5 styling products that you have not tried

Diets, pills, workouts - those who are trying to lose weight, probably tried all these methods. If the struggle with excess weight is still ongoing, then these methods are not so effective. Why not try something else? We have collected for you a few new tips from nutritionists, with which you can normalize your weight.

Sleep to lose weight

A group of researchers from France proved that lack of sleep leads to weight gain. With an insufficient amount of sleep, the level of the hormone ghrelin, which increases appetite, increases, while the level of the hormone leptin, which gives a feeling of fullness, decreases. Thus, not having enough sleep we eat more and, as a result, we get fat. Each additional hour of sleep reduces the chance of replenish on average by 9%. It should not be forgotten that the normal amount of sleep varies from 8 to 10 hours per day and depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

Ride in the mountains

Recently it was found out that the person above the sea level lives, the fewer calories he needs in order to get enough. Those who are in the mountains, increases the level of the hormone leptin (which we talked about earlier), it quickly gives a feeling of satiety.

Studies were conducted in which several obese people lived for a week at an altitude of 2500 m, while they ate as usual, did not deal with additional loads, but only calm walks. As a result, each of them dropped an average of 3 kg, they continued to lose weight and went home. Thus, vacation in the mountains can help you lose weight, besides, if you supplement it with hiking ascents or skiing.

Put a plaster on

Probably the most "lazy" way to lose weight - a patch. It is glued to problem areas of the body and changes about once a day. Active substances penetrate from the patch through the skin and affect the metabolism in this place, contribute to the burning of fat, increase the flow of blood and lymph. In general, they have a general beneficial effect on the body, for example, Slimbody slimming patch, among other things, improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Dietitians, however, say that the only way to fight fat is that there can be no patch, it only corrects problem areas. So in any case, you will need physical exercise and a balanced diet.

Inhale rather than taste

Aromatherapy is also read as an effective tool in the fight for harmony. Hunger can be fooled, if you want to eat, instead of reaching for a bun or a sandwich, take a bottle of aroma-oil. Essential oils of vanilla, cinnamon, grapefruit, mint, as well as the smell of apples or bananas can reduce cravings for food.

Radical way

Reset for a few seconds, 3 kg? This is real! A parachute jump can create such a miracle with the help of adrenaline. True, the effect will be disposable, but how many emotions!

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Chewing gum - for the most recalcitrant

Do not be intimidated by its name - this cool braid will help to make even the most capricious hairs obedient and meek. It was created not for children, so we don’t recommend tasting it,) The tool has a texture, like a real chewing gum, made up of tiny fibers. They form an invisible three-dimensional mesh on the hair, which literally weaves into the hair and makes it more elastic.

This tool is designed for any type of hair that needs mobile fixation and plastic. Gum as it tames unruly hair, but it does not create the effect of a hard helmet on the head. You can always change the parting on the hair with a “chewing gum”, sort out the strands, throw them back beautifully or, on the contrary, hide the face - the hairstyle will look natural and easy.

Hair powder - for the longest

This tool is available both in the dry version and in the form of a spray. In the first case, the powder must be rubbed in the palms, so that it takes a homogeneous mass, and then applied to the hair, creating volume and making out beautiful curls of curly hair.

This is ideal for girls with long hair, because the tool does not stick together and does not overload the strands. At the same time laying with it takes several hours.

In the spray powder is produced specifically for those cases when it is necessary to create a creative mess on the hair. Spraying is done from the middle of the length to the tips, which are then beautifully whipped with your fingers.

Salt Spray - for the very summer

Spray with sea salt has repeatedly flashed in our articles, but it still raises many questions from the subscribers of the 24 hair project, for example, for what and in what cases to use it. This tool is designed specifically to create beach styling. Its composition enriched with useful substances tightens the hair, which is especially important for designing complex evening and festive hairstyles.

Clay for hair - for the most creative

Clay is available in two variations - matting and wet. The first one is suitable for short hair and allows you not only to ruffle strands beautifully, but also to tidy it neatly. But unlike its main rival styling, wax, clay does not give a greasy effect - you can smooth or pull strands with it for a long time and with enthusiasm. The texture of the clay resembles plasticine, so before applying to the hair, it should be slightly warmed in the palms or with a hair dryer. Laying must start from the roots, moving to the tips.

Wet clay has a more viscous consistency due to the high water content, which it gives to the hair in excess. This makes her ideal for girls with long and curly hair - she does not take away their mobility, but at the same time eliminates the effect of frizzy-haire.

Dry shampoo - for the most-most!

Similarly, spray, dry shampoo many times became the hero of posts about hair care. And this is no accident - it allows not only to hide the ignorance of hairstyles, but also allows you to quickly create spectacular styling. Dry shampoo quickly removes greasiness on the hair, creates volume and helps “refresh” hair during the day. It does not matter how you did the styling - using a hair dryer or hair curlers - this assistant will absorb sebum and dust in a few minutes, fixing the styling products. And a little advice: use dry shampoo before bedtime, in the morning to enjoy the elastic beautiful curls.

Shampoo Low Shampoo, Yves Rocher

This so-called shampoo without shampoo is a little foaming cream. These products are good because they do not dry hair and washed them gently. But they also have drawbacks - they run out much faster than regular shampoos. And many owners of thick hair complain that they do not wash. However, in my opinion, for short hair - this is the perfect option. For ultrashort hair, it is inconvenient to use conditioner - many of them are too heavy and remove volume. Foaming cream will replace shampoo and conditioner. And on short hair will not end in three applications.

Spray Replumping Hair Filler, Davines

As a moisturizing treatment for short hair, it is best to use products in the form of indelible care in a spray - you can simply sprinkle them on your head and not be afraid that you applied too much. My favorite sprays are from the Davines brand: they smell wonderful, sprayed very finely, without weighting, but with noticeable moisturizing and hair filling.

Antiseborrheic 1.3 Treatment Peeling, DSD de Luxe

Owners of short hair often use more styling products than long-haired ones. And these means are always somehow applied close to the roots and scalp. That is why it is especially useful and necessary to thoroughly clean the hair roots and scalp. I love scrubs, especially DSD de Luxe 1.3 Antiseborrheic Treatment Peeling.

What a pleasant sensation of massaging their heads with them! A feeling of lightness and cleanliness after use can not be compared with anything! This peeling combines mechanical peeling with apricot kernels, and chemical peeling with salicylic and fruit acids.

Mask with Clay Three Valuable Clays, L`Oreal Elseve

If you do not like a scrub, there is another option - a clay mask for deep cleansing of hair and scalp. I used to come across such funds only in professional brands, but a few months ago, a similar one came out at L`Oreal Paris. The only thing I wouldn’t expect from her is the promised rarer washing of hair, but doing a good deep cleansing once a week with her is just fine. It is applied before washing the hair, washed off without problems.

Soothing Scalp Oil, L`occitane

Many people have sensitive scalp, but it seems to me that owners of short hair are even more likely. After all, if we apply styling, we put it again on the scalp, if we touch the hair, it is also near the scalp, and we, as a rule, wash my head every day. As a result, itching often occurs. I have tried many remedies for this, but my favorite is the oil from L`Occitane from the “Aromatology” line. It eliminates itching very quickly and helps to prevent it with constant use. As a bonus - it smells great!

And now let's talk about styling super short hair! First, as a rule, it is needed. If with long hair, you can tie a tail, with ultrashort such a trick will not come out. On the other hand, the styling process is much simpler, it does not require any gadgets - only your hands and styling tools. Yes, even a comb is not needed. I, at least, it is not, as well as the hair dryer. But a lot of styling products, and here are my favorites:

Spray Dry Texturizing Spray, Oribe

First, I want to say that Oribe is the most luxurious hair care brand you can imagine! It is luxurious in everything, including packaging, the divine smells of products and prices. And they have excellent means - they are bought not only by lovers of luxury, but simply having tried at least once to spray Dry Texturizing Spray, it is difficult to find a replacement for it. This is a light spray that gives the hair texture and volume. As if the shampoo is half dry and half is a very light varnish. On the hair it is imperceptible and suitable for completing styling and for use during the day. For example, when in the evening you want to refresh your hair, the best means is not found.

Cream for styling Osis + Mighty Matte Ultra Strong Matte Cream, Schwarzkopf Professional

The best matte paste for ultrashort hair - suitable for disheveled styling "hedgehog". Unlike most of these funds in jars, it does not dry out over time, does not require fixing varnish, not greasy. The perfect tool!

Wax More Inside This is a Shine Wax

The exact opposite of the previous jar - smoothing and very shiny paste. It is useful when you want a strong shine of hair and smooth neat retro styling. In Davines - as a bonus - very beautiful packaging and smell. Means need quite a bit and be sure to grind and heat it in your hands before applying. It is not fixed and does not freeze, so you can correct a hairstyle countless times. His hair feels slightly greasy, but for such products it is normal.

Hairspray Got2B Art-Chaos, Schwarzkopf

Usually hair spray is needed in order to fix the styling that you have already done using other means or a hair dryer. But Schwarzkopf Got2B Art-Chaos lacquer is different, and it is much better for ultrashort hair - it does not freeze instantly. After sprinkling your hair, you can have time to create a ruffled styling them alone. The hair afterwards feels slightly “crunchy”, but this option is for those who want to be sure that the correct “hedgehog” will be like this from morning to evening without the need to straighten hair.

Texturing spray “Running on the waves” Got2b, Schwarzkopf

One of the most successful sea salt sprays I've tried. It does not require fixing varnish, strongly and visibly adds volume, texture and waviness to the hair. And with him the carriage does not turn into a pumpkin in half a day, as sometimes happens! And, of course, it's great that the tool is affordable.

Powder Osis + Dust It, Schwarzkopf Professional

It is a powder for a crazy volume - if you want to “put” a mohawk or just create a hair cap from above, you just need to put a little bit of this powder in the hair roots and distribute it well with your hands. Hair becomes unpleasant to the touch, but they will stand until the means are washed off!

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The choice of products depends on the hair texture

You do not need to go to the salon. You can do it yourself. The most important thing is preparation. It is enough to determine the texture of the hair to find the right products. If you have thin hair, choose shampoo, conditioner, indelible mousse or spray as care products. Shampoo, conditioner and styling are suitable for thick hair. Thick hair with styling will keep the necessary shape. And as a thermal tool, you will need those whose temperature can be adjusted.

Touch your hair less

Touch the hair only with special need, because with frequent touch styling easily loses its original appearance, and hair quickly becomes dirty and stale. What tools will help to avoid this? Dry shampoo will refresh the styling, dry texture sprays in two days will create the illusion that the styling has just been done. Powder for volume, in turn, will create a texture and give a fresh look to the hairstyle.

It is easier to create a shape on wet hair.

Wet hair is much easier to style. So do not rush to use a hairdryer. But if the main thing for you is to create a texture, not a volume, do it on dry hair.

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Wax: textured "wet" hairstyles on short haircuts

Already from the name of the styling means everything is clear - it contains beeswax. Also among the components there are mineral oils, petroleum jelly, perfume fragrances. If it is natural wax that is present in the composition, then the product may have additional caring properties on the hair and scalp - moisturizing and nourishing.

Wax is useful if you have a short haircut. Cosmetics allows you to form separate smooth strands and curled curls, making them smooth and shiny, suitable for creating "wet" styling. The tool is first distributed on the palms, and then applied to dry hair. The wax is quickly washed off with a strand.

Hard wax is more popular. But on sale you can find and liquid means in the format of the spray.

Clay: natural styling with elastic, moving strands

Clay for hair styling looks like plasticine. Before using a small amount of dense means you need to warm up in your hands. It is suitable for owners of short hair. There is another product format - a compact spray bottle. This kind of wax contains more water. Spray is ideal for long curls, when it is so important to preserve the elasticity and mobility of the strands.

Unlike wax, any format of clay when applied to the hair does not leave that greasy effect. You can use a sufficiently large amount of cosmetics for structuring strands, but they will still remain “alive”, they will not look as if they are wet and glued.

Pasta: giving texture to the strands, creating “ruffled” hairstyles

Pasta is often called a purely male beauty product for hair styling. In fact, the tool will be convenient to use and women.They can give the texture of individual strands, create "ruffled" hairstyles for short hair. In this case, the styling will look as natural as possible, since the paste does not give strands a pronounced glossy shine.

The paste has a soft plastic texture. It is almost not felt on the hair. Spread the product evenly over your palms, and then apply it on the strands and give them the desired shape.

Powder: cosmetics for natural hairstyles on long curls

Styling powder is available in two formats - crumbly in a tube and in the form of a spray. The tool allows you to create a resistant hairstyle that will look as natural as possible. When using loose powder, it is poured out on the palm, and then distributed through the hair. And the spray is sprayed from the middle of the curls to their tips.

Powder - ideal for long haircuts. She can handle even thick hair. Use powder, if you want to give the locks a slight "mess."

Hair styling powder should not be confused with dry shampoo. These are two different tools that perform different functions.

Serum: smooth hair on long hair

Styling serum can have a liquid or creamy texture. But any of the tools will be an excellent base for hair with smooth hair. Cosmetics make strands straight and obedient, we give them a healthy shine, does not allow "pushing" at high humidity. Serum will reliably fix styling even on thick hair, not weighing it down much. As a rule, such agents possess an additional thermal protective property. This makes the thermowellings safe for curls.

Apply a small amount of serum to wet hair, comb it, and then with the help of an ironing machine, a hair dryer or a curling iron, put it in a hair-do.

Gum: perfect styling on unruly hair

Styling gum is able to "tame" even the most naughty hair. Use this tool if neither the lacquer, nor the mousse, even for an hour, keeps the created hair on long and medium length curls.

The gum has a plastic, viscous texture. It consists of the smallest fibers, which, falling on the strands, cover them with an “frame” invisible to the eye. In this case, the styling itself looks very natural, the hairs do not stick together. On the contrary, strands become smooth, soft, elastic.

Spread a small amount of gum on your palms and immediately treat the combed strands.

Lipstick: hairstyles with perfectly smooth strands

If you have a long haircut with smooth hair, you might like the effect of styling lipstick. The tool smoothes strands, gives them texture and pronounced shine. With lipstick you can easily create a hair-to-hair hairstyle. Useful beauty product for lovers of smooth styling.

Styling lipstick, like wax, is a rather dense remedy. She will surely “weight” her hair if you take too much product. Therefore, limit it to a small amount. Enough and "pea" means on the palm to put a short hairstyle. Among the choice in the cosmetic stores lipstick, look for the most suitable for yourself. There are products with caring components in the composition.

Styling lipstick applied to dry hair. Using hands or a comb-comb, give the strands the desired shape.

Salt spray: creating beach curls

Salt spray styling is not only hair fixation, but also hair care. The quality tool contains herbal extracts that are beneficial for curls, basic and essential oils, and vitamins.

Salt spray is often used to create styling with textured beach curls. Salt makes the hair seem a little hard, but the hairstyle looks quite natural. It does not give such an effect as after using varnish - a dense “crust” does not form on the hair. Cosmetics will give your hair a pleasant matte shine and extra volume at the roots.

Spray applied to wet hair. And after that you can begin to heat shrink.

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