How to use electric rollers

Of course, hot hairdressing tools, such as an iron, curling irons and forceps, make it possible to shape curls much faster. But a significant disadvantage of this method of waving is that all these devices spoil the hair very much. Due to the high temperature, the hair loses its life-giving moisture and, as a result, it becomes brittle, split, over-dried.

All this can not be hidden by any special silicone oils or hair masks - overdried hair will save only a haircut. But we do not want to lose the blood-gained and then centimeters only because of the beautiful styling, right? That is why the good old hair curlers are our best friends in creating romantic curls.

What you need to curl your hair with a curler?

In order to curls turned out neat, elastic and withstand at least 1 day, you should stock up with special fixing means. In the creation of curls will help you mousses, skins, styling sprays and hairspray medium or strong fixation. Most of these cosmetics should be applied to wet hair, but there are exceptions, so read the instructions carefully.

Curlers are put on wet hair, so if the head is clean, they can be moistened with ordinary water or mineral spray. It is also useful to moisturize the hair with herbs decoction - suitable, for example, nettle, train, sweet flag, hop, burdock, chamomile, horsetail or oak root. But here it is necessary to understand that a rather peculiar smell will remain on the hair.

If your hair is not clean, you should wash it with your favorite shampoo and balm. However, please note that these products should not be used to straighten hair, otherwise curls will not work.

After washing a little dry the hair with a towel or hairdryer. You should not wear curlers on too wet hair, because waiting for drying will take a very long time. And on almost dried strands there is a high probability that the curls will not curl at all. You need to choose something in between these two stages of hair.

Different curlers give different results:

  1. Classic curlers come in different sizes and allow you to adjust the size of curls.
  2. Curlers-boomerangs give interesting spiral curls.
  3. Velcro curlers fit girls with thin hair of medium length.

Go to curling hair in curlers.

Gently comb your hair with frequent teeth. Divide hair into several sections with hairpins - the area near the forehead, on the crown, on the back of the head and on the temples. Should start with bangs, because it dries faster than the rest of the hair.

Pull the small strand and twist on the curler, holding perpendicular to the head. After the bangs, proceed to the crown, then to the hair at the back of the head and at the end - at the temples. If your hair has dried, moisten it with water or spray.

Remove hair curlers

Remove hair curlers, too, should, observing some of the nuances. First, the hair must be completely dry, not only outside, but also inside the twisted strands. Accelerate the drying process will help hair dryer.

Curlers should be removed carefully, not hurrying, so as not to damage the curls. Do not pull the strands, so as not to harm the curls.

Do not rush to comb and curls, let a few minutes "get used" to this state. Only after that you can gently walk the comb with sparse teeth on the hair. You can also gently comb the curls with your fingers.

Fix the result of hair spray. It is necessary to spray means from distance at least in 30 cm not to harm curls with humidity.

Nuances of using electric curlers

Before you start using electric rollers, it is necessary to consider that the diameter of the rollers of the fixtures varies. It can vary from 8 to 32 mm, so it is worth to select the size of the curlers individually. Traditionally, stylists advise to use the rule: the longer the hair, the greater must be the diameter.

You can buy today both aluminum and ceramic electric rollers with different types of coatings, but the principle of their work is similar. To heat the curlers it is necessary to connect the kit on the stand to the outlet for 3-5 minutes. By the way, the kit may include accessories of different diameters and even sizes. For ease of use, they are cylindrical. And the larger the diameter of the electric bullets, the larger the curl turns out.

For curling curls better pre-wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner, and then dry your hair with a hair dryer or in a natural way. As the hair curlers heat up, it is worth treating the strands with a means of thermal protection or mousse, foam, styling gel. It is recommended to twist hair on electric windings from the back of the head, after which you need to move to the strands on the sides.

Beautiful styling with electro-curlers

When combing electric hair curlers you should comb your hair with a long-handled comb. In bangs curlers usually put in the last turn. To curl looked neat, you need to twist the strands from the tips towards the roots. When shaping the hair, consider the diameter of the fixtures. Optimal use of wide curlers for the upper strands, and small - for individual curls or bangs.

To fix electric rollers you need special hairpins that come in the set. They will help make styling durable. If you choose the hair curlers that are most safe for hair, give preference to ceramic fixtures. To find out if the kit is hot, you can purchase a kit with an indicator.

You can hold electric curlers for 5 and 15 minutes. It all depends on the effect you want, the availability of free time. After removing the rollers you need to fix the curls with lacquer. You should not comb your hair, you can shape the styling with your hands.

Thermo curlers

They were used in ancient Rome. Filled with paraffin. He slowly gives the heat gained, corresponding to the tasks of the wave. Before using the curlers boil, and then fixed on the hair provided for fastening. Heated hair curlers easier curl hair of medium length and short. Long curling hair requires more heat. Another type is electric heated hair rollers. They are more convenient, but they are more expensive. Heating hair in combination with twisting adversely affects their health. Electric pimples are used only on dry hair. Curling procedure with an average hair length takes 10–20 minutes.

Velvet curlers

Sparingly affect the hair structure when twisting. Soft surface prevents damage. They are small tubes with holes. How to use velvet curlers? After twisting the hair into the holes, the curlers insert the fixing stick and wait for the curls to form. Since these curlers are soft, they can be deformed during sleep, disrupting the shape of the curls. It is preferable to use such models at the beginning of the day. They are often used in beauty salons.

Hair curlers "Chamomile"

Represent foam ties. At one end is an extension in the form of a flower with a hole. How to use chamomile curlers? After twisting the hair, the second end of the curler is inserted through the hole and tightened. It is recommended to do this carefully, because the foam rubber is stretched and “chamomiles” wear out faster.

Velcro curlers - "hedgehogs"

"Spines" covering the surface of the curlers, determined their name. This type of curlers is not used to curl a large amount of hair in curls. The main purpose - giving hair volume. Twist and bangs in separate locks.

The "hedgehogs" no mounts. The disadvantage of these models is that the hair is tangled in the bristles.

How to use Velcro curlers? Taking the tip of the strand, wind it on the roller curlers to the roots. Untangling, curlers twist in the opposite direction. Do not attempt to pull them out of the hair. You can find out more about how to use velcro curlers by viewing videos on the Internet. Velcro curlers are also used in conditions when the use of other types is impossible, for example, on the road. When using "hedgehogs" hair dries faster. Suitable for short and medium hair. With long hair will have to use clamps.

Metal curlers

Fasten with sticks on a rubber band. Reliably create uniform curls. The option of metal curlers - "cleaners". They look like made from metal "Velcro". Fastened with chopsticks. Used to lift the hair at the roots, dividing the hair more volume. It is undesirable to dry the hair with a hair dryer until such curlers are wound, since the heated metal adversely affects the health of the hair.

Hair curlers "boomerangs", or "papilotki"

Original, convenient and safe type of hair curlers. They are a flexible wire covered with a thick layer of soft material - silicone, foam rubber, rubber. The wire captures the shape of such a flexible rod. Understand how to use the curler papilotkami possible, having considered the step by step photos from the Internet. With the help of "boomerangs" you can quickly twist hair into curls. Fixing the hair, you can leave them in this state at night. To give styling volume using such curlers make vertical curling. The longer this type of curler, the more hair they are intended to capture. Thin "boomerangs" make small curls, and thick - big ones. Before using these curlers you need to put on the hair a little fixing means - mousse or foam. Video how to use curlers papilotkami can be easily found on social networks.

Spiked curlers

Spikes prevent hair from slipping, and also allow you to evenly distribute hair over the curlers. Unlike velcro curlers, in the presence of sufficiently long hair, “spiked” curlers do not need a fixing pin.

Foam rubber

Designed for night styling. Before you use foam rollers, you need to choose suitable for the planned curls in size and density. With the help of foam rollers it is convenient to form curls during a night's sleep. Since their structure is very soft, and during sleep, uncontrolled movements are possible, curls can turn out to be uneven. How to enjoy the benefits of soft curlers is better to look at the video.


Designed for vertical curling.
They are hard and soft.
Suitable for thin and long curls.
Side effect - visually shorten the length of the hair. Therefore, it is desirable to use such curlers for long and even hair. To reduce this effect, you can use varnish. To do this, it is applied to the elongated curls.

This version of the curler is also called magic spiral (magic leverage). They are a multicolored ribbon helix. Inside the tape - emptiness. With the help of a special hook that is attached to the magic leverage curlers, the hair passes through the tape and repeats the bends of the spiral. It is important that the length of the leverage curler matches the length of the hair. Long curlers are selected for long hair, medium - for medium-length hair.

Leverage curlers are used during the night. Magic curlers themselves are not satisfactory. Problems arise only with the hook, which sometimes breaks in cheap models. The hard version of the spiral structure is more reliable for creating uniform curls. The hair is placed in the recess and fixed with a rubber band. Wooden curlers spirals also do not require special skills, so before you use them, just watch the video.

Video about curlers is useful when choosing a model for purchase. So you can estimate how time-consuming process of winding up, what are curls.

What curlers to buy?

Photo curlers of various models are widely represented on the Internet. Some of them may be interested in an unusual design. But how to choose a practical option? To find out which curler for curls is preferable, you need to evaluate:

time spent
health effects on hair,
hair style concept
matching hair length.

When deciding which hair curlers to buy, it is useful to take into account the efforts expended on the formation of curls by a certain model. When buying a novelty, you should pay attention to the reviews left about the curlers on the forums or under the description of the product. It is also worth watching a video on how to wind the hair with the estimated model.

Using curlers

Despite the fact that curlers are very different in construction, there are some common points in their use. The sequence of operations is the same:

Having decided on the choice of hairstyle, they select suitable hair curlers for curls. If you achieve uniform curls, then use curlers rigid construction.
Curlers wind on hair of average humidity. Dry can not curl, and wet will be too long to dry. Moisturize hair can be as usual, and mineral water, which is part of the spray. When moistened with a decoction of herbs after drying, there is a herbal smell. Wash your hair before curling need shampoos that are not aimed at straightening hair.
Having combed hair with a frequent comb, they are divided by means of hairpins into 5 parts: at the forehead, at the crown, at the back of the head, at the temples.
Pulling off a strand of hair perpendicular to the surface of the head, wind the hair. Stretching the hair increases the twisting. Hair is wound to the roots and secured in this position. Curls form from the neck, moving to the side, and complete the parietal part of the hair. If the bangs are wound, then you need to start with it, because it dries faster. Large curlers put closer to the forehead. If the hair is dry during the wrap, you need to moisten it with spray or water.
Waiting for the hair to dry. Best of all - in a natural way. In conditions of haste, they are dried with a hair dryer.
Remove the curlers from the dried hair, carefully unwinding so as not to disrupt the shape of the curls. Starting to remove the curlers to the back of the head, and then go to the parietal part or temples.
Combing. After removing the curlers wait a few minutes without affecting the hair. It is necessary that they fix the form. After that, comb them with your fingers or a comb with rare teeth.
Complete the creation of hair can be applied hairspray. It should be sprayed from a distance of at least 30 cm so that excessive moisture does not harm the curls.

If the experience of using curlers is missing, it is best to allocate for this day, free from work or other activities.

General tips

This classic method of creating curls has been known for a long time, but now these hairdressing devices have been greatly modernized. So, it is worth knowing how to use different types of curlers to make the result worthy.

Here some factors listed below are especially important.

Schemes: the effect of curling on the shape of hair.

  • It is necessary to wind slightly wet strands, as dry ones do not dry up, and wet ones dry for a very long time.
  • Curls will last longer if the strands are first moistened with styling mousse., better - foam.
  • How to use curlers to increase volume? It is easy - the strand should be wrapped around the axis, twist the weakened flagellum and wind it up already.
  • The same curls are obtained only from the uniform strand..
  • From thin models form more expressive curls, although visually the length of the strands will be halved.
  • You can not often dry twisted hair with a hot dryer: they will become dull, brittle and unnaturally fluff.
  • In order for the wave to come from the roots, after wrapping each curler, you need to fix these radical hairs with a clip. The strand will not weaken then.


Easy to change the shape of hairstyles plastic samples.

Understanding how to use plastic curlers is easy:

  • Clean damp hairs slightly covered with styling cosmetics.
  • Then you need to wind them on these cylinders with clips that will save the future hairstyle from broken curls and protruding tips.
  • Bundles must be wound with tension and always perpendicular to the growth line of the hair itself.
  • Only after complete drying should carefully remove all rollers, so as not to straighten the fresh curls and not to tear the hairs.

Velcro curlers

The best way to wrap on large "Velcro".

Original models - hedgehogs have a prickly surface, therefore they keep without elastic bands, clips. From this, the locks dry out in a couple of hours. Hedgehogs of maximum diameter form fluffiness directly from the roots, large, flowing waves.

Minus these stickies - when removing, they tangle long and tear off damaged hair.


The scheme of directions of curls when wrapping on wooden curlers.

Although bobbins are necessary for chemical curling, they are also convenient to make fashionable curls. Their diameter is small, so the curls form interesting, small, right in the African style.

The task of how to properly use the curlers is solved in the following way: the ends of the hairs are placed in the center so that there is no break, and it is better to comb the curls half an hour after removing the curlers for sturdy styling.

Using flexible models

  • Absolutely comfortable products.
  • Does not injure hair.
  • Luxury curls.
  • Hairstyle length will be reduced by half.
  • Flexible material will allow curl even tough unruly strands.
  • The price of products is minimal.

Having finished winding, it is necessary to bend the ends of the wand inside, in the form of a roll.

Consider how to use flexible curlers.

  • The longer the strands, the larger the boomerangs will be.
  • The simultaneous use of foam pipes of different diameters gives an interesting effect of naturally curly hair.
  • Professional electric boomers are equipped with temperature indicators, as reported by the instruction. According to her instructions, it is worth winding a strand from the root and in the center of the boomerang, but from the end you can turn the boomerang itself.
  • To obtain vertical curls, you will need 2 sets of boomerangs, and you should evenly distribute them on the head of hair.

Sticks curlers are analogous to boomerangs, therefore, the ways of using them are the same.

Magic Magic

Innovative models Magic or Miracle curl (Magic leverage).

These are polymeric hollow spirals with silicone tips.

Here's how to use miracle curlers:

  • first, it is better to wind the hair on the top of the head, then on the back of the head, on the sides and, finally, do bangs,
  • wide strands are needed to create large waves, and up to 2 cm for small curlicues, although a thick beam is difficult to pass through the tape,
  • the strand slightly twisted by the flagellum should be hooked and pulled through the tube (from the roots),
  • now the ribbon of the magic curl needs to be released - and it will twist itself in a spiral.

You can also dry with a hairdryer, because silicone samples do not react to heated air, and remove them by simply compressing the tip. Obviously, these products for crocheted curls are a successful find for modern developers.

It is necessary to stretch the crochet hairs through a spiral ribbon.

In order not to even this masterpiece when laying, you should take a comb with the rarest teeth. However, stylists prefer to gently lay fingers and, if necessary, fix the varnish.

Fortunately for beautiful ladies, today developed new, more comfortable curlers for daily accelerated curling hair. Moreover, in the cosmetic and hairdressing shops there is a huge selection of such advanced devices.

We have listed the types of curlers and how to use them. Self styling will now be the easiest way to create a charming evening hairstyle. And this is without highly paid stylists, although by their fashionable patterns, following the latest trends.

Of course, we must remember how to wind the strands correctly, fix the curlers, prolong the safety of the beautiful curls with special cosmetics. But a decent result is evident: the simplicity of this technology, the independence of the execution of their ideas, saving money, time, the ability to curl curls at the right moment pleases. In addition, they hold on much longer than after a diffuser or curling, and they look prettier while remaining healthy.

The video in this article will demonstrate the simple process of using curlers.

Watch the video: How to Use Hot Rollers - Hair Basics - itsJudyTime (March 2020).