Moisturizing hair shampoos

Very often, problems with hair begin due to improper care for them. Buying a product for washing hair, we do not always pay attention to the label. Meanwhile, the health of the hair directly depends on the correctness of the choice of cosmetic care products. In our article we want to talk about the best moisturizing shampoos.

What type of hair does moisturizing shampoo need?

Dry hair is a very common problem. Trichologists believe that the dryness of the hair is directly related to improper care. Previously, there was an opinion that a rarer washing of the head helps to normalize the condition of the hair. Now experts completely disagree with a similar opinion. With a dry curls good moisturizing shampoos and other care products will help to cope. To maintain the beauty of the hair will help correct cosmetic preparations that will provide intensive care and nutrition of the scalp and hair.

Trichologists note that the dryness of the locks occurs due to the malfunctioning of the sebaceous glands, which secrete fat in insufficient quantities. In this case, the problem is not only this. In parallel, a number of unpleasant moments appear - dandruff, split ends, hair loss, irritation of the skin. To solve a complex of unpleasant problems, you can properly care for your scalp and hair. It is necessary to wash the hair with a good moisturizing shampoo once every 2-3 days, washing it thoroughly. Additionally, you should use tools such as balms and masks. The choice of a good moisturizing shampoo is of paramount importance. On how to do it correctly, we want to talk in our article.

Causes of dry hair

Trichologists believe that the fragility of the strands and their excessive dryness are due to a number of factors: dryness of the air, dyeing, curling, temperature changes, poor ecology, unhealthy diet, and so on. Improper care causes damage to the hair. Choosing a hair wash, you need to pay attention to a number of factors. A good moisturizing shampoo should be as effective as possible and fill it with moisture. Then your hair will always look good.

What is a similar care product?

The main task of such a cosmetic product is to moisturize and nourish the skin and scalp, as well as to saturate them with useful microelements and minerals. Such products differ from ordinary shampoos, which each person uses in that they incorporate a number of certain caring components, namely:

Various silicones are substances that carefully envelop each hair, creating a protective film on its surface that prevents the aggressive influence of various environmental factors on it. In addition, this film helps to retain moisture and nutrients within the structure of the curls, not allowing them to quickly wash out.

Strengthening components - these components make the hair structure stronger.

Moisturizing trace elements - they effectively saturate the curls with moisture. These include the following elements: various organic oils (shea, jojoba, almond, argan, mikadamia, etc.), as well as glycerin.

Nutritional components - saturate the locks and skin of the head with useful minerals, trace elements and vitamins. These are various plant extracts (licorice root, aloe vera, lotus seeds, oak bark, etc.), as well as panthenol, extracts from flowers and herbs.

Also, moisturizing shampoos should have a non-aggressive washing base that does not contain sulfates, alkalis, oxidizers, etc. The mild detergent components are represented by various glutamates and glucose acids.

For dry curls, products containing an acidity level (pH) of no more than 3.5 units are best suited, but manufacturers rarely indicate such information on the packaging.

The moistening Innova hydrate shampoo shampoo from the Indola company

Average price in Russia - 350 rubles per bottle of 300 ml.

Composition: phenoxyethanol, amino acids, tocopherol, salicylic acid, lecithin, bamboo shoots milk, arginine, sorbitol, fragrances, vitamins of group “B”, sodium sulfate, auxiliary components.

Shampoo Tsubaki oil extra cleansing and moisturizing shampoo

Average price in Russia - 1190 rubles per bottle of 450 ml.

This product is suitable for dry and normal hair. After using "Tsubaki oil extra", the hair is not confused, they acquire softness and silkiness.

Composition: benzoic acid, tocopherol, extracts of Hypericum, chamomile, camellia flowers, saxifrage, taurine, organic oil of camellia flowers, lecithin, arginine, castor oil, flavors, auxiliary components.

Sulfate-free shampoo "Protection and Nutrition" from the company Natura Siberica

Average price in Russia - 320 rubles per bottle of 400 ml.

Natura Siberica shampoo helps to cope with the problem of dry roots, nourishing and saturating the skin with vitamins and minerals.

Composition: lecithin, argan oil, vitamins of the “B” and “E” groups, amino acids, arginine, perfume, auxiliary components.

Professional shampoo "System hydrate shampoo" from the manufacturer Wella

Average price in Russia - 1290 rubles per bottle of 250 ml.

The tool Wella is specially designed for dry curls. Its daily use will help to forget about the problem of dry and split ends.

Composition: glucose, glycerin, d-panthenol, vegetable oils, caring ingredients, lecithin, flavors, auxiliary components.

Therapeutic Intensive Recovery Shampoo against brittleness and split ends from Dove

Average price in Russia - 200 rubles per bottle of 250 ml.

Composition Dove: linalool, sodium benzonate, gluconolactone, citric acid, sodium hydroxide, silicones, laurite sulfate, special care milk, auxiliary components.

Professional moisturizing shampoo "Biolage hydrasource" from the concern Matrix

Average price in Russia - 800 rubles per bottle of 250 ml.

This tool helps to solve the problem of dry hair roots, as well as their fragility and dull appearance. Perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the hair and skin, saturating them with moisture, oxygen and vitamins.

Composition Matrix: firming complex, including ceramides, conditioning emollients, lipid complex, vitamin group, extracts from seaweed, passion fruit extracts and aloe, flavors, auxiliary components.

Restorative and nourishing hair clinic moisturizing shampoo from the manufacturer Kerasys for dry hair

Average price in Russia - 440 rubles for a bottle with a dispenser 250 ml.

Specially developed formula, deeply nourishes and restores dry and brittle strands from the inside, so that they acquire silkiness and vital shine.

Composition: extracts of edelweiss, yarrow, bitter wormwood, extracts from mountain arnica and honey seaweed, keratins, organic oils, fragrances, auxiliary components.

Therapeutic sulfate-free shampoo "Moisturizing" from the company Emolium

The average price in Russia is 830 rubles per bottle of 200 ml.

Only suitable for dry hair (not recommended for oily hair).

The tool effectively moisturizes and nourishes the structure of the strands and prevents premature leaching of nutrients.

Composition: organic shea butter, panthenol, alkyl glycine, amino acid complex, lactic acid, sodium salt, lysine, urea, fragrances, auxiliary components.

This shampoo effectively fights dermatitis and seborrhea.

Professional nourishing shampoo "Intense repair" from Loreal

Average price in Russia - 750 rubles per bottle of 500 ml.

Effectively moisturizes and nourishes the skin and scalp. Returns a healthy look and vitality to a hairstyle.

Composition: nucleic acids, silicones, vitamin complex, lecithin, tocopherol, sorbitol, flavors, auxiliary components.

Moisturizing shampoo for colored hair "Premium moisture shampoo" from Cutrin professional

Average price in Russia - 690 rubles per bottle of 250 ml.

Provides gentle cleansing and intensive nutrition of the skin and scalp. Creates a protective layer that prevents the negative influence of direct sunlight.

Composition: arctic rhodiola and mikadamia extracts, wheat proteins, hyaluronic acid, lecithin, arginine, taurine, benzoic acid, fragrances, auxiliary components.

Moisturizing shampoo for curly hair "Care moisture" from the manufacturer Ollin

Average price in Russia - 230 rubles per bottle of 250 ml.

Inexpensive shampoo that is suitable for all types of hair, including oily. Excellently nourishes and fills curls with oxygen and moisture.

Composition: highly concentrated moisturizing ingredients, provitamin “B5”, lecithin, d-panthenol, tocopherol, plant and herb extracts, fragrances, auxiliary components.

Intensive Nutrition Moisturizing Shampoo from Alerana

Average price in Russia - 330 rubles per bottle of 250 ml.

Removes irritation of the skin, nourishes the curls and skin with moisture and nourishing elements. Suitable for dry and normal hair.

Composition Alerana: organic oils of poppy and tea tree, procapil complex, lecithin, d-panthenol, wheat proteins, burdock and nettle extracts, flavors, auxiliary components.

Shampoo for colored hair "Rice day" from the company Lion

Average price in Russia - 620 rubles per bottle of 200 ml.

Strengthens dull, brittle and lifeless hair, nourishing them with vitamins and minerals. Smoothes the scalp, making it more elastic and silky.

Composition: macadamia oil, lecithin, vitamin complex, a unique complex «Airfly», tocopherol, arginine, flavors, auxiliary components.

Nourishing Shampoo with desert date shampoo for all hair types from Klorane

Average price in Russia - 690 rubles for the capacity of 200 ml.

Due to mild cleansing, this tool is perfect for both natural and colored hair. Effectively cleans strands of pollution, at the same time nourishing and moisturizing them.

Composition Klorane: vegetable keratin, lipids, proteins, desert date extract, fatty acids, extracts of herbs, fragrances, auxiliary components.

Nourishing shampoo for colored hair "Magic keratin" from Kapous professional

Average price in Russia - 380 rubles per bottle of 300 ml.

Gently cleanses the hair, gives it elasticity and shine. The active ingredients saturate and moisturize the hair.

Composition Kapous: various fruit acids, legume proteins, keratin, special care milk, organic oils, fragrances, auxiliary components.

"Magic keratin" is not recommended for use on an ongoing basis. The duration of continuous use should not exceed 30 days.

Professional nourishing shampoo for damaged and dyed hair "Moisture repair" from the company Moroccanoil

Average price in Russia - 1600 rubles for the volume of 250 ml.

It makes hair smooth, shiny and silky. It gently cleanses and intensively nourishes them with moisture, oxygen and beneficial trace elements.

Composition: various organic oils, red algae extract, antioxidants, vitamins E and A, tocopherol, extracts of plants and inflorescences, fragrances, auxiliary components.

Nourishing moisture shampoo for all hair types from Makadamia

Average price in Russia - 920 rubles per tube 100 ml.

Intensively nourishes the hair with moisture and beneficial trace elements, softens them, gives elasticity and smoothness.

Composition: Natural oils of argan, avocado, walnut, red algae, extracts from lotus flowers, northern raspberries, carob seeds, amino acids, keratin, arginine, vitamins of the “B”, “E” and “A” groups, fragrances, auxiliary components.

Shampoo nutritious "Moisture balancing" for dry and brittle hair from the company Lador Eco professional

Average price in Russia - 810 rubles per bottle of 530 ml.

The tool effectively nourishes the hair and skin of the head with moisture and oxygen, preventing them from washing out.

Composition: extracts of medicinal soapstone, rosemary, chamomile, freesia, peppermint, bergamot, lavender, citric acid, sodium chloride, butylene glycol, propyl betaine, sodium sulfate, fragrances, auxiliary components.

Moisturizing Shampoo "Gentle Touch" from the brand Faberlic

The average price in Russia is 180 rubles for a 200 ml tube.

This shampoo perfectly copes with the problem of split ends and damaged tips. Effectively moisturizes, nourishes the structure of the strands as well as the skin with useful microelements.

Composition: sodium methylparaben, citric acid, milk and palm leaf extracts, silicones, glycerin, sodium laureth, sodium sulfate, flavors, auxiliary components.

Nourishing shampoo for men "Moisturizing daily classic" from the brand American Crew

Average price in Russia - 1190 rubles per bottle of 250 ml.

The tool is specifically designed for male hair. It perfectly moisturizes, nourishes and nourishes the hair and scalp with moisture and beneficial minerals.

After using the shampoo "Moisturizing daily classic" curls find a healthy shine and elasticity. Suitable for straight and curly hair.

Composition: propyl paraben, linalool, wheat proteins, vegetable fiber, organic oils, extracts of thyme, sage leaves and rosemary, extracts from chamomile flowers and oak bark, flavors, auxiliary components.

Method of application of funds

Before you buy shampoo and begin to use it, make sure that you do not have contraindications to its use (described later in this article).

  1. Apply a small amount of the product to damp hair, spread it evenly over the entire length.
  2. Exfoliate in light, massaging movements for 1-2 minutes.
  3. Wash off with warm running water. If desired, repeat the procedure.

Contraindications to the use of moisturizing shampoos

  • Allergic reaction to the components of the composition.
  • Mechanical damage to the skin of the head.
  • Fungal lesions of the skin.
  • Individual intolerance.

If you have excessively dry, brittle, dull and lifeless hair, then you should pay attention to moisturizing shampoos. These funds are mainly suitable for daily use. Among the huge range of quality and prices, each will select the means that is suitable for him.

Indications for use

Dry curls associated with heredity. The sebaceous glands function poorly and emit little secretion. Each hair is not fully covered with natural protection, so it looks overdried. It is subject to the negative effects of solar radiation, frost, and dusty air.

The following manipulations can provoke a bad work of the glands:

  • perm,
  • irregular blow-dry,
  • styling curling irons and tongs
  • excessive use of gels, foams,
  • frequent staining.

Thanks to such actions, the hair becomes lifeless, brittle. This leads to their loss.

If the situation is not catastrophic and the problem is only in dry scalp, then you can fix it yourself. Perfectly helps shampoo for dry and damaged hair. It normalizes the function of subcutaneous fat cells, which moisturize the curls naturally. The beneficial components of the shampoo have a positive effect on the structure.


To correct the situation with very dry hair, you can use the correct selection of shampoo. To do this, carefully study the instructions.

The following items should be present in a quality product:

  • moisturizing,
  • emollients
  • B vitamins,
  • silicones,
  • oils
  • extracts of medicinal plants.

Shampoo is primarily a detergent, so it contains surface-active ingredients. They are different. Some contain soda and its derivatives, ammonium lauryl sulfates. This adversely affects the condition of the skin and hair structure.

Other products consist of non-sulphate cleaners that act gently. It is desirable to choose shampoos with polyglucose, betaine cocamidopropyl. These substances are obtained from beets, corn kernels, coconut nuts. Also, do not be afraid of brass soda, laureth sulfate. They are not aggressive towards follicles.

The table spelled out the substances by which the hairstyle will be better.

Components that give elasticity, silkiness

These are not all useful components that are used by manufacturers. Each of them nourishes the cells, helping to fight dryness.

Criteria for choosing the best shampoo

To make brittle hair stronger can products that have healing properties.

These should include components:

  • cyclomethicone - refers to silicone oils,
  • Quaternium - has a softening effect
  • glycine, panthenol,
  • herbal extracts, vitamins,
  • essential oils.

Not all fit certain components, so you need to pick up shampoo individually. If a person is allergic to grapefruit extract, then the product will not bring the desired result.

A good product should have a high density, pearlescent shine. This means that the tool contains many proteins.

Best shampoos for dry hair

Usually the number of substances that are part of a moisturizing shampoo, the manufacturer has in descending order. The lower the component on the list, the lower its dosage.

After reviewing the rating of the best shampoos, you can choose the best option for yourself.

Average cost (rub.)

Innova hydrate from Indola

"Protection and nutrition" from Natura Siberica

Dove Intensive Recovery

Hair clinic moisnurizing by Kerasys

Intense repair from Loreal

Top 10 moisturizers will forget about the problem of dry curls. In addition to them, you can use special rinses. Usually, for each product, the manufacturer creates a mask or balm. Often he is already included in the shampoo. Not superfluous will pay attention to folk remedies.

Other effective remedies

To combat dry ends, you do not have to resort to professional means, but you can create a natural product at home.

Works fine with honey and organic. Mix one teaspoon of regular shampoo with the same amount of honey. Add to the resulting mass the juice of one medium lemon. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed and applied to the tips of the curls.

Support the effect will allow simple way. To do this, mix one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water. If you have honey, you can add it (1 tsp). The mixture is better to pour into the jar of shampoo. It is thoroughly shaken and applied to wet washed hair.

See also: fast moisturizing hair (video)

Keep the nutrient solution should be no more than two minutes, then rinse with water. The smell of vinegar will not remain, and the curls will become silky and shiny. Vinegar softens the water.

The right shampoo for moisturizing hair: the secrets of choice

Dry and lifeless hair looks like tow or straw. It does not add attractiveness or self-confidence. To care for the hair is not enough to make a mask once a week. It is important to choose a suitable shampoo.

It is desirable that he not only cleaned, but gave life-giving moisture.

What is needed moisturizing shampoo for dry, oily, dyed and curly hair?

The main task of any shampoo - cleansing. Dust, sebum, hair styling - it does not matter what it is, but the tool must cope with unnecessary "guests." However, it should not be aggressive.

A good moisturizing shampoo simply cannot harm curls and dry them

In the struggle for the consumer, manufacturers provide the means for purification with additional functions:

  1. Preservation of the required level of moisture.
  2. Increased elasticity.
  3. Decrease electrification and increase obedience.
  4. Protection and nutrition.

These and many other properties of the means for cleansing the head allow the hair to stay healthy and make the hostess happy with shine and silkiness.

Secrets of the right choice of the best means

When choosing a cleansing agent, it is important to familiarize yourself with its composition. This will help to choose the best option for the type of hair and avoid unpleasant consequences in the form of dandruff or even hair loss.

What components make the cleansing agent moisturizing?

  1. Silicone oils: Dimethicone, cyclomethicone.
  2. Components for hydration: panthenol, biotin, glycine, glycerin.
  3. Components for mitigation: quaternium, polyquaterium.
  4. Vitamins of group B.
  5. Essential oils.
  6. Herbal extracts.

Shampoo brings not only benefit. Some components have a negative effect on the hair structure. These substances include refined petroleum products.

  • Mineral oils.
  • Parabens.
  • Formaldehydes.
  • Broponola.

Moisturizing hair shampoos contain polyglucose and cocomidopropyl betaine, obtained from coconut nuts, beets, and the queen of corn fields.

If the composition of your moisturizing shampoo contains soda laureth, tealuryl or laurel salplate, it can be safely classified as a benign remedy.

Why buy Moroccanoil

If your curls need careful cleansing and moisturizing, a small overview of popular shampoos will help you make the right choice.

Moroccanoil Moisturizing Shampoo Deeply Moisturizes Hair

It contains argan oil, known for its antioxidant properties. Vitamins A and E, as well as sea red algae complement the effect of moisture.

Moroccanoil® Hydrating Shampoo makes curls obedient, full of luster and health.

Dye dries out hair. If this is your case, then the best option is Moroccanoil. It does not contain parabens, sulfates and phosphates, which adversely affect the hair.

Hempz Hydratin with soybean and hemp oil

Soybean and hemp oil give shampoo its amazing moisturizing properties.

Soybean and hemp oil give shampoo its amazing moisturizing properties, panthenol and proteins of natural origin nourish the roots and saturate them with moisture. Nettles, arnica, ylang-ylang, rosemary, nasturtium and sage were used as additional ingredients. Familiar to many herbs sate moisture very dry and split ends. The unique qualities of the components saturate the strands of moisture along the entire length.

Farma Vita with Herbs

Italian by origin Farma Vita refers to the professional means. Natural oils and vitamins in the composition of this tool perfectly moisturize the hair and scalp.

Healing herbs increase the moisturizing effect

The professional perfectly removes impurities, nourishes and moisturizes, and also balances the pH level.

Reviews of Sonya for Super Ultra Moisturizing

Shampoo moisturizes in the "ultra" mode

Royal jelly, aloe vera, wheat proteins, sunflower glycerides are included in its composition and literally enliven the strands. Soap additives from natural ingredients perfectly cleanse the skin.

With the use of this tool, you can forget about hair loss or problem combing. Glitter, strengthening and restoration - Sony's credo a.

TOP - 10 shampoos for fine hair

Thin hair needs the most thorough care. They are more often weakened, more prone to damage, breakage, section. They quickly become dull and unhealthy, even with minimal vitamin deficiencies or maintenance errors. The more electrically prone to dryness. In addition, poorly kept styling, while they themselves are unable to create volume. It is contraindicated for them and styling with the use of heat treatment (blow-drying, cheating, straightening with ironing).

Every girl wants to have voluminous beautiful hair

The only way to bring such a hair in excellent condition, to make it healthy and well-groomed - professional quality care at home. The basis of this is a well-chosen, good professional shampoo that can solve the problem.

Professional care for fine, dyed, dry hair: condensing volume shampoos

The best shampoos for hair thin and prone to tarnish - professional. They act in three directions. Actively nourish curls, strengthen them from the inside, heals. In addition, they protect fragile strands prone to breakage from negative external influences. High-tech polymers in their composition form an invisible protective film over each hair that does not allow harmful substances to penetrate under the hair scales. The third line of influence is aesthetic. Shampoos lift the hair at the roots, giving them volume. The silicones in the composition effectively smooth and give shine without weighing.

Rules for the selection of shampoo for the maximum amount of thin long hair

There are rules of how to choose the best shampoo for hair prone to dryness:

  1. Shampoo for colored hair, as well as for oily hair, should contain fruit acids,
  2. Vitamin B5 in the composition is preferred if the curls are rare and weakened,
  3. Together with shampoo, get the whole series of products - a mask, a balm, etc., because only this way you can achieve the effect,
  4. Henna extract will help keep curls prone to loss,
  5. Almond milk, pectin (apple), wheat germ extract are perfect for those whose strands are dry.

Considerably more complicated is the choice for those whose strands have attendant problems - dandruff, cross-section or other. You should not try to find such a "multifunctional" tool. Correctly in this case, first eliminate the problem, and only then proceed to the correction of the natural characteristics of the hair.

Rating of the best remedies for weakened (split ends) hair: Syoss, Avon, Toni guy, restoring Oriflame, Volume balm and others

The rating of professional hair shampoos is updated every year, including all new products. The beauty industry is actively developing. It means that at present it is possible to find a suitable product even for the most fastidious hair.

  1. Kerastase dry hair - universal professional care for dry strands of any type,
  2. Londacare VitalBooster Shampoo is an economical remedy for weakened curls, suitable for dry and damaged hair,
  3. Paul Mitchell is a high-quality professional tool that is distributed through pharmacies, gives shine, makes hair look more healthy,
  4. Matrix Biolage Volumatherapie - a means for “non-problematic” thin hair, effectively adding volume,
  5. Bonacure Volume Boost does not weight strands, gives volume, shine,
  6. Ollin Care Volume Shampoo is one of the most economical formulations, is not expensive and has excellent reviews,
  7. L'OREAL Intense Repair is a good solution when fine hairs are badly damaged,
  8. Estel Aqua Otium is suitable for dry strands,
  9. Revlon Professional Hydra Rescue Shampoo effectively moisturizes,
  10. L'Oreal Professionnel Pro-Keratin strengthens the bulb and seals the hair structure, preventing fragility.

Choose for your hair quality care

Top 10 best shampoos for hair includes not all the excellent tools. Shampoo evaluation is always subjective. Therefore, to select the right, it is worth trying several options.

I bought a shampoo for yellow hair, but in the end I stayed with blue !! How I tried to pacify him ..

Good evening, dear friends!!

I am blonde and other blondes will understand me now how infuriating yellow hair. There are several ways out: you can make a tint, buy a tinted shampoo, and so on. I chose shampoo, and when I couldn’t find what I was used to, I bought from the company Kapous since I trust this brand, and I continue to trust, despite this joint.

Shampoo this bought in the professional department kapous, it costs about 200 rubles. Volume 200 ml. In principle, this shampoo does not need to be used often, so enough for a long time.

Immediately tell you about my first impressions of him.: opening the bottle, I was terrified. And that's why:

1. The absence of any dispenser, just the neck of which lei and lei ..

2. Not the usual purple or at least blue color, but black, really black shampoo. I was already alerted then.

Later, having already examined more closely, I saw that he was purple shade all the same, just very very concentrated. The consistency of it is liquid, it easily flows out of the packaging, spreads through the hair.

As the manufacturer advises to use it:

Apply foam shampoo to wet hair. Massage along the length for 1-2 minutes, rinse thoroughly. When used on porous hair, mix with shampoo for all types in a 1: 1 ratio.

AND my main mistake was for the first time do not mix it up with anything !! I thought: Why do I need it, if everything was normal with other shampoos before?

So, I take this shampoo, blur it a little in my hands, put it on my hair. but he does not foam !! Well, in general, that's all and nothing, the hair does not stretch it. Yes, something somewhere has spread, but these are separate strands, and I need all my hair !! I decided to add more, but there was little use for this. As a result, I washed the whole thing with ordinary shampoo, as usual I applied balm and looking in the mirror a bit ofigel:

raw hair and dried

There were some strands around the face blue grayas spots what that. As I understood, most likely it was on this strand that the bulk of the shampoo fell, and there it worked more than necessary. To say that I was "very happy" to say nothing ..

This case is not washed away: neither soap, nor deep cleansing shampoo .. I decided not to torture my hair, but just pin it up until it all washed off by itself. As a result, after 3 washings, this shade was washed out completely, and I sighed calmly.

By the way, the manufacturer advises to use this shampoo. no more than once a week.

Also, I have little faith in the fact that shampoo will be able to fill the hair structure, especially considering that it should not be kept on the hair for more than 2 minutes. Well, if you want to fill them with something, it is better to do the tint.

Next use I was already smarter and decided to mix all the same anti-yellow shampoo with her usual, well foaming shampoo. By the way, even such a mixture did not foam very much on the hair and was poorly distributed, but this time I did not take the risk any more and did not apply anything more than necessary.

Here's what happened in the end:

I would not say that the hair is straight white. No, but definitely an ash tint. By the way, this effect lasts for a really long time (I have up to 2 weeks).

Just from the advantages of this shampoo, I would note that it does not dry hair, after it they are as soft as they always are.

Summing up, I want to mention it PLUSES:

1. Does not dry hair

2. There is a long result

3. Gives an ashen tint.


1. You can go too far

2. Practically does not foam

3. Badly distributed through the hair.

4. Too concentrated

Will I buy it again? Rather not, than yes, because as for me, it creates too many problems with the use, while there are other tinted shampoos with good effect and without so many problems.

Do you advise? No, again for the reasons for which I would not buy it more myself.


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Come on?! Estel Otium Aqua's most popular line: shampoo without SLES to moisturize hair and electrifying obstacles! Is it worth the money, and will not make the hair WORSE? My detailed impressions + PHOTO of hair

Good day to all!

I like to experiment in my hair care - I often go to popular procedures like grinding (polishing) hair and keratin straightening. The same applies to home care: alternating natural oils, organic products and professional cosmetics.

Estel to some extent can be attributed just to the professional line - it is he most often advised to purchase hairdressers.

So, I want to share my feedback and impressions of a very popular among girls. Estel Aqua Otium Shampoo .

What is special about it?

Of course, the first thing that strikes me personally is the lineup without SLES. It is for this reason that I acquired it after the procedure of keratin hair straightening (washing the hair with sulphate means after the procedure is strictly prohibited). Well, and do not forget about the moisture effect promised by the manufacturer.


A bottle of blue plastic with gold-embossed. Color design is pretty - as befits such means.

INFA from the manufacturer is printed in white paint - not "photogenic", but you can read it live without much difficulty.

The neck of the shampoo is standard, without frills.


Estel Professional Otium Aqua Moisturizing Shampoo is a professional shampoo that is designed not only for home use, but also gives excellent results in professional salons. Moisturizing - its main action. Hair loses precious moisture very quickly with frequent styling, dyeing and chemical perm, so this formula is designed specifically for restoring brittle, split ends and need to be moisturized hair. Suitable for hypersensitive scalp and dry, damaged strands. The hydrolyzate of soy proteins in the composition of the product instantly moisturizes, stimulates the activity of skin cells. Strengthens hair, deeply moisturizing them from the inside, helps to restore. It does not make the hair heavier, retains moisture, tones the scalp and nourishes it with essential trace elements. It gives elasticity, prevents loss. The shampoo has an antistatic effect, does not contain sodium laureth sulfate. The manufacturer tried to return your hair shine and silkiness.


Aqua, Sodium Laureth-5 Carboxylate; Mannitol Tromethamine Glutamic Acid Arginine HCI Alanine Aspartic Acid -1, Polyquaternium-10, Parfum, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone.


Colour - transparent, slightly hazy.

Smell - very nice, sweet. It is much more difficult to describe than the aromas of natural products. On the hair (especially when used in the balsam from this series), the smell loop is felt for a couple of hours.

Consistency - closer to the liquid.


I used shampoo together with a balm from the same series - about 2-3 times a week.

Foaming shampoo for me is quite normal (because I often use natural shampoos), but if before that you used only shampoos like Elseve or Garnier, then the amount of foam from this can be a little upset. But I see no reason to swear: a product without sulfates - and the soap is appropriate!

Hair washed twice, soaping only the roots, so as not to disturb the length of the hair.

Impressions :

◆ Shampoo washes my oily hair roots quite qualitatively, without any complaints.

◆ When used together with a balm - the length of the hair is not overdried, but talking about some special moisturizing of the hair from the shampoo is simply absurd.

◆ After washing my hair is loose and light, again without a balm I did not see any additional smoothness and softness.

◆ It is good that the shampoo did not provoke itching and dandruff.

Result of sharing with Estel Otium Aqua Balm.

Summing up, I will say the following: without enthusiasm. Yes, washes. Yes, especially not dry.

But there is no point in talking about some unique properties of the shampoo - the usual working version with a pleasant aroma and usual composition (perhaps, without SLES), but a shampoo similar in effect can be found for a price that is 2 times smaller - for example, here's a cool option.

And I put Estel Aqua Otium Shampoo 3+ and still recommend to buy - for a change

PRICE / VOLUME : 175 hryvnia for 250 ml

Where can one buy : any shop prof. cosmetics, I ordered on the Internet.

Estelle's cool thermal protection review - for the same lovers of hair dryer and ironing

Estelle's Most Inefficient Remnant - it is not worth wasting money

If you have questions, I will be happy to answer!

Loose dry hair: what is the reason?

Sometimes the fair sex complain that their hair has lost its former appeal without any reason. This once again proves how badly we are aware of the root causes of ailments and diseases, because, as a rule, we are responsible for their appearance. Let's take a look at the list of factors that most often lead to dry hair. It is much more reasonable to cope with the root of the problem than to constantly heal its consequences.

  1. Heredity. Some people are predisposed to dry streaks from birth. Often it is accompanied by the appearance of difficult to remove dry dandruff. If the above is about you, then nourishing shampoo and moisturizing hair will be a real salvation in the fight against these unpleasant symptoms.
  2. Frequent staining. Changing the image is, of course, very cool, but sometimes girls forget about the harm that the paint containing ammonia does. To minimize side effects, try using ammonia-free products that include natural oils and nutritive ingredients. They cost a little more, but in the future you will not have to "save" the hair from extreme dryness with the help of expensive tools.
  3. Use of beauty devices. Twisting the curls on the curling iron, leveling with an iron, drying with a hair dryer - all this leads to the destruction of the hair layer's lipid layer. It is this that turns healthy hair into a dry and lifeless “straw”.
  4. Perm and straightening. In this case, the hair follicle has a molecular effect, and therefore it will be much more difficult to restore it. If you have a choice, give preference to more benign procedures. For example, make a biological or "silk" perm or keratin straightening.
  5. Active sun Going on a long-awaited vacation, do not forget to grab a moisturizing hair shampoo. This remedy is as indispensable as a tanning cream. Intense sunlight can negatively affect not only your skin, but also the hair. In addition, after swimming in the sea, it is necessary to wash the salted water from the curls.
  6. Cold. Low temperatures lead to freezing of proteins found in hairs. To avoid loss of moisture in the cold season will help a hat. Make sure that the tips are not in the open air, because they are most susceptible to excessive dryness.

The choice of shampoo: what to look for?

Manufacturers are pushing to buy their products with bright labels and omnipresent advertising, but we will go around these tricks and focus on the most important thing - on the composition.

What substances should be included in the shampoo that provides nutrition and hydration at the same time? First of all, it is a combination of surface-active substances (surfactants), it cleanses the scalp from excess sebum and impurities. Silicone oils make the hair soft and docile, protect it from exposure to the environment, enveloping a thin film. These include cyclodemethicone and demethicone. Glycerin, glycine, biotin and panthenol have long been known for their moisturizing effect, so they are also actively used in the manufacture of cosmetics. Quaternium (polyquaterium) is also considered a softening component.

Do not forget that the best doctor for your curls is nature itself, so the presence of natural ingredients in the product will have a good effect on their health. Try to buy herbal shampoos, which include a complex of vitamins of group B, essential oils and extracts of medicinal herbs. But shampoos containing sulphates, mineral oils, parabens and bronopol are better to bypass.

Trademark Review

Nowadays shampoo for intense moisture is in every supermarket. The only question is which brand to prefer. Since all manufacturers violently praise their products, and you should not expect an objective assessment from them, we will try to choose a moisturizing shampoo, based on reviews. So, we present to your attention the most popular means to care for dry hair.

Recipes grandmother Agafia. Cloudberry shampoo from the “Moisturizing and Recovery” series does not contain sulphates and parabens, foams well and has a pleasant aroma. Instead of harmful additives used soapy root, which gently cleanses the scalp and does not cause allergic reactions. Other organic ingredients such as lingonberry and wild cloudberry juice are also included. They restore the structure of damaged hairs, provide deep hydration and nutrition. As a result, hair becomes more manageable, have a natural shine and beauty.

Tentorium. The manufacturer himself calls his development - shampoo-honey. And all due to the fact that this useful sweetness is the basis of miracle remedies. The Russian company decided to please its customers with a natural remedy, which in addition to honey contains wheat proteins, panthenol and propolis extract. It is not strange that it immediately found its consumer. Wonderful moisturizing properties, wonderful aroma and harmless composition provided him with the love and gratitude of customers.

Estelle Moisturizing Shampoo is also in great demand. It promotes gentle cleansing, does not make the hair heavier and is suitable for daily use. It is based on the innovative True Aqua Balance complex. Natural betaine and amino acids penetrate into the hair structure and nourish it from the inside, fighting dryness and damage. Visible results will not keep you waiting and soon the hair will gain a healthy shine, become soft, silky and docile. Thanks to the antistatic effect, you can forget about the electrified protruding hairs.

Londa Professional is a professional tool. Manufacturers assure that the result is visible after the first application. Included in the silicones moisturize hair, giving a beautiful volume. Mango extract perfectly nourishes and gives the locks a pleasant aroma. Owners of long hair will certainly appreciate the fact that after using it, hair is combed much easier.

Draw conclusions

Properly chosen headwash is a basic element in home care. Before you buy the moisturizing shampoo you like, read the reviews about it from the girls who have already used it. This will help you weigh the pros and cons and make the right choice. In addition, to enhance the result, it is recommended to use shampoo paired with a balm of the same series.

Ideal detergent composition

Currently, a huge selection of shampoos is presented on store shelves. However, not all means are equally good. There are no universal cleansers that are suitable for all types of hair. Prolonged use of such a shampoo can cause significant harm to the hair. You only need to purchase a tool that is suitable for your type of curls. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the composition of the funds. If the label, you will not see the following substances, then in front of you is clearly not the best moisturizing shampoo for dry hair. This tool is not worth buying.

The composition of the ideal means should contain the following substances:

  1. Lanolin is an indispensable component for nourishing curls and scalp.
  2. Chitosan - well moisturizes and reliably protects hair from moisture loss.
  3. Ceramides contribute to the natural shine of the curls and ensure their healthy appearance.
  4. Fibroin - provides extra care for dry hair tips.
  5. Hyaluronic acid - promotes skin regeneration.
  6. Skuvolan - slows down the aging processes of the skin and moisturizes them.
  7. Lecithin is very good for dull and weakened dry hair. Due to the content of fatty acids, it perfectly nourishes the hair, restoring it from the inside. Lecithin allows you to give your hair a healthy look.
  8. Panthenol is a substance with a wide range of uses. It is actively used in cosmetics and creams. Panthenol has a pronounced softening and moisturizing effect. Shampoos with it effectively compensate for the lack of moisture. The substance envelops strands, enhancing their structure, and prevents overdrying during laying with gels, mousses and varnishes.
  9. Protein - simply indispensable in the fight against the dryness of the strands. Its protein structures increase the elasticity and strength of the curls. Usually in the best moisturizing dry hair shampoos use almond, rice and wheat protein.
  10. Natural oils are natural ingredients that effectively soften and nourish not only the hair, but also the scalp. In good products manufacturers add oil of tea tree, macadamia, grape seed, poppy. They are rich in fatty acids, so you can achieve a visible moisturizing effect.
  11. Herbal extracts are preparations obtained by extracting from flowers, foliage and plant stems. They concentrate the maximum concentration of active substances, why they are so effective in use. In the best moisturizing hair shampoos used extracts of sage, burdock, nettle, chamomile, cucumber, aloe vera.

Of course, all these substances should not be present in the same product. But if you do not see any of the above components on the label, then it is better to refuse to buy such a shampoo, since it does not have any moisturizing properties.

External characteristics of shampoo

The best moisturizing hair shampoos are composed of silicone, which allows you to successfully deal with dryness and improves the appearance of curls. But for a long time to use such a tool can not be, because the hair does not actually breathe. If you purchased a shampoo with silicone, you must alternate it with another detergent that does not contain such a substance.

High-quality moisturizing shampoo has a rather dense structure and dense texture. Very often, the products have a pearly shade. This suggests that it contains a large number of moisturizing ingredients.

Best tools

In our article we want to give a rating of the best moisturizing shampoos for hair, based on consumer feedback and the opinion of professionals. Perhaps when you buy a new tool for washing hair, our information will be useful to you.

Experts note that it is very difficult to choose a good moisturizing shampoo for dry hair. Feedback from friends is also not always objective. Therefore, it is better to listen to the competent opinion of professionals. Perhaps you will find a suitable product for yourself in the list of products we provide.

Vichy dercos

Product brand "Vichy" - is one of the best moisturizing shampoos for hair. Customer reviews allow us to recommend it as a powerful tool for damaged lifeless hair. The composition of the medical shampoo contains ceramides, oils, dimethicone. The use of these substances gives an excellent result.Hair very quickly gain vitality, volume. Regular use of the product allows you to get rid of itching, dandruff and reduce the intensity of hair loss.

It must be remembered that the shampoo is therapeutic, and therefore it must be applied according to the manufacturer's instructions. The tool can not be used continuously, so the stock should always be an ordinary shampoo.

According to user feedback, the drug has an excellent pronounced effect. Thanks to its use, the therapeutic effect comes very quickly. The tool is great for very problematic hair.

According to reviews, the best moisturizing shampoos for hair can be attributed to the Russian-made means of JSC "Vertex". The drug has an excellent plant composition in which there is lecithin, provitamin B5, tea tree and poppy oil, nettle extract, burdock and wheat proteins.

Shampoo gives good hydration, protection and nutrition, stimulates the growth of hair. The tool allows you to cope with the problem of split ends.

L`oreal Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin 2

The company "L'Oreal" is a recognized leader in the cosmetic industry. Many of its products are highly appreciated by professionals and consumers. Shampoo was also highly appreciated. Professional hair care product has received many awards and prizes. According to reviews, a good moisturizing shampoo can cope with the problem of dry and damaged curls. The tool perfectly nourishes the curls and restores them. The innovative formula of the product makes the shampoo very effective and popular. It contains proteins of sateen and glycerin, which not only nourish the hairs, but also stimulate their growth.

According to consumers, the shampoo has a pleasant perfumed smell and thick texture. He copes with his task. It can be used daily. Its only significant drawback is its rather high cost.

Schwarzkopf Professional Time Restore Q10 +

Shampoo from a reputable manufacturer refers to professional products. It is intended for daily use. The drug helps to normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands. It also nourishes the roots, protects against the influence of environmental factors and increases the amount of hair. After using the product, the curls have a silky and healthy look. And while there is absolutely no effect of weighting the hair.

Women appreciate the effectiveness of this tool.

Dove Repair Therapy

Brand "Dove" is very popular among our women. Many consumers note the excellent quality of the brand. No less effective and shampoo series "Intensive recovery", which is designed to care for damaged, desiccated and lifeless strands. Consumers say that after using the product, the curls become smooth, docile and shiny, they become shiny and elastic.

The effect of electrification disappears completely. It is very important that the product does not cause weighting of the hair and does not provoke excessive fat content. Consumers of the advantages of shampoo are its cost effectiveness. Unfortunately, there are many chemicals in its composition.

Bene salon work care

Brand MoltoBene offers a new tool for unruly and damaged hair. The shampoo contains plant substances - horse keratin and sunflower oil. According to consumers, the effect of the drug is noticeable immediately after the first use. Live and strong curls are easy to comb and very easy to fit. The hair becomes more brilliant and beautiful. The tool also has a slight drawback. Users note its weak cleansing ability. Therefore, it is necessary to lather my head several times.

The Kiss of the Rain by Herbal Essences

The shampoo does not contain sulphates and at the same time gently cleanses hair from pollution. Formula means copes well with the task, even in hard water conditions. After using it, the curls become more docile and healthy, they do not tangle and fit well. Positive reviews allow us to recommend shampoo as a moisturizer. It has a light pleasant smell and a thick texture.

Shine & Nutrition

Among the products from the brand "Belita-Vitex" there is a good moisturizing shampoo that nourishes naughty dry hair. Liquid silk in its composition gives the head of hair softness and shine. After use, the curls become obedient and soft. As part of the product there are oils, so you will need to wash your hair more often than usual.

The manufacturer recommends the use of the entire line of care products to achieve maximum effect. In addition, you can refuse to use a hair dryer.

Instead of epilogue

The cosmetics market has a wide selection of moisturizing shampoos. In our article, we brought only the best of them, according to consumers. In order to decide which shampoo moisturizes the hair better, you need to try the tool on your own hair. We recommend to purchase one of the above preparations in order to evaluate its moisturizing abilities. For not too damaged curls, the choice can be stopped on more simple means. If you have tried a lot of products, and the hair remains dull and dry, pay attention to the medicinal shampoos. They have a more pronounced effect and accurately help you cope with dry curls.

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