analogues

Unlike analogues, Honey Teddy Hair vitamins for hair growth have the following advantages:

  • high efficiency,
  • complex impact
  • no side effects
  • acceptable cost.

Hani Teddy Hair has practically no contraindications and does not cause adverse reactions, due to the unique formula by which vitamins are made.

Where Can I Buy Hani Teddy Hair

Honey Teddy Hair can be bought only through the official website of the manufacturer, a link to which is presented below. On third-party resources, the drug is not for sale. It is also impossible to buy vitamins at the pharmacy, since the manufacturer refused to cooperate with intermediaries and pharmaceutical networks.

To order Honey Teddy Hair through the official website, on the manufacturer's page you need to fill out a form where the name and phone number are indicated. Payment is made only after receiving the drug in the nearest post office. Buy in Moscow, SPB Honey Teddy Hair vitamins can be delivered to your home via courier service.

The price valid for Honey Teddy Hair is 990 rubles, taking into account the current discount from the manufacturer.

Opinion trichologists on the vitamin complex

Honey Teddy Hair receives vitamins for hair not only from buyers, but also trichologists who use the complex in their clinical practice.

Valentina Nikolaevna Belikova (trichologist):

“Patients of different age categories often come to me with such a problem as intense hair loss and poor hair growth. The first thing I recommend is to take a good vitamin complex. The most effective and safe vitamins for hair, which are presented on the Russian market, are Honey Teddy Hair. They do not cause hypervitaminosis and show good results already in the first month of administration. Most of my patients were able to restore natural radiance and health to their hair thanks to this complex. ”

Irina Pototskaya (dermatologist-cosmetologist):

“Currently, there are many salon procedures that help stop the process of hair loss and accelerate hair growth. One of the most effective is mesotherapy. The procedure is quite expensive, so not everyone can afford it. At home, you can restore your health and increase your growth with the help of the Honey Teddy Hair vitamin complex. I myself use this complex once a year to maintain the health of not only the hair, but also the nails and skin. ”

Customer Reviews

Honey Teddy Hair vitamins reviews in most cases get a positive one. But lately, negative comments can also be found on the Internet, in which buyers claim that the complex does not help. Negative reviews are related to the appearance on the market of a fake, which is marketed by falsifiers. That is why it is recommended to buy Honey Teddy Hair vitamins through the official website. Only in this case, you can be 100% sure of the quality of the purchased product.


After giving birth, the hair got bundles. Sawed a course of rather expensive vitamins, but the effect was zero. I decided to contact the trichologist, who advised me of the new complex from Hani Teddy Hair's hair loss. Two weeks later, I noticed that the fallout was reduced. Cut the vitamins for two months, the curls literally radiate health, become lush and shiny. Honestly, I did not expect such a good effect from ordinary vitamins.


Recently, I noticed that my hair had become brittle and dry, dandruff appeared. I decided to drink some good vitamins. About Hani Teddy accidentally learned from the Internet. I decided to start ordering one package. After a couple of weeks, there was no trace of dandruff, and the hair became more shiny and docile. I ordered a couple of packages, I want to complete the course.


Honey Teddy Hair was recommended to me by a friend. I always envied her hair, thought that they were naturally like that of her. And recently, she shared her secret, said she was taking vitamins. It was a pity for me to spend money on the full course, but for one pack I forked. After a month it was hard for me to believe that it was my hair. They began to look more well-groomed and smooth. Now I decided to go broke and order another package, I really liked the result.


Began to notice that the hair began to thin. The doctor recommended me to drink vitamins. He advised if there is finance to buy Hani Teddy. I do not mind loving money, so I immediately ordered three packs. I am finishing my vitamins last week. Hair not only ceased to fall, but also became much thicker. Definitely a good drug, I recommend. In addition, they taste cool.

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